Sheikah Hoodie Giveaway

Earlier this week we told you about the amazing “Wisdom Hoodie” by 15 BIT GAMER depicting the Sheikah symbol on the front and the Triforce on the sleeve. Now we have the pleasure of letting you know that we’re teaming with 15 BIT GAMER to present a contest, with the prize being the very same awesome “Wisdom Hoodie” generously provided by 15 BIT GAMER. And not just the hoodie, but also a set of these amazing “Composers’ Notes” buttons inspired by Ocarina of Time.

Composers' Notes

Entering is simple but will require some creativity, and we’re taking entries until midnight PST on January 27th. Want to win? Hit the jump and find out how.

Contest Details

You’re entering the Sheikah Hoodie Giveaway to win one of these fantastic hoodies and a set of Zelda-inspired buttons! The contest is open worldwide. The contest will run from Friday, January 20th until midnight PST on Friday, January 27th.

All entries will be judged based on quality and creativity by a panel of Zelda Universe and 15 BIT GAMER staff members. The winner and runners up will be announced around the week following the contest (we’ll try and go through entries as quickly as we can to judge, but, as always, we expect a lot of entries).

How to Enter

  1. Answer this question: “If you could use the Composers’ Notes to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games to change something in your life or the world, which song would you play and why?”
  2. Submit your entry by adding your answer to the comments below by midnight PST on Friday, January 27th. Be creative!
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait!
  4. The winner will be announced about a week after entries are closed, along with three runners up. (Only the first place winner will win a prize.)

Contest Rules

We love running contests, but–like all good things–there are a few restrictions. This is just to make the contest fair for everyone, so please read this before you enter.

  • There is no age limit for this contest.
  • Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.
  • Entries are judged based on quality and creativity only, and they must follow the guidelines for how to enter detailed above to qualify.
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you. Yes, we can tell if you’ve entered twice–don’t even try.
  • The winner will have one week to respond to their winner’s notification. If they do not respond, the first runner up will become the winner.

Wisdom Hoodie sleeve

669 thoughts on “Sheikah Hoodie Giveaway

  1. Christy says:

    I would play the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask. Not only is it my favorite Ocarina song, but it also has a ton of meaning in the game. It put the restless souls & pained bodies to rest. It also, on a less emotional note, allowed Link to become different forms after using this song to obtain transformation masks. Without these masks, Link probably wouldn't have gotten very far in his conquest. I also love the various ways that it was played in the game, for example, on the piano. My favorite version however, was the one that played inside the clocktower where the Happy Mask Salesman was. So yes, that is why I love the Song of Healing.

    1. Christy says:

      Haha, I actually forgot to answer one part of the question:

      I would use the Song of Healing to do exactly that: heal. Many people I know, including myself, have been pained or wronged. We just need to have our souls rested & granted some justice.

  2. Wesley says:

    I would use song of storms last summer, it was hot and there was no rain. This was the same year we started a garden too grow some fresh veggies. It only lasted for some time so it would have been nice to have some rain to have a more fruitful(hehe) garden. We did get a good amount but some rain would've done some real good.

  3. giano says:

    i would play the song of time to go back in time like link did to re-live my childhood.

  4. Andrew Dunn says:

    i would play the nocturn of shadows whenever it rains for the song itself is dark and depressing just like a dark day thats filled with rain, but its also on these dark rainy days that people bond more closely with one another when they cannot spread out and have to stay indoors. its times like those when i enjoy the company of others the best.

  5. Henry Arevalo says:

    I would use the song of storms, to make rain over crops from places where there is little or no rain at all, that way the people would be able to harvest some food

  6. lilman1423 says:

    I would play the song of time and go back 3 years yesterday. My friend got into a fatal car accident and I would go back and stop him from ever getting in that car whatever it took so he could be here today. R.I.P. Andy.

  7. Rachel says:

    I would play the command melody from TWW, So I would be able to team up and control another person to help get tasks done, Like link controlling medley to hit switches and use her harp. 🙂

  8. Zach Todd says:

    If I could use any song, I would use the Song of Time from Majora's Mask, that way, if I messed something up that day, I could reset time and probably fix it.

  9. Elisha says:

    I would play Zelda’s Lullabye its a beautiful song with mysterious power power and me and my husband already play it me on piano and him on guitar ^.^

  10. sarah marie says:

    I would have to say .. probably the song of Healing. Not just for me, or maybe not even for me at all.. but resently, we've found out that my grandmother has cancer and while I'm not all that entirely close to her.. my dad is. [it's his mother, so obviously.] and seeing him in pain over not being able to help her how he wants, to take away her pain and suffering.. it kills me, due to the fact I love my dad more then anything and I dont know what I would do without him. So I would use the song of healing to heal her cancer and make her well, so both of them wouldn't have to be in pain anymore.

  11. Nick Moon says:

    I'd use the Saria's song so I could have a guide for any situation that life throws at me. That and I could cheer up a depressed Goron 😛

  12. Daniel says:

    I would use the Song of Time so i could Re-do my Entire school Career So that i wouldn't always have been fighting with my teachers and i would have gotten better Grades

  13. Tom says:

    I would play Saria's song. Being a bit of an empath, it would make me happy to be able to make people happy with the upbeat tune. Not to mention being able to talk to friends whenever is pretty sweet too.

  14. alextherivers says:

    I would use the song of healing as well but for different reasons, I recently tried to start a carrer in the military, and was found to have Kerataconus. (Kerataconus is the slow deterioration of the cornea) This song would prevent many complications that I may have in the future, if only if only this was true.

  15. zodiac says:

    I would most probably use the song of storms on my umbrella. I'd pin them on the top or tie them with something to the main rod. That way I can just go prancing with my new pimpin' umbrella and show off everybody that I used it to convoke rain! and everybody would dance on the rain~

  16. Brittany Varn says:

    I would play Saria's Song so that I could draw my friends in some long and epic prank-ful adventure through the lost woods for days on end in a LARP quest!

  17. @GNeiderh says:

    I would play the Reverse Song of Time to slow things down and help me not only enjoy life more, but also give me more time to spend with all the people that I love.

  18. james hall says:

    I would use the sun song in my life so it will never be dark when the zombies come to try and eat me, never be surprised by zombies when you have the sun song at your command O.o

    1. Banooru says:

      You're probly like me, think out every scenario if zombies attacked. Gibdos mask. That's the way to go.

  19. Yahiko says:

    If I could, I would do the Ballad Of Gales, it would be really nice to be warped to places instead of having to drive. Driving scares me, I'd also save gas, and help the environment a little.

  20. Rachel K says:

    I think I would want to have Epona's Song. A lot of the time when I'm taking the bus I really get impatient waiting – or sometimes I'll miss it by a few minutes. Having a song that would summon a horse upon playing, regardless of where my location is sounds really awesome to me. Not only that, I think traveling by horse is very Eco friendly and it would give me another companion in life 🙂
    Epona's song!

  21. Jamie says:

    I would play the song of time from Ocarina of time because I would want to go 7 years into the past to rid my self of a stupid choice, that changed my life forever. What was this stupid choice? The choice was that I allowed myself to have a dark side. Sounds far fetched I know. But it’s true.

    1. not sure if that would work…
      I'm pretty sure,you would 'cause the gradnfather-paradoxon

  22. Morgan says:

    Who wouldn't want a little more time? I would love to have more time to spend with my friends, family, and of course to play Zelda. Although it's pretty obvious, I'm going to have to go with the inverted song of time from Majora's Mask.

  23. Corey says:

    I’d play the song of time to go back to January of 1991, so I could play Ocarina of Time again for the first time. Nothing beats the feeling of playing a game that changed the industry forever.

    1. Sandra says:

      Agreed Bro! XD When I played the game I sat at my friends house and she watched me play( It was her game but she loved the story and to watch it). It was a hot summer, and in the night we could smell the trees and the nightair (because it was under the roof and had a biiiig window we could see the stars, and she lived in the middle of nature). I'd love to get that feeling back. Now I'm 28…A long time it had been. *sigh*

      1. angelink says:

        I thought Ocarina of Time came out in 1998 O_O

        1. jeremy says:

          same here :O

  24. Levi says:

    If i could use any song I would play the song of storms because i love rain but also because my state is in a drought and it has been for years and i think Arizona deserves rain, it would also make a lot of people very happy too.

    1. Jose Mireles says:

      I live in AZ too! 😀

  25. Jack says:

    I would play the Oath to Order, and bring all our faithful soldiers back from overseas. I'd use it to free them from the pointless wars and come home to our loving arms. I, myself, have a soldier relative in the Middle East, and I miss him so very much, and I'm sure thousands of other people feel the same. Oath to Order always touched me in Majora's Mask, bringing the Giants from where they were trapped so they could help the Terminians. I wish I could do the same, and bring our fighters back, and make the world a better place.

    1. Frank says:

      I have to say, " Well played." Not many outside of the military would do that.

  26. Amanda says:

    Using the composers notes I would play Epona's song, so that if I lived inside Skyrim I would always be able to find my darn horse after the ogres smashed me with their club and send her flying. Plus it's helpful for making swift exits, and calling her over to help kick dragon butt. Also people would call me the horse whisperer.

  27. Jose Mireles says:

    Out of all the songs, I would play the Song of Time. The reason behind this is because with the Song of Time, one is able to go back in time. If I had the knowledge I had now and was able to go back in time, I would try prevent some events from ever happening. This could include any robberies, world problems, government problems, and all sorts of bad events, including the recession. If one used the Song of Time to go back in time, inform everywhere about the recession the world is having, then maybe it could be prevented. The Song of Time is one powerful song that has the ability to alter the past and the present.

    1. xRemedy says:

      You and many others would cause paradoxes and splits in timelines if you were to go back and change things.
      How would you change the world by going back in time? Who'd listen? People told the governments about the recessions years before they happened and they still took no notice of them.

  28. Austin says:

    i would use the song of healing to heal my eye cause i have not been able to see out of 1 eye for 16 years (my age is 16) and i have always wonder what is like to see fully

  29. SongOfMozzerella says:

    I would play the Song of Healing for my best friend in the universe, Gretchen. She suffers from cancer and only has a few months left to live, and I just want to make the rest of her time happy. 🙂

  30. Jazmine says:

    If I could use any song, it would be the song of time. If I could have the chance to go back in time, I would like to stop human kind from making horrible mistakes that affect our mother (planet Earth). Our planet is our home. She's our only life source. We're killing her, and someday we might even have to live in the sky, like in Skyward Sword, and completely forget about the world underneath us, which would have probably become a myth by then.. The song of time could help fix this world into a better place, and I would love to be apart of that. Anyone who cares enough about LoZ and our planet as much as I do, would agree with me.

  31. Kitt Valentine says:

    the song of time and its variations. im assuming that counts as one song.
    but either i would way i would use it as much as i use my cell phone. when needed for emergencies or just when i wanna spend a little extra time with someone.

  32. AustinL says:

    Well to answer this question I would play the Nocturne of Shadow; not only because I would love to explore Kakariko Village but because I just love the music that is played.
    I love the weird and creepy felling I get when hearing the song, I wish i could become a ninja-like warrior and protect the Hylian royal family.
    I just got glasses so i would go out and get red contacts to match the Sheikah hoodie, it would be sweet.

  33. Britta says:

    If I could use any song in the Zelda series, I would use the Song of Healing. This song has the power to heal souls, I figure with that someone could help many broken people in the world.

  34. Manuel says:

    I would play the song of soaring from Majora's mask to get the freak out of this City!

  35. Jenna says:

    I would without a doubt choose the Song of Time. Now that I know my grandmother's cancer would come back to haunt her in the Fall of 2003, I would have played that song to give her the information in enough time to stop the cancer from coming back spreading from her colon to her liver. She was as healthy as a horse, but cancer still found her and it wasn't her time. I would not be able to think of changing anything else but using none other than a Zelda song to beat cancer. Thank you.

  36. Jarrod says:

    I would play Epona's Song whenever I wanted milk. Now, to find a cow…

  37. Mandi says:

    I have to say that i would play Zelda's Lullaby. It's not an answer i think most people would actually go with, but it's calming, and happy at the same time. You can listen to it when depressed or in a really good mood. It's a beautiful song, and with all the inappropriate, nasty, stupid songs people listen to today, the world could use something like that. I realize most people could argue with that, but if they actually sat there and though about the lyrics, they would realize that most of the time they're not as good as they thought they were when they weren't paying attention. I also realize that none of the Zelda songs have lyrics to them, but the notes themselves seem like they do when you actually listen. I've heard it many times, and i can promise you, it's nothing bad.

  38. Alex says:

    It would definitely have to be the Song of Time from Majora's Mask to slow down time. There could be some pros and cons to this, but looking at it on a positive note, it would allow me to slow down and appreciate life for all it really is. Maybe the best time of your life can't go on forever, but if only for an hour longer, it would make all the difference. And of course, wouldn't you give anything to savor that last, sweet taste of chocolate [or some other treat], there for a moment and gone much too soon? Or maybe you're just not the best at keeping track of time, and this would be useful for catching that episode of Jersey Shore you keep missing. Simply put, things in life go by in the blink of an eye, like a strike of lightning, come and gone before one can even point it out, or the beat of a hummingbird's wings, cutting through the air in a mere fraction of a second. Once a moment in time is gone, it's disappeared forever, never to come back or be relived again; all you can do is hold it as long as possible. All I want is to be able to hold onto those special moments just a little longer~

    1. Alex says:

      Sorry, Inverted song of time*

  39. Gardy says:

    i would play the Bolero of Fire cause it will give me power and strenght to overcome any obstacle

  40. Matt says:

    Wow this was a hard choice as there are a lot of excellent songs, each with their own power. I have to choose the Song of Soaring. The ability to travel to any place that you have already been, that would be an awesome thing. You could say go to Hawaii anytime, especially in the winter when its too cold if you live in the northern hemisphere. You could visit friends, family, people you love, where ever they lived, as long as you had been there. too me, that just sounds like an amazing ability, and the song is catchy too lol. Imagine traveling from America to Japan in a matter of seconds? or Europe to Australia? Its a tremendous power, especially in todays economy lol

  41. Chenelle says:

    If I could play any melody, it would definitely be Saria's Song. In Ocarina of Time, Link played this song for Darunia at the time when he was depressed. After hearing the song, he automatically cheered up and started dancing. If I could, I would play this song for people who are going through hard times and are depressed, in hopes that it would cheer them up and fill them with new found hope as well! I also find myself in a good mood when I listen to this song on my soundtrack! 😀 It's so upbeat and fun!

  42. newmanthenewman says:

    I would play the elegy of emptyness. I read the haunted majora creepypasta, and i think its about time i faced my fear. o.o

  43. Pharamos says:

    "Time passes, people move… Like a river's flow, it never ends…
    A childish mind will turn to noble ambition…
    Young love will become deep affection…
    The clear water's surface reflects growth…"
    My favorite quote from Ocarina of Time, and the entire Zelda series. Fate can't be changed by mortals. Everyone has a predestined path, and once something happens, it can't be changed. This is why I'm not choosing a song that allows me to manipulate time. Doing so would only cause more trouble than anyone can handle (and I can't afford the plutonium to power my flux capacitor.) Instead, I would choose to use the magical properties of the Sun's Song. A short and simple melody, but a powerful one at that. Anything that can control the sun is powerful. Once something devastating happens, I would summon the Sun and use its beauty to shine hope on people. There is nothing more beautiful or happy than a sunny day. Perfect for a picnic!

  44. Denise B. says:

    I would have to go with Saria's Song from the Ocarina of Time. In the game Link uses this song to contact Saria and she always offers him advice and leads him in the right direction, basically she's there for him when need be. It also helps him find his way in the Lost Woods. There are times in life when one just needs a little support or advice from a trusted friend, basically someone who is there for them anytime, anywhere. And when tough decisions present themselves, wouldn't it be nice to hear this sweet song to help lead you in the right direction?

  45. Danielle says:

    I would play the Song of Healing. There are so many people in this world that could use some kindness. There are those who are abused, those who grieve for the death of someone innocent, and those who try their hardest to do well, only to falter in some way that is outside of their power. I would use the song to heal those who tried their best to do well for the world, to not harm people, and who truly could use some sort of help in their lives. This song means a lot to me, because my family has done a lot of breaking up, and a lot of healing together. We are the lucky few who are learning to gain strength through our strife, and I often desperately wish that I could share the gift of inner strength to so many family members, friends, and even strangers around me that so obviously need it. I would choose this song to finally give people a glimmer of hope. Even if I could only reach out to a few, that would be worth it. A few people can be a big impact on the world.

  46. AnimeWriter75 says:

    For me, I would have to play Saria's Song. In life, things happen for a reason. I wouldn't want to change anything because…well…it shapes me for me. Why would I want to change my entire life, just in order to change one small thing?

  47. Tyler R. says:

    Out of all the Ocarina songs, I would play the Song of Healing and use it in order to bring solace to those that have fallen in the past, and mend broken hearts of my friends and family. The Song of Healing has offered Link a new way to bring peace to those that have fallen under the power of the evil mask Majora. If I could use the Song of Healing, I would also utilize it to its fullest extent and help out other countries that have fallen victim to natural disasters in hopes that I could make a difference in the world and bring hope to all of those that have lost it. Like in Oracle of Seasons/ Ages, Twinrova will not have the flames of despair, destruction, and sorrow lit upon our world!

  48. Technocrap54 says:

    I would play the song of time so that I could get more time to work on the term paper I'm procrastinating on right now.

  49. jordin Overton says:

    If I Could Play Any Song from Any Of The Games i would play Would Be The Tune Of Ages From Zelda: Oracle Of Ages Because I Could Go Back In Time To Stop My Friend From Jaywalking Into The Street And hit by a car.

  50. Wolfkali says:

    I would travel from island to island, coast of nation to coast of nation, playing the song of storms to dissipate all sorts of natural wind or water born disasters that were heading toward the lands. The songs of time & healing are no doubt valuable, but with time you could only reverse tragedies you have knowledge of, and the song of healing would only erase pains already inflicted, but just think how many people out there wouldn't have any pain or emotional hell or wouldn't have been killed if natural disasters like hurricanes, monsoons or tornadoes could be averted. This is why I choose the song of storms. It's all about preemption.

  51. Kale says:

    I would play the song of storms so that we could all go around! go around and around and around! What fun! We'd be so happy! Play the music, music man! We love to go around and around!!!

  52. Lewis says:

    Honestly, if we would of had the technology back in the mid 90's, I would conduct The Ballad Of The Windfish. It's the least used of the Zelda Songs. If they would of put on a later game, I would stop and conduct the song. And if the people that don't know where the Ballad is from, it was from Link's Awakening for the Gameboy. And though the game was(insert spoiler alert here), i use to love hearing that Ballad everytime i play Link's Awakening. Always remember all video game history.

  53. Senat says:

    I would personally choose Zeldas theme. That song reflects the part of my life when I had to get my leg amputated. It was 2001 and I was 8 years old. I could not even fathom the thought of never being the same again, until I first played Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. This game made me realize something. When the Zeldas theme played such as when Link meets Zelda, and after the final battle between Ganon and Link, it made realize HOPE. Hope that one day, I will be able to walk normal again, and run with my friends, family, and play sports. This song truly signifies my own life.

  54. Miguel Alcubierre says:

    From all the songs from all the games, I would choose the "secret" song: The Inverted Song of Time.

    I always assumed link was the online aware of the time being slower, or in a sense, of him moving a bit faster. Think of all the possibilities of being able to slow everything and everyone down!

    Of course there are the obvious things – I would never be late, I I would have "enhanced" reflexes, I would have "more time" to do stuff, I would, in a way, live "more"… but that's just the obvious stuff… I remember how everyone in the game actually MOVED SLOWER.

    The one thing I would pretty much exploit about it is the ability to SEE everything slowed down…

    every wing-flap of a ladybug…
    every shooting-star…
    every drop of rain and every snowflake landing on my face…
    every key played on a piano…
    every guitar string dancing…
    every spark and flame…
    every firework…
    every beam of lighting (well, maybe that's just a little too fast still).

