If you’re one of those who enjoys seeing the seeds that brought about the birth of our favorite franchise, you’re going to want to see this concept art from the original Legend of Zelda. 

Source: Nintendo Everything

  • Now THAT looks awesome!


  • Alex

    Noticed link is right handed in the character lineart.

    • Shaelyn

      -yet left-handed in the concept art.

    • Banooru

      If you click on the picture and look at the text there is an explanation for this.

  • Callin

    I'm loving that Like Like art.

  • onilink

    The text regarding the Like Like states that its a sword eating Like Like yet the art and all future releases of the Like Like are shield eating.

  • X_factor

    To be able to invent the first Zelda dungeons out of thin air, Miyamoto is truly a puzzling Genius!