The origins of many Zelda words can come from all sorts of different places, whether made entirely out of fantasy or from real objects or creatures. The rupee, for instance, is a real currency used primarily in India. The name Zelda comes from Zelda Fitzgerald.

Birds are also connected with the series in many ways. For instance, you ride a Loft Wing (based on a bird called the Shoe Bill) in Skyward Sword and you meet the Rito in the The Wind Waker.

Our friends over at Zelda Dungeon recently discovered that the word “Hylia” existed long before Zelda’s first use of it in A Link to the Past. In West and Central Africa there is a bird known as the Hylia, of which there are two varieties: the Tit Hylia and the Green Hylia. However, we cannot definitively say that this is where Nintendo got the word from, as they may have simply coincidentally invented a word that already existed. We can’t be certain of the connection until Nintendo releases more information on the origins of the words “Hylia” and “Hyrule”.

Thoughts? Please feel free to comment below!

Source: Zelda Dungeon
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  • Andrew

    The game designer obviously had a sense of humor so he chose the Tit Hyrule to be THE land.

  • CBh

    I have real gold which is worth more than a rupee or any other kind of funds. Duh everyone should know that.

  • X_factor

    At the moment, I think you kinda are, sorry.

  • X_factor

    That makes sense. If Nintendo used a birds' name once, they could have done it again. But what fascination does Nintendo have with birds?

    • jjb56

      Does it have something to do with the fact that the Hylian crest is a bird?

  • Craig

    I thought Rupees were what the Japanese use next to the Yen… Just like Pounds and Pence, Dollars and Cents. Also, I'm not sure about the Hylia thing but I know for sure that Hyrule is a formation of "Under the Rule of Hylia".

    • Rakshael

      Naw dude, if you know anything about India, you know Rupees are its currency. I knew that back around when Oot came out, because I paid attention in my geography classes!

      • Ineedelpbad

        Rupees aren't based on the Indian currency but were actually a mistranslation from the original LoZ. In the manual they were called Rubies, however in game they were written Rupy instead of Ruby.

    • JAMES

      Yen is too "small" of a currency to have something that represents fractions of yen. One yen is only worth a few cents.

    • Lori

      Yen isn't broken down into anything else.. Nothing is smaller than 1 yen, in Japanese currency. Depending on the conversion rate 1 yen can be about 1 cent, or 100yen = 1 dollar.

  • Wheatley

    Apparently the name Zelda is a shortened form of Griselda and means "grey warrior"… sorta fits.

  • The meaning of the name Zelda wasn't taken in to consideration in choosing the name, though; Miyamoto chose it because he admired the name of American novelist and socialite Zelda Fitzgerald.

    • X_factor

      You're right! But the name Zelda, I believe, means "Grey haired battle maiden". This fact is ultimately irrelevant since our Zelda is indeed named after Zelda Fitzgerald. (Does anyone remember Princess Zelda having grey hair?)

  • Jonathan

    There are many ways that us fans interpret and see things in this game. Giving me the chance to see what others think and see from this videogame series is an awesome EXP for me!!

  • ChainofTermina

    you are not the only one to interpret it 'pervertedly'.

    you are however the only one stupid enough to make an extremely immature, extremely bad joke about it in the comments.

    • robotortoise

      Yep. There's a 75% chance that I've realized my comment was stupid, moronic, and not funny and have now deleted it.

      • bastian

        I never saw your original comment… but trust me, I probably thought the same thing. 😛

  • Baker1000

    Green Hylia. Green tunic. I can see how this could be true.

  • Ashmic

    and in india when you chop grass you find rupees! lol jk

    • I'm sure a lot of people living in poverty there wish that were true. 🙂

  • aeolus

    Tit Hylia(n) = Zelda
    Green Hylia(n) = Link

    And of course I don't think they made that connection, hahaha

  • MDH

    Tee hee… tit.

  • Darkstar

    Skyloft is an actual place too. it's a ski resort in southern Ontario.

    • Nen desharu

      Skyloft is within one hour's drive northeast of Toronto.

  • nintenlover

    Also many residents of Skyloft have names derived from birds, like Pipit (a type of bird), Parrow (Sparrow), Strich (Ostrich) and more.

  • Agent Cow

    I always thought it was a play on (English) words. Hyrule = High rule?

    • LifeLongGamer

      i never thought about hyrule=high rule