Have you ever wanted your own Spiritual Stones? Well now you can.

An Etsy user, Leah Hoffman,  has created this necklace after the Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time, all hand-crafted with good quality materials. It includes the Kokiri Emerald, the Goron Ruby, and the Zora Sapphire.

Close-ups and more after the jump!

This complete necklace is available for $45 US dollars and the individual stones are available on their own for purchase. More details about the necklace can be read here.


The spiritual stones are also available as earrings, there is also a magic bean necklace and other interesting nerdish custom jewellery. So get over to her Etsy page and check out the great Zelda jewellery!

Source: Dweebish Designs (via Zelda Dungeon)