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This week’s Mailbag features the return of old favorite Lozzie who helps clear up some Quadraforce confusion, Hylia worship, Link/Ganon BFFs!

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  • It's pronounced H-EYE-lian. Please don't pronounce it as Hillian again… 🙁 You certainly don't say Hirrule – it's HYRULE. It's like some people pronouncing Deku as "daykoo". Big no, no. It's pronounced "deckoo". Also, Ocarina. It's not oh-carina. It's OCKarina. I guess I'm just fussy. But I'm right. Other than that. Well thought out sentences makes for a good listen.

    • bastian

      Well, you're certainly right about ocarina since that's an existent word, but made up words… the pronunciation is debatable. Certainly I prefer "HIGH-lian" to "HILL-ian" but there is precedence in the English language for such a difference. Consider "antithesis" which while reasonably COULD be pronounced "AN-ti THEE-sis" is more commonly pronounced "an-TITH-i-sis." 😀 "Deku" is open for even wider of a debate.

      • Ah, but 'anti' is a prefix. Therefore AN-ti-THEE-sis is correct.

        • bastian

          Yet it's more commonly pronounced (in America) "an-TITH-i-sis" not "AN-tee-THEE-sis" like it should.

      • Also, look at the way Deku is spelled. De Ku. It seems a little too obvious as to how it's pronounced. The Japanese likely pronounce it the same way.

  • Hylian_Knight

    Ok, is it Fee? or Fai? Cause I keep hearing both. Usually the sidekicks have a name that goes with what they do or part of the story like Navi = Navigator, or Tatl = She tattles on the enemies, Midna = Midnight (She's from the dark shadowy world) The king of red lions…Not sure about that one aside from he's the king at the end. But I can't figure out what Fi is and if it's Fee or Fai.

    • Link Harkanian

      It's "Fye", her name is based on the greek letter Phi, and hert name in katakana is "Fu-a-i", which means her name is mean to be said as "fai".

      And it IS "High-Lian". The japanese kana spell it as "Hai-ri-an", so it is "High-Lia" and "High-Lian", and the devs have said it as "high-lian/High-rian"

      • bastian

        I would argue that the original Japanese is almost always irrelevant, because even though it is a series of games made by Japanese, it is meant–by and large–to be more influenced by Western folklore. Most of the names are Western, or Western-inspired. So I don't think one can use the "well, in Japanese it's…" argument.

        However, since Phi was her original spelling, we do have a window into that pronunciation. And I would say that more likely than not it IS "HIGH-lian" but we have no concrete evidence. I have never hear Aonuma nor Miyamoto say "Hylian." So it remains debatable. But, again, I personally prefer "HIGH-lian" myself because it makes the most sense to me.

        • I actually have to argue back about the evidence. Katakana is usually used to try and write or say Latin based words to the best of their ability based on the original pronunciation. So in the case of Hyrule, the kana is ハイラル, which actually says "hairaru". focusing on the beginning it's clearly supposed to be pronounced HYE- or HAI-. If it was supposed to be pronounced "HEE-rule" it would have likely been spelled as ヒイラル in kana.

          So there you have it. :3

      • Hylian_Knight

        Thank you! That makes sense as to why she talks the way she does.

        However researching the Greek letter Phi, I still stumble upon both ways of saying it. I'm starting to think that it's like Poe-tate-oh, Poe-tot-oh. Both are right. =/ or something.

      • Psi

        i think basing a response on how something such as Greek letters are pronounced is a bit fallacious insofar as accuracy – after all, the Greek letter itself is MISpronounced by the majority of English speakers, and correctly should be pronounced (in the blunt instrument of English transcription) "fee".

        • Link Harkanian

          Katakana says "Fai", so it's said "Fye", it's also, in french and spanish, "Fay", "Faih" in Italian and "Phai" In German. Her name is pronounced "Fai", which is the point of my response.

        • Link Harkanian

          Keep in mind, modern greek has changed the inflictions and vowel sounds compared to ancient greek, and when most outside of Greece use the letter Φ, it's the ancient rendition, not modern. In Spanish and French, her name is spelt "Fay", in Italian, it's Faih, and in German, it's Phai. Her name is said "Fai", which is the point of my response.

          • Link Harkanian

            …and that's what happens when the server doesn't show that my post even went through…

  • Wheatley

    Yayz… I sent the Hylia worship one 😛

  • Mack

    I thought Zelda was a companion in Spirit Tracks, and she ends up staying with Link afterwards. Hell they might have gotten married after that, there was a lil magic going on.

  • X_factor

    I personally say Hillian just because I think it's easier to say. But pronunciation aside, I don't really like this guy doing the mail-bag. Don't get me wrong, he had his thoughts ready to give to us but there's just something about his voice that I can't warm-up to, same thing Penelope. I like either Cody or Bastion, for some reason, they seem the most entertaining. I favor Bastion the most; I love his after video bloopers 🙂

    • Pronunciation is a matter of personal opinion, though, so that's not exactly a fair criticism. (/just my two cents)

      I personally like Lozzie–he's been doing the mailbag for YEARS, whether video or text-based, and I've enjoyed them all.

      ~And I agree–Bastian's bloopers FTW.

      • X_factor

        I said personally.

    • bastian

      All of the Mailbag presenters bring something different to the table. Lozzie brings well thought out responses, I love watching his Mailbags. 😀 But I'm glad you enjoy mine. 😀

      • Wow, I just noticed that you guys said this about me. Thanks guys, I enjoy doing mailbags, and it sucks I don't do them more often.

  • Psi

    i think the argument about the Triforce being the Triforce for its three constituent parts is a bit non-sensical. In retrospect, sure, it makes sense – but only in retrospect. The Triforce pieces were still called Triforce pieces in The Legend of Zelda, despite there being only two. It didn't matter that there were only two; rather, it seems as if they were named Triforce pieces because of their shape – not their number. Of course, this would suggest there would be no Tetraforce/Quadriforce due to, simply, the fact that they're triangles – not rectangles, but that would be a naming issue – not an argument against a fourth piece existing.

  • Psi

    …And, sure, one could argue there were always three – just in The Legend of Zelda we didn't see the third piece. It could be argued the storywriters/developers knew there were three all along. But do we have evidence for this? It would seem as if a similar thing could be said of new races – that even though they were not introduced from the start, for instance, the developers always knew about the Kikwi. That sort of argument relies on assumptions, not facts. So we're left w/ the possibility that, just as new facts are introduced all the time as the series of games progresses, we may just have not been shown a missing fourth piece. In other words, there is evidence to suggest there may be one (whether you believe there IS one or not); the only real evidence that we have that there isn't one is that it hasn't been mentioned or hinted at. But then…well, that would require us to also refuse to believe there could be any more races we haven't met in future games.

  • somecrazyguy

    considering that minish cap comes before ocarina, it could be that the fourth triangle is *gasp!* the light force?????

  • CJ!

    ^ so you're saying there is not forth triangle as well then? and that really it's just this force of life and light that fills the middle as either gold (makeing it look like a full compleat tria angle as if a forth had been fit in) or white was is shown in the temple of time in OoT.
    I can agree with that. though I have my own theorys on the matter in which I am not willing to discus at the moment.