We’re nearly five months until E3 2012 kicks off and a recent rumor has taken a lot of people by surprise. Technology company CVG has written an article stating they have been told by a trustworthy source that Nintendo are in big talks about whether to keep the name for their upcoming console or to scrap it and create a new name and logo.

Following the terrible confusion of people believing the 3DS to be just a DS with a 3D gimmick, Nintendo have stated they do not want to make the same mistake again.  It’s one of the main reasons why the 3DS kicked off to a lackluster start.  With the Wii U name some people have just looked at its tablet and boldly stated that it’s just a Wii console with the ability to use an extra controller. There’s no thought of it being a totally new system. This is the angle Nintendo are looking at and changing the name may just be the right idea. But remember it’s all just rumor for now.

Would you like to see the Wii U receive a name change? What name would you like it to be called? Let us know by hitting the comments now!

Source: CVG (Via GoNintendo)

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