While the flooding of Hyrule on the other sides of the timelines might be a little extreme, its true a lot of Zelda fans are questioning the future of the franchise. While we all know Skyward Sword was an excellent entry into the console Zelda games, some people still feel like something is missing.

This may be true, as when compared to other console games of a similar genre, Skyward Sword feels like a step behind the rest. Obviously, this can be argued both ways, as there were some promises that were not kept to the fullest extent either.

SideMission from GameTrailers argues that its time for someone else to take a shot at the next Legend of Zelda. Check out the article after the jump.

While it is true Skyward Sword shook up the formula compared to the last console entry Twilight Princess, which was pretty much a textbook Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword  did not deliver the goods the way some fans would have liked. We wanted brand new and what we got was something in between the brand new and the classic formula. Majora’s Mask has been the only game to really step outside the boundaries of what truly makes a Zelda game, however, most of Majora’s Mask’s gameplay revolved around the 3 day time limit and masks. It did show us how different, yet how similar Legend of Zelda titles can really be. Skyward Sword did in a sense what Majora’s Mask did. Except, it did not sell as well as Nintendo would have liked.

As Side Mission said:

“The latest financial report from NCL shows Skyward Sword shipped 3.5M copies worldwide, but if you look at the available data on actual copies sold at retail, it’s doesn’t look good. Skyward Sword is on par to be one of the worst selling console iteration of the series. It was almost dead on arrival in Japan barely cracking the 300K mark, and it’s sold well below expectations in Europe when compared to previous outings. Here in North America where the series usually flourishes, it’s barely cracked a million units after two months of being on store shelves. Nintendo can’t be too happy with Skyward Sword’s performance no matter how you look at it.”

And with the release of Hyrule Historia and the timeline, does this mean the end of Zelda as we know it? Miyamoto has been quoted as saying they would never release the timeline. He wanted it to be left up to our imaginations, but we know the truth now. What we don’t know is what’s in store for the next Zelda title and future does look exciting.

Check out the Side Mission’s article here.

Source: GameTrailers



  • B_2

    Who is Side Mission…..

    • GuildedBlood

      click on the links to the articles. They are a group of people who are dedicated to past games from Gametrailer.com

  • Ryn

    Possible, but I doubt it. Whenever Nintendo tries to change the series in anyway most of the fanbase hates it.

    • zelda4ever

      Well of course. Because were fans of zelda, not some cheap knock off.

  • Bat Tom

    When I read about Wind Waker all those years ago in EGM, I thought that one was the reboot xD Sooooo, maybe something in that vein? At least aesthetically?

  • falconfetus8

    "We wanted brand new and what we got was something in between the brand new and the classic formula. "

    Speak for yourself! I, personally, would very much prefer a Zelda game that sticks to the classic formula. If I wanted something different, I would just play a different game. Simple as that.

    • Dom

      I agree. Skyward Sword is a victim of Nintendo listening to a vocal minority in the fan base. If you look at the Zelda games that sold well, such as Ocarina and Twilight Princess, they're classic Zelda.

      • adler

        skyward has sold great so far
        its being released at the end of the wii's life cycle and the need for an add on that will prevent it from reaching the sales of the previously mentione dgames

      • X_factor

        I'll support that claim as well. I think the Zelda formula is perfectly fine! As long as Nintendo continues to improve on their stories, and bring in new and challenging puzzles, the Zelda formula doesn't necessarily need to be messed with. But thats not saying I didn't like SS, I loved it. And they probably should continue to tinker with the graphics, it's always fun to try to guess what art style they'll chose next 🙂

    • I agree with you. My fav was ocarina to time, majora's mask and twilight p. I hope they just stick to the classics.

