Retro has been hiring people to work on some as yet unannounced game. The type of people that Retro is looking for may point toward a possible new Zelda title. Several weeks ago a rumor circulated about this very same possibility, and now a brand new, more detailed, rumor has arisen.

According to the rumors, Retro is looking for:

  • Many FX artists
  • Artists of 3D environments
  • They want artists who are great with hand painted textures
  • Translators to help communicate with Nintendo

Once again, these are just rumors,  but if they prove to be true it’s interesting to note that they are specifically looking for translators to communicate with Nintendo and artists experience with hand painting textures. That sounds an awful lot like the the graphic style from Skyward Sword to us. And Miyamoto is quoted as saying that Retro could be a good fit for a future Zelda title.

What do you think? Would you like to see another Zelda title with “hand painted textures”? A Zelda title from Retro? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: GoNintendo

  • Jason Rappaport

    This rumor happened a while ago. Sorry, but it's definitely untrue. Nintendo hands off its languishing franchises to Retro; ones it hasn't developed titles in for a while. It was more surprising that they didn't hand off Kirby to Retro (Kirby is seriously starting to languish). Zelda isn't changing hands, especially after the blockbuster that was Skyward Sword.

    Oh, and to clarify: I'm posting this as a random guy, not as owner of ZU commentating on a story he should have already read :B

    • bastian

      As the post mentions, there was an earlier set of rumors. This post is about a new rumor that originated yesterday on a Korean site. 😀

    • SoupDetective

      I disagree, theres still plenty of plausibility to this. Whether or not the rumour is based on anything concrete, it still makes sense.

      Nintendo doesn't only hand off struggling franchises – what about Capcom making Minish Cap? I can see plenty of reasons why it would be a good idea for nintendo to pass a SS sequel on to retro.
      Firstly they have proved themselves very capable on several occassions.
      Secondly Nintendo may have realised they can't afford to spend another 5 years without a main console zelda game while they decide where they want the franchise to go on their new platform – so it makes sense for retro to pump out a SS sequel in the mean time based on the current zelda framework.
      Thirdly, and this might be a bit more contentious, Zelda has been in a bit of a rut for a while now, and although Skyward sword was a great step in the right direction it's not without it's flaws (most of them being trapped in zelda traditions). It could prove valuable for Nintendo to see where Retro takes the franchise, starting from a different perspective – if it turns out well they can incorperate the best ideas into their next game, if not it's all on Retro's back.

      Clearly my points have nothing to do with the validity of this rumour, i'm just saying it sounds perfectly probable to me.

      • bladesworn

        You my good sir, make a most excellent and delicious point.

    • Jason Rappaport

      Oh, I'm certainly not saying I couldn't see the *benefits* to Retro pioneering a Zelda title. I'm saying that it seems highly unlikely that Nintendo would hand it off to them given the history of games that go to Retro. Games that go to Capcom are different. I see a higher likelihood that Capcom would be asked to develop, say, Zelda 3DS (although still pretty unlikely). Retro seems to be Nintendo's go-to studio for franchises that are in dire need of rebooting. They did that with Metroid, and did it again with Donkey Kong (though it was kind of a retro-reboot).

      If this is true, however, I'll put my foot in my mouth and be pretty happy to see what Retro comes up with.

      • SoupDetective

        Fair enough – I can certainly see that trend, but personally that is part of what makes it likely to be true in my mind. Nintendo is trying really hard at the moment to find a new direction for Zelda, and perhaps giving Retro a shot at it is part of that quest.


      • ChainofTermina

        hasn't Capcom already made a Zelda game? I though The Minish Cap was made by Capcom….

        • Soeroah

          As were the Oracle games, IIRC.

    • adler

      i dotn want to be a downer mr rappaport, but was skyward really a blackbuster? sales seem to be down by a lot

  • Ashmic

    you've had 20 articles of retro possibly doing games that all ended up untrue, learn by now

    • bastian

      Actually, we had one before this which also pointed out that it was just a rumor. So… two news posts. 😀

    • X_factor

      Well, sooner or later, they're bound to guess just right, and it'll make up for the past failed rumors.

  • Fizz

    Absolutely nothing in this rumor hints at Zelda. Hand-painted textures are used for millions of games. I expect Donkey Kong used hand-painted textures. Retro already has a lot of great artists as it is. Hand-painted does not mean "painterly".

    All we know is that Retro is making something fairly big.

  • Hero of Seasons

    I can definately see Nintendo giving Retro a shot at the Zelda franchise. They never fail to disappoint. Regardless, I'm really excited to see what Retro has in store.

    • Fizz

      Does the lack of water stages, no single player Diddy playable and a poor final boss count as disappointing in DKCR? Great game, but it wasn't as good as it could of been, and thats not even mentioning the whole "waggle to roll" thing. Retro are hailed as godlike but they are not perfect.

      Personally I think Metroid Prime Echoes was amazing (the original was just as excellent as well), but Corruption and DKCR were not on quite the same level as their first two games in my eyes.

  • robotortoise

    This doesn't necessarily mean a Skyward Sword sequel.
    It just means it might be in the art style of Skyward Sword. Zelda games have shared similar art styles but have been barely related: TWW and The Mimish Cap, Oracle Of Ages/Seasons and Link's Awakening.

    That said, most Zelda games with similar art styles are related. TWW, ST, PH….

    I don't know, really.

    • X_factor

      Well even if some of the games do have "similar" art styles, games such as TWW/PH/ST and Oot/MM each have near "identical" styles and they're direct sequels to their respective partners. (with the exception of ST, which is centuries after PH, but you know that.)

      • robotortoise

        Yeah, good point.

        …I don't know, really. I just doubt it being a sequel to SS, with it being the first in the timeline.