    All those beautiful things that seem to be just too fast to be properly appreciated wouldn't be so fast anymore… but seeing how Epona move the same as Link, I assume I could share this slowed down world with at least another person at a time, that way, everyone could enjoy these simple visual wonders… think of the paintings, songs, poems, stories which would now be possible to make… art, art is the greatest gift, and with the Inverted Song of Time, I could give it an even wider selection of ideas… that would make me happy.

  55. Nick says:

    With the notes and a magical ocarina in hand, I would only need to play one song; the Song of Storms. Nothing makes me feel like a storm can. A nice rainy day makes staying inside a cozy treat, especially if you're with a loved one. And outside, a storm brings with it limitless adventure, which is something that I look for in every day. Storms are a wonder to behold, and they are nature at it's most magical. They bring life to the land, and in my opinion, a nice storm is good for the soul; washing away worries and breathing new life and adventure into my heart.

  56. If I were to play any song using the composer's notes I would play Saria's Song. In OoT this song was used to keep in contact with Saria (a long time friend) and helped you gain the trust of Darunia. It has an upbeat melody and is very enjoyable to play. In fact, every time I play Saria's Song on the vibraphone during music class, the teacher and the students enjoy it very much.

    If I were to use Saria's Song in another context to change something in my life I would use it to keep in contact with an old friend of mine, which I lost (my still diminishing) friendship with long ago. Just like Link and Saria, we promised not to lose touch, but the inevitable happened. But with Saria's Song it would only take a second to play and then I would be talking with my best friend through spirit and we would be able to reconnect and strengthen our relationship.

  57. TnzSki says:

    If I could harness the power of the Ocarina, I would not squander it. After collecting all three Spiritual Stones, I would enter the Temple of Time and play the Song of Time, so that I could gain access to the Master Sword's chamber. I would walk up, slowly and dramatically, and remove the blade from its pedestal. Then, wielding the Blade of Evil's Bane, I would valiantly slay all of the evil semester finals in the land! After my heroic deed was done, and all of the homework and tests were sealed in the Sacred Realm forever, I would return to the majestic Temple of Time. It's purpose fulfilled, I would thrust the Master Sword back into its altar, where it would silently rest forevermore.

  58. Jonathan says:

    I would play the Song of Storms to bring water to areas that rarely ever get rain or don't get rain at all. People who live in areas with droughts wouldn't have to worry, it would help farmers be able to grow their crops to be able to sell to the markets so they could make money and feed their families.

  59. Bjwyxrs says:

    I would play the song of healing from Majora's Mask. Throughout the game whenever Link played that song happiness would follow. He used the song to help people and make their lives a little bit easier. He erased their pain and suffering and allowed them to let go of all their problems, and sometimes their problems would turn into a mask allowing Link to be able to accomplish a goal that helped him progress in his quest. Playing the song helped him and also helped others, it is a beautiful piece of music and has always been and always will be one of my all time favorite ocarina songs from the games. I feel that maybe if I had the power of that song I would be able to erase away the problems of the world and the people that I care about, I'd use it to make peace and no longer have war in the world. Everyone would just be happy, and everyone could listen to the song and know it's true purpose and true meaning.

  60. Michael says:

    If I could use the Composers’ Notes I would play Zelda's Lullaby to help my little brothers fall asleep when their sick. (n>.<)

  61. Gage Walker says:

    I would play the sun song, this song may not be the most complicated or beautiful, but it had more meaning which is why I picked it. I’m life has been a shallow, empty thing, since I moved from my hometown and my parents divorced. But I have finally stop being depressed and have started making a new life for myself, I have an amazing girlfriend that I love to death, and I’ve made more friends than I wanted. My family is getting better as well, I have had multiple heart-to-hearts with my father, and he has gotten married to a nice lady. My mom has a good boy friend, and my sister is soon to be eighteen and out on her own, I feel this song would be the final goodbye to the “night” that had set on my life, for it had come far too soon, and I took it upon my self to change it back to “day”

  62. thejonpilling says:

    I see people mentioning warp songs from the games, but when I think of what playing them in reality would mean for me, I think of the background Sheik gives them before teaching them to Link. The one that sticks out to me is the Serenade of Water, which if you don't recall, goes like this: "Time passes, people move. Like a river's flow, it never ends. A childish mind will turn to noble ambition. Young love will become deep affection. The clear water's surface reflects growth." This quote is meaningful to me because I recently fell deeply in love with a close friend of mine and want to express my feeling towards her. Quite literally, young love has become deep affection for me. If I could play the notes to the Serenade of Water in reality, it wouldn't be to transport to the nearest body of water, but to express the deep affection that has taken hold of my heart in recent months. The clear water's surface does reflect growth and I've done a lot of reflecting lately. I know it's not as noble as using the Song of Healing to cure a sick relative or as touching as using the Song of Time to spend more time with loved ones, but my reason is important to me. Like the flow of a river, my affection will never end and I would use the beautiful melody of the Serenade of Water to express that deep longing in my soul.

  63. Double_M says:

    If you could use the Composers’ Notes to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games to change something in your life or the world, which song would you play and why?

    Well, I would either say the Opening Title Theme for Ocarina of Time, or Song of Healing. In my case, I think I'll have to choose the Title Theme for Ocarina of Time. You see, I grew up with Ocarina of Time. It was the best part of my childhood, no doubt. As nerdy as that sounds, it's the truth. I spent many days and many nights playing that game, and as I was playing, I may not have realized it then, but it was life changing. It changed the way I look at music forever. The songs you would learn throughout the game on your Ocarina, were genius, and not to mention the endless amount of times I heard the opening piano chords to that Title Theme. It really did make me appreciate music for it's emotion and the sense of adventure and fulfillment you get not only when playing the music, but just the sheer fact that, it made times so peaceful and you wouldn't care for anything else in the world while playing that game. It was amazing. The way I see it, in my High School, other kids are abused with the vulgar and bland music that they listen to nowadays. So, if I were to be able to play the song I heard the most as a kid, that Title Theme, I truly do think that I would be able to move people emotionally with it's perfect musicality. Thus, making other kids realize that there is much more to music than just silly hip hop beats, and speaking to a rhythm. They would realize that there is music without words, that can make people so emotional.

    Yeah well, I realize now that I wrote all that I seem a bit try-hardish, but I was really feeling nostalgic and I saw this contest so I wrote what I truly felt. 😛

    Hope I win! That hoodie looks pretty freakin' awesome!

  64. Damian says:

    I would play zelda's lullaby, recently my fiancee and I had a discussion about having kids, I don't want to be a father, but everytime I play or hear this tune I think about my nephew. I raised when he was a child and it brings me warm feelings about being a father. Maybe it's time to grow up, face the music… after all, that is what The Legend Of Zelda always taught me.

  65. Christopher says:

    I think I would use the Song of Time from Majoras mask so I could got back in my life and change some things as many times I wanted to until I changed it to something I would like plus it would be a very good advantage because you could go back in time to just see your life or go around and talk to some people that you wished you did the last time. But the biggest reason why I would use it is so I could play every single Legend of Zelda game ever made and see how they were.

  66. Shane says:

    I would play the song of time. So I could go back and fourth through time to revisit memories and loved ones, as well as re do some things in my life. Time goes by way to fast and I’d love to be able to think, I miss those days, and just be able to play a song and return to that point in time. To see my grandfather again, or to hear my girlfriend say “I love you” one more time.

  67. J.D E. says:

    I would play the song "song of healing" because some of my beloved relatives have cancer!!! and when i heard this song when i was playing zelda on my Nintendo im like this song could heal all the sick Pokemon i dominated while taking a break from playing zelda. Because i could not beat majoras mask !!!! i was so angry i ended up braking three game boy colours and cracked two 64 inch t.v's and it all cost me 24 $!!!!!! and 4 months of no zelda !!! i could also heal all of the deid people like steve jobs and all the other people who love zelda!!!!!!

  68. Christine Chuang says:

    I would play the song of time to undo those mistakes that happened in the past. If that were to happen, I would be a very different person right now.

  69. Zakary says:

    Hmm…I'm torn between saria's song and the command melody from tww.
    I would choose saria's song. It would be quiet useful. with it I could call for help right before a test so I'd be sure to pass. I could also use it to learn useful stuff too. I would also help as a guide so I know where to go. I could also use it to learn other things like traveling through time, warping place to place, making it rain, changing night into day, changing the wind direction, etc., etc. another thing I could do is use it to learn a language, or learn how to do something like do surgery. the possiblities are endless! I could use it to learn how to build a portal to go to any game world ever created, or create a door to hyrule. I could use it to learn the whole story and gaps we are missing inbetween to the story of the legend of zelda. I could write more but we would be getting into a novel. Last thing, I could use it to learn how to Fly a skyloft, or bring the world of hyrule here!

  70. GFM says:

    I would play the Song of Time, so I could be there when Miyamoto created The Legend of Zelda, and help him to develop the series, or, I would just run around dressed as link to hint the future.

  71. linker27 says:

    I would have to say I'd play the Oath to Order.

    The Giants' story isn't a happy one: duty led them to depart for the corners of the world, and their childhood friend, feeling abandoned, lashed out. For his crimes, that imp was cast out of the four worlds by the giants. Only the Oath to Order, the promise the giants made to the people–not to the imp–is enough to call them back from their stations.

    It's sad that the imp's suffering isn't enough to recall his friends when he believes they have forgotten him. The giants are absent until the day the imp plans to destroys the world, and it's tragic that they return to take a stand against him. But side by side with that bitterness there's a glimmer of hope. No matter for whom the Oath was meant, no matter who the Giants returned to protect, the Oath to Order granted the imp and the giants the chance to make amends.

    Sometimes, friendships end for silly reasons: misunderstandings and mistakes, too many obligations and not enough time. We like to think that the strong bonds of friendship cannot be damaged so readily, but sometimes things fall apart. I'd like to be able to play that song, the Oath to Order, to call old friends back, and give people that opportunity to reconnect.

  72. @ShonnaRoseS says:

    I guess I would play the Song of Storms. Not only is it one of my personal favorite songs, but I'd love to play it to give areas some rain when they have a bad drought. Also, I might play it a few times for myself just so I can watch and listen to the rain during hot, uncomfortable summer days. A nice thunderstorm can be so refreshing to an area that has little rain or you just want to cool off the air around you.

  73. Mayzee says:

    I would use Epona’s song because then not only will I have access to a fast and awesome horse, I can get free milk from any cow!

  74. WolfXanatosRyu says:

    I would play Saria's Song; this is my favorite song from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this song always reminds me of friends, and that no matter how far a part friends are they can always keep in touch. It was a way to keep in touch with Saria where ever you went and it helped you make a friend in King Darunia.

  75. sakuraban says:

    I would play the Inverted Song of Time so that I would have more time to think of a clever and witty response that would win me the sweatshirt.

  76. philtacular54 says:

    The song of storms. so i can get my goddamn windmill working again!!!!

  77. Mariana says:

    For me it would be the Sun's Song from Ocarina of Time. Why? because am a very impatient person and i always want to get things very quickly and i don't like to wait. And if I like to see the night sky i can play the song and in a couple of seconds i can enjoy the moon and stars.

  78. Smoore says:

    Here's for something a little different. This is my video entry into the contest ( I know the camera angle is bad. Read the description to find out why.

    Anyway, for reasons I explain in the video, I would play the Song of Storms.

  79. BethBAMF says:

    I would play the Song of Storms to find a new land. Allow me to explain–

    Having within me a lust for adventure, I would bravely make a decision to set out upon the greatest quest in the history of great quests. I would build for this quest a large, sea-worthy ship capable of bearing a considerable amount of weight for long periods of time. With this task set and done, I would then gather two of every animal, a male captive of my choosing (Jack Black, most likely), Shigeru Miyamoto, rations, and a small but skilled team of game designers. With these supplies loaded aboard my magnificent vessel, I would then proceed to play the Song of Storms until it rained for forty days and forty nights, drowning all of the first-person shooters and music games for sinning so maliciously against the gaming world, and would tend only those aboard my ship. Bearing the fierce storms and harsh waves, we would survive the seemingly endless storm and find ourselves safely back on dry, fertile land. A land we would then name "Hyrule." Shigeru Miyamoto and I would partake in the fruits of our labors, the new world we had created, and would christen it with a new Zelda game that would far surpass anything in existence. It would be so magnificent that it would fell all of us in a single temple, and then take our souls to recreate the lives of Link, Zelda, Ganon, and all the other natives of Hyrule, thus making our artificial Hyrule the real deal.

    And that, my fellow Zelda fans, is how I would use the Song of Storms.

  80. Malphas says:

    I would play the Inverted Song of Time, so I can have more time to see how wonderful is the world, even is not perfect.

  81. Andre says:

    I would play the Song of Healing because it helps anyone who needs help and ease there pain (sadness, broken hearts, people who are grieving because they lost someone and help people of there regrets) for others and myself.

  82. Nathaniel says:

    If I had to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games I would choose the Sun's Song. The reason I would play the Sun's Song is it to make summer come sooner because the sun is much more beautiful and welcoming than all of this snow, plus a beautiful summer day is enough to cheer up even the most depressed or pessimistic people. And as a nice bonus it would reduce the amount of time until the next Zelda game is released.

  83. Bekah says:

    Epona is my all-time favorite character from all the Zelda games. So I would play Epona's Song. Not only because Epona's my favorite, but because then I can jump on her back with my bow and arrow while we gallop into Link's world. And together we would defeat Ganondorf, save Zelda, befriend Gorons and pop Tingle's baloon. And life would be awesome.

  84. Scott Cruddas says:

    I'll answer honestly and say if there was one song that I'd use the notes to play right now at this point in my life, then it would be the Ballad of the Wind Fish from Links Awakening. It may just be from a gameboy title but personally I feel it's one of the most emotional pieces of music I've ever heard in a Zelda game. While I haven't had the privilage of listening to the Zelda Symphony of the Godesses version of the song I have heard some very moving renditions. Which is funny considering that it has some very dark connotations, a reminder that I could never truly win in Links Awakening. While it would wake the Wind Fish, it would also destroy Koholint. I would essentially kill Marin if I played this song. No song has ever represented this kind of moral ambigiuity, and for the first time made me question what I was doing in a game.

    Then again maybe I'm just hoping that it will awaken me from the endless limbo I currently find myself in. For the past year I've felt lost, stranded. Doing the same thing day in and day out, hoping that something will come along and change things. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, but it would be nice if I could play this song and wake up.

  85. Serene says:

    I would love to win this prize, but I honestly can’t give a straight honest anwser.
    I first player ocarina of time when I was about 7 and I was immediately warped in side and fell completely in love with it. I want to say I’d play eponas song because I’ve always had such obsession with her, this beautiful chestnut horse who comes galloping whenever her melody is played, who wouldn’t want that?
    But also the song of time so I could time travel.
    I song of healing to be able to cure all the terrible things in the world.
    The song of storms because a storm is my favorite weather.
    Sarias song that to me represents such a strong and loving friendship.
    Zelda’s lullaby because it always held such a special magic about it and you never quiet knew what it would do for you next.
    The oath to order because it has such an in depth meaning. The song represents binding promises and to be able to call four ‘giants’ from a higher place to talk to and share thoughts would be pretty mid blowing.
    I could go on. I can’t anwser this question with a straight anwser.

    On another note my all time favourite melody is the theme of kakariko village. It’s one of my most listened to songs on my iPod. And I’m constantly playing it to get my two babies to sleep. Miley rose and Oliver link. (yes my four month old son is named after Zelda) and I would have named my daughter Zelda if her father would have allowed it..

  86. JayMuffin says:

    I would most definitely play the Scarecrow's Song. Being a musician myself, sticking to only one song would get boring very fast. The option to customise the melody to whatever I felt like, whenever I wanted to reflect my mood would certainly please my more creative side. As well as this, I'd love to have my own scarecrow pal around whenever I needed him. If I'm feeling lonely, all I'd have to do is play a little ditty and I have a friend to talk to and dance my troubles away. I could also use him to scare away birds from my veggie garden (which admittedly is failing pretty miserably), and also frighten the heck out of my friends. Not to mention the more practical uses, like using him to hookshot to unreachable places. 😉

  87. Clyde R. says:

    I would play the Scarecrow's Song simply because it can be anything that I choose it to be, and having something that is the culmination of my feelings and creativity is important to me as a musician and artist.

  88. Edward says:

    If I would Use the song of the Composers of their notes it would be ✞~* " Song of Soul " *~✞ From Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening , To bring to life Dead Flowers , Withered Plants, Sleeping creatures , and all of Earth's Nature and wild habitat to liven up and show the people of our Planet how Beautiful Earth can be ~ ☆

  89. I would play "Song of Healing". Innocents all over my city, Monterrey, have been suffering due to violence and insecurity on behalf of people. But these people are not trully evil, they have only been possessed by the evil spirits of poverty and despair. With the "Song of Healing", I hope to free them and trap these evils on a mask; a mask that I'd hide well enough, never to be worn. Nobody should be forced to wear such a mask.

  90. Alex says:

    I would play the Bolero of Fire, not only because it is one of the best songs out of all of the Zelda games, but it also because it's a Bolero which generally has a marching rhythm and reminds me of some of my friends and relative that have joined the armed forces or at some time been in the armed forces. Some of these people are deceased and this song reminds me especially of them, most of all of my grandfather.

  91. Rita Mosqueda says:

    I would have to choose Song of Storms. It's the most practical. For example, you can:

    -Wash the car
    -Water the petunias
    -Water the neighbor's petunias
    -Ward the stalkers off your lawn
    -Ruin what's-her-face's wedding
    -Ruin Justin Bieber's concert
    -Causing turbulence on a plane
    -Said plane crashes into the middle of nowhere inhabited by natives
    -Impress said natives with rain
    -Be worshiped as storm goddess
    -Become an X-Men
    -Get portrayed by Halle Berry
    -Become famous
    -Collect all the moneys

    Yeah. I really don't see why anyone would choose any other song.

  92. black_ribbon says:

    I would play the Song of Soaring and teleport into Zelda universe. I'd probably freak and run around in excitement for a while then go around and be in awe of all the things that Zelda could give me. First I'd go to Clock Town and talk to EVERYONE! I'd become best friends with the bombers and go around helping people! I'd learn how to fight from the dojo and then go to the temples. Instead of fighting Odolwa, I would have an epic dance party with him! (That guy can dance!) We'd be leaping around and have a blast inside his ring of fire! He'd dance so hard, his mask would fall off and I'd collect it! Then I'd go over to his buddy Goht and take a joyride! Woo yeah! Go horsey go! Again his mask would fall off! I'd them go party with Gyorg and Twinmold until their masks fall off! Majora just wanted a play buddy and boy do I like to play! I'd party with the guy until he was content and went back to sleep.

    Hey, I know my entry wasn't as heartfelt as everyone else's. My grandmother died this year and my other grandmother might be on the same path, I'd love to use the Song of Healing to soothe them but I read this was a CREATIVE write. I did my best.
    -"A sword has no power, if the hand that holds it has no courage"

  93. I'd go for the Song Of Healing for multiple reasons: The obvious would be releasing suffering beings (Don't care if human or animal,nobody should suffer) to a peaceful death,but also to discover it's full potential.
    It brought Link back to his old self,it sends Darmani's tortured soul to the afterlife, it let Miaku rest in peace and it managed to break the Gibdo-curse. I'm not sure,if that's already everything it's capable of and I would give it a try to cure mentally illnesses.
    I'm suffering from a slight sociophobia,anxiety and deprssion,so I know exactly how much a cure would be needed.

  94. Lightningrod44 says:

    I would play the Song of Storms. You could use it in many ways to help humanity.
    1. It could give clean water to people in impoverished areas.
    2. It would help farmers grow more crops and have more successful harvest.
    3. It could help eliminate forest fires.
    4. Because it somehow has the ability to manipulate windmills it could be used to make more energy by manipulating the windmill to spin faster and produce more electricity.