  • aeolus

    I don't really understand what this "formula" is that everyone hates so much…. Is it going through dungeons, obtaining items, solving puzzles, beating a dungeon boss, then moving on to the next until the final boss? That's what Zelda IS…. Its like complaining about Mario always involving jumping through obstacles in a bunch of levels in 8 worlds and then facing Bowser…. Its just what makes these games what they are. There are other video games with THEIR own formulas. I think a lot of people are overlooking what a video game actually is. Its a GAME. Zelda isn't a story about a kid in green saving a princess in a badass kingdom, its a game involving puzzle-solving, some combat, and exploration with that story tacked on to make it more interesting.

    • Andrei Oraseanu

      What he said

    • greese


    • SEXY

      Not just that, it's like complaining about the games that sell millions nowdays.
      All those warfare and "music" playing games are exactly the same, year after year, developers just add the newest weapon in the market or the newest Kesha song and that's it.
      I just don't get how they can be hypocritical and criticize Zelda's formula when their most praised series do exactly the same at a much faster rate (I mean, Zelda sees a major release every two or three years, while COD and Guitar Hero get like two a year).
      Now the want Nintendo to reboot it, but why? To make another Skyrim thing? They want Nintendo to reboot Metroid to make it dull and boring like Halo?
      Nintendo has it's ways of doing things, way different to what Sony and Microsoft do. Culturally biased and deprived people go for those, because that what all cool kids wanna play. I say that the only thing they're gonna achieve with this is that one of the few companies that is still culturally sensitive enough to care about classic painters and orchestras become another pillar for mediocrity.



  • zelda4ever

    It's clear what must happen. Link must gain the stark-raving-villan-madness, then suddenly lose it and fix his mistakes.

  • Timboes

    They need to come out with a more mature LoZ, like Twilight Princess but maybe a little bit more serious.
    Having grown up with the series I feel like it needs to catch up with me in some way.
    I can't be the only one that would like to see a dark Legend of Zelda.
    Not aesthetically, but through story content and themes.

    • Dom

      I agree 100%. It's not a coincidence that the more "kiddy" Zelda games don't sell as well. I liked parts of Skyward Sword, but it was just too bright and happy to ever feel like an epic. For the next Zelda game, I want to feel like I'm really in an age of heroes.

    • LinkofAges

      I agree. Zelda Wii U is NIntendo's chance to make Zelda more popular. Nintendo now has the power to use amazing graphics to promote story and controls while appealing to newcomers playing Zelda for the first time. SS had its graphics because the Wii is old and Aonuma said that its graphics emphasis enemy weakpoints, but Nintendo now can appeal to more serious gamers who prefer bigger and darker stories and still ake good looking games with great gameplay.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      I have to agree with this, I'd love a darker Zelda

      One of the reasons I thought SS was lacking was because it didn't have that epic feel previous titles like TP, MM and OOT had, SS was too colorful and cheery for me to take seriously

      And most people I talk to hate bright colorful art styles for Zelda, it's a reason they never bothered with WW and also probably a reason why most aren't going to bother with SS

  • LinkofAges

    This is the horrible thing about video games. LoZ is clearly better than most series, but if the game is not selling as well as previous ones, people conclude that the series is dying. No matter how good/bad SS is compared to previous iterations of the series, it is still better than stupid little games like Angry Birds and people need to realize that and buy more good games.

    • ZeldaPlaya

      People may conclude that the series is dying…but it isn't. Skyward Sword may not have sold to great but it did sell. And we've got more Zelda games coming so perhaps more people will come to realize that.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      I agree, Legend of Zelda games are definitely better than most other series, I consider it a top tier series and it's my favorite

      It's also the reason why I didn't enjoy Skyward Sword so much, because it didn't feel like it was a top tier Zelda game, it was ok, like it was on par with other series and maybe even worse than a few, it didn't really seem to fit as a Zelda game

  • Trixi Triforce

    Posting opinions here at 5:30am might not be the smartest thing to do, but it's when I've found the article, so here we go. Beware, I might get a bit long-winded. I ramble when I'm tired.

    25 years of the games would kinda suggest that Nintendo likes their Zelda formula, so I don't really get why people are whining about it. You've had plenty of time to realise this, so stop offloading on the newest instalment for keeping with the formula. Plenty of people like it just fine. Go find something with a different approach if you're not liking the way this works.

