The origins of many Zelda words can come from all sorts of different places, whether made entirely out of fantasy or from real objects or creatures. The rupee, for instance, is a real currency used primarily in India. The name Zelda comes from Zelda Fitzgerald.

Birds are also connected with the series in many ways. For instance, you ride a Loft Wing (based on a bird called the Shoe Bill) in Skyward Sword and you meet the Rito in the The Wind Waker.

Our friends over at Zelda Dungeon recently discovered that the word “Hylia” existed long before Zelda’s first use of it in A Link to the Past. In West and Central Africa there is a bird known as the Hylia, of which there are two varieties: the Tit Hylia and the Green Hylia. However, we cannot definitively say that this is where Nintendo got the word from, as they may have simply coincidentally invented a word that already existed. We can’t be certain of the connection until Nintendo releases more information on the origins of the words “Hylia” and “Hyrule”.

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Source: Zelda Dungeon
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