    I do believe that if I had the ability to play any of the magical songs that it should be used to help humanity because many of the songs host powers that would help our world out.

  95. Aaron Ruybal says:

    If I could play any song from The Legend of Zelda series using the Composer's Notes, and it could have an effect on the world, I would play… I believe I would play The Inverted Song of Time. The reason for this being because I am an EXTREME procrastinator when it comes to anything. With The Inverted Song of Time, I would slow time down so I could cram all of my work without having to worry about being late for class or work. I would also use it to get more sleep when I need it. Like, after a busy day, I would turn 3 hours into 9 hours so I could get a full days rest without having to lose so much time for it. Since the song slows time down by approximately 3x the normal speed, it would be very advantageous in many circumstances. Actually, I think I'd just keep it slowed down indefinitely unless I needed for something to hurry up.^^; Time is never on my side. With The Inverted Song of Time, I'd at least have 3x more than what most people are granted. Of course, I'd be willing to share this song with others that needed it. One such people being game publishers.XD They can release a game that has 9 years of work in it in only three years.:D

  96. Albierio says:

    The answer is simple. I would create the most recognizable and iconic song from any Zelda game: Zelda’s lullaby. In fact, the song is so iconic that many are able to recognize the familiar N64 button composition. Thus, it creates a familiar sub-culture brought together by one of the greatest games ever made. No other song, while all catchy in their own rights, stands as being the quintessential piece of music to represent not only the Zelda franchise, but an entire era of gaming. Fittingly with the time travel plot of Ocarina of Time, the song takes me back to a time between my childhood and adult life which was truly the time in which I got over the stigma that games have and really learned to own the game culture as being a part of me. It is for that reason that the game, and the game’s most iconic tunes stands as being something much more than a simple piece of video game art. For many, including myself, it was the definitive song that made us fall in love with both the music of the Zelda franchise, but also music in gaming. That 6 note melody represents everything that is perfect with the Zelda franchise.

  97. Reily96 says:

    Magical Song? Hmmm… That's difficult. Every song I think of, I wouldn't use for the magical qualities it contains, and the one I would like to say has no magical qualities at all… But for magical song… I suppose I would choose… well, I feel generic saying it, but the Song of Healing. It's just a beautiful song, and I'd choose it mainly because it's such a peaceful melody that seems to mend wounds of the heart and mind. Like I said, it's peaceful and a bit saddening… But it evokes a lot of emotion and thought in me, and has proven to be an inspiration to myself in my writing, and obviously to a lot of others. The fact that a song like that can have so many people appreciate it kind of makes me think it doesn't need its magical qualities to really be magical. And that makes it a beautifully powerful song that I'll always love.

    Non-magical, I would have to choose Sheik's theme. I really love Sheik's theme, mostly because I recall Sheik and the words she (Shiek=Zelda in my eyes) speaks. They usually all have to do with the bonds people share with each other – the bonds between friends and how those friendships can overcome time. So I tend to find the theme representative of friendships that can overcome time and circumstance; friendships that we cherish and wouldn't give up for anything in the world.

  98. kayamay says:

    I would use the Song Of The Hero to make myself more brave! I am too shy and wish I had the courage to do much more. To have the heroic courage like Link would change my life greatly and open up many possibilities!

  99. Andres says:

    I would play the Song of Soaring so it can warp me to Nintendo headquarters in Japan, and once I get there I will play the Goron's Lullaby and put the entire building to sleep. Once thats done, I will kidnap Miyamoto, leaving an Elegy of Empitness statue in his place, and hold a ransom that says I will only give him back if Nintendo implements Zelda and Link romance into the next Zelda title! 😀

  100. Guilthas says:

    I would play the Song of Time and go to ancient times and explore them to better understand our past so that we can better understand ourselves and the present we live in. I'm an archaeologist and I would love to know more about our past. Not just the past of my country put the past of our entire species. how we evolved into what we are, how our cultures came to be and how new things were invented to improve our lives, culture and the world we live in. The past is a huge mystery and I will spent the rest of my life trying to unravel even a small part of it. I wouldn't change anything in the past, it's already a mystery the way it is so why change it. After all the bad people have tried to outcome it all with good and moved on to a better future trying not to repeat the mistakes people have maid. I just want to the past. I just want to understand it better.

  101. Dustin says:

    For myself it would certainly be the Song of Time. I wouldn't want to change anything in time, but simply watch myself make all those mistakes and learn those lessons that have brought me to this point in life, because sometimes that really does feel like another lifetime ago. Okay I lie, I would also get my father to quit smoking at an earlier age. For the world is a little less bright without him in it, but than again perhaps that is what the Sun's Song is for.

  102. Avalon304 says:

    The Song of time to go back and fix my mistakes for the day. No… its not creative… but thats what Id do…

  103. candle.22 says:

    For me it would be the serenade of water so I could warp to lake Hylia and finally conquer the water temple!!!

  104. I think I would play Zelda's Lullaby. It's such a calm and tranquil song, everyone could just be peaceful when listening to it. They could forget about their problems and just relax.

  105. Kyle says:

    Hands down, the inverted Song of Time.
    Life speed by everyone so fast, and it's hardly even noticed until it's too late. Slowing the flow of time would give me twice the opportunity to spend time with all the people I care about. I recently lost a very close friend, who was almost as much into Legend of Zelda as I am, and I know she would have chosen the same song. Being able to spend twice as much time together before she left this world is something I wish i had more than anything.

  106. Maxxxxxy says:

    Scarecrow's Song! Having a friendly scarecrow pal pop up any time you want! Scaring people by suddenly popping up behind them(underneath them maybe XD), lending a hand with your frisbee you got caught on a roof, having someone to be there when your lonely(you'll always have a player 2!). Oh the possibilities really are endless. Best of all you could change up the song if you ever got board of it, would need your scarecrow buddy's permission of course. May want to stay on his good side too, he might turn on you! Attacking you with one of those belly button throwing stars!

  107. ZeroXoreZ says:

    It's quite simple actually. Shigeru Miyamoto designed Zelda around him adventuring in the woods by his house when he was a kid right? So I would simply go to these woods and play Zelda's lullaby where a magical gate will open up allowing me to enter hyrule through the sacred realm. I'll bring a sword, a wooden shield, and one set of clothes. I'll eventually end up with the master sword, a hylian shield and hero's tunic becoming the next Link. I will slay Ganon, save the princess and ride off into the sunset… with Malon.

  108. Cody says:

    I would play Epona’s song. Let’s face it, Epona kicks butt! I’d love to be able to summon Epona any time I wanted, saddle up, and ride off to amazing adventures!

  109. I would definitely choose the Song of Soaring. There are so many people I would love to be able to meet around the world, and this melody could fly me there! One person I would love to meet lives in New Jersey, and I live in Indiana, and I just may have a crush on her. We have so much in common from liking vintage clothing, to well… playing Zelda! The Song of Soaring would definitely be the one for me.

  110. Zoofus says:

    The Elegy of Emptiness.

    The King of Ikana says that it creates a "soldier who has no heart", a twin image of yourself, but this is not true. It shows a reflection of who you really are. When Deku Link plays the song the reflection is that of the Deku Butler's son, for the mask contains his soul.
    I would, if only for once, like to see the true me. Am I a beautiful person on the inside? Maybe this "heartless soldier" takes the shape of something from a nightmare?

    I wish to know how people truly see me, and I wish I could truly see myself. Just once.

  111. Danyelle Greene says:

    I would use the song of storms because where I live it is far too warm. Playing the song would give my neighbors some relief which in return would give me some peace. The rain would pour down into the night and when I wake up in the morning the grass would glow with delight.

  112. Isabella L. says:

    I love all music from the The Legend of Zelda games, are beautiful and especially epic. But… I would choose "Song of Soaring" I would use this beautiful melody to transport me anywhere in the world, this would be a dream come true. I come from a beautiful country called Venezuela, I had the opportunity to travel a few times. I would love to travel with my family and my boyfriend, who work very hard and almost never able to travel abroad. I would love to see their faces filled with happiness to know so many beautiful countries. I wish I could know all the countries in every corner of this beautiful planet, learn about the cultures. All Zelda games have always taught that every person has a story to tell, I'd love to hear stories of people around the world, learn from them, know their customs, roots and traditions, there is always something new to learn. And above all, it could help spread the knowledge about different cultures. It would help to stop having so many misunderstandings between the human race.

    And, of course, I would like to travel and meet in person to Mr. Miyamoto, I would be grateful to him forever, for create something more than a game, for create so many memories that will never go away, for create a legend that will live forever in my heart, for giving me so much inspiration that helped me choose my career, and especially for create a legend of which I have learned countless things, including that shadow and light are two sides of the same coin, that music makes you travel, all persons have stories to tell and that we can all become heroes.

    Thank you very much for everything Shigeru Miyamoto! I am eternally grateful.

  113. @Docjazz4 says:

    Okay…hear me out here. I would arrange the Composers’ Notes in such a way that it would teach me how to play the complete Song of Time. Then, I would study it intensely and practice it daily on a bona-fide ocarina that my friend gave me when I was a child, memorizing it note-for-note over the next 11 months. THEN, on December 21st, 2012, just before the moon crashed into the earth, I would play that song, which would save us all from impending doom. That's right…in a matter of minutes, after almost a year of hard work and dedication…I will have effectively SAVED THE WORLD FROM MAYAN PROPHECY. No, no. No need to thank me. I'll just take the hoodie and be on my merry way.

  114. Lizzy says:

    I would use the song of time on February 5th 2011, going back to February 4th. February 5th my cousin whom I was very close to died at 18 from a sneaker wave along with one of his friends. They were on a trip because they were choose to be in one of those guy-pageants alot of high schools do to raise money. It was the worst day of my life when I found out he died, and would do anything to have him back. Not too creative I have to admit, but even it I dont get picked, it feels good to share his story with others, he was an amazing person. Love you Jack. -E,

  115. Andrea says:

    I would use the Song of Healing. There are a lot of people in my life who are going through some pretty tough things right now. I'd use the song to calm them and help them, y'know, heal. My older brother has a lot of stuff from his past that still bothers him. I'd love to use the song on him more than anything. I just really want him to be happy, and I think that his daily life is really affected by this stuff, although he disagrees. I'd use the song to heal other people's wounds too. If the Song of Healing were used properly, I think it could help prevent a lot of conflicts, both on small and large scales. So many things are done out of anger or spite; if those wounds were healed, there would be less conflict and fewer problems in the world, I think.

  116. Gene says:

    Of all the songs in Zelda, which I love not only for their effects, but their merits as works of music, I would chose the Song of Healing. The power to heal anyone of physical and emotion pain, and to help departed souls along their way? There are so many people in this world who are suffering, and being able to heal their pain would be awesome. Only thing I would need then would be Zeffa, the bird in A Link to the Past and Minish Cap, so I could fly across the world and share the music with people across continents. It's why I loved Majora's Mask, it stands alone in the series being the only game that you interact so deeply with the characters in it, and help people in not only a global, 'save the world' scale, but a personal scale, where you get to help each character with the conflicts in their own lives.

  117. The Song of Time, so I can relive all those older zelda games I never could play original because I wasn't born yet or was to young

  118. Angelo says:

    i would use the song of healing to help poor people who need it and heal sikness like cancer and stuff cause thats a really bad sickness

  119. Cyberian says:

    I would play "Elegy of Emptiness" from "Majora's Mask".
    I could need the help of an extra me for annoying and and monotonous tasks whereas I can enjoy my extra time. Or he can represent me if I'm needed at two locations at the same time.
    Unfortunately I will be only able to create one substitute as i cannot transform into other races, yet.

  120. Coin says:

    Hello my name is Colin 🙂 I would play the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask , my Dad has MS (multiple sclerosis) and I would play this song to heal him. I know this sounds cheesy but that's what song I would play.

  121. Aleksander.O says:

    I would probably play the scarecrow song..becuse i cant play any instruments :S

  122. Quintin says:

    I would play the song of time. If i do something stupid, i can go back in time and try it again. and when i see the moon falling, i can save the world!

  123. Arlene says:

    I would play Saria's song as it is one of my favourite songs.I'd play because it;s something that cheers people up when there down, I think its nice to put smiles on peoples faces and think on the brighter side of life. Also I think it'd be great to always be able to talk to your best friend no matter how far away you travel, you know they're only a song away 🙂

  124. Bill Conroy says:

    If I could use ANY song from with the Composers' notes, it would have to be the Song of Storms. I can imagine myself now, sitting on my bus, riding in the heat to my school, then pulling out an ocarina and bringing rain to the skies right infront of me. Oh..if only it were true…When I die, I want something like this.. ahh.. I would have to be the biggest hater of the sun in the world! Augh, how it painfully shines down on me, all day.. the heat.. blehh. But yes, having the awesome uses of the Song of Storms would be so handy! (plus, I've played it on piano before, and its started raining, COINCIDENCE? I think NOT! :o, maybe im just losing it. TEEHEE)

  125. jed833 says:

    I would use the Song of Double Time from Majora's Mask, so that I could travel into the future and see what wonders await the human race, and to play the Zelda games of the future of course.

  126. Reynardine says:

    I would play the Song of Healing. Why? To bring back great minds of the past of course! I would turn Nikola Telsa's unrested soul into a mask and use it to bring about even more awesome technology! I would also do the same to Walt Disney's, to bring another golden age of animation! We could have a Walt Disney animation Legend of Zelda movie! The possibilities are endless!

  127. Sam_Baddeley says:

    I would use the Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time to go around helping crops and filling wells so that everybody can have food and clean water (Zora's Not Included, lol). Not only would I get to help people and save lives but I'd also be a travelling musician which would be really cool.

  128. Dr-yoshidude says:

    Song of time from oot to stop Ljn from making those abominations of movie games.

  129. CosmicPanda says:

    Well, there's this giant Tri-Force at my local 'Game-Traders' shop that's painted on their wall. If only I could I could play Zelda's Lullaby whilst standing in front of it so I could unlock their secret dungeon I know they've been hiding. I would be able to go on my very own adventure and find all the secret Zelda merch back there. I can dream right!?

  130. TDA says:

    I would play the melody from "the link to the past", a seagull would come and transport me anywhere i want.

  131. Phillip says:

    I would play the Song of Storms and help those who need water all the time due to where they live, either due to droughts making harder on their lives, or if they live in areas with polluted water, it would be easy to send them clean water to help them survive.

  132. John says:

    Epona's song, that means wherever I go no matter where I am I will never be alone if I call my horse to give me company and give me a ride, also cows love Epona's song so playing it to them will get me free milk for me and my sweet Epona

  133. NotEvenAngry says:

    Not one of the "main songs" but still a huge favorite of mine would be the Bremen Mask March. I would march across the land, searching far and wide. Each cucco will understand, the power of the march.

    With the Bremen Mask song I would start a new animal troupe with dogs and donkeys and such. We will travel the world and recruit any animals. I'd let men and women join because they're animals too of course. Together we'd spread that wonderful song across the world. With my help. We can unite everyone under a banner of peace, love, and music. I want YOU to be in my animal troupe.

  134. BeeniTater says:

    Oh-My-GOSHNESS! If i could use the Composer's Notes to play any of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games, i would play the "Command Melody" from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Not only is The Wind Waker one of my ALL time favorite games, The "Command Melody" is also one of my ALL time favorite melody to spam because it sounds so suspenseful and it gets my adrenaline pumping. I would also use this melody as a personal use. As a Zelda gamer fanatic (also a Link lover) i would use this melody to control other people to work for me while i have free time to play my currently bought Skyward Sword game. Since i have classes to attend and work to do, i have very little time to play my new baby to my collection. By using the "Command Melody" i will be able to spend much more time with my game (though i will go to work at times to earn some money just in case there is another Zelda game coming out). <3

  135. Tom says:

    I would play the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask. I would use it to heal the world of any diseases. The first disease that I would heal would be Cancer.

  136. Aidan says:

    I would pick the song of storms so i could go to countries in drought and just do some good in this world… Wait… Am i really that generous? Please! The 1 song i would pick would have to be the song of healing. There are so many possibilities here but my top 1 is that people are always in need of healing arnt they? Enter me (and my small fee) i would be rich! and lets face it what do i love more than a pocket full of rupees? Zelda? Yes… And i no what your all thinking, what good will all them rupees do you if there is a zombie apocalypse? The answer is nothing, so why even think it? I no my choice isnt the most nobal or unselfish answer that will be submitted but hay if the plan works i can always give to charity (and i don't mean the stripper)

  137. Jose says:

    I would definitely choose the Song of Storms because I just love the rain. I would love for it to rain much more often than it does now. I would spend all of my days outside jumping in puddles, biking (while of course being prepared to get wet), and well kiss a girl if the opportunity would arise!
    I seriously love the rain and think it can be romantic yet calming and fun at the same time!
    There would be days of me just walking in the rain and admiring the views of the buildings from afar or as cars drive by me looking at me like I am crazy. It would help me feel more positive, as well as help out my friends who also enjoy the rain.
    I know it might have sounded foolish but I am confident in my response because that is truly, what I would want from the musical tones of Zelda!

  138. thomas says:

    I would choose the"Song of Soaring'' to travel around the world to places like Africa and give things to needy children. Or i would travel to japan and work for Miyamoto

  139. Nayrugoddessofwisdom says:

    I would play the Song of Storms, but only throughout three weeks in August. And the reason that I specify those weeks in particular is that those are the most insufferably hot weeks in my entire year. Consequently, they are also the weeks of Marching Band Camp. The weather at that point in our season is the most extremely hot (while we end in November when it is the most extremely cold). The rookies do need to be prepared to some extent to stand out in the sun and have sweat run in their eyes while they're at attention and unable to move, but they need to be prepared for all different kinds of weather throughout their first season. And on top of that, I have made it a consecutive, two-years-so-far tradition to get horrifically sunburned on the last day of our longest week of band camp (9am-12pm then a lunch break, then -12:45pm-4pm and then 6pm-9pm). I would prefer not to be a crispy lobster color this year. I would much prefer to be soaked, it is far more pleasant, as well as much less painful.

  140. JMensh says:

    My song would have to be the Ballad Of Gales. Because I would travel around the world in large cyclones helping people. And it would be fun 🙂

  141. Cinder says:

    I would play Song of Time to go back in time to where I was little and enjoy life in my little town before I knew I was leaving this amazing place and not take it for granted. I could also fix up some mistakes so I would only leave the best memories to look back on and laugh.

  142. Chase says:

    I would totally play the New Wave Bossa Nova. It makes stones turn into turtles and it is my favorite Zelda song

  143. @frostalgia says:

    Oath to Order – because every time this world faces a serious problem, we just find a way to go back to before it was threatening us. We need all the corners of this world to come together, and push back to solve the serious problems looming over us. (also my favorite Zelda song ^.^)

  144. Wheatley says:

    If I could play any of the Legend of Zelda songs using the Composer Notes…. man, that's a hard choice. Considering there are many things I could do with the various songs, I believe I would choose the Song of Time from MM. I would use it to simply go back 11 years to when I was 2 so I can finally see my parents together again.

  145. badwolf16 says:

    If I had the composer’s notes, I’d use them to play the “Prelude of Light.” The first reason being that then I would travel to the Temple of Time in Hyrule. I could be in a video game! I could also meet Ocarina of time Link and get him to like me, so we could be friends. I also might be able to meet Impa, to see if she really is from Skyward Sword. I could go and try to clarify that “Timeline” of The Legend of Zelda with old legends and count how many there are. Finally, I would totally go and beat link to all his items (especially the hookshot) and try to beat Ganon myself. That wouldn’t happen probably because I’d run out of arrows, like I always do in the game, and then I’ll die for real. But at least I die in a Zelda game.

