One of the most-hated Zelda dungeons

For those familiar with Yelp, the user review site for everything from restaurants to reupholstery, you’ll know the site often consists of scathing reviews on rather trivial aspects. The folks over at Smosh have created some parody Yelp-styled reviews of some notorious Zelda dungeons… and yes, the Water Temple is on the list.

However, you might be surprised to see the other six dungeons that made the cut, as well.  Read on to find out which dungeons got the worst “reviews.”

Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time)

Ocarina of Time

“Way to go Forest Temple, you lost a customer!  I was wandering around in this temple and just when I thought I found a small key it was actually a compass!!”

Sky Keep (Skyward Sword)

Skyward Sword

“Maybe I don’t WANT to use a hookshot and high fences to get around!  I leave the house SPECIFICALLY so I don’t have to hookshot around on high fences! (i live in a high-fenced, hookshot-based apartment building)”

Temple of the Ocean King (or, “That Temple you keep going back to in Phantom Hourglass) (Phantom Hourglass)

Phantom Hourglass

“This place was fun the first time we went, but then the more and more I went here, over and over again, I noticed how drab and boring it was!  On the plus side, I realized I was getting the same feeling here that I got from my marriage, so at least that is OVA!!!”

Snowhead Temple (Majora’s Mask)

Majora's Mask

“i swear 2 God this place doesn’t even realize how insensitive its being to non-Gorons!!!  I couldn’t even get in without punching ice for 2 hours!!!”

Water Temple (Ocarina of Time)

Ocarina of Time

“Everyone talks about how awful this place is, and even though I’ve literally never been here, I assume it’s the worst place in the world.  Whenever I walk by there are all these doors locked up so you need a small key to get in.  NOT a good first sign.”

Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly (Ocarina of Time)

Ocarina of Time

“This is the second worst whale stomach I’ve ever been inside of.”

Ice Palace (A Link to the Past)

A Link to the Past

“Um, excuse me?  Do you really think it’s okay to have a giant rotating ball of flames in the middle of the room?  Um, this isn’t Wendy’s.”

The classic hero

What do you think about this list?  Were these reviewers being unfair in their choices and comments, or are these truly the worst dungeons in the Zelda series?  Either way, they are definitely the worst reviewed, according to data on Yelp.

Which dungeons from the Zelda series are your most hated?

Source:  Smosh