Zelda Wii U experience demo

It isn’t much, but it’s our first morsel as far as Zelda Wii U goes (and we’re not talking about the image from the above “experience demo”).

Nintendo held a financial results briefing yesterday, hosted by president Satoru Iwata. The majority of the briefing was to discuss where Nintendo was at financially and what the sales were like for the 3DS and what new games would be coming out for it and such. However, Shigeru Miyamoto was also given a moment to talk about the Wii U and mentioned the Zelda title for that piece of hardware.

Unfortunately we don’t have a verbatim transcript (none is currently available), however Twitter user David Gibson tweeted a paraphrasing of what Miyamoto had said. What it amounts to is that graphics prowess isn’t all Wii U is about, yet for some games (including Zelda) this new sophistication of graphics will be important.

So it sounds like Nintendo will be trying to push the Wii U to produce a very graphically advanced Zelda title. With some sources estimating that the Wii U is “twice as powerful as the XBox 360” that can only mean an extremely impressive looking Zelda.

Of course, we don’t even know what direction this graphic design will take. There’s the possibility that it could follow the “enhanced Twilight Princess” art style of the Zelda Wii U “experience” demo. Then again, it could look like an anime, or a Pixar film style. Or something completely different.

Which direction would you like to see Zelda Wii U take graphically? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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  • Rakshael

    I would love a Twilight Princess sequel/styled game again, with Skyward Sword's mechanics. I loved Twilight Princess. As long as that fairy is a laid-back, uninterruptive fairy, I'm cool with him, too.

    I wonder, what would a sequel to Twilight Princess be about? With Ganon (presumed, with the Master Sword run through him) to be dead, the Master Sword put back to rest, and the Twilight Realm sealed off, would Link be trying to find his way back in? Would he be trying to prevent Ganon's resurrection Zelda II style? Tantalizing theorycraft…

    • Sanity's_Theif

      Hell yea, I agree with this

    • lootic

      We need a fairy in the next game!

  • Hylian_Knight

    I love the look of the demo, I think it gorgeous! I'd love to see an even more realistic looking Zelda title. Only because every game they tend to make the style different, but every single one is very cartoon-y or anime style and T.P. was the closest to realistic looking. Now don't get me wrong anime is one of my favorite styles, I would just like to see a Z. game look extremely realistic like Final fantasy titles as of late now that the Wii U is powerful enough. I don't wish for them to go that way and never look back tho like SE which I sometimes wish would back track to their older styles…but it would be refreshing in a Zelda title. (3am and I'm all over the place, I hope this makes sense. xD )

    • Phantomgannon

      am I the only one who doesn't like the demo graphics? I loved twilight princess' graphics, but for some reason I DONT like the demo. I dont want the next zelda to look like that.

      • Hylian_Knight

        You may be, lol! I think it's because it's super cartoon anime-y looking with realistic graphics so it's different. I Think my only issue with it is the fabric and hair, I'd personally like to see more flow, I mean look at the water, the reflection on the walls, the fire, hell even the movement of the bad guy. Then look at links hair bouncing as if it's unison and his tunic and chain mail moving in unison. I don't know if that's just the demo, or because it's cartoon-y but if you made l link look realistic with sexy flowing clothes and detailed flowy hair it would be amazing. I mean, the graphics ARE really nice in that demo.

  • Rem

    Go for the anime look, that'd be quite interesting!

    • cloverplayer

      Noooooo, please don't!

  • trinity waffles

    Ooh, the demo was extremely beautiful. All those clear details, you could really see them! I'm already blown by Twilight Princess's enhanced art style. I wonder what Link would look like if they went even further to the realistic side? Then again, I also liked Skyward Sword's bright colors and art.

    Wow. With the game being so HD, I can imagine running around and admiring whatever I see for a long time.

  • Red Bear LuX

    Well alot of people don't seem to realise that the WindWaker at the time was some of the most intensive graphics a system could produce. Cel-shaded then (And I assume now) Is actually a lot more taxing on the machine than people think, especially the level Windwaker was at.

