Melpomene Tuesday

Once again I am back with another Melpomene Tuesday!

This week I talk about what some people have stated to want in the next Zelda, the one coming out for the Wii U. This includes obvious things like sidequests, the companion, and the size of Hyrule.

Watch the video after the jump!

  • gkage

    Ah, yes, Ganondorf with more personality. Akin to that in Wind Waker.
    Second quest, again, like in wind waker; give something extra, or, make it like what Master Quest was to Ocarina of Time.

  • Ezluke

    I love that Melpomene Tuesday logo!

    • benjamin

      Same here. it looks great. you should definaately keep it.

  • Bryan

    I really liked the Cave of Ordeals in TP. Windwaker had something like it, even the DS. Bring that back!

  • !CJ!

    I just got a whole new load of good ideas thanks to this! like for instance, TP actually did have a bunch of extra little hidden dungeon like places, and WW did have optional items such as that protective stone, the heros mask, and of corse the picto box.

    but what I just though of, was something like this… I was thinking of how those little places in TP weren't exactly full scale "dungeons" but at the same time you really could still call them little dungeons if you wanted to.
    so what if you went through one such dungeon simialr to the ones you find in TP, but this one had a small number of rooms to it like a few that you may have found in WW had. and after a room or 2 you'd need a cirtain item to solve the puzzle, though it wouldn't make obviouse the kind of item you'll later get and then be able to use for this.
    then another 2 room, another item is needed. most likely one you already have but still isn't obviouse. then the room with the treasure chest. a heart piece! but what's this? there's something strange about this room. there's nothing else quite like it anywhere else in this game. a switch? I can't get it! later you come back with a new item and get the switch. the walls begin to move, and what's this? a new…dungeon? that's righgt, a full scale seacret dungeon is hidden in here!

  • nikko

    i want to see link with damage to hime like a black eye or a bloody lip when hes low on hearts


    I want more side-quests/ maybe more ways to spend money I.E buying items like in MM?