Skyward Sword is already famous for the vast number of references to other Legend of Zelda games that the developers included in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary. New Skyward Sword players will encounter the first reference as soon as they journey outside the Skyloft Knight Academy, which just so happens to be celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. From that point on, the game is full of subtle, and some not-so-subtle, references that make long-time fans chuckle and that new fans never notice.

I’m particularly fond of the multiple references to the classic quote “it’s a secret to everybody” and references to entrances of both Catfish’s Maw and Angler’s Tunnel (two of the dungeons from Link’s Awakening).

While I am grateful that the developers of Skyward Sword included so many references to the previous Legend of Zelda games, I cannot help but notice that some famous pieces of Legend of Zelda history were left out.

“Let’s play money making game!”… and other classic quotes.

Do you have a favorite Legend of Zelda quote? Was it included in Skyward Sword? The answer is probably no. Aside from a couple of references to it being “too dangerous” and the previously mentioned “secret to everybody” quotes, Skyward Sword does not quote famous lines from Legend of Zelda games.

Some of the most famous quotes come from The Legend of Zelda. The old men and women, and even a Goriya, in The Legend of Zelda are well known for their simple hints and statements. Some statements like “aim at the eyes of Gohma” would be difficult to use in a subtle way, but other statements like “buy somethin’ will ya” and “let’s play money-making game” would come much more naturally. Skyward Sword includes multiple “money-making games” and a large bazaar. It would have been simple to include one of the classic phrases in the conversation.

The Legend of Zelda isn’t the only Legend of Zelda game with noteworthy quotes. Do any old fans remember, “Take it, thief”? How about, “Please sell me something…please with C”? The Adventure of Link is the origin of one of the best known: “I AM ERROR.”

The Legend of Zelda series is full of countless noteworthy quotes, and it’s unfortunate that Skyward Sword didn’t include a few more of them. Of course, some quotes such as “Dodongo dislikes smoke” would be very out of place because there are no Dodongo in Skyward Sword, and that brings us to the next set of missing references.

Classic Legend of Zelda enemies are M.I.A.

I could write a whole article about the small number of enemy designs used in Skyward Sword, but more than anything I am surprised that so few classic enemies were included. I am referring specifically to enemies that have been a part of the Legend of Zelda series since the beginning. I’m glad that well-known enemies from Ocarina of Time like lizalfos and Deku baba were included in Skyward Sword, but I expected to see more classic enemies in the game released as the centerpiece of the 25th anniversary celebration.

Imagine a nightmare like this, but in 3D.

In particular, I expected to see wizzrobe, like-likes, and darknuts. All three have been included in 3D Legend of Zelda games in the past, and all three would have been easily adapted for the new sword controls. Wizzrobe seem like the perfect target for a shield bash, and while like-likes have traditionally stolen your shield they could instead temporarily steal your sword and force players to think before they strike. Oh, and seriously… how did they release a Legend of Zelda game that highlights sword control and not include darknuts?

I would have also loved to see ropes and pols voice included in Skyward Sword, but neither enemy has ever appeared in a 3D Legend of Zelda game. They just happen to be some of my favorites.

What references were you hoping to see?

I chose to highlight two areas I felt needed a lot of work in Skyward Sword, but there are tons of other popular pieces of Legend of Zelda history that are missing. Before I began writing, I thought of several missing references and asked some the Zelda Universe staff for their input as well. Many of those references fell into the “missing quotes” category, but I have put together a short list of other noteworthy references that were not included in Skyward Sword.

  • There are no Cuccos in Skyward Sword, so you cannot be attacked by a swarm of them.
  • The Lost Woods, or a similar forest where you become lost in a maze, was not included.
  • Great Fairies and other speaking fairies (like Navi and Tatl) do not exist in Skyward Sword.
  • Masks are never worn or mentioned.

What references did you want to see in Skyward Sword? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Anomynous

    I was kind of hoping for a Ganon/Ganondorf abstract painting reference, but hey that's just me :/

    • zerandomguy

      I lolled when someone voted you down 😛 creepers gonna creep.
      anyway, I totally agree with you, maybe in a random house in the desert or something

  • Error

    A character named Error would have been very welcome =) I actually purchased an awesome 'I Am Error' magnet set off of once. Great stuff. Was there a "It's dangerous to go alone" quote in the new game? If not, that would have been up there for me. Or "Grumble grumble".

  • Z-MAN7

    They could have totally had Groose say "excuse me princess!" to Zelda at the beginning of the game.

    • zerandomguy

      I totally just cracked up at that.

    • fiercedeityfan

      that wouldve been sooo awesome!!

  • Zelda has some of the best memes out there.

  • Dêkublast

    Firstly, I have no clue what you mean by references to Catfish's Maw and Angler Tunnel

    I feel a lack of love without masks in the game. Also no Boomerang made me all sad inside.

    "The Group" from Twilight Princess is totally referenced in the Lumpy Pumpkin. You can immediately bottle a Fairy by catching it with the Bug Net. Gossip Stones will interact with most items. Faires will not be picked up if you stand still or walk.

    • occultfan

      Catfish's Maw, Angler Tunnel – check out Link's Awakening for clues on those two.

      • Ezluke

        I think Dêkublast meant he/she didn't understand where this reference to Link's Awakening was. I never thought of it as a reference, but is it the entrance to Ancient Cistern?