    Story-wise, I don't get people that say it's getting boring, tired, whatever. Personally I've found all the stories pretty engaging, and the SS version more so than usual. Heck, I forgot I was meant to stop to eat and drink during my first playthrough, 3 sittings and god-knows how many hours per sitting. Sure, it's the same vein of things, but change too much and you might as well be starting a new series.

    As for their remarks about the amount of games selling… Well, frankly, it's on the Wii, which seems to have turned into generic family fun console. In the end, families are less likely to go for solo adventures than individual gamers are. Really, I only played Mario Kart on my Wii for something like 2 years prior to SS coming out. I kept it in the hopes of a new Zelda, that was pretty much it. Don't take this bad if you love the whacky stuff on the Wii, but yeah. Opinion on that right there.

    Last, slightly unrelated thing, is that people in the comments on that article were whining about how it needs voice acting. Really, I can't think of a worse thing to do for a series that's been without it thus far, apart from the occasional bit of singing or companion chatter. Everyone has their own idea of what the voices would be like, and I'm sure more than one person would get sick of playing games that were entirely muted to avoid potential ear-rape from bad voice acting. If it were anything but soft, celtic-esque accents I'd have to be playing like a deaf girl. No big bad brash accents for my Zelda, thanks.

    • Rakshael

      Couldn't have said that better myself. I for one have always thought Twilight Princess (aka classic Zelda formula) was awesome (better than Oot by far), and never agreed with those who whined about no voice acting, needing a different formula, and even female links fcot. I enjoyed SS immensely, but I don't want future Zelda games to mirror what it did with the world. Insomuch as art, story, gameplay, items, mechanics, and combat go, I loved it. But its world was not… Hyrule. The entire Surface was one ginormous dungeon, and that got irritating sometimes, most poignantly when you were trying to get around Eldin Volcano. I've never felt more like an adventurer than when traversing the massive Hyrule Field from the back of Epona, crossing Eldin bridge, or navigating the snowstorm to find some long-forgotten mansion in the middle of the mountains. It made Hyrule seem more alive, more real. Also, entire tribes full of different races, not just four or five of a species scattered about (Kikwi, here's looking at YOU) gave each race a place in Hyrule, a feeling that they weren't just there because nothing else fit there, but that they had purpose and meaning. In SS, you fought primarily for Zelda, for the hope of gaining her back and not letting Ghira(notsureifitsa-)him use her. In TP, however, one got the feeling that Hyrule was a place filled with creatures and people in desperate need of a hero. You still fought for Zelda and Midna, but your primary goal throughout the game was to protect your nation, your people, even your village of Ordon.

      My thoughts. I've seen the decline in Zelda sales (the DS games have something to do with it IMO), and I think it's because Zelda's getting away from its roots. Keep the Zelda formula the same as it was way back at the time of ALttP.

      • cdickens97

        I don't understand this fascination with Twilight princess. It was a good game but Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time were far better, to be honest I thought that the Oracle games were more fun than Twilight princess. Maybe if the TP dungeons weren't tedious I would enjoy it more. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy the layout of Hyrule in that game but when they whip out the Zelda 2 map in full 3d HD with realistic TEXTURES (not graphics people, the HD aspect would be the graphics which TP was not) Anyway I completely agree that Zelda needs to "reboot" but not in the way that these guys are saying. They need to "reboot" the true Zelda experience with a massive open world, many many many areas to explore, tons of secrets, Insanely creative dungeons, a compelling story that cant be rivaled(but isn't entirely story focused), beautiful art style that works for that particular title, and pets =).

        • Rakshael

          I agree with what you have written, except I never really enjoyed Oot, and pets (lolwut?). What you've written about reboots and improvements is spot-on.

          TP was much better than it's been made out to be.

