Many of you may recall the big game-ending glitch in Skyward Sword that occurred by collecting the Song of the Hero in a certain sequence. If you don’t know about it then click here to read our article on the topic. Amazingly, yet another glitch has been found out and this time Ghirahim appears to flee like a scared chicken.

Youtuberย Dane93FailGamer has uploaded a video which shows him battling Ghirahim. He says in his video description that he makes it to the second phase of the battle, strikes Ghirahim several times, and then sees him disappear.

The problem is after that when he doesn’t come back! Link is shown all alone in the battle and unfortunately is not given the victory. The only way to get through the glitch is to restart the game and fight past through the enemy again. What a pain!

Have any of you experienced this glitch? Are there any other glitches you know of? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoNintendo


  • ZeldaPlaya

    are you serious? What the heck nintendo. You'd think they'd patch up the entire game before it was released. what is with all these glitches?

    • cloverplayer

      Think about it this way: so far there are 2 glitches in the game, the second only being found after billions of people have bought/played the game (three months after the game's release). Glitches are annoying (I found one when playing the earth temple's boss, it got stuck in the lava off the normal path and I had to restart it), but they aren't that annoying and usually are easily avoidable. Personally, I like a game that has lots of glitches (ocarina of time <3) and am almost glad there are some in Skyward Sword. But I understand your complaint ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Bob

        But these are the bad kinds of glitches. >.>

      • Banooru

        Bottle replaces useless item glitch = win

    • Disciple of Midna

      Thing is… how many glitches even come up during testing? How can they patch something they somehow don't encounter?

    • Red Bear LuX

      Eh 2 glitches seems pretty good after you've played Skyrim… actually I wish to god Skyrim only had two major/rare glitches.

  • Ezluke

    That seems like it'd be especially annoying because you'd have to do the entire horde battle again… :S

    • jjb56

      I liked the horde battle…

    • Craig

      If it's not a common glitch, then Nintendo won't pick it up. The majority don't find this glitch and it's hard for the testers to play this game 5 times or more due to it's duration.

  • Vladislak

    All games have their glitches, I never expected ANY developer to catch all the glitches in their games.

    But hey, still far less glitches than Skyrim had.

    • aasilee

      Totally, I mean i heard my boyfriend yelling at the tv so much cause skyrim, seriously this is just bad luck if you have any of these glitches in skyward sword, loved the game btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  • TheMaverickk

    Does anyone find the video fishy?

    No offense but it's a camera video and there's some weird stuff going on. The screen gets all warp-y and distorted as if the video has been digitally messed with.

    I'm not talking about bad filming in regards to how he was holding it… it feels like the video was messed with in a movie editing program. Weirder is that the person has another video showing a Red Steel bug, but he recorded it using a screen recording program, but didn't use the same tech to screen record Skyward Sword.

    I have some high doubts about this glitch, something just doesn't feel right about the authenticity of the video. Also I've never encountered this glitch in any play through of the game, and I'm now on my 4th play through.

    • Hey!

      I am Dane93FailGamer who uploaded the video. To explain the fishy video: I used Youtubes video waggling remover, which does get its job done but makes the video kind of ugly, I'll reset the video in a few minutes to the original state.

      Yes; you're right about the Red Steel 2 video, I made this with a (rather cheap) capturing device. This was when I had my old TV where I used the Wii RGB (for europeans: SCART) cable and a Y-switch to send the footage to the recording device via a Chinch-Cable. This time I have a new TV, which is connected to the Wii via a Component-Cable. If I wanted to record with the grabber I would have had to reset my console, turn PAL50 mode on and use the RGB-Cable.

      I didn't manipulate the video in an editing program, taking the footage with my android cellphone was my only option to record footage of the bug. If you may have further questions, I'll look on these comments from time to time and answer these. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Regards, Dane

    • Soulless Creature

      I see your point.

  • I didn't encounter any glitches throughout all of my playthroughs.

  • We never had that problem, but yah, that's bazaar.

    • TrustMe101

      …Do you mean "bizarre"? XD

  • NasiDe

    I found this glitch when I first looked up Skyward Sword glitches and that was right around when we first heard of the other one. o^o

  • KidNintendus

    Honestly, the video doesn't look perfect, but if he had somehow edited Ghirahim out of the picture (Which is what I think your saying) then Ghirahim would still be attacking and Link would still be getting hurt.

    • hero of winds

      yes, but didn't you notice he was runing around with his shield out

  • Angela

    There is a patch you can get from the shop in the wii menu, and its free. You're welcome .n_n.

  • superwavebeam

    While the glitch may be an inconvenience, I don't see how restarting the horde battle is a bad thing. I mean– that battle was insanely satisfying.

    • Maggio

      Yeah, forget about the glitch and just slay the horde over again!

    • HyruleWeirdo

      I kind of just wanted to fight Ghirahim again.

