If you want some more memorabilia for your Legend of Zelda collection then you may want to consider this special package. A Japanese toy manufacturer known as Kayodo has started setting up preorders for a metal collection of Skyward Sword items from the game. The package will come with six items but only four have been revealed so far.

The four items already known are Link’s shield, bow and arrow, boots, and slingshot. The other two will apparently be revealed soon but reservations can be set up now. The cost is known as US$28.90 and the preorder will be released in a few months in May. Click here if you’d like to set aside your own collection for purchase.

Does this look worth purchasing? Will you be buying this amazing Zelda memorabilia? Let us know in the comments!

Source: NCSX (Via GoNintendo)

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  • Josh :)

    I’m definately buying this 🙂 looks pretty sick 😀

  • Magoria

    Well, the cheapest postages were over 21$, which is quite a much.

  • Anon

    $30 for a bunch of fucking keychains? And why his boots…

    • Naokohiro

      They're the Iron Boots, from what I can tell.

  • Angelo Mota

    Boots?¿ From Skyward Sword collection?¿ Link doesn't have special boots in Skyward Sword.

  • chris

    you know i was going to get these until i seen the fucking delivery price wtf its a complete rip off

  • Moley

    Hey, dumbasses…it’s just some tricky marketing–these are actually just the Twilight Princess keychains that were advertised around the time of the GameCube release.


    • X_factor

      Was the insult really necessary?

      • Moley

        It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously! Just a little lighthearted insult–sorry if I offended :p

  • bob


  • Baylee

    No buy…they look kind of chintzy and are outrageously priced. Interesting concept I guess..