        • X_factor

          I personally think that there's still a gap between SS and OoT that MC didn't quite fill, but with that being said, I don't believe that there will be another Zelda game with the SS art style or a SS "direct" sequel.

          But if you really want generalize it, You could pretty much say every Zelda game is a sequel to SS 😉

  • Kyle

    Why a sequel?
    The Skyward Sword was made for as a prequel to answer the question…where did it begin?
    If they are making a new Zelda title, why not use new color, more life-like detail gaming?
    I know they what to keep it original, but look at where gaming is. Look at Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Caleb's Hunting! Eventually people are going to get bored of the graphics. However, the controls were pretty amazing and the story was really good! But I would like this to head towards graphics like Twilight Princess. And hey, I think its time for some character dialogue! But I have to say, hearing about other titles coming out already puts a smile on my face. Cause I wont forget, The Legend of Zelda.

  • E3 2012 will be beautifull!

    • Rakshael

      E3 is always beautiful 🙂

  • I remain skeptical until there is more evidence. Rumors are just rumors. =/

    Personally, I'd like another serious twilight-princess-like title. Although I loved Skyward Sword and Wind Waker. I also enjoy a more realistic art style.

    • X_factor

      Couldn't agree more!

  • gward

    pretty sure nintendo said they would not be making anymore zelda games with the skyward sword art style

  • Mandilinn

    I don’t think it’s Zelda. And Nintendo already said they wouldn’t make a Skyward Sword sequel, which I’m thankful for. Because it wasn’t that great. I want a more serious, detailed world anyway. SS was freaking empty. =/

    • bastian

      TP was even more empty. 😛

      • Mandilinn

        TP’s world is WAY more populated than Skyward Sword’s world. What game were you playing? =/ It was a more interesting world, too.

        • bastian

          We're talking about different things. I'm saying TP's world was empty because it was just huge sections of "field" without much going on. In SS each piece of overworld is like a little mini dungeon to navigate.

          As far as population… hm. I think that's debatable. Skyloft had about the same amount of people to to talk to and interact with (sidequest-wise) as TP's Ordon Village and Castle Town combined.

    • Fizz

      One thing SS had was a pretty jam-packed overworld compared to most other 3D Zelda games, so thats a very odd thing to say.

      The sky was a little empty though.

      • Mandilinn

        Skyward Sword was empty. Both in the sky and on the ground. There were no people save for the ones from Skyloft and the Lumpy Pumpkin. There were no other towns, not even any hidden ones. The new races were all boring and had no personality. The world below shouldn’t have been closed off in sections either. That was stupid.

        I expected better from Nintendo. While I don’t think Retro is working on a Zelda, I wish they would. They’d do better than Nintendo at this point. =/

        • steven

          Did you even play the game? There are no other people because every single human left after the war was sent into the sky, thus no villages and such on the surface. Also the surface was segmented because of the clouds that covered the land. Thus the clouds had to be removed before access.

        • bastian

          And you're sort of wrong. There WERE several people outside of those areas. There were people on some of the floating islands, there was the wandering Goron, there were the robots in Lanayru.

          You think the bashful Kikiwi had no personality? What about the adorable task-minded robots? I think we're playing different games here.

  • Angelo Mota

    People just freak out when this rumors come out. I'd love to see a Zelda game by Retro. I just loved what they did on Metroid and Donkey Kong, and they don't have to do just franchises that need reboots. And if that's so, afetr Skyward Sword I really think Zelda needs a reboot, so, bring Retro to the game.
    I know it's just a rumor and all, but in my opinion, it would be awesome.

    • Fizz

      Would a new 2D Zelda count as a reboot? Because I'm not sure that another 3D game would be "rebooty" enough, even if it was in first person or something like that. Metroid Prime borrowed a lot from Zelda as it is, the lock on mechanic gave the combat a similar feel, and the scanning was a lot like Navi (but better).

      • Angelo Mota

        The reboot I'm thinking about, as I said earlier in another comment, is more like less references do the previous games, and a lot of new stuff. Maybe a playable Zelda in the middle of the adventure to complete some quests, like in Resident Evil 4 when you need to play as Ashley. Something like that.

  • Kevin

    I think Miyamoto wants the Zelda WIi U title to use realistic graphics. In a recent interview he said how the graphics for Zelda Wii U would be important. Since the Wii U can support HD graphics, my guess is that is where they hope to take the franchise. It would also satisfy the fans who have been begging for a Zelda HD since the Gamecube days.

    I wouldn't rule out Zelda 3DS to take advantage of the water paint art style, or possibly another Nintendo franchise.

    • bastian

      Graphical importance has little to do with "realistic graphics." You can have an amazing HD graphic style that looks like an anime or like a Monet painting, or like cut out pieces of paper or like an actual person.

  • Jeff

    I sure hope not if its a sequel to Skyward Sword, Retro can do much better than that.

    They can start from scratch with HD graphics

  • Zelda3607

    I dont give a care about this as long as they dont end up making a crappy Zelda game

  • ZeldaPlaya

    Fucking Retro needs to shove aside and let Nintendo handle the Zelda franchise…jeez. I don't care how good they are.

  • Eddy

    I think ign said that nintendo is already working on two Zelda games (3ds and wiiublog presumably). I think this rumor is based on scanty evidence anyways.

    I would b happy to see the impressionistic art style done better than it was though. Half the time it wasn't even evident to me in SS

  • Sikaxis

    I was hoping that miyamoto might forgive us after the last Zelda games made by people in the U.S.

  • ???

    don't believe rumors…

  • nearly hate google when I in the end found your site! THX !

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  • The motion controls was the ONLY bad thing about Skyward Sword. So a sequel would be great if they took out motion controls.