      • TheMaverickk

        You can in the Boss Rush mode in the Lanayru Desert ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Slaying the horde is something i was hoping for in TP from the first trailer so i will gladly do it again here

  • What the heck? I thought the ZU team would always put a *spoilers after the jump*. There are many Zelda fans who haven't beaten the game yet, and do not know about the final areas and bosses. Thank you for ruining the final boss of the game for me.

    • TheMaverickk

      Can you really blame them, as new as the game is…. I know it's only about 3 and a half months old…. the average person beats the game in 40-50 hours. The average game plays 10 hours of video games a week. I'd say 75% of gamers who have been playing this game since launch have already completed it.

      If you really are trying to avoid spoilers that badly then seriously avoid any video game site…. and even more so avoid a site that is dedicated about talking about Zelda in particular until you beat the game.

      There comes a point where I really can't sympathize with people who go exposing themselves to websites and places where they know the potential for spoilers popping up are high.

    • Tingle's Tuner

      Yeah, almost everyone who got it before 2012 probably finished already. Oh, and by the way, ghirahim isn't the final boss Demise is and Impa dies and Fi goes back into the master sword forever and Demise reincarnates into Ganondorf. TRololol

  • That would be funny if they found another glitch

  • I already did get it, while it does fix the Song of Hero quest, it doesn't fix this bug. ๐Ÿ™

    • TheMaverickk

      Does it fix the Song of the Hero quest? Or does it just give you a reset save where you can continue from a point before you encountered the glitch?

      I've been curious about this for a while. I'd love to be able to say do the dragon quest before the others (in fact in my first play through of the game I did the Lanayru Dragon first, but never encountered the glitch).

      • In fact, they patched the entire savefile. They didn't create just another backup savefile. This is why you can patch your game anytime you want, I patched mine even before I knew what the Song of the Hero quest actually was.

  • ChainofTermina

    to the people saying that "it's not as bad as Skyrim" in Skyrim you could save whenever and where ever you wanted. and it also auto saved every five minutes. and although I did experience a few glitches, I didn't experience any that made me restart the game. so suck it.

    • TheMaverickk

      We all know you hate Skyward Sword you've gone on and on about it. You haven't been happy with the game since they revealed the graphical style.

      Lets be honest how many people playing Skyward Sword had trouble finding a save point? None there's numerous save points in an area (which serve as warp points as well) dungeons always have several points, and always one near a boss.

      Not to mention that if IF YOU DIE… you don't have to redo anything you did. It just places you at the start of a dungeon or right before the boss fight (depending on where you die that is). Any puzzles you completed are still finished, any bosses you beat are still defeated.

      Also for the record just as you've "never experienced any of Skyrims glitches" I've never experienced any glitches in Skyward Sword… and in my first play even did the Thunder Dragon first.

  • Lucius Optimus

    Hopefully I wont see a glitch, but they don't seem to be happening to often.
    Ocarina of time had glitches too, as did Twilight princess.

  • KingDodongo1

    Better than playing the entire GAME again

  • This happened to me when I fought Ghirahim. He jumped in the air to attack me, and then just suddenly dissappeared. I was so mad! I had to hit the power button and just try the fight over from the beginning because there was no way out of the arena. His music kept playing, but he never came back. That was the only time it glitched up on me.

  • TheMaverickk

    I'm always highly skeptical of glitches, and even more so with video's of glitches.

    First of all to me if it's a true "glitch" it should be something the occurs often or can be duplicated by performing certain actions.

    Also there's a lot of ways to mess with a game's code and content. For example using Home Brew Channels like "Ocarina" and "Gecko". I'm not specifically saying I know for a fact that this video is indeed fake, but colour me highly skeptical, of this and pretty much any other video's I've seen of glitches.

    Like I said the legitimacy of a "glitch" is in the fact that it can be re-produced or is occurred in frequency.

  • bluechimchar

    a glitch happened in my game thats a lot like the song of the hero glitch… when i went to the sealed grounds, the cutscene where you fight the imprisoned wasnt happening, but i didnt get any other part of the song… i tried to get the thunder dragon's part, and after i got it, the cutscene happened… so its a lot like the song of the hero glitch, but not exactly alike… has anyone heard of this?

  • Alessandra

    I beat the entire game and haven't had any glitches.

  • Baga Jr.

    So much for ZU's "no spoiler" thing. There isn't any warning or anything. There's just a big picture of Link fighting Ghirahim's final form at the top. I would have been so mad if I haven't beaten the game yet.

    • bastian

      If you hadn't beaten this game yet, you wouldn't have known it was his final form. ๐Ÿ˜› Nothing was spoiled except that he looks a bit different than you're used to seeing him.

      • X_factor


  • Kljustice

    When you said he flees like a scared chicken, I got this image in my head of Link slashing Ghirahim with his sword and Ghirahim squawking and running away in a puff of feathers. xD