  • mewother

    I love the zelda series, and always have. I do however feel as though the series has declined somewhat, over the past few years, specifically in regards to the DS and the four swords instalments. These newer games seem to lack the element of mystery I found LOZ, AOF, ALTTP, OOT, WW and TP to possess. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy SS but I felt let down by its story and the world that would be Hyrule. I would love a zelda that had a truly engrossing story, something un expected, maybe a lost chapter in Hyrules history, a time most hylians would rather be forgotten.

    • I agree with you about the world of hyrule.

  • trinity waffles

    Zelda is Zelda. It doesn't need to be changed, and it's amazing the way it is.

  • Sage of Hyrule

    It's not about numbers. As a game itself it was well-received, and I think that's what matters most. Please, this is not the end of Zelda. Why on earth would it be? There's still so much promise. And with Miyamoto more or less training the younger staff to feel the heart of Zelda, I think that opens the door to not only many more years of our beloved Hyrule and all its beings, but the opportunity for fresh new ideas.

    Bring it on, Nintendo.

  • TheMaverickk

    Here's the problem…..

    The Legend of Zelda is a well established franchise. One which you can't simply change on a dime and reboot. If this is done, and the next Zelda game is too drastic or different it will alienate fans.

    As far as being disappointing in Skyward Sword's sales compared to other Zelda console titles there's a few factors to why it hasn't done as well as past entries.

    First of all looking back at previous releases lets look at Twilight Princess. Here you have a game that was for starters got a good solid release because the title was the Wii's must have launch title.

    There was nothing else when the Wii's launch worth buying at day one. That's just a given. This coupled with the fact that they also released it on the GCN as it had originally been planned gave it even more broadened sales.

    It also didn't hurt that the games was hyped to no end for being a "dark" and more"mature" Zelda game (despite having no blood like any other Zelda game) and having "realistic" graphics. It was a fan service to the Ocarina of Time fan base as well.

    These reasons all aided in a successful launch.

    As for Wind Waker, there was again a key reason to why it succeeded. Despite it being easily one of the most controversial Zelda releases for it's "cel-da" nick name and it's "kiddy" labeling Nintendo quickly pulled an ace out it's sleeve to give people a reason to buy the game.

    That was the Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition. The fact that gamers would be able to not only play Ocarina of Time on their GameCubes, but finally get to challenge the Master Quest version in North America. This was enough of a incentive to convince any of the "cel-da" haters that they could at least a nice gift out of trying the game.

    Even after Wind Waker was released Nintendo continued pushing and promoting The Wind Waker. It was bundled with the GameCube for a period of time at no extra charge (contributing to the games overall sales) and if you managed to get the Zelda Collection it even included a demo for Wind Waker.

    Basically even a game like Wind Waker did well with enough promotion.

    Skyward Sword did have a collectors edition, which gave a free remote and CD, but it's just not enough in this day and age. Also it requires Wii Motion Plus if you want to play it. Although it's included in the collectors edition any other copy requires you already have motion plus, or that you buy it separately. Then there's the fact that Skyward Sword would come out so late in the Wii's life.

    Lets be honest the Wii U was announced this past E3, and with it's announcement they demo-ed using a Zelda tech demo. Enough to over shadow Skyward Sword… not to mention basically announcing that the Wii is on it's last leg and on it's way out.

    Then there is the negativity towards Skyward Swords graphical style and those people who not willing to get used to motion plus.

    Basically timing, and promotion were simply not on Skyward Swords side. Who knows though what awaits the next Zelda installment. Most likely they will simply try to be like Skyrim to please all the whiny gamers.

    • Rakshael

      Zelda? Be like Skyrim? OVER MY DEAD AND LIFELESS BODY!!!

    • DarkOwl

      Great analysis. I think I agree with every one of these points. Skyward Sword simply hasn't been 'pushed' towards players in the same way other recent Zelda titles have. I certainly feel that it's release was kept very quiet, but then again I haven't felt any hype about this game's build up (compared with, for example Twilight Princess).