  146. Linkamajora14 says:

    I would play the song of healing, and use it to heal all the pain and sadness on this planet and make the world a better place, it would cure cancer and stop poverty, it would heal even the most mortal wound emotional or physical. We all feel sadness and only love can heal our wounded hearts…

  147. Daniel Herrera says:

    From every song created in The Legend of Zelda series, I would definitely choose the Ballad of the Goddess because it’s my favourite song from the games and it is a very peaceful and relaxing melody. With the harp in my hand, and my friend with the ocarina, we would play this melody to the world in order to have peace. No war, no conflicts, no anger. There would only be happiness, understanding of people, and as stated before, peace in the world. This is the song I would choose. Thank you Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto for the creation of The Legend of Zelda, and Mr. Koji Kondo for the wonderful and peaceful music you have created for the series.

  148. Will says:

    I would play The Song Of Healing from Majora's Mask – Say bye to the 3rd world and hello to an equal standard of living for each and every person regardless of what color, religion or where we were born/live.

  149. chris says:

    I would play the Oath to Order on the day the world will be no more if not to save it then just to have majoras mask as my dying memory

  150. nerdsatisfacton says:

    I would use the Song of Time (Majora's Mask) to go back in time to eat a cookie over and over again. Or I would also use the Goron's Lullaby (Majora's Mask) to make my little brother's go to sleep.

  151. Bruno says:

    I would play Zelda's Lullaby. Why? Because it's a song that always brings me calm and hope, so I could bring these things to people who needed them too.

  152. steven says:

    Song of Storms,just because i want to see windmills spin out of control while i sit happily in the rain ^_^

  153. Jacob says:

    i would play epona's song because it holds a special place in my heart. that and i can ride a horse!(ba dum ching)

  154. segundo says:

    I would play the song of time because i want to go back in the past so i would change my horrible part of my life and start over my child hood.

  155. Nick S. says:

    I would probably play Song of Healing, so anytime a family member obtains a cold or gets a disease, it's one song away from going away.

  156. Francis says:

    I would use the song of time from majora's mask to keep on reliving the same 3 days. Think of all the possibilities of being able to know the future and what will happen over the course of the 3 days…

  157. Rapadash0 says:

    i would play sarias song and talk to saria 🙂

  158. jerrodcomer says:

    It would have to be Song of Storms
    Due to how much I love the sound of the music and the
    Purpose of it….
    Let's just say that there are
    A lot of reasons for my to play this song. For example,
    Yesterday it was ridiculously cold, but there was no snow.
    The whole day was clear and sunny which meant that the
    Heat from the sun was going to melt the snow that was already there.
    Even though I think I was the only one who enjoyed the view
    My true wish was that it didn't go away and actually have it stay.
    As soon as I would play the song, it would rain, but turn into snow from the cold.
    Lightly, the snow would descend and all around I could see the beauty of winter and would
    Love that sight

  159. LordLavaLamp says:

    I know this sounds strange, but I think I would play the Sun's Song. Changing night into day would take away the need of sleep, and mankind could benefit from all the extra time to get things done. It's like an extra eight hours in the day. And you could spend a lot more time with your family and friends.

  160. Aaronitmar says:

    I'd play the freaking Sun's Song. I've always been a night owl so if I was tired of the day, BAM. Nighttime. Not to mention it would get me through the menial school day that we all hate so very much. Fighting off the Stalchildren beats doing advanced calculus any day of the week.

  161. John says:

    I would play The Sun's Song.
    That way when I wake up for school everyday and want to sleep more,
    I'll just make it nighttime.

  162. John says:

    Well the two people in front of me had the same song and pretty much the same reason.

    So I'm changing mine. I would edit my other one if I knew how, but I don't.
    So cancel the other one.

    I would use New Wave Bossa Nova.
    That way I could instantly become an amazing rock star.
    And everyone would be like "JOHNNNNN OMGGG <3"
    And then I could get lotsa rupees.

  163. Shishikokoroyuki says:

    If i could play any song from Zelda and make it real, I would use the Elegy of Emptiness to make a statue of myself so i could have it take my place for boring events and such.

  164. Justin A. says:

    I think I would take the time to travel the world and play the Requiem of Spirit at all the graveyards. A requiem is a composition that's supposed bring rest. What person wouldn't love to bring rest to the dead? A solemn road it would be, for sure. But the reward for relieving the worries of the countless trapped spirits of our world would echo through eternity.

    (If I was awesome enough, I'd howl it like in Twilight Princess. Alas, I am not..)

  165. Nick says:

    I would play the Elegy of Emptiness, that way I could copy myself and leave the copy in class, while I'm at home playing all the Zelda games 😀

  166. MLink96 says:

    I would play The inverted song of time,, oh my god, that would be soo perfect! one of my dreams is to slow down or stop time.. And I really wish I had faster reflexes, and that would give the same effect as slowing down time! And if I ever had the power to control time, I would use it to run twice as fast (according to other people) xD Imagine how epic that would be!

  167. Krystalane says:

    I'd use the song of healing, so no one else would have to be lost from cancer or any other illness, they'll go when they are ready, no one will be suffering or anything, I guess cancer just touches my heart because my grandpa had it, so I guess that'd be my choice.

  168. Pencil says:

    I'd play the song of time to go back seven years and find my best friend. We'd be ten years old again, and I'd help her through the most difficult seven years of her life, comforting her through all the pain she would have faced with her family. Maybe after that, she wouldn't have left me, and I'd have my chosen one.

  169. Draik41895 says:

    I thought about it, and not very hard either. I would use the song of healing, like many others, To heal a loved one. My girlfriend has Lieukemia. She rarely needs Chemo now, but she still feels the effects of it every day. even a cold is magnafied for her, and often times she is brought to tears in pain. She has bad headaches as well, and has to take pills every day. Shes told me multtiple times that she doesnt know how she could do it without me, as I'm her only confident, the only one she could talk to. Though that does make me happy, I still would do anything just to stop her pain. I pray for her all the time, and its the number one thing for me when I do. I would like that sweater, and those pins, but the question got me thinking. I'd give everything away to see her well again.

  170. Jack P says:

    I'd use the Song of Time to go back into the past a few days back to tell my former self the Science Test Answers, then use The Song of Double Time to go back to the Present.

  171. Lunanite says:

    I would play the Song of Storms in my town to bring the snow from Colorado out here.

  172. Atom says:

    I would play the song of time and travel back to the dawn of mankind so as to set myself up as some kind of God-King. I would show primitive man my divine power using regular modern day technologies like firecrackers, pop rocks and remote control helicopters.There would be massive statues erected in my image, and monuments built on all major ley lines and where the important historical monuments of today reside,ex. pyramids, stonehenge, mecca, the world's largest ball of twine. I would then use the song of time to travel incrementally back forward in time showing up at my temples throughout history, thus proving my existence and unholy power. By the time i returned to the world of today, the whole landscape of reality will have been warped into my graven image and i would rule the way Ganondorf always intended. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  173. avathar91 says:

    I would play Song of Storms from Majora's Mask, because to me it represents hope to heal an angered soul. We're facing a lot of violence everywhere and we need a way to get rid of it, to heal ourselves from so many dark feelings. This song is Flat's hope to help his Brother who was tricked into an anger that's not his. If we, as humanity, get rid of so many hatred that's not ours, this would be a better world. We need Flat's who believe that so many anger can be healed.

  174. Bart says:

    I would play the Elegy of Emptiness, create a clone of myself, dress it up as a lawn gnome and put it in my yard. Or I'd make it a scarecrow and sell it to a farmer.

  175. Cody says:

    I would play the Command Melody from Wind Waker so that I could make people do silly or important things for my benefit or enjoyment.

  176. Christian says:

    I would Play the song of healing. so i can heal my GERD that has been giving my so much pain since i was 11

  177. Christpher says:

    I would play Epona’s song because it always made me feel happy in Ocarina of Time. And also Lon-Lon Ranch is one of the most calm places in Hyrule and to listen to Malon singing that song is like a lullaby.
    An it would call my horse from anywhere in the world.

  178. XxWarriorQueeenxX says:

    I’d play the Song of Healing, my family has suffered heavy losses from Cancer lately and if I could heal others so their families wouldn’t have to go through what mine did that would make me so happy, no one should have to watch loved ones suffer that way

  179. Mikael says:

    I would play the Song of Time in front of the roadblocks outside my home to move them somewhere else and open up a shortcut for me and my neightbours

  180. Cruz says:

    I would play Minute of Forest so that whenever I feel stressed out, or just need a quiet place to be, I would equip my sword and shield and play the song. Then, I will be sent to the Lost Woods. I would enjoy the pleasant music and runaway from all the monsters (good exercise!) and even learn the ways of the Lost Woods so I would never get lost! (But I would always keep my distance from Kaepora Gaebora!) This could change the world, because everyone would have less stress, and everyone would be fit!

  181. Any song, huh? Well let me see… I can hazard a guess that most people will use the Song of Time to go back and fix something, or the Song of Healing to create world peace… I feel like I should do something a bit more creative, but what to do?

    Warp songs would let me go somewhere, but getting back would be a big problem, so those are out. Saria's Song would be cool for a nice chat, but without the Minuet of Forest I think it'd be quite the long-distance relationship. And I don't wanna screw up the ecosystem by playing with the Sun's Song, that's for sure.

    Alright, so I told myself I wasn't going to peek at other people's answers, but I couldn't help myself from skimming… And while I was skimming, one song popped up that actually seemed legitimately useful without messing things up: the Inverted Song of Time. As the melody trails off into its bassest of notes, I could have all the time in the world. Well, twice the time in the world, anyway. No crazy resets or timeline-splitting, no losing half the day and wondering where all those hours went, just… Now my usual 12-hour sleeps can turn into 6. Now that project I had due in a week? I get to procrastinate for a week longer! Now I can actually take a long shower without running out of hot water- The possibilities are endless. I always live my life in a rush, and maybe with the Inverted Song of Time I could stop and smell two roses instead of one.

    …They both smell the same. TOTALLY WORTH IT.

  182. Krivek-Fisatha says:

    I would most definitely play the Song of Storms. The power it heralds…not only does it summon rain, but it figuratively acts as a theme of foreshadowing. It reminds us of the unknown enigma that is our own future, mysterious, impending, and sometimes frightful. As humans, who believe that death may come at any given time, we tend to fear death, because we're not ready, we still have things to accomplish. However, in the end the rain will come, so to speak, and we will inevitably return to the spirit realm, with no power of controlling when it will happen.

  183. J.Jerk says:

    Hymne of the Storm, coz that one i would like to be able to use since "ever". I´m sure i would finda proper use for it, too.. makin´energy or something like that.

  184. Bom Tran says:

    I would use the composer's notes to play Epona's song, because traveling across campus here at college is a tedious task that no one should be forced to endure! Having to make the journey to a chemistry building on the far end of campus that rivals Hyrule's scenic fields takes time in an adventurer's day! That time can be saved with the help of a trustworthy friend who will take you to your destination in a blink of an eye! All this extra time can be dedicated to getting drunk off Lon Lon Milk, Looking like a bamf at our school's Archery Range, and practicing my swordsmanship at kendo practice!

  185. Cooper says:

    I would play the song of soaring, because whenever I get sad or mad, I can just play the song and visit my girlfriend that lives an hour away. Or I can visit my dad who I don't live with, anyone in my family would be nice. But just being able to see them before it's too late(If it does get too late I can play the song of time for them to be back….But only one song I can choose)would make my world..Not being able to see my father brings my day down, so I could easily just throw a owl statue on the ground and fly there.

  186. Lewis says:

    Song of time, and it'd keep travelling back in time until my life is exactly how I want it.

  187. Nathan Grym W. says:

    I would play the song of time, as no one really has the time that they need on this world, as nothing would ever compensate for our lives having an expiration date. Time is the most valuable thing on this world, and perhaps granting people with more of it will help them realize that it's what the needed all along.

  188. rajaxar1 says:

    If I were to be able to play any song, it would probably have to be my favorite song, The Song of Healing.

    The Song of Healing in the game Majora's Mask isn't used to do everything. You can't heal Sharp from his torment with it. You can't give Lulu her voice back by playing the Song of Healing. But the Song of Healing is used throughout the game to bring small bits of happiness to the people of Termina.

    In game, the Song of Healing seems to give people the strength to overcome their obstacles.
    I would use it in that sense too.
    As a recent fighter of addiction, it took all I could to not revert myself to my old self.
    But if the Song of Healing was real, then I would be able to help myself. Not in the sense that I could just take away the addiction. No, that's cheating. You can't learn from the lessons of life if you simply skip over them.
    Instead, the Song of Healing would give me strength, strength to overcome anything, and strength to believe I can do what I set my mind to.

    In the wise words of Moshie the Beadle, a character in Elie Wiesel's powerful autobiography "Night", "I pray to the God within ME for the strength to ask HIM the real questions,"

  189. Angela says:

    i would play the song of healing because it might cause the world to become in peace and put tortured spirits into rest. Also to make people not worry what might happen, but to be happy for what they have.

  190. MasterC says:

    command melody so i can command the judges to choose me

  191. Alissa says:

    I would play the Song of Healing. This song has a very special meaning to me because it's my favorite song, and it was the song I always played for my grandfather when he was sick with cancer. My grandfather (a Zelda fan when the NES came out) played Majora's Mask with me when I was a child. And when I would sleep over his house, he would sing it to me before I went to bed. When my grandfather was in his house, the night before he died, he asked me to play the Song of Healing for him on my flute. I did. And he looked more relaxed. He said "Thank you, and I love you." And then my mom and aunts made me go to bed. The next morning when I woke up and was told he passed away, I knew his soul was at peace, because I played the song for him. It didn't cure him, but at least it helped him feel better. So I would play the Song of Healing to be able to soothe the souls of the sick.

  192. Carlos S says:

    Its really hard to choose only one song, but I think the one that would be the most useful to me is the song of double time from majora's mask, I could always skip a boring day or make a good date come faster like my birthday or Christmas 😀 (my second option was the song of healing, for less… selfish reasons xD)

  193. Maldrea says:

    I would go to the desert and play the song of storms. This would relieve world hunger by providing irrigation to parched lands and bring us one step closer to world peace. I could become the crooked old Song of Storms Guru with my very own little box to crank and a monkey on my shoulder to collect donations to build non-zombified wells with. And if anyone made me angry I would make it flood.

  194. Richard says:

    I would play the Frog's Song of Soul so I can grab the Flying Rooster and fly around. That would be awesome. And if I had a boomerang too, that would be amazing. Everyone would be like, "WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!! How is that possible? He's defying gravity and all logic." That would be fun.

  195. Evan says:

    I would use the Song of Time to go into the past to the day when my house burned down. I would stop people from going back into the house when they didn't know it was ablaze again and maybe save some of the more irreplaceable things, like the family photos that are now ashes in the ground.

  196. I'd play Saria's song, start talking to her, and note down how many people think I'm insane.

  197. Celda says:

    I would play the Scarecrow Song so I could get up to high places and also because I would get to make up what that melody sounded like.

  198. Jake C. says:

    I’d play the song of storms, to remove the curses of poverty and hunger from the world.

  199. Travis says:

    I would play the Song of Double Time from Majora's Mask based on the sole fact that I can skip through the time that I have to work, so I can just be lazy whenever I want to and still get paid because even though I played the song, I will still have done something to get paid for.

  200. 999sian says:

    i would play song of tine from zelda majora's mask so i could go back in time and that world be aresome

  201. Fierce Diety says:

    I would choose the Song of Storms from Majora's Mask. It is different from the one from Ocarina of Time in the fact that not only can it summon a rain storm, but it also has the power to wash away hate and open up a person's heart, even if they sold their soul to the devil. This song is one of the more powerful songs of Zelda in the fact that it doesn't heal a person physically, but it heals their very essence: their heart. If it has the power to break a ghost's curse, it has the power to heal one's inner mind. Plus, it sounds awesome!

  202. BlueBoy says:

    Zelda's Lullaby. If I knew Zelda's Lullaby then it would mean the start of an epic journey to save Hyrule.

  203. Tom Tom says:

    I would play the Song of Storms, so that lightning would come down and strike the courthouse clock tower at precisely 10:04PM on Sunday, generating the required 1.21 gigawatts to propel me back to 1985. Who needs the Song of Time when you've got the Song of Storms and a DeLorean?

  204. Jacob O'Neill says:

    I would play the Oath to Order to resolve the god and goddess struggles by bringing Power to the Deku Kingdom, Wisdom to heal the Goron village and Courage for the Zora Domain. Enlighten the present or the past will succeed the war. Killing and Betrayls must end with the wicked at rest. The Land awakens when the Demise is banished as the Compassion grows and lives. Hearing our Oath will bring Order for thy be here when the Gods and Goddesse protect us.

  205. Greenwind says:

    Many would go for time or storms…to solve a problem….but time has gone..and if it's hands are tun back..things might be different…and for storms..many think that´s an easy way to end a problem…but what it's solved for ones for other might become a problem..other songs have their reasons…my choice…
    Song of Healing…why? peacefull, and soul touching….there's a lot of people who need to be healed, not only physical but also mindly and spiritualy speaking..many need to with healing comes change, a change that not all people, but the home we all share needs healing.

  206. @itsLateef says:

    What a fascinating question.

    There is only one simple answer, and one simple answer alone. Fasten your seat belt, kids because it is going to be a bumpy and worth while ride. It is time for an ADVENTURE.

    It is absolutely UNDENIABLE to refute, that anyone who has EVER played any Zelda game has never been enthralled in the world of Hyrule, it's vast and beautiful lands, it's distinctive cultures and it's weird traditions, but I am forgetting one most important fact, It's rich Adventures.
    Sadly we do not live in the Beautiful ( Yet Morose) land of Hyrule. We live on Planet Earth, Population 7 Billion…….wait, wait, WAIT! There are 7 billion people? I'm SURE that we can have an Adventure for ourselves, there is bound to be some secrets that need to be uncovered. On Forth we go, In Hylia…..I mean God we Trust.
    For this special expedition I will require the one composer song that will get us to the myriad places that Planet Earth has for us to Explore. This song is…..Drum Roll please. (Clears throat) Thank you. The SONG OF SOARING.

    The Song of Soaring, Circa Majora's Mask was used to help Link travel across Termina in his fight to protect the ill fated world from perishing in the clutches of the possessed moon.

    I would use this song to make my life worth while, I would make my own legends that would inevitably become twisted and changed and thus require a timeline. Adventures and treasures aren't solely set in Hyrule, and Termina. There is a whole World out here with the same amount of Adventure. Everyone is afraid to die, not because death is terrifying, but simply because they feel that their time on Earth was not spent properly. I would use this song, to Travel to the Reaches of the Meanest Volcanoes, In the Mouth of a ferocious Whale, in the Midst of a Giant sand storm, and be carried away in the beauty of a forgotten Forest.
    You see, these songs aren't just for fun, and to help induce lazyness any further. These songs were intended to be used for Self Progression, Because with out them Link wouldn't have been able to progress and complete his mission.
    And I wouldn't Use this song for typical reasons, I would become the Link of My generation And make my own adventures, and become something. And when that faithful day comes for me to go to the Sacred Realm, I would have left a few useful items and hints for my predecessor to utilize.
    "Probability of becoming a Legend, 85%, Well done"

    1. occultfan says:

      pretty cool response, here.

      1. @itsLateef says:

        Thank you, I put some thought it into it for about 10 minutes before I wrote it, Wish I would of Elaborated. But its' fun seeing everyone's response, even if I don't win.

  207. @StaticZeta says:

    I'd play Song Of Restoration, from Spirit Tracks. I'd use it to help change the world for the better, the world is a mess and if it could be put right, living would be better.

  208. mustachedwaffle says:

    I would play the Sonata of Awakening to wake up my dad whenever he snores.

    1. occultfan says:

      also acceptable: Song of Storms. Good luck sleeping, le mustachedwaffle's pops, when there is a ton of indoor lightning and rain gushing down upon you.
      trololololo wet slumber.

