While the flooding of Hyrule on the other sides of the timelines might be a little extreme, its true a lot of Zelda fans are questioning the future of the franchise. While we all know Skyward Sword was an excellent entry into the console Zelda games, some people still feel like something is missing.

This may be true, as when compared to other console games of a similar genre, Skyward Sword feels like a step behind the rest. Obviously, this can be argued both ways, as there were some promises that were not kept to the fullest extent either.

SideMission from GameTrailers argues that its time for someone else to take a shot at the next Legend of Zelda. Check out the article after the jump.

While it is true Skyward Sword shook up the formula compared to the last console entry Twilight Princess, which was pretty much a textbook Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword  did not deliver the goods the way some fans would have liked. We wanted brand new and what we got was something in between the brand new and the classic formula. Majora’s Mask has been the only game to really step outside the boundaries of what truly makes a Zelda game, however, most of Majora’s Mask’s gameplay revolved around the 3 day time limit and masks. It did show us how different, yet how similar Legend of Zelda titles can really be. Skyward Sword did in a sense what Majora’s Mask did. Except, it did not sell as well as Nintendo would have liked.

As Side Mission said:

“The latest financial report from NCL shows Skyward Sword shipped 3.5M copies worldwide, but if you look at the available data on actual copies sold at retail, it’s doesn’t look good. Skyward Sword is on par to be one of the worst selling console iteration of the series. It was almost dead on arrival in Japan barely cracking the 300K mark, and it’s sold well below expectations in Europe when compared to previous outings. Here in North America where the series usually flourishes, it’s barely cracked a million units after two months of being on store shelves. Nintendo can’t be too happy with Skyward Sword’s performance no matter how you look at it.”

And with the release of Hyrule Historia and the timeline, does this mean the end of Zelda as we know it? Miyamoto has been quoted as saying they would never release the timeline. He wanted it to be left up to our imaginations, but we know the truth now. What we don’t know is what’s in store for the next Zelda title and future does look exciting.

Check out the Side Mission’s article here.

Source: GameTrailers