The SoulCalibur series is a fighting game collection very similar to the popular Super Smash Brothers series. Our hero Link has appeared in a cameo in the GameCube version of SoulCalibur II and the people at NowGamer have decided to use the in-game character generator to add Link and Zelda to the character roster of the just released SoulCalibur V. 

A video has been taken which shows the two of them dueling in a tough and very physical contest.

Who will win? Hit the jump to watch the video and find out!

What do you think of this epic fight? Should Link really wear a hat fit for a magician?

Source: Kotaku

  • that's a nice hat link has

    • Timothy88

      I should really try playing SoulCalibur II. Has anyone else played it? Is it any good?

      • that guy

        soul calibur II is great. you should really pick it up 🙂

      • Prada

        it is good, especially if you're into those kind of games…and love link

      • demBuns

        its amazing

      • thatengineergirl

        It's pretty good. I really like Link's design and love playing with his character!

  • Sebastian

    I like Link's voice… although Zelda's is too high for me.

  • that guy

    if Zelda can kick Link's ass like that, why doesn't she fight Ganon so i can fish and collect bottles in piece!?

  • stewie77777

    is this real?

    • carty

      the characters are not really in the game, they were fan made

      • Huuun

        I find that the styles and graphics and voice acting and well done, but I am glad it isn't official. Sorry if I offended anyone, just stating my opinion on the matter.

  • DaronB

    I'm not a fan. =/

  • I have one word to describe it: Crap.

  • They

    Okay: the idea is cool, but links hat is a bit … out of character, and Zelda seems fat to me. Anyone else think so?

    I know I'm being a bit harsh, but I'm a purist when it comes to Zelda.

    • Timothy88

      I think the hat looks weird on him and yes Zelda does look a bit out of shape:D She's supposed to be a beautiful model:D

  • Jeff

    this is not newsworthy

    • bastian

      I disagree. Anything pertaining to Zelda is newsworthy. Some people may not be interested in any given story, but it's our duty to get EVERY tiny piece of Zelda news out there for those who do care. Everything from "Breaking Zelda Wii U News!" to "Some girl made a Zelda bracelet on etsy" 😀

  • Good match. Somehow I get the feeling that you like Toon Link's spike.

  • Pharamos

    Zelda gained some weight.

    • Ashmic


  • citizen

    this looks sooo fake…

    • citizen

      oh, just read the note again…. it sucks then

  • Z-MAN7

    There a rumor floating around about a 3DS version of SC5 in the works and Link might return.

  • I wouldn't exactly call SC an all-star fighting game… the majority of the characters in each game are exclusive to the Soul Calibur series.

  • Zeldafreak151

    I miss that game

  • X_factor

    Good fight. This time courage and wisdom fought each other rather than taking down power together. In the end, the story truly is the Legend of "Zelda".

    But let's see, Would I rather play SC or SSB? Hmmm….

  • Zay


  • Yazi

    ….Zelda's voice sounds really horrible to me…and…by the way…did anyone notice that Link seems not to….wear any pants in this video? xD

    • Shaelyn

      hahaha. Link hasn't always worn pants, though. not even tights.

  • Shaelyn

    if they just did this in character creation, that's pretty good. I'm sure they could find a voice more fitting for Zelda, though…but I dunno, I haven't picked the game up yet. seems like there was a lot of options in SC4.

    I do wish they had a more Link-esque hat.

  • Merq

    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make the characters and post a video. Not long at all it seems. 🙂 I've loved the series since Soul Calibur II, which I just had to buy because Link was there. SCV is definitely on my shopping list… The character creation is sooo much fun to play around with, and kicking butt in SC is always fun. I want this game.

    I wouldn't say Soul Calibur is similar to Smash Bros, at all. You beat people up in both games, but the styles are entirely different in look, feel and gameplay. But whatevs.

  • Kazuo

    What in the hell is this shit?! I will not believe this is real because this truly would make the Zelda series drop to a low. It looks nice but no.. just no.

    • Merq

      Try reading the post maybe? It says what the hell it is right there: The fighting game Soul Calibur V has character creation. Someone used it to make Link and Zelda. It's not by Nintendo obviously so it's not "real". Fans make these all the time, character creation has been a part of Soul Calibur since SC3.

  • brian torres


  • PeacefullyCrazy


    Excuse me, I think I just died.

  • Cawlin

    if link were to ever wear a hat as stupid as that, I think i just might have shoot the screen with a shotgun.

  • DAT HAT!

  • Mikael

    Not bad for what they had to work with. Yes, Link's hat is weird. Yes, Zelda looks fat. But you gotta give the hard work some credit.

  • Albert

    Link looks ready to enroll into Hogwarts.