Those of you who have a 3DS probably picked up Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D last year to reminisce on the old days of the N64 classic. Although there would have been a fair few who had never played it too.

Nintendo have revealed a few months back that they now have an entirely new Zelda game for the 3DS in the works. This exciting news has left a few people wondering in what way are they developing it.  What kind of graphics and design have they chosen? What control scheme will we use?

Well to answer these questions and more gaming handheld website Modojo has given some possibilities as to what the upcoming 3DS title could hold in store. Click the jump and let’s find out what they say on the topic.

Commenting on visual style, Modojo have stated that both the types from the DS series and the newly released Skyward Sword would work fine but say Nintendo won’t keep everyone happy. In this case they pick Skyward Sword style in defense that the 3D would look nicer and that maybe Toon Link is finished on the handheld.

The control scheme they expect for Zelda 3DS is the utilization of the Circle Pad Pro being given the tick. There are some great benefits in two circle pads being used for the game including easier camera control. They say expect Nintendo to make it happen.

Talking about the setting, Modojo comment on how different Zelda games have unique themes. Ocarina of Time has its time travelling, Wind Waker is known for its massive ocean sailing, and not to forget Skyward Sword and its Loftwing flying. They warn people to look out for an unexpected turn in the way we play Zelda games.

Do you like Modojo’s ideas from their article? What do you expect Nintendo will do for Zelda 3DS? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts!

Source: Modojo