A shiny new Mailbag hosted once again by me, Melpomene this week.

We apologize for the tardiness of this Mailbag, but some mis-communications and kafuffle ensued. But now we have one for you, a day late.

This week features questions about Dark Link and Link teaming up, a Zelda stage in Kingdom Hearts and Zelda as the main playable character.

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  • Zelda + Kingdom Hearts = ^________^ YES PLEASE.

  • !CJ!

    hm, interesting idea. I'd never thought of a Link/DarkLink team up before. I think it could be done, and rather well to. though now that I am thinking of it, I believe I may actually have thought up an instance in a story where a great evi; interupts a Link/Dark Link dual and it was to big for either to beat alone. so I may have been planning to go in the direction of haveing them work together. but yah, Dark Link deffinetly needs to make a come back.

    as for a Zelda world in KH, well not so sure how well that would work out. but Link would kinda be like Auron in the Olympus world in KH2. he'd Kinda help and then be off to do his own thing, Sora and the others would think he's could and want to help. be next thing you know Link would be gone. and they'd run into him a few times later and at some point help him out of a fix with some kind of huge heart less monster. though I wouldn't say "SAVE" him, cause they'd still not be able to beat it without his help either. and then it'd be like the other characters that travel around with Sora in the different worlds, they'd travel around and help each other out and all that. but it's just be weird trying to think of what a Zelda world would look like in a KH game.

    as fpr a final Zelda game, that day shall NEVA come! this I swear! I will go on quests longer harder and even more dangerous than those of Link himself a thousand times over to insure that never happens! though I've come up with a story that would fit those ends rather well. of corse my plan is not for it to be and ending to the series, but rather, a whole new begining!