        • occultfan

          I see. I understand now.

          Cistern, perhaps, I don't have anything to say on that at the moment, but there was something nagging me when I posted this earlier, and now, that there is a reference to Mamu at some point in Skyward Sword.

    • Disciple of Midna

      The boomerang would've been redundant, since we already have the Beetle… I prefer the Beetle personally. ^^;

  • Vyníve

    Personally, I feel the Zoras got gypped, but then that's nothing new. There have been several games that included Gorons but no Zoras. I think they could have at least had the return of River Zoras or something. That would have been interesting. Also, there were no ReDeads. While they wouldn't have really fit with the Impressionistic style, I would have liked to see how they would design them for Skyward Sword. A reference to Epona/Malon/Talon/Lon Lon Ranch would have been welcome as well. Maybe a painting of horses or something in the Lumpy Pumpkin?

    • jjb56

      I think they replaced ReDeads in this game with Cursed Bokoblins

  • occultfan

    Man. Everything Zelda, all the time.
    I'm going to give up speaking in intelligible sentences,
    and just walk around quoting Zelda in everyday situations.

    Coffee, sir?
    Grumble grumble.

    Hey, hottie. Wanna go le make-out?
    All right, come here and I'll rub it on you.

    Who are you voting for this November?
    Pah! Meat!!!

    Tra la la
    I'm Sahasrahla

  • Carty

    I would have deffinatly loved some darknuts. they are my favourite zelda enemy. I can beat them in no time flat but its fun to do back flips out of the way of their axe.

  • Guest

    To be honest I was just happy about the "Paper please" hand in the toilet XD But the lack of classic enemies was a little sad, especially no darknuts!

  • Guest

    The bosses, I felt should have been thought out better. No returning bosses, and scaldera had to have been the easiest boss battle ever. Gotta say I love the King of Red lions reference though.

    • Wait.
      There was a KoRL reference? Where, pray tell?

  • JcLee

    When Horwell gives you the wooden shield, I was expecting him to say "It's dangerous to go alone" or something like that. It would of fit perfectly and it was a notable aversion.

  • I do miss doing side quests where you get new swords. It's pretty boring just having the normal sword you start off with and then the Master Sword. I think it would have been cool if you could get like 3 more different swords with different abilities and actually choose which one to use in the start menu. I was just hoping I could get a badass sword like Bigorron's sword and such…

    • KaeporaGaepora

      but your sword changes three times before it turns into the true master sword…are you suuuure you actually played skyward sword all the way through?

  • Midnavi

    You're really criticizing Skyward Sword for not referencing past games enough? Does every Zelda game really need to reference every game that came before it? I think they had enough references, and even though I like them, I enjoy original things more than rehashed ideas…

    • bastian

      I think you're missing the point: Skyward Sword marked the 25th anniversary for Zelda, and so the game included many homages to past games. The writer of this article is simply proposing that it could have included some more.

    • Joshua Lindquist

      Bastian is correct. I'm not criticizing Skyward Sword at all – I think the game is fantastic. This is just a short discussion on references that could have been included, but were not.

      The developers actually went out of their way to include references in Skyward Sword because it was the 25th anniversary. There are just some obvious references that they missed.

  • mario_master

    actually they do quote "i am error" in SS but for the life of me i can't remember where.

  • Agentbarto

    No Dekus for one; though the Octorock design in SS makes me think Dekus have a possible evolutionary tie to the Octorocks in later titles.

    No Zoras; though again the Parellans are a possible ancestral race.

  • fiercedeityfan

    pols voiuce was in phantom hourglass. thats technically 3d.

  • fiercedeityfan

    pols voice was in phantom hourglass. thats technically 3d.

  • Bart

    What up with the NES-game 'Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hyde' reference with the birds in Faron Woods throwing something what looks like dog-shit on your head?

  • SpaGheTTi

    Money-making game would be awesome, especially after seeing The Legend of Neil s02e02!

  • jimmer

    You're such a complainer! They don't always have to put references to other games, they already had enough. Let them make games their own way. This post was totally pointless, it doesn't matter that they didn't reference every single memorable zelda quote ever used.


  • LinkofAges

    Can someone please tell me where I can find a list of all these references!?

    I found a good amount and then people point the weirdest one like entrances to dungeons. A King of Red lions reference(is that to the boat in the Sand Sea)? I am error being supposedly hidden in there? I just learned that the tadtones are MM references to the babay Zoras.

    I need a list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    It's hard to feature masks in a world where Hyrule isn't actually Hyrule yet or a kingdom, the same goes for Cuccoos, which most likely don't exist yet either. The Lost Woods was created by the Deku Tree to stop people entering the forest to protect it from danger (There were also no Lost Woods in The Minish Cap) too. I admit some more lines could have been used, instead of using the "It's a secret to everyone" line 3 times, I felt it was overused. I would have liked to see the shopkeeper to say "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this… for a price, of course", I think that would have fit his character and be a bit funny. The problem is, Darknuts were created by Ganondorf – So they can't be in the game if he doesn't exist yet. Darknuts are seemingly humans that he's corrupted and turned into Darknuts (like Nabooru), they could even be the Gerudo tribe that he turned into them to do his bidding and that's why they barely exist in other games.

  • brlarini

    Although its function is included on the map itself, Skyward Sword doesn't have the compass. And for the first time Link is officially right-handed.