    So pushing graphics might not be exactly what people think, if there is one thing I've learnt as 18 years as a Nintendo fan, your not gonna guess what Nintendo do next, and if you do… You were damn lucky.

  • Siaarn

    I really loved the graphics in the Wii U demo, I'd love it if they kept the same sort of style and maybe just tweaked it a bit, since they always tweak things a bit to give each game it's own unique style. I honestly wasn't impressed by Skyward Sword's colourful style, I'd like it if they went back to the more realistic style of Twilight Princess, at least colour-wise, I like darker looking Zelda games. Even Majora's Mask was quite dark and "realistic" in colour, despite it's whacky characters and designs.

  • Gerudude

    I would be happy enough if when it would be compatible with a hd tv. Not like the current Wii.
    I still don't get how some games seem to have been developed voor edtv/hdtv (incl SS), while it cannot be rendered by the platform. (And no, extra hd cables do not work either).

    Anyway I hope the Wii-U will be here soon enough so I can kick the old one out.

  • Jebbins

    I want it to be detailed, rich and breathtaking. I want a certain amount of realism but in the end Zelda is still a fantasy game. It's good to have realistic graphics, life-like characters and things like that but in the end if we get what a lot of the community (I think) are pushing for, which is 'make it as realistic as possible', I think it would actually damage the game because it would take away from the fact that the game is set in another world and again, is a fantasy.

  • Malones

    for me it's all twilight princess. i loved the look of that game.

  • I'd love a more Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess hybrid. Something along the lines of the tech demo, it was realistic, yet fantasy oriented in terms of design which I think works out quite well for the most part.

  • Rick420

    I vote for an anime-style design 😛

  • stubbsiboy

    I want a Twilight Princess style but obviously with full on HD, it will look fantastic.

  • Thomas G.

    Nintendo Sales are down 68% for 2011, they are also looking at their annual loss in 30 years, All consoles sales are being greatly hurt from mainly phone and tablet sales. Wii U (which their are rumors of a rename) could make or break Nintendo. Can you image how crappy it will be if the only way of playing a new Zelda was on a stupid iPad!

    • Gerudude

      Yeah, they would better make a " Wii-i " . And that just might be what they're doing if that rumor of a name change is true.

    • Zany Zant

      Well, I always loved the joke that the follow up console to the WIi would follow the Japanese numbering system, and Japanese for two is Ni, so the next Wii should be called the Wii Ni. X^P

  • Probably one of the most exciting things about the Zelda series is how each game is unique and different. They are all a part of the same series, but each has its own life and breath. I can't wait to see what art direction they'll be taking for this next title.

  • These are kinda opposites, but I hope that they either do extreme cartoon graphics, or extreme realistic graphics…. As long as they keep the Zelda mood, of course!

  • miforever29

    I'm not sure I'd want to wait another 5 years for the next console Zelda game, but if that means a better overall experience in gameplay and story, I'd be willing to hang around. However, in saying that, I would be hoping for some significant advances in the graphics in Zelda. It wouldn't so much be in the style that I'd be looking for it, but in the general mechanics of the gameplay.

    Skyward Sword has proven that Nintendo CAN get the job done. Things that could be improved include more realistic/believable facial expressions and body movement. They got pretty close in the body movement department while taking into account the limitations of the system they're currently working with. Facial expression too, were more dynamic than we've ever seen it before in a Zelda game. But I can't be the only one who noticed certain moments where Link's expression was almost static, or where there could have been a bit more emotion.

    Of course, portrayals of emotion is dependant on style. You can do more subtle facial twitches and such within a more realistic style, or really exaggerate the emotions by delving into something more pixar/dreamworks-ish. Nintendo love to explore different avenues, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

  • L Lawliet

    I think the anime look would be a good style. at the very least it would be interesting

  • Mrgaful

    I'll go for the anime style. That would be really good, plus, most of gamers like anime.