  209. Nick Jones says:

    I would play the Song of Healing from Majora’s Mask. With it, I would travel the globe and cure people of terminal illness. My eventually goal would be to eradicate cancer.

    1. occultfan says:


      I'll get comment-punched for this, but we need to say
      Termina Illness.

      Seriously, a noble endeavor.
      A lot of people take that route. Isn't it hopeful to see that,
      even for a contest, so many respond in-kind?

      Hope for humanity, in some form, on a Zelda site.
      which is really cool.

  210. True says:

    I would play the Command Melody and make you guys give me this hoodie.

  211. Baylee says:

    I would play the Song of Storms. In the long and drawled out winters here, we could all really use some rain to wash away this snow. Plus, it's my all time favorite song of the entire Legend of Zelda series, there's just something about that eerie melody…

  212. Caitlin says:

    At first I thought I'd like to play a different song to take me back in time to help some people, but then I thought the past is the past so why not play my all time favorite: Saria's Song. I would love to be able to have a guide there when I need them most. I am currently in a stage in my life where this would be wonderful so I could figure out where to go next to find a career that will allow me to work without injuring my back. After having a spinal fusion when I was 15, finding the right job is important but having Saria/Navi there to help me along would be a wonderful attribute in my hectic life. I also believe that this song would bring happiness to any who need it, and I know there are a lot of people out there suffering from the troubles of life and since this song worked on Darunia in OOT I believe it will work on anyone else.

  213. Pieter-Bas says:

    The most wonderful song of the Zelda series is the Prelude of Light. It would be awesome travelling to the Temple of Time, to enter the Sacred Realm en the Temple of Light. The last stronghold against the dark, it would be fantastique to see that and to join the war against Ganondorf. I could change something in my life with a Zelda song, it would be the Prelude of Light, because I think that would open a road to an epic adventure, something we never could have in the real world!

  214. Jonathan Freeman says:

    I would totally play the Song of Double Time to skip work hours.

  215. Pascal says:

    I would play the song of healing, not for myself, but for my girlfriend. She has been operated for her knees alsmost more than 3 years ago and in those 3 years, she have had her kneecap dislocated 5 times, both the knees 🙁 this sunday was her 5th time :(. I would like to use the song of healing so she can finally do thing normally without having pain, every day she has so much pain 🙁
    For the record, we both are 17 years old, so it is not normal 🙁 🙁

  216. Ben says:

    I would play one of the songs from Twilight Princess that would summon a sword master to come and teach me all of his moves so that I to could be like the Hero of Time.

  217. benjamin says:

    I would play the sarenade of water so i could go to hyrule.

  218. Sam Ingemi says:

    Since the Song of Healing heals spiritually instead of physically, I'd want to use it to heal the weary souls of the world. Since it heals evil magic and troubled spirits, trapping them in masks, I'd organize a concert or worldwide broadcast or some other situation so that the masses could hear the song. The song brings peace, clarity, and lets people move on. The insane could be sane, the violent could be peaceful, those who cannot let go would be able to let go and move on. Violent, hateful extremists due to taking religions, beliefs, etc. too far could be peaceful. People making decisions due to stress could make clear, level-headed, rational decisions. The evil magic/curses in real life could be religious extremists, people who genuinely believe they are possessed, have been told to do inhuman acts by gods, demons, etc, or it could be those who are trapped within their own bodies, such as the catatonic, the people with perfectly healthy bodies but diseased minds, or the people with full mental capabilities trapped inside handicapped or disabled bodies.

    With the Song of Healing, the effects are simplest, and the most direct. It brings, as its name implies, healing, and usually doesn't have unforeseen consequences such as those that could arise from messing with time. Also, with mental illnesses, diseases, violent tendencies, etc. trapped in masks, those masks could be destroyed or studied so that the evils and unrests could never bother the world again.

  219. Ryan Gworek says:

    I would play the prelude of light so that i could be teleported into the temple of time and meet Link.I have always wanted to meet him and see what he is actually like and if he really never talks. I would have to learn Hylian so that i could communicate with the people of that world because i doubt that they would know English. I would join him on his quest to save Hyrule and defeat Ganon. Then when our quest is complete i will explore the unknown regions of their world and discover new species and cities like Termina and possibly help save them too.

  220. occultfan says:

    I'm playing the Elegy of Emptiness right now.
    For all the people who come out of the Kokiri Woods-work
    just to enter a contest and get free stuff.

    Where are you when ZU could benefit from your fandom
    on a daily/regular basis?

    le sigh/ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    y u no come here when you just chillin'
    to like teh zeldar?

    preparing myself for the backlash against this post, a lack
    of self-responsibility and anger against being called out –
    or being exposed to a different point of view, quite ready for the
    thumbs-down which, really, are for those who are offended that
    I took the time to pipe out the saddest song.

    Its not against you, people who resonate.
    Its against consumerism, its against loyalty
    based upon fiduciary control mechanisms
    and alienation from one another and community,
    all for the sake of getting some item.

    We have every day to be creative, to compete.
    Here, that is only culled from the non-existant fan
    here all for the sake of a prize.

    Creating a replica of myself for the day,
    a twisted, mangled form, a shadow self, welcome,
    Occult Fan, to your new, wooden home, as a function,
    as a mark for your other self's progress, you husk
    of futility and madness, you ode to odious penchants for
    objects, oh, nay, fate of falsity, nay, be thine purpose not
    of objects but of love, life, and understanding.

    I play the Elegy of Emptiness, for that is what
    is appropriate for what has brought us to this very page
    in this very time. Find ye peace in the reconciliation of
    your former self, and the self you can become through
    self-empowerment, critical wisdom, and emotional courage.

    Let us face this world together for the sake of facing this
    world together.

    Not for some elfin shirt.

  221. anonymus says:

    I would play the song of healing from majoras mask and heal people with cancer and other sickness.

  222. Rakshael says:

    I'd play the Song of Healing, and completely remove cancer from my mom.

  223. Karsten Hjellestad says:

    i would play the song of time, to get back to my childhood and NOT throw away my Game Boy Advance along with pokemon ruby and minish cap:(

  224. Dillon says:

    I would travel the globe and play "The Song of Healing" to different dictators and other crazy folk.

  225. JotaLegend says:

    I would play the Song of Healing, because that way I would be able to heal up any pains and threats that are within my family and friends, but keeping a memento, to remember me that life was not always this perfect.

  226. Metal Man says:

    I would play the song of time to go back in time and buy the 3DS Zelda bundle instead of a normal 3DS.

  227. Corey says:

    I would play the inverted song of time from Majora's Mask, so that i could slow down time and have more of life to enjoy…….and more time to play Zelda : )

  228. Necruta says:

    I think that if I could use any song I would choose the song of soaring since most of my friends live quite far away and it costs a lot of money and takes quite some time to see them so that way I would be able to visit them whenever I want.

  229. connor says:

    id the song of storm cause my area of living has so littile amont of snow and snow is fun

  230. brolston4 says:

    The Song of Soaring. I mean, come on. Teleportation!

  231. myownself says:

    I think probably the Requiem of Spirit. A while in the desert might make me understand Ganondorf's motives and appreciate my own fertile homeland more. And besides that, when will I ever have another chance to explore the Spirit Temple or meet a Great Fairy (although I have to admit, meeting a Great Fairy scares me a little more than the temple.)

  232. clawshot says:

    I would use Zelda's lullaby so I could get more sleep.

  233. Hylian Time Traveler says:

    I would use the song of time to see all the greatest moments in history, and stop some of the bad ones. Who would miss Hitler if he never was. Also reliving great moments in my life would be fun and seeing departed relatives. Wining some money on the stock market would help too.

  234. Don says:

    I would play the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask. The Song of Healing is used to soothe one's spirit and make it feel at rest. I would use it to heal everyone in the world so that no one has to live with any disease. The world would be a much better place, and I would be considered a hero worldwide and get the Nobel Peace Prize. I would use the Song of Healing to make the world a better place for all.

  235. jmoods says:

    I would play Saria's song, because it makes people want to have fun and dance around! I think that's something.

  236. TeamSkyward says:

    I would play the Reverse Song of Time from Majora's mask . It can manipulate time to make it go faster or slower. It can be really useful for school when i feel that the days are long. It can feel like i have control over time. I can use it to have longer days or quick days depending on how I'm feeling. We all know, sometimes we just need a little more time.

  237. cooltiger94 says:

    I would chose the song of time/song of double time because if I like do something embarrsing i can get a second chance and i could the right thing for everyone. For the song of double time i would use to go ahead of time to see how my future is and change it to try to make everyone happy. Really i would like to be able to control time to fix mistakes and do the right thing.

  238. Blair says:

    I danno, i'd probably say the song of double time, just when i'm in a spot where I really want to get out of it, like a concert you don't want to go to. Or maybe the Song of time, just to go back and fix things you wish you could do over. Still though, i'd say the song of double time because you really don't want to mess with the whole nature of life I guess.

  239. CJ! says:

    when I was a kid (about the age of Link in the start of OoT) there was a sword in the dark room of the basement. it stuck out of the ground like the master sword. I had started OoT and WW just before I discoverd this sword in the basement. but whenever I enterd the room, as if trying to keep me from the sword, the furnace would suddently come on with a huge roar. it would always happen right as I tryd to enter this room. one day I looked and it was gone. I regretted never haveing the curage to go back and pull that sword ever since. always thinking it could have been the key to starting that adventure I've wanted all my life.

    now I'm seventeen (about Links age in the adult part of OoT) I'd use the song of time to go back to the day I discoverd that sword aproximatly 7 years ago and pull that sword. even if I find that it doesn't start my long awaited adventure, I would still be happy and have no more regret. atleast then I'd know. and who's to say that haveing done so wouldn't have in some way changed my life anyway? maybe then my life would be a bit interesting.
    (now I could go on a bit longer but to save judges time I'll leave it at that.)

  240. BDoan77 says:

    I would definitely play the Reverse Song of Time. Not only would I have more time to do all of my college homework, but I would have more time to play Zelda too!

  241. JesseDCrespo says:

    It would be the Song of Soaring from Majora's Mask. Once I travel places I can return to them easily. What fun!

  242. Michael says:

    I would definitely play Eponas song from OoT.
    Because I would enjoy to have horse summoning powers.

  243. Ember_of_Wolves says:

    I've always wanted to see the world and explore every inch of it, but alas i haven't the means to do so. So i just sit and play Zelda all the time to see worlds that i couldn't even begin to imagine up. That's why if i could, i would use the original warp tune that is played on the flute in the first Legend of Zelda combined with the song of time so i can go where ever and whenever i want to any world i desire and finally satisfy my never ending hunger for adventure.

  244. Ganon23000 says:

    I would choose to know "Zelda's Lullaby". Yes, it is a very simple song, but that's the beauty of it. I always enjoy it's serene sound, and the nostalgia just piles on when I hear it. Of course, it doesn't have a definite power, but just maybe during those tougher times in the day, you could play the song, and your problems would simply disappear.

  245. samwiseterminator says:

    Faron Woods, because it's so relaxing

  246. Angelo Mota says:

    Can I play 2 songs that complement each other?¿ Because I wanna play the "Song of Doule Time" to get faster to the next Zelda release, and then play the "Inverted Song of Time", so the time pass veeery slow and I can enjoy the game with no worries.

  247. Znyrkifyable says:

    I would play Sonata of Awakening to wake up everyone in the world who is in a coma so they could be reunited with their family.

  248. o_TriCatForce_o says:

    I don't know if anyone has said this one yet but i would choose The Ballad Of The Goddess from Skyward Sword. I'm a really shy person and I get nervous easily but when i hear this song it both calms me and gives me the courage to jump into just about anything! It is the perfect motivator for me and i just love it. 🙂
    The first part is smooth and swaying, as if I'm weightless. And just as soon as I'm about to drop…. the percussion hits and gives me the highest boost I can think of! But I'm completely relaxed the whole time.

  249. ProfessorLoZ says:

    I would play the Requiem of Spirit. It's an odd choice as it's a transportation song but it also has an additional ability to grant young Link access to the Dessert Colossus.

    This, for me, is metaphorical, the ability to have the WISDOM, of the future when I was younger.

    Not Time Travel because that seems to obvious, but understanding when is the best chance, and have COURAGE, to go for something. As like in Ocarina of Time, the older Link cannot complete the Spirit Temple yet the younger can.

    The song is also present in Twilight Princess, if I remember, to learn a Hidden Skill, yet another "Link".

    Finally, Requiem does mean rest, and to, when making descisions, rest easy in the knowledge I am making the most informed choice.

    And erm… Just because I couldn't fit a Triforce of Power reference… POWER.


  250. angeline smith says:

    If I could use the composers’ notes to play one song Zelda it'd be the Song of Healing to heal all the wounds of people suffering everywhere.. There's so much hurt in this world, that people suffering need to know other people care 🙂

  251. Vyníve says:

    I have a *completely logical* fear of ReDeads. Some kids were afraid of the Boogeyman… for others it was the generic Monster Under The Bed. Not for me. As a child who learned to read mainly by playing Ocarina of Time, I was constantly terrified that ReDeads would pop out of unlikely places, stun me with their horrible, well-known shriek, and proceed to devour my brains. I'd like to say this fear was dissolved with age…but I would be lying like a rug (which is of course, outside Darunia's chamber, where it should be). Rather than dissipate, this *perfectly reasonable* fear has evolved. I now plot out potential ReDead entry points whenever I enter a building, locating the nearest instrument/instrument-like device and mentally running through the notes for the Sun's Song on it. I deliberately expose myself to repeated loud, high-pitched noises in preparation for the ReDead scream, and I have read and memorized every article I could find on the horrifying foes. I have trained my body, mind, and soul for the day the ReDeads will finally reveal my fears to be relevant…the day when they will appear suddenly and terrifyingly in that manner they always seem to. Not to mention that it's 2012 now, and we all know what that means. Either the moon will spontaneously grow a sinister face and crash into the Earth, or the ReDeads will appear and destroy all those unprepared. And I will NOT be unprepared. Obtaining these Composer's notes (proudly held above my head while I announce to the world- 'da da da daaahh!') and magically crafting the Sun's Song from them would be another, vital step in my self-preservation strategy. The Sun's Song in all its ReDead-paralyzing glory would give me the sweet, sweet protection I have sought after through blood, sweat, and tears (unfortunately not of the Great Fairy variety).

  252. Nikola says:

    I would play the Frog's song of souls to bring back the dinosaurs on earth, so we could make our very own Jurassic park 🙂

  253. Lars says:

    I would play the song of healing to heal the sick and wounded. And to help restless spirits that have been killed by murder, accidents or suicide by giving them rest. I would go around the world just to heal people with deceases and play the song for anyone. If i would earn any money from it I would use the money to help more people. After all, Life is about making others happy, Not getting rich and famous.

  254. yoshi4cookies says:

    I would play the the song THE BREMENS THEME because when i was at anime club i would play the song because when i play it most of the people from the club will start to follow it would always remind me whos the leader that they would never give up and the song is so joyful showing people you are the leader that you will never give up with this song it shows that you can do it and show people that small people come in a big package this is why i would play this song

  255. Pierce says:

    I would play the Song of Awakening from The Legend of Zelda:Link's Awakening for the simple fact of being awakened from my dreams.Because its when we wake up from our dreams that we realize that the true adventure is the life we live everyday.In the words of the great Wind Fish,"'But,verily,it be the nature of dreams to end'…'Only the memory of this dream land will exist in the waking world…Someday,thou may recall this island…That memory must be the real dream world…'"

  256. Jason Wanigasekara says:

    I would play the Sun's Song so I can make it nightime and daytime whenever I want. I would also make it nightime so I can walk around Hyrule meeting all kinds of Poes 🙂

  257. Jordan Cardinez says:

    I would play the Song of Healing for many reasons. Mainly because my family is ill and I would like to help them.

  258. Heldig Melk says:

    I would play the elegy of emptiness so I could scare the crap out of people with creepy statues of myself. Just imagine leaving them in your sibling’s bedroom closet, hiding one in a public bathroom stall, use it as a scarecrow, scare people away from my room, hide it in a bathroom stall at school. The possibilities are endless.

  259. Gerardo says:

    I Would Play The Song Of Soaring, because I would visit many places in just minutes, fulfilling my dream of traveling the whole world :3

  260. LegendofMerah says:

    I would play the Inverted Song of Time from Majora's Mask because as the years have gone by, I'm starting to realize more and more how valuable time is. Once time passes, I can never get it back. I'm in high school now, and there's a lot of fun stuff going on in my life, and I can't help but feel sad seeing these times go by so quickly. I feel like high school only started, but now I'm being faced with searching for colleges and what I'm going to do with my life as an adult, but I still feel like I'm a child. If I used the Inverted Song of Time, time would pass more slowly, and I would get to enjoy the fun times of my life more, and wouldn't have to fear the impending, unknown future for just a little longer. I feel like this would give me enough time to feel that I'm ready for the future when I have to make these big decisions.

  261. Alex says:

    Una cancion…. Es una decision muy dificil. Todas las canciones tienen algo en especifico que podria cambiar algo en este mundo, La fancion de la tormenta con ella podria regar los smbrios donde haya sequias y asi alimentar a mas gente, La cancion del Tiempo (ya sea invertida, doble o normal) Podria usarse para cambiar algun hecho del pasado (Torres gemelas :'( que fue un hecho desastrozo ) etc. Y es mencionar algunas canciones…. Si tuviera esa ocarina en mis manos me aseguraria de que el mundo fuera un lugar mejor para todos. Im sorry if you dont understand. Use Google tranductor 😀 Please

  262. Whitney says:

    I'm going to be straight up honest:

    I would choose the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask in order to heal my dad. He had a brain aneurysm a few years back and ever since, he gets major migrains and the occasional seizure. I know it puts my whole family in a state of mental pain so I would probably play the song to heal the rest of us as well but my main focus is my father. I hate all of us being in some sort of pain. I'm still in high school and I don't want to possibly lose my dad at this age. He has a good, fighting spirit and it's one that deserves to live. I know stuff like this is stuff we all have to go through at some point but if I had the chance, I'd make sure no one in my family had to just yet.

  263. JuanT says:

    I would play the song of storms for a very important need. If i could play it, I would want the storm to hit the north pole where polar bears live. Since Global warming is making our world hotter, with the song of storms it will bring a lot of snow to where the polar bears live. With this snow the polar bears can live just as they use to before and not swim for hundreds of miles trying to find land. This will help them mate and no longer be an Endangered Species.

  264. kriss sawyer says:

    i would use the song of time to travel back 6 months and 17days to stop the awful event happening that day and to right the wrongs i have done in the past 6 months to the people close to me and so that some many people will not lose a bro/son/friend and much more

  265. Christian says:

    The Ballad of Gales from the Wind Waker is my #1 choice, because I could travel across the land in the blink of an eye with the use of massive cyclones. I could have the power of a god, and I could finally go to the countries I'm fascinated with: Australia, England, and Japan (after I learn to speak Japanese). And the best part? The look on my friends' faces when they see me form a tornado with nothing but a baton. The only downside is how dizzy I would get!

  266. Alie says:

    I would play minuet of forest Togo to the forest and explore.

  267. Duncan says:

    The Scarecrow's Song, because it's different for everyone and reflects your personality through how it sounds. It also brings a friend around whenever you need him to help you out.

  268. Jeff says:

    ZeldasLullaby… I keep breaking signs.

  269. Mike says:

    I would play the Song of Time and become a super hero and prevent crimes. I would hear about crimes and use the Song of Time to stop them before they occur!

  270. Justin says:

    If i could use the composer notes, i would play the Song of Double to reverse time. I would want to reverse time for anything i did wrong to people. I would want to change everything that i did wrong.