      I wonder if new media has a part to blame? For example, I now get all my game news from the web, whereas five years or so ago I'd buy magazines instead. The reason for this change is simply cost-effectiveness, but I now wonder if I've been missing out on the hype generated by magazine game previews with their 2-page-spead screenshot art…?

      And I also wonder if Nintendo has lost the battle with Sony and Microsoft to attract the kind of players that would enjoy Skyward Sword. We can't all afford all three main home consoles, so naturally we'd pick the one with the widest range of games we'd enjoy. But for the Zelda fan, there's little else worth buy for the Wii. Sad but true. #bringonthe haters…

    • steven

      One thing I'd like to point out though is that SS is the fastest selling Zelda to 1 million sales. It's actually sold more than TWW has in its entirety.

  • Hylian_Knight

    Fans want something new? Wait…didn't they try side scrolling in Zelda 2 and it flopped so they went back to a bird's eye view and everyone was happy and now every game prior to OoT was bird's eye view and ever game on the hand helds after OoT?

    I also think Skyward Sword didn't do so hot with sales because of the motion controls and the fact that the Wii is fading out. If they would have waited for the Wii U and had it as a game released with the new console or even released it earlier int he Wii's life before the announcement of it's high def. replacement it would have done better. Hell, they should have added a bundle with OoT 3D with Skyward Sword and problem solved. Everyone eats up OoT! xD

    • AdaMiSt

      Zelda II wasn’t even close to a flop back in the day. It was just as popular as the first (which rivaled Mario and Pokemon’s old crazes). I’m tired of this revisionist history notion. It’s biggest problem was the cartridge shortage.

      Zelda used to excite the masses, of all ages and backgrounds, whereas now they simply don’t care. Clearly something has died in the series over time. We can’t assume to completely understand it just because we’re the fans. That’s obviously not true.

      However, a big factor has got to be Aounuma. When he got hold of the reins is when the Zelda’s started being made that caused schizms the fanbase, and the series major downfall in popularity and sales. He also injects large amounts of mediocrity in whatever he touches.

  • Red Bear LuX

    I think the sales of Skyward Sword are largely damaged by the fact that people like me, who grew up on Nintendo and love the games they create, hate the Wii. I'm sorry but it's true, the Wii was far too weak, it's online functions were appalling. And third party companies flooded the market with shovelware by the absolute ship load.

    Although I believe Nintendo have learnt from their mistakes and although the Wii U will probably be less powerful than '720' and 'PS4', it's not going to be the same as before, because they're still taking a step-up from this gen. Skyward Sword was just released at the wrong time for the wrong system.

  • Three Pendants

    And kill Zelda as they have Castlevania? No thank you. If they want to start a "reboot" they only need to make a game similar to MM or LA. It's not proper to say the whole series needs a reboot. Those fools who say as such annoy me…

  • Name

    Do you really think Nintendo will stop making Zelda games? Definitely not! That's one of their top-selling franchises. Honestly there would be just as much of a chance of them ending the Mario series. It won't happen.

  • name

    the statistics are off, over the Christmas holiday the sales went to 3.4 million, making a very very successful, http://www.gamespot.com/news/super-mario-3d-land-

  • Angelo Mota

    I think the series could use a reboot, a completely new timeline, using few references and a lot of new things, this probably will make the Wii U game more interesting.

  • Notmyname

    They should definitely not reboot the series, it would be incredibly demeaning to all time fans.
    What they should do is give the license to Retro Studios and let them work their magic.