    • cloverplayer

      Heh, NOT ME

      • Prada

        no one likes anime… lol,

        • Keimori

          Um, no, plenty of people like anime, otherwise there wouldn't be conventions and a massive fanbase for plenty of the shows.

        • zerandomguy

          go watch "howl's moving castle," its an anime movie I like

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I really want to see a realistic style, I absolutely love how the Zelda Wii U tech demo looked, so much rich detail, with that art style, I can actually imagine myself in Link's place while playing the game like I did with TP, but now I could immerse myself into that world even more when it looks like the tech demo, and having a surround sounds system helps out too

  • I loved the Twilight art style, go for it Nintendo!

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  • Lilly

    I liked the way Twilight Princess looked but I think I'd like them to do something different. I really love the variation in style between games like TP, SS, and WW. It just makes it more exciting to explore a world that looks SO different instead of feeling like it's very similar, y'know?

  • HylianHero

    i will like a art style from zelda twilight princess it also looks more mature 😉

  • Keimori

    I'd love to see something like the tech demo, but honestly, I must admit, I absolutely ADORE Skyward Swords style, I like Bright and vibrant,and I actualy prefer it to Twilight Princess' style and I have to disagree with everyone that says "Dark and gritty would be more realistic" if that is what you think, then maybe you should get out of the basement and go outside on a sunny day, then you'd see that our reality IS bright and vibrant, not brown and dirty, reality is filled with such a varied palette of colors and sights and I find it sad that allot of game developers tend to forget that and just default to mixing browns into everything like they forgot wash their paintbrush between colors.

    I hope with Zelda wii u, whatever style they go with, they don't forget that not every color needs brown and give us a bright and vibrant world to explore in glorious HD.

    • Ver

      If they do it like the tech demo, it doesn't mean all will be dark and brown. For example, if the tech demo scene was to be implemented in an actual game, it would obviously be in a dungeon. But the outside world can still be colorful. Take OOT for example, Hyrule Field is gorgeous, but the Shadow Temple is all brown.

  • Shishimaru

    Most consoles have gotten two or more Zelda games(NES, N64, NDS… the list goes on). So I think that Wii U should have two Zelda games as well, one with this, the enhanced TP style(It would be cool if it featured the same Link from TP). The other game should have a new artstyle, as many Zelda games introduces new ones. I also think that one of the games should use Wii Motion Plus just like SS, and the other one should use the Wii U controller. Some fans want more motion controlls, while others want button controls again, so that would be great.

    • Keimori

      Wouldn't it be great if you could play co-operatively?
      One playercan have Wii motion plus and control link, and the other player can play as the companion.
      Think about it, the companion player could see things the other could not using the Wii U's controller screen, hidden items, pathways, secret switches that only the companion can activate, then, the player playing as the companion could advise the player controlling Link instead of random prescripted advise.
      And the companions combat could be long range spells, perfect for the tablet controller, aim then fire away.

      • Shishimaru

        … yeah… that… would be pretty awesome! My brother and I would nerd all over the floor if such a game would be released. Although, I am completely sure such a game is never going to be released… Due to, well, the zelda series are one-player games. Except for FS and FSA, of course. But when nintendo release games, they are either one player or up to four player games. So I suppose Link would have to pick up the ''Three Sword'' with the companion being the fourth player.

  • Aleksandar

    As always it's not so much about graphics, but rather gameplay, although I wouln't mind seeing Zelda in HD i mean why not have an wonderful game that looks wonderful as well?

  • forgion

    I hope the next sequel goes after the adventures of link.
    We need to see at last the SEQUEL of the legend after 24 years.

  • veeronic

    if they decide to go wind waker style after such an impressive demo (again) than the response will be even worse this time, that would just be a real jerk thing to do… that said skyward sword style would be fine…

    just don't give us the link designed by a 5 year old in kindergarten drawing time…

    • veeronic

      I just don't want link to look like something I drew before I was actually talented or a south park character.