  271. Joe McClure says:

    I would choose to play the Song of Storms to honor one of the royal composer brothers Flat. On his tomb where he lies dead it is written "The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger! Here is written the song that shall cleanse his cursed, black soul." I shall play this song and to those who hear it shall feel his oppression in every drop of rain, know his true wrath with every strike of lighting and roar of the thunder, and those shall be cleansed of their vile dark soul by the storm. He had suffered a harsh life that not many knew of but maybe once people see the storm that brewed in his heart maybe they can understand his suffering. Everyone's soul will hopefully be liberated of pointless hatred and lingering pain, bringing everyone in the world a little closer to each other. Perhaps Sharp's soul will be cleansed by this song one day and the Composer Brother's may rest in peace. Then the next time Flat cries, it would be out of joy with the reunion of his brother in the afterlife.

  272. Yesenia says:

    I would play The Great Fairy's Fountain Theme from Ocarina of Time. It is just simply a beautifully made song with a catchy melody. It would make me think of wonderful things that could not really exist in this blunt reality. It's just one of those songs your mind can escape to and create wondrous things. I write a lot of my work under the influence of this magical song. It takes my creativity to a whole new level. That is why i would play The Great Fairy's Theme to let people's true creativity be revealed and who knows….maybe someone will create something unimaginable and magical.

  273. Devoid says:

    I would get a horse and train to find me when it hears Epona's song!

  274. Michael says:

    I would play the Oath to Order from Majora's Mask so maybe our world would be on the right track.

  275. @Nikachu92 says:

    I would use the Song of Time (with the effect if creates from Majora's Mask). With this song, be able to do 3 things.

    1st of all, I would be able to go back in time (let's say back in time to, at most, 3 days to keep it simple and not too powerful). With this, if I screwed up within the last few days (like bombed a test), I would be able to go back in time and fix it. Also, I could relive an awesome day (or three days) as much as I wanted. Another thing I could do, to help the world, is if a major disaster occurred, I could go back in time to warn the world of it to prepare or prevent it from happening.

    As I'm sure we all know, going back in time up to 3 days isn't the only thing you can do with the Song of Time in MM. I could play the Inverted Song of Time to slow time down to a third of the speed it normally goes (and then speed it back up). Only a 2 day weekend? NO FEAR! With this song, I could make those 2 days feel like 6 (although it would still, technically, be 2 days.) I probably wouldn't speed it back up to normal time until I went to class or other boring activities.

    Lastly, I would use the Song of Time to play the Song of Double Time (and not just because it sounds the cool). With this song, I would be able to skip half a day. I probably wouldn't use this song in my life unless I just couldn't wait the last few days for a new Legend of Zelda game.

    (Oh, and I would also use this song just because it's an awesome song!)

  276. Webster Chilvers says:

    I would play the song of time to go back in time to be with my grandparents as they have all passed away and I have no other relatives:'(

  277. psyciceman says:

    I would use the Song of Time to go and befriend a young Shigeru Miyamoto and become a part of Nintendo history, or maybe I already have…

  278. Vinicius Alves says:

    I would play the song of time. But I would not use it to change the things on the past, I believe they just don't happen with any reason, the time heal injures, throught do not remove some scars, but we are humans and we've got to learn to live with those scars and learn with ours mistakes and acquire experience. Anyway, my answer is… with the song of time i would go back to many ages that I always dreamed to live. Believe or not, i always wanted to be born in the medieval age, with those creepy torture and wars besides the crazy life that would be there in all senses… you know. Also and principally, the old Greece, in that wounderful mithology and lifestyle (call me crazy). And that's it, I just Would love be able to travel in the vast past. Last thing, I LOVE jokes, so i would mess up with some peoples mind, appearing behind them when they should be talkin to me in the past… get it? I should mess up with my own mind seeing me, but i would undestand later, i really don't know if you will get this (call me crazy again).
    That's it, and sorry if there are wrong writing, but i'm just a brazilian with some english, thanks and good luck for every one

  279. HylianHeroine says:

    I would play the song of soaring and use my owl to warp anywhere! (Even to Hyrule,if that's possible!)

  280. Tyler says:

    If I could use the ocarina symbols and play one of the songs, I would use the sun song. I chose that one because there is a lot of times when I don't want it to be day, or night. So this way, I can chose what time of the day it is. Haha, maybe this way I could get some more sleep before school starts…

  281. z-nut says:

    I would play the sun song because a little sunshine can brighten everyones day!

  282. Daniel (peruvian :D) says:

    I would play the song of storms for many reasons one it's a beautiful song but not only that the places around the world that need water parts in Africa,Asia, and places that need water or at least clean water. I would always use it to grow and produce food for many farms in bad situations and are at need in water. Not only will i be able to help with thirst i would always help out with starvation threw out the world. With this good use i'm pretty sure ill be saving lives threw out the world with the power of the song of storms 🙂

  283. xLink-Masterx says:

    I would play the song of Healing . For one, I believe that this song was the driving force behind Majora's Mask. Link would use the song of healing to cure someone or to fix a bad situation. I would use the song of healing to heal our world of the many troubles and conflicts just as Link did in Termina.. . I would journey to the ends of the earth, playing the magical tune, ultimately healing every person, city, country and continent, and I would not stop until the world would be a better place to live in! 🙂

  284. Jace Valentne says:

    Personally, all of the songs in L.O.Z. Have great meaning and could bring about positive effects on my life. But the Song of Healing would be the choice I would play on my ocarina. I have had many people that I've been very close to die. Some of natural causes, some in accidents, and others of suicide. And everytime I lose one of them, it's almost like I'm losing myself. I would play said song just to see them again…To see them smile and be happy… For those of mine who I held dearly and they took their own lives, I would always sit around and curse myself each and every day until I found out what caused them to give in…Because some things you lose, and somethings you just give away.
    Song of Healing would give my life a whole new meaning, and would make smile like I mean it yet again…

  285. zaxorz89 says:

    As I write this I fear I don't have much time. A large oval landmark recently appeared near my village and even more recently monsters started to appear on the outskirts. We enjoyed the "egg" at first, and when things started going wrong we worried. The egg was blessing. Why would things change? Something must have happened to it. Our scouts went to examine the egg and discovered that it was hollow, and heard a mournful sound coming from the inside. I had been doing mythology research and found a tune called the "Ballad of the Wind Fish". Apparently a similar situation occurred generations ago and the ballad can get me into the egg. Aside from a farmer's daughter with the voice of a goddess I'm the only one in the village with any musical aptitude. The ballad requires near orchestral precision. Fortunately, the Composers' Notes provide that. According to legend, if the wearer of the Notes plays their desired melody an accompaniment of heavenly sound will be heard and add power to the song. If I had these notes, the maiden and I will be able to enter the egg and discover what has befallen the egg and our town. I dread to think what might happen if we don't succeed……

  286. HyruleWeirdo says:

    Saria's Song to get peole out of their depression…

  287. Wanton_Destruction says:

    Mine would be the Elegy of Emptiness, since its hideous face can be used as protection from criminals, and to scare people to death. It can also be a very stylish paperweight

  288. Chad says:

    I would use the sun song to change night to day on full moon nights so I wouldn't transform into my Werewing counterpart. It's followed the twilight and wind so it's very destructive. Some say it has bacon for wings and partly on fire, be on the lookout. My memories of these nights are faded because my animal instincts take over, I hope I haven't harmed to many people. remember right, down, up right, down, up

  289. I would wait until the year 2036, when the asteroid 99942 Apophis is supposed to hit the Earth, and then play the Oath to Order. The Four Giants would show up, catch the asteroid, and throw it back into space. The alternative is NASA trying to nuke the asteroid, so I think this suggestion would work a bit better.

  290. veeronic says:

    the state of the world is really just… appauling really, all the hatred war and greed, I can't help but be infuriated by it so… the song I would try would have to be oath to order, being designed to protect people from terrible disasters, now it stands to reason that we could use some saving from ourselves… something of a celestial spanking… so oath to order it is.

    though that of course is not the only song I would want to use, song of healing would definitely be the other… I can most definitely relate to link at the beginning of majora's mask and of course kafei, their curses in particular, being stuck in a body that is entirely not what it should be… so I would use the song of healing to correct this problem of mine… along with anyone else who is the same way.

    1. veeronic says:

      are we limited to 1 song? if so than disregard #1… (didn't think it might be considered a double entry till after posted, sorry…)

  291. Josh says:

    I would use the song of Double Time. That way not only could I speed up my time in college, but also expediate the next Zelda game(s) ^^

  292. angelink says:

    I would play Prelude of Light to teleport to the Temple of Time and get the Master Sword!

  293. Samurai says:

    For five odd years I've had no rain,
    so a Song of Storms I would play
    to wash away the cracked Earth's pain.

    For as long as I could, day after day
    these notes would echo through the air
    'till the brown is gone and the green will stay.

    The strange song like a passing prayer
    would revive the hills to colorful glory
    and through the blaze would gently tear.

    If I had a magic inventory
    I'd bring the flowers back again,
    thus so ends my little story.

  294. Gilbert says:

    If I were to play one song I would play the song of double time. I choose this song so I don’t have to take test’s. But will I have taken the test? Would the class have taken the test? Would a day really go by? Is it all in my head?! Time traveling confuses me!

  295. Alex~ says:

    There are many, many great songs to play. But, if I’m down to just one, I would choose Saria’s Song. The song has a lot of meaning to me. I was born a year before Ocarina of Time was released, but it was my first Zelda game when I played it on the GameCube. Yet this is the most memorable piece for me. This song is catchy and fun while still sounding distinguished.

    Saria is a childhood friend, and this song actually makes me think about friendship. Playing this melody let you talk to an old friend, and it showed how a relationship can change. When Link left the forest, he had no way of contacting Saria without heading back. Saria gives hints about many things, sometimes ones that are more helpful and specific than Navi’s. But after you pull out the Master Sword, Saria doesn’t give you much info. As you spend time apart, your relationship can wither, it seems. But, at the same time, I never once felt like Saria had grown apart from Link just because she (ironically) grew up faster than him. I felt a little heartbreak every time I saw her smiling face from the moment Link left to find Princess Zelda.

    But the song has other uses, the most useful being that it can lighten hearts, as shown by Darunia, the Skull Kid in the Lost Woods (as well as the one in Majora’s Mask), and even Mido. It shows that friendship is better in a group in this way. If Link had never been friends with Saria, he would never have become friends with these people. Isn’t friendship more precious when you can share it?

    Lastly, Saria’s Song allows you to do one more thing. It allows you to talk to Navi. I’ve always thought of this as a sign of new friendship. Navi doesn’t know Link very well in the beginning of the story, but I grew attached to her. I nearly cried when I saw her fly away at the end of the game, and Link’s other fairy friend, Tatl, made me sigh with nostalgia. Navi is arguably one of Link’s closest friends; he spent nearly all of his time with her throughout the game, the only exception being a moment that made me fear–no Z-Targeting against Ganondorf?! Navi will always be close to my heart, but it’s the metaphor that this song shows. Saria gives sage advice, but Navi is overall more helpful, particularly with enemies. She’ll go out of her way to tell you she has some advice. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have beaten a single Skulltula! Is a new friend any less a friend than an old one? I feel that this shouldn’t matter; Navi was a great friend to Link. She was at least as good as Saria.

    Although there are certainly songs such as the Song of Healing or Sun’s Song that could provide actual use, Saria’s Song is a metaphor for how friendship grows in various ways. I choose this song because it links to my life. I don’t have many friends (which I make fun og ALL THE TIME, hehe!), so I cherish each one. But I also have lost some friends because they changed. I could have chosen another song to gelp others or even to play a joke on them, but none of them are as close to my heart as this one.

  296. Alex~ says:

    Clicked early on accident! May I continue?

    In conclusion, I would use this song to show others how much I care abiut them, regardless of whether or not I’ve known them for a long ti e or even if we’re friends at all. I try my best to be as nice as possible to everyone; what better way to say “I love you” than to serenade them? Wait, wasn’t that a different Ocarina song…? Oh, well. I just want them to know I love them, which is much more important than sunshine, rain, or even healing, as the other songs give out those things. I just want them to know I care.

  297. Hope says:

    Song of Healing. I would never use it on myself, but I would travel to Africa, and travel from village to village, playing the song to all the people, and get the reward of smiling faces as children are healed, families are no longer dying, and the old can walk. I would venture is hospitals all over the world to play the Song of Healing, healing cancer and other illnesses. With the Song of Healing, I would teach it to others as well, so that they may travel and heal the wounded and sick. All I would want to do with the Song of Healing, in total, is make a difference in the world, and touch the lives of millions of people.

  298. Cassandra says:

    Composer's Notes Heal the World:

    To warp away or change the sky?
    To summon aid or travel time?
    Communicate with friends of mine?

    They all seem quite appealing.

    To waken or to lull to sleep?
    Commanding? Light? Guidance for me?
    To give a voice and rule the sea?

    Or… The Song of Healing.

    For many have a wounded past
    Of loved ones lost. Of flags half-mast
    We know that nothing's made to last

    We just wish to be stronger.

    And many have a darkened heart
    From families that fell apart
    Or lives that felt a broken start

    Must it go any longer?

    The world has yet a peaceful day
    because of souls who've lost their way
    With only sad remarks to say

    Or unjust acts and violence.

    But if I played their souls to heal
    To lift the curse and their ordeal
    The world would surely start to feel

    The end of woeful silence.

  299. @Crixler says:

    I have trouble with driving, so I would play the song from The Minish Cap when you play to Ocarina of Winds, so that I could have a little bird fly me around places. No more smelly bus with restrictive schedules!

  300. Kitty says:

    If it counts, the 'Inverted Song of Time' would be a really good one to have use of, from being able to get more done in a day, to spending more time with someone who doesn't have much of it left.
    A close second being the 'Minuet of Forest' simply because I like the idea of being transported to a secret place in the woods where I could just hang out and relax.

  301. Sakume says:

    Have you ever been to Chile? I have, and first of all, I have to say the country does not live up to its name. It’s hot there. And I mean hot. I could start a bed and breakfast with all the eggs I ended up frying on the sidewalk. You have to understand I didn’t want to be in Chile from the beginning, I was quite happy sticking to my nice little suburb in the US of A. No offense to those that do love traveling and all, that’s cool, but me? I loved nothing more than working my boring office job, coming home, and plopping down in front of my wii to play a little skyward sword on my medium-sized flatscreen. And I have to say I would have been happy just going on with this routine. But then… there was Jessie.

    Okay, so her full name was Jessica Lauren Riley, but I just called her Jessie. I work at a small time scientific publishing agency; I’m the one that does all the grunt work, like the proofreading, the faxes, and yes, I do the Starbucks runs in the morning for everybody else with the orders written on my hand when I don’t have the scrap of paper. I’ve been doing it for four years. Jessie, on the other hand, started work shortly after me, taking photographs for the graphics part of the publishing. Ever heard of a Mycology? Yeah, I hadn’t either. Get this: it’s the scientific study of fungus. You heard me right, fungus. And I thought my major was boring. Apparently the big guys in the office loved it because they just recently got an offer for a book series focusing on the world’s flora for some college class or something. They accepted because Jessie was pretty smart about these things. The only stipulation was, the entrepreneurs wanted a world’s flora. So guess where they wanted to send the photographer first. Yeah, Chile, here we come.

    I say “we” because of course Jessie couldn’t go alone. She needed somebody to set up her camera equipment, travel with her in case of emergencies, and yeah, get her coffee. So I went with her, thinking “hey, this might be a good opportunity. Get to see another country, take some pictures of flowers, and then hang out by the beaches with Jessie in a bikini.” Did I mention I had a big crush on Jessie? No? Well, I did. Heck, more than a crush. I loved her. Maybe it was working with her for years, going out with her to the movies, and did I mention she can do a three heart run of the first Zelda? Yeah, I know, hot. So I was thinking maybe this was the time. Maybe I could tell her how I felt. After all we’d known each other in the office for years, got along well, and always picked each other for team projects.

    All the way on the plane ride I started dropping hints. Some girls can be dense, so I skipped the yawn arm over the shoulder technique and moved right on to the 3DS co-op mode for Resident Evil. I won’t say who won. I knew a little about Chile before we left. I knew it was home to Easter Island with those singing statues from Rhythm Heaven, I knew it had some nice beaches, and I knew some of the scenery was real nice there, perfect for proposing. Did I not mention that either? I know it sounds crazy, but I felt so sure she’d marry me I went out and bought my ring. My job doesn’t pay well enough to get much, but I took what little I did have in savings and bought it anyway.

    I rehearsed it over and over in my head. I could put it in the case of a video game after suggesting we could play it. I could draw it on Swapnote and let her see it. I had about ten of these awesome ideas in my head for us while we visited Chile’s most romantic spots. What I didn’t know was that we had no plans to go to any of these places. Instead, where we were heading was the Atacama Desert. Rolls right off your tongue, doesn’t it? One of the few places in the world that is almost totally barren of plants. Not to mention electricity. We rented a place in Calama, the nearby town, and set out to take our photos.

    It took me a couple days of building up my self-esteem before I finally figured out how I wanted to propose. I had it perfectly figured out. She started taking pictures of a few shrubs just peeking out of the sand, and I stood by for backup, ring in hand. She turned to get another camera from the bag, took out the ring box where the lens should have been. I went down, took her hand, and asked the question. I kept smiling even when she gave the ring back.


  302. Sakume says:

    I was awake for a long time that night. She said she wasn’t sure we could make it financially, that she needed time, that she didn’t know if she was ready. She said she needed a sign, and even though I thought she was being ridiculous, I asked. What kind of sign? She was quiet for a long time, seemed to me like forever, and then she said with absolute certainty, when it rains in Atacama. What kind of sign is that, I wondered. Until I read this through Wikipedia: Calama, Chile has an average rainfall of around 5 millimeters. Five. Millimeters.
    Well. That was that. I thought ahead, thought about our future, all the plans I had for us, the things we could be, the game files we could hundred percent. I spent the next few days looking up at the sky, studying the way it looked, and hoping, perhaps being a little paranoid, praying a single drop would fall. The last day came with an absolute sense of dread for me. I felt that if I didn’t somehow make it rain in Atacama, Jessie would be gone forever. The last night was a night shoot, which left me plenty of time to play Ocarina of Time on my 3DS while brainstorming about my problem. I lost my will to play just when I was called to grab the equipment.

    I shoved the 3ds in my back pocket and set out with Jessie to the desert for what felt like the last night I’d ever spend with the woman I loved. We set up for the shoot and she started work, while I sat down on a rock in the almost lifeless desert. An uncomfortable pressure near the seat of my pants reminded me where I’d left my 3ds and I slipped a hand back to remove it, flipping it open to find myself talking to that crazy windmill guy. Sighing and putting my chin in my hand, balanced on my knee, I pressed A a couple times to skip the text, until I heard the familiar playing of the ocarina. Oh right. I needed to play the song.

    The song… of storms. The irony was devastatingly painful and I couldn’t believe how much God hated me. However, because watching Jessie only made me more depressed and I couldn’t think of anything else to do, I entertained fate and played the stupid song. The familiar melody floated from my 3ds in the quiet of the night air and for a brief second, the moment seemed almost magical. Jessie turned, probably to ask me to turn it down, looking stunned. She must have recognized the tune, too. I mumbled my sorry, and felt something moist hit my hand. My first thought was that I’d been so bored I’d drooled on myself, but when I looked down, my breath stilled at the sight of a drop of water, resting so serenely on my hand, I thought I was dreaming. Then, another drop hit my arm, then my head.

    “That’s coming out of my paycheck” I mused as I watched a sudden downpour soak the camera equipment. I was absolutely lost for words. The only thing I could think to do was shove my 3ds back in my pocket, get up, and walk over to Jessie. Our eyes met each other, both incredibly stumped, and then, shaking her head, she smiled and threw herself on me. She whispered how sorry she was, that she was just scared, scared she wouldn’t be good enough. I squeezed her, our clothes sticking together because we were both soaked in the downpour. I kissed her, and then I did something only a complete hopeless nerd would do, only because I couldn’t believe what had just happened with the game. I tried to quote Ocarina of Time as I took out the ring, and offered it to her once more. It is something that grows over time… a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger over time.
    She returned my kiss, thumbed my cheek as she put on the ring, and laughed. I'll grant you the honor of carrying me.

