Those of you who have a 3DS probably picked up Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D last year to reminisce on the old days of the N64 classic. Although there would have been a fair few who had never played it too.

Nintendo have revealed a few months back that they now have an entirely new Zelda game for the 3DS in the works. This exciting news has left a few people wondering in what way are they developing it.  What kind of graphics and design have they chosen? What control scheme will we use?

Well to answer these questions and more gaming handheld website Modojo has given some possibilities as to what the upcoming 3DS title could hold in store. Click the jump and let’s find out what they say on the topic.

Commenting on visual style, Modojo have stated that both the types from the DS series and the newly released Skyward Sword would work fine but say Nintendo won’t keep everyone happy. In this case they pick Skyward Sword style in defense that the 3D would look nicer and that maybe Toon Link is finished on the handheld.

The control scheme they expect for Zelda 3DS is the utilization of the Circle Pad Pro being given the tick. There are some great benefits in two circle pads being used for the game including easier camera control. They say expect Nintendo to make it happen.

Talking about the setting, Modojo comment on how different Zelda games have unique themes. Ocarina of Time has its time travelling, Wind Waker is known for its massive ocean sailing, and not to forget Skyward Sword and its Loftwing flying. They warn people to look out for an unexpected turn in the way we play Zelda games.

Do you like Modojo’s ideas from their article? What do you expect Nintendo will do for Zelda 3DS? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

Source: Modojo

  • dege oftime

    Skyward graphic style would be great for 3ds

  • Anything other than Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks graphics would be awesome Nintendo!

  • Baker1000

    As long as they make it a console style Zelda and not top down, touch screen controls like the DS games I'll be happy. As much as I loved playing the DS Zeldas, we know from OoT that you don't need to use the touch screen for everything in that way on the 3DS. Also ultilize the D-Pad a bit more by assigning items to it, which is something I wanted in OoT.

  • Leroy

    I don't want to buy circle pad pro for only 1 game that I'm likely to buy. They should have thought of putting the second slide pad in the system from the beginning. I'll only buy it if it comes in a bundle and IF it actually will be used with Zelda 3DS

  • Halayuuko

    Unexpected is good, the time has come for experimenting with the franchise.

    Personally? I'm hoping for Stealth controls.

    • Trolldad

      They aren't making a Metal Gear Zelda anytime soon bro

  • Jace

    I'm sorry, but their was nothing good about the Loftwing transport apart from the boss you fight in the air. Hopefully if they decide to do something like that they'll actually think harder about how to make it interesting.

    • Hannah

      Actually, it was very neat, new, and creative.

      • bladesworn

        Maybe, however some also found it boring and annoying.

    • Baker1000

      There was nothing wrong with the Loftwing travel, it just wasn't used in the best way. You only had to fly to the pillars of light to get to one of three areas, fly to the Lumpy Pumpkin, use it to get to the Isle of Songs, or try and find the Goddess chests. There needed to be more to do in The Sky, like more places like the Lumpy Pumpkin where to talk to people and get quests from them. When I heard about the Loftwing transport and that the game would be set in The Sky, I thought we would be flying between places in Hyrule, or different islands a bit like Wind Waker.

  • Luke

    "An unexpected turn". Really? You mean how they say: This game is totally different, because it features *insert name of random transportation method here*. It's getting to be like CoD's idea of innovation. And I should clarify that I'm not a troll, just a Zelda fan absolutely sick of stupid rumours and speculation that are never true, and yes, i'm in a bad mood too, but still…

    • Daniel

      I kinda felt the same way about Mario Kart 7. They said it would be a whole new experience because they were adding flying and underwater parts to the tracks… but honestly, that hardly changed the gameplay at all. The Karts still handled the same. Maybe if you could dive and rise while underwater to catch shortcuts and items, or if you could control the speed of your flight depending on how many drafts of air you caught, then I would see it as a new gameplay technique. The Kart customization is really cool- but they could have done more with their 'flying and submersion' theme.

      As for Skyward Sword, I think it was sort of the same deal, but they did a well enough job making flying different enough from sailing in Wind Waker to be considered a new experience. Wind Waker was innovative because it opened up the world in a HUGELY expansive way, and made you feel like you were actually in the game. Sitting in a boat for five minutes while sailing to the next destination felt incredibly realistic, and it made the world within the game that much more credible. Skyward Sword to me just took the same concept and applied it to the air. It's the same idea, yes, but it functioned differently enough that I would call it new.

