Final Fantasy creator takes a photo with Link

Zelda and Final Fantasy–they’re two series that have been around for decades which both helped their development companies of Nintendo and Square, respectively, gain financial status and global fame.

However, despite their similar roots in high fantasy and adventure, the two franchises have never had a chance to interact, especially since Final Fantasy has not had a main console title on a Nintendo system since Final Fantasy VI, back in the ’90s.

Nonetheless, Final Fantasy creator Hironbu Sakaguchi decided to pay Nintendo’s Paris studio a visit while he was in Europe promoting the release of his newest game, the much-heralded The Last Story for the Wii.

Hit the jump to see more photos of these two gaming legends–Sakaguchi and, of course, Link–as well as to get some insight into how Nintendo thinks, just by seeing a small glimpse into their offices.

The creator of Final Fantasy

A blast from the past

A snazzy Link design

Inside Nintendo's Paris studio

Seeing a great legend revisit his roots, as well as show some love for Link, is always welcome among Zelda fans.  However, what’s really interesting about these photos is the last one:  many games, not just Nintendo titles, are showcased in Nintendo’s studio.  This shows that the myth held by some that Nintendo ignores the creations of other developers is simply untrue.  Nintendo’s not as oblivious as some seem to think.

Who knows, perhaps with the Wii U’s enchanced graphical power we might see a sequel to The Last Story on the Wii U. Or a brand new game by Mr. Sakaguchi’s new studio Mistwalker? Or even a future Final Fantasy title might once again be featured by Nintendo. Would you be interested in seeing the Final Fantasy series return to its roots and be playable on the Wii U?

Source:  Nintendo Everything