We don’t often post about things that aren’t Zelda news on here, but this one is worth a mention. For two years, we’ve worked hard on something secret – and it has absolutely nothing to do with video games. That’s right! Go figure. We’re finally opening it up to the public, and we want you guys to be the first with access to it.

We’re taking the wraps off GoodSemester, a service that we think is going to change the way people learn. It lets you do live, collaborative note taking, hold private study groups, complete team projects, hand in assignments, run an entire class, and even run an entire school, right from your web browser – for free.

Why go from video games to education? Video games do teach us – but in very different ways than we’re used to. You’ve likely never felt like you were learning something while solving puzzles in Skyward Sword. After spending eons playing Zelda games, and being students ourselves, we thought we could use those concepts to vastly improve education. Video games inspire a lot of what goes on in GoodSemester. And, trust us, it completely changes how you work and learn in school. We think it’s awesome.

So, like we said: we want to give every single person on Zelda Universe access to GoodSemester. So go sign up with the invite code GS<3ZELDA – it’s got unlimited uses, so you can even spread it around! And let us know what you think in the comments. We’re stupidly proud to finally let people use GoodSemester and can’t wait to see how it changes education.