18 cards can be held on a Zelda-themed backdrop

Club Nintendo has been on a roll as of late for having some great Zelda-themed items up for grabs.  Now they’ve released yet another, this time for the Nintendo 3DS.  It’s a 3DS card case for holding 3DS game cards, or cartridges, with the space for up to eighteen cards.

The exterior of the carrying case features an image of the original Link from The Legend of Zelda, as seen above, with the classic 1980s Zelda font.  The best part about its appearance:  the inside looks even better.  Hit the jump to view the interior of the case, which features over a dozen Zelda graphics, as well as to find out how many coins you’d have to spare to snag this great item for yourself.

Classic Zelda images line the card slots

More Zelda graphics adorn the card slots

3DS + Zelda case = amazing

Items from Skyward Sword and many previous Zelda titles are featured on the case’s interior design, while the exterior pays homage to the original game that started it all nearly twenty-six years ago.  This would make a great addition to any Club Nintendo member’s 3DS or Zelda collections–it even comes with other skins, such as a Mario design, as well!

For only 250 coins, this is a pretty good deal for all that it does; head on over to Club Nintendo to check it out for yourself.  Will you be making this exciting purchase?

Source:  Club Nintendo (via Link’s Hideaway)