  • TheMaverickk

    It will be very disappointing if we get visuals similar to the tech demo. Not because of the realism, but because it just rehashed Twilight Princess models and textures.

    Rehashing a game that was a rehashed Ocarina of Time is not what I'd like to see.

    I say go for realism if they want, but have more flair and style. Unique character models and monsters completely unique to the game. I want to play a Zelda game that doesn't feel like a Zelda game I've already played before.

    I'd be just as disappointed if they used the Wind Waker style, or Skyward style over again… if they re-use Twilight Princess' style I'd be immediately turned off. Personally though it would be interesting if they tried to duplicate the style of Majora's Mask official art with modern technology.

    When Majora's Mask was made tech was limited and all the models were basically modified from Ocarina of Time. It didn't look quite like the official art of the game which had this sort of strong contrast lighting. I'd like to see that re-imagined for a new generation.

  • maniozelda

    Hmm what I first thought of was a Zelda Game with that graphics in the picture just with a different link

    • veeronic

      for some reason this one seems to be alttp link to me… no clue why… would like it if they continued his story though… I mean last we see of him is adrift on whats left of his ship, no other link has had such an inconclusive fate.

  • pizza

    If it's realistiic style like in the demo, then i want the gameplay/storyline to be very dark, like majoras mask. I want it to be scary and intense like a dark movie. If not that, but something else like Skyward sword or Wind Waker, then make it really epic, like they do normally 😉

  • BlueBoy

    I played Twilight Princess before WindWaker, and i realy liked the style. however after playing windwaker and skyward sword, i really prefer the styles those games had, especially skyward sword. the graphics were inspired and stood out from every other game on the market. When Nintendo invent a new graphic style it shows what they are really capable of and the creativity behind the development. Hopefully they come up with something new that looks different.

  • Daniel

    You convince me when you said "Pixar Style", but as what they showed, it would be great. Anyway, they will be surprising us.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    But…then you'd have to think about it. If it's as high and glory as it says to be, Microsoft and Sony will look at it, give it it's fifteen minutes of fame before WHAZAMSHABAMYBAMBAM they have a new Xbox and PS that blows it out of the water.

    : (

  • DaronB

    I wouldn't mine seeing the Twilight Princess graphics, just not as dark and grim. I liked Skyward Swords graphics and wouldn't mind seeing them again, however if you've got a system that's twice as powerful as the XBox360, then you kinda want to see all of it put to use.

  • lucas

    while many of us would undoubtably go crazy over a realistic, high definition Zelda title, keep in mind that whatever nintendo has in store will likely be different. Just be ready to be surprised. Expect the unexpected.

  • Jeff

    I want graphics like the demo, realistic style

  • Amethyst

    Like an above comment I saw, I would love for it to look like Final Fantasy, or even like Assassin’s Creed graphics. That would be amazing. It would freakin make my day (or life).

  • Bingo

    The TP art style would look great, as long as they actually try to not make Link look like a woman again.

  • ads

    having enjoyed the styles of all the game series that have come i have no problems if tghey do use the demo, however i will be annoyed with certains fans who will say its the best only because of graphics

  • Southa

    For this zelda i wish for the more realistic zelda twilight princess art style, i think that now is time for us to experience a zelda more realistic than ever, in HD an all of that but, that is NOT the thing that troubles me, for this zelda i want it to be even more long than TP what i mean is more main game play time , more time traveling, exploring, discovering new lands not like in SS( i loved the game though) So in the end i want this game with a world even more bigger than TP, and the sidequests i wish they could make them like in Majora's mask, which i mean that you get to talk with every guy that have their own story and problems that you could help them with(which some sidequest could take some time to get done in the game), taking advantage of the new world of this new zelda game, and of course for the ones that didn't like the motion plus make link able to make combos again please.