      But this is a trend I have noticed in the Zelda games. In Phantom Hourglass, they took the concept of windwaker and modified it for the DS- you could plot out the course of the boat via touchscreen. It was a new way of approaching the system that I really liked and enjoyed. But when Spirit tracks hit, I was less enthusiastic. To me, Spirit Tracks felt like a 'copy and paste' of Phantom Hourglass, except this time they used a train instead of a boat. The graphics engine was the same. You still had to return to a central tower/dungeon thing after every dungeon to access a further level and find out where the next dungeon was. You still got in your vehicle, plotted out your course, and 'sailed' to your next destination. (Not to mention the fact that personally, I think Trains feel out of place in the Zelda world) So hate me, but I didn't think Spirit Tracks was that great. The music was fantastic though.

      So what I'm worried about is, if they continue this trend, what other unfitting forms of transportation are they going to work in to the Zelda universe? Airships? Maybe the moving about this time will take place underground or something. Maybe you'll move about via minecart (gag). I dunno. Whatever they do, I hope it's not something out of place again, like trains.

  • Shawnl2010

    I'd prefer if they put in real zelda music, riding epona, hyrule being only slightly larger than in oot, and just make it like a zelda game!

  • TeMolePPlz

    We've had flying, sailing, horseback riding, and other things but we've never had a game take place underground. I say the next Zelda will be TLOZ: Mole People.

  • Murasaki-Mary

    Majora's Mask, I hope! ^^;

    • Hylian_Knight

      They said they are making a new Zelda title on the 3DS before they make another remake. So you probably have a good while there to wait.

  • bladesworn

    Wait, if they use the circlepad pro that means they could use Ape Escape Styled controls. Left control pad of course controls link, and the right controls his sword or equipped tool. I wouldn't mind a control scheme like that.

  • mr. man

    I'm sorry, but does this constitute as news? It's just some obscure website's opinion. If I wrote some things down that might be in the new Zelda (that are pretty much elements common to ALL Zeldas anyway), would it go in the front page? Just sayin.

  • Kindodeku

    I'm still waiting for Majora's Mask 3D. And I really hope they are done with Toon Link, I really hate him. I want a 3rd person 3d with human Link, not a 2.5D top down with toon link. Make it happen Nintendo.

  • Hylian_Knight

    "and that maybe Toon Link is finished on the handheld."

    YES! OMG! YES! THANK YOU! Don't get me wrong, I loved the style of Wind Waker, I thought it was fresh and fun and different….but for the love of Hylia…they over use that style too much! Looking through the history of Links and Zelda's in Hyrule historia I loved they way that all the concept art looked different….then you see pretty much the same Zelda and Link in different poses in MC, ST, PhG, WW, FS, FSA… <—-that's a lot of games using the same style! Now I'm not hating, I still love the style and the games, hell I even use the style myself when I'm drawing little comics because it's flippin easy to mimic, I just feel like it's over used in games. So I will be SO happy to see a new style in the new handheld title.

  • Jeff

    no way absolutely not! when they made the Oracle series for gbc they kept the same engine and look as link's awakening.

    They should use the OoT engine and character model from OoT 3DS, it has been long overdue for a new game with the OoT/MM engine and look

  • Guesty

    Honestly, the graffics and game play of OoT3D were very stunning in my opinion, the remade graffics were very nice… Especially for a ds game (not to dis the handheld, but so far there hasn't been a game that I drop my jaw on from gorgeousness, although OoT was beautiful and pretty dang close)…not to mention that the original game is in my top 10 games of all time just because of the nestalgia. It would be nice to use the circle pad to run, rather then the stylus. Touch screen is a lovely thing, but I dont like when the stick blocks becomes a necessity and blocks my view of the amazingness unfolding. Games like Phantom Hourglass were amazing, as any zelda game, but the stylus got on my nerves sometimes. A new Zelda game could just give the 3DS the kick that it needs to really get out there on the market. Gamers around would unite for an awesome 3D Zelda experience.

  • Mike

    I want to see a sequel to Majora's Mask.

    • Hylian_Knight

      That's kind of what Twilight Princess is. I mean, Link saved Termina and got lost and became the hero's shade. There isn't really much else to tell. Besides, I think that particular Link has done enough, I'd prefer to see a new Link.

      • James H (Triguy123)

        Well Mike, I'd also like to see a Majora's Mask "sequal". Atleast in the sense that it takes Majora's Mask's in depth atmosphere and frantic gameplay into this new game. I instantly fall into plots that give off an uneasy vibe and have just the right amount of space between what you're told and your imagination's fill-in's.

  • eppiLink

    Change up the graphics style. NO more tune Link and NO more stylus controls like PH or ST. please… =)

  • ArkhamOfFear

    Whatever they come up with I'm sure It'll be great 🙂

    • bluechimchar

      finally, something everyone (minus haters) can agree on 😀

  • Touma

    Lol arkham of fear I like your positive attitude

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