  • Notmyname

    I think the problem with all these new generation, PS/XBOX-ized gamers and their regarding of Zelda as a bad or a "kiddy" game series is that they've fallen for three things:
    1.- First and most importantly, the graphic department. Newbies to the scene and critics of biased media tend to think that a game with more realistic graphics, despite how bad it's other gameplay aspects are, is still good (Halo 3 or any CoD, for example). It doesn't help that Nintendo is really artsy and out of the box with this, since it seems all of the "cool kids" want some ugly, three day-bearded and dirt ridden avatar living in a gray environment so dull that it drains and kills the creativity and imagination of any person in three seconds. Nintendo tries to give you a vibrant, fun world to be amazed at and everyone shuns it as if Warhol and Cezanne were freaking losers. I also blame modern "culture" for that last part. Where we used to have awesome music now we have Gaga and Kesha in all their auto-tuned technicolor dullness, and believe it or not, it affects people of all ages and demographics. You can see it happening everywhere, galleries are dying out, symphonies are becoming something that common people just pass off. It's a globalized stupidization.
    2.-The gameplay department. Like all said, all the "cool kids"TM are playing games full of violence and blood, and deaftoned ones, tone playing games. These games are the cancer that are killing videogames, these are the ones that most adult people and media have a really bad opinion on. I don't care about claims of making kids violent, but these games make people emotionally and creatively deprived. I've played them, and as a published writer and artist I can tell you, five minutes in they sap away your will to do anything near artistic.
    3.-The online features. The following step in transforming you into a couch potatoe. Everyone here is talking about how bad Wii was on the technical department, but how about it's strong points? They could have later developed a better online package, just like Microsoft did with XBOXLive, but Nintendo didn't want that. They encouraged local multiplayer for a reason, they produce fast paced, mildly easy games for a reason. So the thing doesn't take over your life. Seriously. Iv'e seen what online games do to people, they spend hours, even days on a couch, in a dark room, speaking with people they don't even know. Online is one of the largest supporting pillars of indolence, bad studying habits and obesity.
    I'd rather play a fun game for an hour or two a week than obsess over it for days long, because that what videogames are: It's some weekend or evening entertainment, not something to obsess over, not something to create some ridiculous nerd elitism.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Skyward Sword didn't really change things as much as Majora's Mask, to me, Majora's Mask was the perfect type of step into continuing the franchise and keeping it fresh and new

    Skyward Sword just felt like a halfway point between new and old, with a ton of padding and filler added

    And I'm not surprised it isn't selling well, most people I've talked to just try it out at a friend's house and then decide they don't like it much, at least around 20 people have either played the game at my house or watched me play, most say it's an ok game but not amazing like previous titles, a few people told me outright that I should just sell it, in short, people who considered buying it who tried it out at my house quickly changed their minds, there's just something about it that's just pushing people away

  • darklink

    Honestly, TSA (who is the guy at GT that posted this, formerly of thehylia and zentendo) is an internet troll and I take his opinion with a grain of salt. The videogame market has changed a great deal in Japan, with more of an emphasis on handhelds and a society that is getting older, not younger. Sales still remain to be seen but I still don't think these numbers are "terrible". OoT 3DS sold very well all across the board, and I couldn't even find it in stores for a while. I don't think the series needs a reboot.

    You also have to consider the economic climate we are living in right now. Things are not going to sell like they did 5-6 years ago.

  • Rick420

    MIYAMOTO would NEVER agree to this! shame on you zelda fans(some) for wanting a reboot to an already legendary Franchise

  • jjb56

    The only reboot I would be happy about is the addition of a battle mode in something other than just four swords.

  • I loved Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask. I did like twilight princess. I took back skyward sword because of the added demonic elements. Why were those added? I loved the simplicity and innocence of the other games. Maybe they should just remake ocarina of time and majora's mask for the wii but with a twist.
    My opinion.

  • Baker1000

    I just think they need to set a Zelda game in a different land to Hyrule, like Majora's Mask was. It could just be another dream reality like in Link's Awakening. It would give them a lot more room for creativity instead of feeling the need to include a volcano, lake, desert, forest and castle for continuity.

  • joe

    I for one think Zelda needs a drastic change. At it's core, we've been playing the same game since 1998, only with a fresh coat of paint. I'm not saying the formula needs to change, but the game mechanics are dated and have been ever since Twilight Princess. Once upon a time, TLoZ was a revolutionary series; each title changing the industry. Now it's just a niche series satisfying Zelda fans, but doing nothing new to revolutionize the industry or draw in new players. The series will become more and more irrelevant if nothing is done.