Club Nintendo has just started releasing a very cool set of Zelda posters known as the Legend of the Zelda 25th  Anniversary Poster Set. The set comes with three beautifully colored and detailed portraits that give you a tingle of excitement by just looking at them. All of a sudden though Nintendo sends this interesting email that may have urged those who have this collection to take a closer look at the Skyward Sword one.

This is what a part of the email says that I received last week.

Dear Club Nintendo Member,
As you may have noticed, 1 of the posters in the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Poster Set that we sent to you contained a minor flaw.  On the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword poster, there is a design flaw on the outline of the loft wing, to the right of the sword.  We apologize for the mistake and We will be sending a replacement poster within the next 2 weeks.
These “flawed” posters may have some value to them now. Those who have a dodgy poster should hang on to it because in the future you may make a buck or two off of it.
Did you notice the flaw before you were alerted about it? Are you happy with the Zelda poster set? And do you care about receiving a new poster? Let us know by jumping to the comments!
Source: GoNintendo