    So that’s the story of Chile, my wife Jessie, and the Song of Storms changing everything for me. Pretty unbelievable, isn’t it? But it happened. Maybe I’ll rethink playing the 25th anniversary cd at our wedding.

    1. Sakume says:

      Note: This is a fictional story and not a personal account. Also apologies for the spacing issues on some parts. :>

    2. Sara says:

      If this entry doesn't win…. well, I'd be pretty pissed if this entry didn't win.

  303. rik209 says:

    I would play the song of healing, to heal all government people from the crazy idea that anything like SOPA is going to work.

    That way, I will always be able to enjoy awesome fan sites like zeldauniverse

  304. Kari says:

    I would use the Song of Time/Tune of Ages so I could go back in time and relive it all, fixing mistakes along the way. I'd come up on a situation and be able to say "I did ____ last time and that didn't go so well, so I'm going to do ____ instead." If I said something wrong, I'd make sure I said something right. If I was dishonest about something, I'd be honest instead. I'd focus more in school, I'd be more outgoing, workout more so I can stay fit and not have my current worry about fitting perfectly in a slim wedding dress. I'd make better financial decisions before it's too late. I've always had that "what if…" mentality when contemplating my past. What would life be like now, had I made better decisions? I'll never know. I'll just wish I had that melody to play and then move on with my life. The only downside would not be learning from those mistakes. Mistakes are blessings after all.

  305. Brad says:

    I would play the Serenade of Water in order to warp to my family's lake cabin in Wolfeboro, NH. It would certainly make getting up there easy and more bearable!

  306. Loftwing81 says:

    I would play the Song of Time so it would make me a little kid again. As a 15 year old kid I realize now that life is becoming harder and very stressing, time is moving way to fast for me. I wish I could go back in time. I miss being a kid, don't we all!? Being a kid was able to explore a new world full of wonder……but now as you grow up you begin finding out that life is becoming more depressing, and dull. I miss elementary school where all you did was color and have fun at recess, but now its all about study, study, study just to much stress, I wish I could relive my child hood it was much more simpler and clearer back then just having fun playing with friends and exploring the memorable worlds of zelda, hahaha if the song of time was real…if it actually took me back in time, it would make me happy.

  307. Zettobi says:

    What song would I play? Well, that's a hard choice but after thinking about it for quite a while I decided I would play Serenade of Water.
    I choose this because it would teleport me to Lake Hylia and I would be able to live in Hyrule. Any other teleportation song would work really, except Bolero of Fire- since I don't want to be in the middle of a volcano. Since I'm in Hyrule, wouldn't that make the other songs work as well? It's a win-win situation.

  308. Nan says:

    Really tough choice. I'd have to go with song of storms, first off because it is one of my favorite songs. Second, I'm a student in Organic Agriculture, so I would use it in places that were in a drought, so that farmers would have enough water for the plants and animals. The huge fires in the southwest of the U.S. would be better controlled, but a little bit is still needed (the giant sequoias need fire to drop their seeds) Arid, third world regions would get more water, so that more local food can be produced and they will have cleaner drinking water. When used correctly, song of storms could lead to a more harmonious world.

  309. thedarklink413 says:

    i would play ballad of the wind fish it is my favorite legend of Zelda song

  310. Red Bear LuX says:

    I'd play Saria's song, whenever I got bored and get everyone in the room to dance like a Goron. Either that or go to a crowded place and make the best flash dance of all time… Goron style 😀

  311. Destonory says:

    I would play Song of Storms because my school is like a maze and 3 years in, i'm still getting lost in it. So i would flood the school and recreate the water temple from Ocarina of Time.

  312. Vince says:

    I would play the Song of Time and slow down time to give myself more time to play Zelda!

  313. Max says:

    Oh Mondays, don't we all hate them? Well I think I have the perfect solution! On a chilly Monday morning, get out of bed and muster up the strength to pull out your trusty ocarina. Just play A A D D F F, and thats right, in seconds it will be Monday night!! Just a few more plays and it will be Friday night, time to get a good chance to sleep in! I would choose the Song of Double Time to allow me to get through tough days, or to just get closer to another day (maybe a time such as my birthday or Christmas). Although it may be tiring to get out of bed on those Monday mornings, the rewards are far greater than the steps necessary to get them. Now, where did I put that ocarina…

  314. Austin Taylor says:

    I would play the Prelude Of Light, warp to the temple of time and go back 7 years and attempt to stop every tragedy that has befallen. I would bring back some piece of evidence that I am in fact from the future so everyone would heed my warnings. I'd evacuate Louisiana, for one, to save them from Katrina, then do the same for the Tsunamis. There are a million things I would do, other then personal things. Yes, I know the Temple of Time doesn't exist in the real world, but neither do magical songs..we're using our imagination here right? 🙂

  315. Joe says:

    Although all the songs on the ocarina are AWESOME, I'd have to go with the song played while wearing the Bremen mask. It's a very catchy tune, I would have an entourage of animals following me around, and it's a song that seems to make people happy. Who doesn't like making people happy? Not to mention, it would be easy to open a very successful pet store…

  316. Kevin says:

    Asking me to choose one song is madness but if i had to i would choose this song v > < ^ give up it is the the Ballad Of Gales. I would use that to travel the world or just places that i need to go to get away from the crazy gas prices and ridiculous airplane tickets prices. Not only those reasons but it would just be super cool to teleport anywhere you want. "ITS DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! TAKE THIS."

  317. Linkforeverawakened says:

    Hmm…it took me a while to think of which song I would play, but I think I finally found the perfect one. The Song of Time, used in Majora's Mask to bring the player 3 days in the past, is my choice. Its an incredible, inspirational, and recognizable tune that means a lot to anyone that has played the game.
    The reason I would play it is because I really want to start over. I've made a lot of mistakes, and I wish to the Goddesses that I could fix em. Also, if I went back in time, I technically wouldn't have played the Song of Time yet. Therefor, I would get to choose ANOTHER song, most likely being The Song of Healing. My cousin died about a year ago, and I think that the Song of Healing would at least heal his mother's heart.
    Thanks for reading my comment, and I really hope I win. It'd be an awesome birthday present!

  318. Chris says:

    I would play New Wave Bossa Nova. Its jazzy essence is underrated and needs to be heard by all ears. Afterall, it is groovy enough to make anyone want to sing their hearts out and awaken their inner spirits.

  319. Alwime says:

    The main reason I love Zelda is the time… I've always wanted be able to manipulate time itself to go back to past mistakes and fix them and more recently, to save the life of my closest person… But in the middle of the pain of losing and fail, I've realized that life is that way, death always will come after us and that's our final fate as mortal, we need to have the courage enough to sacrifice our most precious possesions to gain the knowledge of how to recover in the darkest time and be powerful for ourselves and for all the people we love and who love us.
    My song is the Ballad Of The Goddess because in its lyrics prophesies the ascencion of that person that will be able to overcome darkness and become the hope for the world and, in every Zelda game, is not Link who is the hero, is ourselves, our actions may be the hope for the world.
    So I would use the magical song to teach the world the importance of acceptance, the hope we all need. We are in a very dark era, we need to remeber how the world could be with hope, courage, wisdom and, subsequent, power. The hope is Hylia, the hope will always lend us courage to fight, the courage is Farore, as we fight to reach our goal, we gain knowledge and wisdom to do it better and not to fail, that's Nayru in our behalf and, finally after we have had hope, we've been fighting with courage and we became wise, we finally got the power to reach our goals, and Din is there.
    All the world, hear the Ballad of the Goddess and remeber, we are the owners of our fate, we can change the world, we can fight and never let demise and evil win this eternal war between good and evil.

  320. Hunt says:

    Me? i would get a bat and play elegy of emptiness so i could knock that crepy statue's block off, Ever since the BEN story on creepy pasta that statue still haunts my nightmares.(shiver)

  321. izzy says:

    The Sun's Song, definitely! Why? Well, have you ever thought about the usefulness of this song when we're in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse? It's like, the perfect weapon! Stuck in a basement corner with an hungry mob of the undead? BAM, all frozen! You get your chance at escape, and, if you're feeling adventurous, you even have enough time to teabag one or two; talk about payback!

  322. Konner says:

    I would use the Scarecrow's song. I get to make it myself, with my own rhythm and own notes, and I get to have a buddy appear whenever I'm lonely and in need of a true friend who can help me. It's nice to have a good friend to rely on every now and then, and why not have it be a talking, hopping scarecrow! 😀

  323. Dion B says:

    I would play Saria's Song for two reasons. First, this is a song that symbolizes a friendship between two childhood friends lost to time. No matter when or where you are, this song reconnects you to Saria, even though seven whole years have passed. The second reason, is that this song led to one of my favorite scenes in the entire Zelda series. Darunia dancing! If you don't remember this, you need to Google it and watch a clip on it, because it makes me laugh so much every time. A song perfect enough to make someone dance as crazy as he does deserves to be played on a nonstop loop!

  324. Shanidar says:

    Malo Mart Theme [Twilight Princess]

    Just to remind me and everybody else that life will take it's course.

    Few years ago I was at crossroads in my life and didn't know what to do next. Lots of worries and anxiety, but also a time full of Twilight Princess, with my mom looking over my shoulder (and "giving hints" as she puts it, i.e. stating the obvious, like "with the key you can probably open the door that was closed!").
    Whenever we entered the Malo Mart we just couldn't help it and do the lil' dance for minutes. I guess that's the reason the playtime was well over 130 minutes. Twilight Princess provided the much needed escapism in difficult times.

    It has no use to worry about the future. Because one moment you'll be fighting off bokoblins and the next moment you're bobbin' your head to the silly dance in Malo Mart.

  325. Nelson says:

    I would use the buttons to play The Prelude of Light so I could go to the Temple Of Time and save Hyrule and possibly the planet from Ganondorf, The King of Evil.

  326. MoronOfTime says:

    I would use the Song of Time (let's say in the Majora's Mask context, though for more than 3 days) so that I could go back a few years and say goodbye to my nan one last time.

  327. John Paul says:

    I would play the song of time from majoras mask so that if i dont win this jacket i would just go back in time and post the comment that wins.

  328. Kylelink says:

    If I could use the Composers’ Notes to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games to change something in the world, the song I would play is the Song of Healing for my grandmother. Five months ago, my grandfather passed away. I know I cannot revive him now but I'd play this song to heal my grandmother of her broken heart and for her to forget her loss.

  329. Danielle says:

    I would play the song of double time on weekday mornings, and the inverted song of time on the weekends. That way I could spend a lot more time playing video games! 🙂

  330. Andrew says:

    I would use the command melody from Wind Waker to control people and other items and make them do things for me 🙂

  331. Nik says:

    These buttons open endless possibilities for any Zelda fan. What song would I compose? If I had to choose just one, it would be Zelda's Lullaby. It's the melody that brings mystery in the beginning and emotions in the end. It's the melody that opens up doors to magical realms. It's the melody that is a sign of trust for those who know it. The whole series is represented by it, and there is no other song that is closer to me.

  332. Nick says:

    If I could use one of the songs to change my life, I would use the Song of Healing. Two years ago this March, I lost my aunt to cancer. She was a well established person in her community. She was one of the relatives who I grew up around. The end of her life was very painful, both emotionally, and physically. So I would use the Song of Healing to heal her and make her better so then she could have still been with us today.

  333. Michael says:

    I would use the Composers' Notes to play Nayru's Wisdom. We are all intelligent beings, but everyone can always use more wisdom. Although intelligence and wisdom are both very similar, they are also radically different. After all, having intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but having wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

  334. abletothink says:

    If I could play any song it would be The Sun's Song/Song of Passing (their the same just from different games) so I wouldn't have to wait so long for games I was looking forward to.

    It would have been the Song of Storms because I like rain but we've had the wettest year on record in here in Cincinnati and I'm sick of wiping off muddy dog feet.

  335. mp3me115 says:

    I would play the Elegy of Emptiness. This song, from Majora's Mask, is used to summon an inanimate statue. With the help of this song, I could summon statutes that look like people who perhaps are not in this world anymore. It's almost like bringing back the dead. I could help others who miss someone dearly by playing this song. I could also replace myself, or others. It could help as evidence in a case, or to just skip class. It might even be able to save someones life, someone who has to be at two places at the same time, just didn't know it until they reached one place. It can be used for so much! Oh, and if I ever have a switch I need to press 😉

  336. The darkness lord says:

    I would use the song of time…not to some 'moral activity", but to make sure I would win this contest. I would travel back in time and give the winning aswer myself, before the 'actual winner' could give it XD

  337. Noah Friscopp says:

    If I could play any song, it would be the prelude of light because then I could transport to hyrule, learn hylian and then come back somehow to teach it to all of you good people.

  338. Emilee B. says:

    It is hard to pick one song that I would want to play with the composer notes. As a musician and a Legend of Zelda Lover I am more than inclined to listen to all the Zelda songs over and over again. I find such passion and heart in the melodies that any would be awesome to play. But when it comes down to it I would pick Saria's Song. Saria's Song has a feeling and power of inspiration. In Ocarina of Time Link had to play Saria's Song to help Darunia find happiness. He not only broke out into a passionate dance he finally felt able to talk to Link about his own issues. Though the Song of Time would be awesome to play to change all the bad things that happened to everyone, the Song of Healing can heal people's lives and make them better, but in the long run we need the bad to find a place of good. In every Zelda game no matter how bad times got a hero will always rise. That is what the moral of Zelda is. Saria's Song inspires people to be happy, to dance and to be with and make friends no matter how lost they are or how dark the world seems. This is why I would play Saria's Song because The Legend of Zelda isn't about changing the bad, it is about facing the evil in the world and making it better. There will always be reincarnations of evil, but there will also be reincarnation of the Hero of Time and I want to help inspire that hero rise above the darkness.

  339. adrian says:

    i would play the song of time to go back in time and save the world from devastating events and get every nintendo console and get original zelda games

  340. Triforceknight says:

    I would have to play Zelda's Lullaby because it is the first Legend of Zelda song I've ever heard in my life and its also my favourite. I've learned how to play it on 5 different instruments and I've played it in concerts. Someday id like to play it at my wedding and then later on play it for my children to help them fall asleep. This song is gonna be at the most important parts of my life.

  341. Jasmine says:

    I would use the song of time. I could run around and try everything without worrying about the consequences. I would sleep when work was necessary and still be 3 days ahead of schedule! If someone died, I could find the cause and negate their death. I could prevent crime and help people. I could be lazy but it wouldn't matter! I would learn a foreign language in a single day! I would travel without worrying about expenses! The song of time is truly useful to myself and other people.

  342. Chankroyd says:

    I would use the song of storms so I could tend to farmer's crops during the drought seasons and also to provide people in countries without water.

  343. Josh says:

    I would arrange these into the Song of Healing. Not only is it symbolically and audibly beautiful, but it's kind gestures can touch even those with the most troubled of spirits, such as a daughter's cursed father, a dishonored hero, a suffering musician, an imprisoned dancer, a composer who's soul isn't exactly healed by it, but is soothed by it, and even your own. And, since it is Saria's Song backwards, it has a connection to the place where you are taught the first song Sheik teaches you.

  344. LinkedTHRULife says:

    I would love to play the Song of Healing… do I really need to explain?? It would uplift everybody around, and just throws out all that emotional baggage that people carry around. And if it could heal wounds? Even better, I could go play it around all the halls of hospitals and just give everyone a new shot at life.

  345. Corey says:

    i would definetely play the song of time. I am an EXTREMELY goofy person so I mess things up alot. With the song of time I could go back in time and correct my mistakes and over all make mine and my relatives lives easier. I am also in college to become a probation officer, so this is definetely a good song to play in case I get into any unfortunate situations LOL! Song of time is just so classic in OoT and Majoras mask also. Hope I win thanks for reading!

  346. James R says:

    If only I had the Ocarina of Time, I would play "The Song of Healing" from Majora's Mask. One of my oldest friends is dying of breast cancer and it is not looking to well. However she is a fighter and has lots of courage having to go through Chemotherapy 5 days a week and still surviving (maybe she has the Triforce of Courage!!!). So yes I would in a heartbeat play those mystical notes for her to get better.

  347. Pbowman2 says:

    If I could use the composers notes to play one of the songs from the legend of Zelda series to change something in my life and the world I would choose to play the new wave bossa nova from majora's mask. With the new wave bossa nova I would break the top 40 music charts and tour the world. While on tour I would explore all that I could just as link does in each of his adventures. Also, since my jazz band and i would probably be international super stars we would have a huge influence on the youth around the world. Therefore we would all teach by example qualities link portrays in each of the LOZ games. Qualities like courage, integrity, passion, and compassion. We would teach the youth of tomorrow to never give up and all ways carry an extra red potion with you.

  348. Madison Murphy says:

    I'm going to have to say that the song of Healing because my Grandma has had hart problems in the past, and recently fell and damaged her leg but shes doing better now so… I'm just glad that shes o.k.! (: Thanks, hope I win!

  349. Morgan Valois says:

    I would play Zelda's lullaby if I could play any Zelda song and better the world. The song is absolutely beautiful and used to express many feelings throughout the Zelda franchise, which makes the games even more meaningful. I believe playing her lullaby could help bring a sense of peace and hope. Perhaps calm the angry, stop violent thoughts and shameless crimes, comfort a less fortunate child or family, and bring hope to those in need. Whenever I hear the melody played time seems to slow and blissful tears start to shed. Playing the lullaby would bring a peaceful and happy state of mind to the world.

  350. rohxez says:

    If I could play any Zelda song I would play the Song of Soaring because getting to travel around the world like Link (whether by foot, horse, song, or owl) has always been one of those childhood longings of mine that come from growing up playing Legend of Zelda games. If I could have my own Kaepora Gaebora swoop down and fly me anywhere I can imagine, then my life would surely be complete.

  351. Tarkin says:

    I would play Saria's Song, so then I could dance all of lifes problems away just like Darunia, even if it's only for a little while…

  352. Zetsu Yagami says:

    I would use the Song Of Time to traverse through the ages of the world, and use my power of the magical melody to repair the wrongs that have been done. I'd use the power of the melody to prevent many deaths that had taken place throughout the years, including the deaths of my family and friends and even unknown bystanders. I'd even go to the extreme of prevent Lincoln's death and the sorrowful 9/11/01 incident with the Twin Towers as well as JFK's death too. With this one song and its magical capabilities, I'd be able to get incredible grades on history reports because i'd be able to go back in time and actually interview important political figures such as John Adams or Paul Revere. I'd probably venture into the future to see what the world turns into. But the most incredible thing i'd use the Song of Time for is to reunite myself with my best friends and undo all my mistakes. Point is, If i had the power of the Song Of Time, I would try to become a real-life Hero of Time. One Last thing, I'd probably go back in time and prevent Castro's takeover of Cuba and prevent the Cuban-Missile Crisis.

  353. Andy says:

    If I were to use one Song it would be the Song of Healing; I would travel around and curing anyone I met of pains that plagued their hearts and minds (like depression and phobias, pain from the loss of a loved one, or a thought that holds them back from being happier such as lost confidence) or their bodies (like cancer and other medically un-curable diseases); turning the pain into masks and allowing them to destroy the mask, thereby destroying their pain.

    1. Andy says:

      This applies to any creature that is pained; man or animal

  354. maxi-poo says:

    Although there are (obviously) many breat choices, many songs really only have a restricted use. Most songs are so specialized that it’s impossible to say why I’d choose them while saying something original. Unless, of course, I wrote some story about it (but that would disqualify me, considering I wouldn’t be telling you why I chose it.

