Many of you may recall the big game-ending glitch in Skyward Sword that occurred by collecting the Song of the Hero in a certain sequence. If you don’t know about it then click here to read our article on the topic. Amazingly, yet another glitch has been found out and this time Ghirahim appears to flee like a scared chicken.

Youtuber Dane93FailGamer has uploaded a video which shows him battling Ghirahim. He says in his video description that he makes it to the second phase of the battle, strikes Ghirahim several times, and then sees him disappear.

The problem is after that when he doesn’t come back! Link is shown all alone in the battle and unfortunately is not given the victory. The only way to get through the glitch is to restart the game and fight past through the enemy again. What a pain!

Have any of you experienced this glitch? Are there any other glitches you know of? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoNintendo