Zelda's Dating Tips

I’m sure many of us found this particular scene from Skyward Sword as shocking as comic author Andrew Dobson. Would this dating tip work for you?

Zelda's Dating Tips 2

 Source: deviantART

  • wqerty

    link had a perfect chance to push zelda down a cliff in SS but he didn't take the revenge, it's his fault.

    • nitzan

      maybe link believes in love that doesn't involve physical violence…

      • Guil.

        That proves he didn't love Ruto. I know I threw her around a lot inside Jabu-Jabu.

        • Leo

          And Medley.

    • Disciple of Midna

      No kidding. I kept waiting for it too, sitting there going "Push her! Push her!" But he never did…. ;__;

    • falconfetus8

      Hmm? When was this?

  • Ashmic

    ahh skyloft's weird customs, romantic aren't they?

  • Capt. Link

    She actually does this a couple of times…

    • Zachattack8888

      She must really like him then!! ;D

  • Mater

    twice I think right? 4 if you count Hero mode.
    Zelda Sure does love Link doesn't she.

    • Ashmic

      y is it 4 in hero mode, i haven't played it yet

      • Casual Vader

        Because you replay the game. And some characters actually mention you're playing Hero mode and that you've been through this before. Only a couple have mentioned it to me so far though. It's not like everyone knows.

        • Ashmic

          creepy O.o

          • Rocksor

            yeah like, " I Know you saved Zelda so now, DO IT AGAIN!"

  • So all those times when I was bullied by girls in grade school and my mom told me that they secretly liked me, she WASN'T lying? >.<

    • Link

      so true :0

  • Pascal

    Do not forget to give him a piece of cloth before you push him down 😉

  • TrustMe101

    I love Link's first expression!

  • X_factor

    Poor guy should have saw it coming, she pushed him all the way to the edge.

  • rocksor

    at least he has a bird and a sailcloath

    • Keimori

      Nope, This is before she gave him his Sailcloth.

  • LoZplayer

    do i really have to push him off a cliff……………wow, should i trust this or not -_-

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