    So I choose the Nocturne of Shadow. Although it’s a specialized song, I like the metaphor. It’s one of two warp songs that are mandatory, so it’s the first time Sheik is actually needed. Zelda teaches it to you because she’s worried about Impa, so it represents trust. Zelda could easily have not trusted the well-being of her extremely close friend to you, but instead chose to let you go without her. She has intense faith in you, so I’d use it to show one way I care about people: I trust you to help me. Even if I’m scared, I know I can trust you to be someone to stand on, even if we don’t know each other well.

    So it’s a way of saying “I love you”.

  355. For sure if I could, the Sonata of Awakening I'd play,
    Because the world needs to wake up, so who fought now can lay.
    I couldn't play any song, if I was asleep.
    I will play this sonata, because I want it from deep.
    No matter who talks, if the others don't listen.
    And while the rest doesn't care, he keeps being set back.
    If no one said you're a slave, doesn't mean you're the lord then.
    We build our way fancing were it will take.
    But we can't keep going if the queue is not awake.

  356. Cledley says:

    I would play the Song of Storms. The rain has always calmed me down. No matter what happens, it will always rain (in the UK definitely ;D) and i would just look out the window and see the rain. Stick my head out (and get wet obviously) and fell refreshed. Whenever it is played, I feel the song and feel the rain and the refreshment that goes with them.

  357. Mr. Bremen says:

    I would play the Song of Healing. No, it’s not for the literal use of it; I like it as a metaphor. The Song of Healing is used to heal people, which I would undoubtedly do. But I would instead use it to show that there’s still hope. In the game, a moon is coming to destroy the world, for crying out loud!

    But, in the midst of it, there’s still hope. This song can show that, even in such a corrupt and doomed world, there is still hope. I’m a religious person, so I can tell you the song, to me, doesn’t mean that we have a hope to make the world a utopia. It’s impossoble for us to reach that state of peace, which is undeniable whether you’re religious or atheistic. It’s unrealistic, so this song makes me think about how, even as such a horrible person, there’s still hope for me. Everyone has their own moon preventing them from being a truly good person, but I (metaphorically speaking) already have my own hero waiting to call the giants to stop it from falling right on me, leaving nothing but the accursed Mask salesman. It has spiritual meaning to me.

    I brings me peace of mind, even if the magic doesn’t work.

  358. thejej says:

    I would play the Song of Healing to heal my grandma of her rising Alzheimer's problems. I believe this would give me and my family more time to talk to her reasonably because she wouldn't be forgetting things. On another note, I would also use the Song of Time to relive fun moments of my life.

  359. Luisa says:

    I would play The Song of Time to go back to 2002 so I can re-live my childhood and change all of the mean and horrible things I've said/done to my older brother before he passed away in '08.

  360. MichelleSchulte says:

    I'd use the Song Of Soaring from Majora's Mask to teleport to owl statues to save more time and money than using public transit, walking, and driving. There would be less accidents in the world and things would be somewhat a lot easier.

  361. Viola Wonsey says:

    The song I'd use will be the Song of Time. I would use to this to either the roadblocks that are in my way or "summon" blocks to help me through life. Since we all have obstactles in our way, that would be very helpful to use to get by them, just like how Link use it so many times in Ocarina of Time.
    I also love that song just for the melody and I had practice really hard to learn how to whistle it when I'm in trouble or just walking around hoping something pops up.

  362. Oldsoul says:

    I’m going to have to go with the Song of Soaring. Could you imagine if everyone had access to that power? We’d have less pollution because once you struck the owl statue at your job, BAM! no car necessary! We could be on time everywhere. We would save SOOO much money. Me personally? I love Majora’s mask, love the ecclectic melodies to it’s songs, and I absolutely HATE driving! This song would keep me from going to prison for my inevitable homocidal fit of road rage. Maybe that nice hoodie will keep me smiling. If I win, consider it a huge public service as well. Blessings!

  363. Milan says:

    I would play the Elegy of Emptiness because there are many things in life that I'm too lazy to do so create a clone of me would be very useful.

  364. Ocarina_Man says:

    I would use the notes to play the song of time. I would then travel back in time to play each of the Zelda games for the first time again. They were some of the best moments in my life and I would love to relive them for the first time again. So many great memories from my childhood relived again, it would be priceless!

  365. Robbie says:

    If I could use one song it would be Song of Awakening from MM to help me stay awake during school.

  366. Robbie says:

    If I could use one song it would be Song of Awakening from MM to help me get out of bed in the morning.

  367. Eric Kage S. says:

    If i could play any song it would be the song of time so that if I don't win this contest I can go back in time to change my answer so that i could win this contest and win the jacket.

  368. Kyle says:

    My favorite song is the Bolero of Fire from Ocarina of Time. And as Sheik says, it's a song about the passion of friendship so I would use the teleportation powers of the song to help my friend who is very down on his luck find a way to better his life.

  369. Liz Razza says:

    Even though it isn't a playable song, I would chose the menu song from OOT. This song, no matter when i hear it, brings me back to my childhood. To a simpler time, when you could sit and enjoy the game, with no worries about where your next meal is going to come from, no stress about paying bills, and family issues. There is always one song that brings people back to a simpler time, and the menu song from OOT does that for me.

  370. Ale says:

    I would play the Song of Soaring so I could get from place to place. I'd soar on the wings of an owl, and carve out little owl statues to leave at the important places like the college parking lot, parking garage at work, boyfriend's house, my house, and then send owl statues to friends and family all over the place so I could be there for them as quick as playing a song on the ocarina…


    I should probably learn to play the ocarina.

  371. Maurizio says:

    I would play the song of storms. It is indeed my favorite song in the whole zelda series. Now what would i do with that song? Now that is a tough question. The obvious answer would be to play the song anywhere there is a drought or any lack of water, but who wouldnt wanna do that? Now me, id like to play the song so my soccer practice gets cancelled so i could spend time with my family and friends. Also because i just love the rain and running in it, i could also use it to grab a girl and kiss them in the rain for a romantic moment (; no doubt i would use it to fix drought as i said above but there are more personal reason for using my favorite song in the real world.

  372. Sandra says:

    I would choose Song of Healing, From MM. Since i can remember, my dad and I have played Zelda games alot. He's the one who got me in to them. Recently he was diagnosed with Lung cancer. Not from smoking, but from a horrible gas found in homes. his whole right lung had to be removed. and is now going threw chemo. It is by far the worst thing i've had to see him go threw, and i look up to him. If i could play this song for him and heal him of everything. It would be amazing. The symphonic Wind ensemble that i am, is actually arranging "song of healing" for our spring concert, and dedicating it to my dad.

  373. Karadom says:

    Certainly the Song of Time. I would love to go back to those blissfully ignorant days of my childhood. Back when there wasn't any homework. No stresses. No pressures. Just a time of pure fun. Back when Sundays meant going to my grandparents for dinner. Back when friends were just a few houses away. We were kings. The world was ours.

  374. Jacob says:

    I would use the song of time to go back about two weeks to stop me from making the mistake I made that caused me to lose my love…

  375. linkinwisdom says:

    I would deff play the song of swords in order to steam the flow of annoying customers at my place of work….a jamba juice in CA…..

  376. Mary says:

    I would play the Song Of Storms. Mostly because I am absolutely obsessed with the tune and everyone is tired of hearing it on piano (hehe). Also because I love rain and storms.

  377. Chris T. says:

    I would play the song of storms to make it rain….money that is. I would give all the gathered money to those who are less fortunate and need some financial aid. Hopefully they will be wise enough to follow Kaepora Gaebora's wisdom and spend a little bit of that money to buy a zelda game 🙂

  378. brodouche says:

    I would play the Song of Time in order to go back in time to let my cousin know that he has pancreatic cancer and to get something done before it was too late. Unfortunately he found out about it with only months left to live, but if I could go back in time, I would be able to let him know that this was going on so he could try and get things better for himself.

  379. Sara D says:

    I would play the Song of Soaring from Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask. I have always wanted to travel the world, but due to financial hardships I most likely wont be able to do much traveling in my life. By being able to play this song, I will be able to go all over :). Also, I would be able to help people that need it by being able to travel to less fortunate areas and try to do my best to help them by bringing food, water or even blankets/clothing. I would only hope I wouldn't have to activate the Owl Statues to let this happen.

  380. CanadaTacos says:

    I would use Sarias Song to talk to all
    my long ago and lost friends. Especially
    my best buddy Benny. See you soon bud. R.I.P. <3

  381. David says:

    Song of Storms, easy. It could be very practical in all actuality. Its hypnotic melody could be used to summon storms in areas of long droughts, to create water reservoirs, and keep the land healthy and strong. Plus, the evil demon inside me wants to play the song during football games. Epic super bowl settings? Aw, yeah.

  382. If would play the serenade of water so I could go chill with the zoras 🙂

  383. Braxton M says:

    I would probably play the Command Melody from Wind Waker because I would use it to take control of people and objects to do my work for me. The main thing I use it for is to control my teachers at school to not give me homework so I could re beat every Zelda game again!

  384. @ShadowPoe says:

    I would play the Song of Storms. I would play it to provide rain to people so they can have fresh water to drink, bathe with, and keep for emergencies.

  385. Taylor Haycraft says:

    I would play the Song of Healing to get rid of my diabetes.

  386. last_sheikah says:

    Though most people will say they want to play the song of storms to make rain, the song of healing to heal the sick, or the song of time to relive or change the past, I'm reminded of the words of Sheik "The flow of time is always cruel… Its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it… A thing that doesn't change with time is a memory of younger days…"
    I would play the Minuet of Forest to remind me of these words and also to keep making memories.

  387. Kai Thiessen says:

    Well, it really pains me to see others in pain, physically or emotionally. I would simply use the Song of Healing to help those in pain. I wouldn’t try to ‘Play God’ with it and go around healing everyone and everything, as pain and problems are part of life, but I would use it when it seemed most suitable, perhaps if someone was at the end of their line, I could give them new hope with the song, help them continue to fight and become stronger. I wouldn’t want people to rely on the song for healing, I’d just want them to know it was there when they really needed it. I wouldn’t want to abuse it for small problems, as we all get stronger when we can overcome our problems, but sometimes we do need assistance, and that’s where I would provide the song. Of course, I wouldn’t go around to everyone playing the song, rather, my friends and family would come first, as they are the most important to me, and it pains me most to see them pained. As long as the people around me are happy, I’m happy, and that’s all that matters. So as long as I could use it to help the people that are important to me, I would. However, if I come across someone I don’t know and it seems they could use the help of the Song of Healing as well, in true tradition of the Hero, I wouldn’t hesitate to play it, after all, I know that there are others that feel the same way about them as I do about my friends and family, and I wouldn’t want those people to suffer either, so of course, I would want to help.

  388. Andrei Neri says:

    I‛ve been through many hardships and bitter moments. My parents divorced because my dad drugged with cocaine, that was a hole year problem. I‛ve tried to suicide. My mom and i lived a season with her new boyfriend and it was a torture. Years have past since, and we have conquered that hardships one by one, and zelda was always an inspiration for me. What song i‛ll play? Saria‛s Song, cuz maybe i dont have a perfect life, but now im happy with everything that me and my family have, and i want to share that happiness with everyone and dance like darunia!

  389. Julia says:

    I would play the Minuet of Forest. Kokiri forest is so magical; it's always been my favourite place in Legend of Zelda. When I'm stressed or just need a minute to myself, I would warp to Kokiri forest to take a minute and relax. I would play in the water, or talk to everyone, or even sleep for a while. If i had a friend who was going through a rough time, I'd warp them so that they could have some time to themselves as well. To have this personal sanctuary where I could relax, explore, or have fun, would be so valuable to me. It wouldn't make the world a better place, but it would make a huge difference in my life and the lives of those around me.

  390. Rose says:

    I would play the Wind God's Aria! Beside the fact that it awakens Makar as the Wind Sage, it can be used for much more in my opinion. A lot of the time, my friends and I don't know what to do. If I pull out my Violin and play the Wind God's Aria, well, we would all just start dancing! It's such a cheerful song and it reminds me of friendship. Friendship is the most important thing in this world and without it, the world would be full of hatred and chaos. If I lived in that kind of world, I would pull out my Violin and play the Wind God's Aria. It would remind people of how lucky there are. Without the Wind God's Aria, Without Friendship, there would be nothing to do but yell at one another. That's not a world, I want to live in and I think the rest of you agree. The Wind's God's Aria. Pure Friendship.

  391. @paobloom says:

    I probably would play Minuet of Forest! It's my favorite of the warp songs. I would use it to teleport to Hyrule of course, and spend my summer vacation there <3 I think it will be the only way to reach that land. Actually I've already have my own ocarina (an ocarina of time's replica), and I always practice all OoT songs! I'm not a very musical person, but play an ocarina it's really easy and fun.

    Thanks fot the contest!

  392. animegamergirl says:

    I would play the "Song of Healing"! It is my favorite ocarina song! It just meant so much to me when I was growing up. I would wish that it worked so I could get better when I was sick. Play for my grandpa who has passed away. It could help so many of life's problems. Help those who are suffering from cancer. Make people who are mentally ill better. Maybe even it could have healed my hamster (who is also gone). This is just such a moving piece and I love it to this day. I just wished it could really work in real life.

  393. heroofmasks says:

    i would play th song of healing to heal restless of ghost and people who are in pain dying thn burried there masks so no one can use them for evil

  394. Gaz says:

    I would play Zelda's Lullaby to lull my daughter to sleep because her middle name is Zelda.

  395. rockstar33125 says:

    I would play the Song of Healing. I’d use its power to heal the world. Fix all of the problems we have. Poverty, hunger, cancer, AIDs, everything. I would make this place a world with no pain and no sorrow. No death, no war, no tears

  396. VertigoRules says:

    The song that I would play is the Song of Healing, for my friend. She's not having the best time of her life right now, some people are treating her bad and that really sucks. And I really want her to feel better. So that's the song I would choose.

  397. StavrosMike says:

    I would play the Ballad of the Wind Fish. That way, I would hopefully awaken the Wind Fish so that I myself can wake up from this nightmare that is my life.

  398. aasilee says:

    I would play the inverted song of time, my fiancé is from Europe and I'm from America, I'm constantly travelling from one country to another, and sometimes I just wish time would go just a lil' bit slower… , time passes so fast when i have to leave either my family or my friends & fiancé, I just wish I had more time for everyone. If there would be a warp song from Europe to America instead of Lake Hylia or the Temple of Time that would be useful too. 🙂

  399. Luke says:

    Ah-ha! It worked! I hope I win!

  400. Luke says:

    I would play the Song of Time and go back in time 5 minutes, just to see if it would work.

  401. Brandon says:

    I would play the Song of Time, so i could go back to the night my grandfather died and tell him I love him. People always tell me "You're going to regret not going to prom" or "You're going to regret not coming over tonight."

    No. No I wont. Because I know what regret is. Regret isn't something that you can tell yourself you will feel if you don't go somewhere. Regret is a feeling deep within you that will never fade away, and will never heal. A question gone unanswered, a wish gone unheard.

    It's impossible to turn back the clock to any point in our lives. We can only learn from our mistakes and accept that we will never see, speak to, or hear the voices of our loved ones for the rest of eternity, until the end of time. This is why i would give up the ability to change the weather, call a horse, or make the sun rise or set. Just to go back and make things right.

    To anyone reading this; I know your friends or family members might make you angry from time to time. But just learn to let it go, because they may be gone before you know it. Give your all to the people you love, and remind them of what they mean to you. Appreciate what you have before time makes you realize what you had.

  402. Michelle says:

    If I could pick one song to change the world I would pick the song of storms. I would utilize the song to make it rain endlessly, so much that it would flood the lands. Meanwhile I would build a giant ship similar to Linebeck’s, save all the Zelda fans, and create a new world for and by Zelda fans!

  403. If you could use the Composers’ Notes to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games to change something in your life or the world, which song would you play and why?

    I would choose the Song of Time, partnered with my Ocarina of Time. There are som may things I would love to do with that melody.
    I would also use the Song of Time to go back to the 90's and travel to Japan to witness the birth of my favourite melody ever "Zelda's Lullaby" I'd travel there and meet my Heroes from the Zelda team. I would then play each note twice of the song and travel to the year 2011 on October 21st at 8:00 P.M and relive the best moment in my life, The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony. Every time that the orchestra would finish their performance I would play said melody in reverse and relive that performance all-over again in a seemingly endless loop of musical ecstasy. After this I would then play the Song of Time once again and visit my 15 year old self on the day that I was learning to play Zelda's Lullaby, and I would teach myself that melody the way Impa did to Link, then vanish in a flash as notes are heard echoing in the air. I would be content with the changes I made to my past of reliving my favourite moments in life and making my dreams come true. 😀

  404. Tristan Beilman says:

    The most magical song of all would be Saria's Song because, no matter what, in all Zelda games, it leads you to some mysterious "lost" wood when you hear it. This song also makes people happy whenever you play it around them in certain Zelda titles, so if you play it in real life people are going to become happy. Let me tell you, that would be quit a feat for the world. I know that when i listen to that song it feels me up with that catchy tune and I can just imagine in a forest with magical forest swelling creatures dancing and prancing around to the song.

  405. Javi says:

    I would play the Reverse Song of Time to slow down time, just to practice drawing and learn some programming. I want to draw the most awesome Zelda inspired fan art and a flash fan game to spread the love for Zelda.

  406. Nate Gamer says:

    Any Zelda fan ought to pick the Prelude to Light. Think about it. It teleports you into the friggin' Temple of Time. Of course, you might find yourself in any one of three separate parallel dimensions, which might be a little confusing. Nothing a little investigation wouldn't rectify.

    Look outside. Is it pleasant and melodic? Or hellfire and zombies? If it's nice outside, congratulations! You made it into the Adult Timeline! It's going to be pretty radical enjoying a world where evil has been vanquished, amirite?

    Of course, if the sky is dark and there's a floating stronghold where Hyrule Castle should be, then good luck. Enjoy getting chewed up by redead and shot at by octoroks. You'll have to scrounge for deku nuts because Hyrule Town's bakery was burned to the ground by Ganondorf's forces.

    Either way, I would make the best of the situation. Were I to find myself in a timeline where Link was either dead or AWOL, I would take it upon myself to recover the Master Sword and stab Ganondorf in the friggin' forehead. The people of Hyrule would rejoice, and Malon would love me forever.

    The end.

  407. skullkitty27 says:

    i would play the song of storms for that summer day thats WAY too hot. Or if i go to a ranch id play eponas song. 🙂 or maybe the song of time. Theres lots of things i would have done differently given the chance. Mostly id play the song of soaring because theres owl statues EVERY WHERE!!!

  408. Halcyon Hero says:

    I would play the Song of Storms to halfway-flood the world. I'm really tired of cars and freeways and all of that mess. Gonna take the boat to work from now on. No, I will not drive in a wonky tetrahedron to get to work. I will sail in a straight line.



    (Also, solve the gas crisis and other boring things like that.)

  409. @Laerenna says:

    I would play the New Wave Bossa Nova. It reminds me of the fun time my family had near the seas when I was a child. I always had a connection with water. It calms me, even when my head is a storm, which it often is. It reminds me of family times before all the trouble began. It also reminds me of growing up. The hard parts and the easy parts of life.

  410. Eli says:

    I would play the song of storms to make rain all day because it looks so beautiful

  411. Paulene says:

    I'd play the Song Of Time in real life all the time if I could so I could relive the entire second semester (the semester I'm in now) because I pretty much threw it down the drain. Not really, but I mean I pass all my requirements but then there's this little part of me that says "If you didn't procrastinate so much, that work would have been so much better!!"
    So I'd play the Song Of Time, relive the second semester and do better with my studies. Maybe then my professor won't hate me so much. 🙂

  412. Paulene says:

    I'd play the Song Of Time in real life all the time if I could so I could relive the entire second semester (the semester I'm in now) because I pretty much threw it down the drain. Not really, but I mean I pass all my requirements but then there's this little part of me that says "If you didn't procrastinate so much, that work would have been so much better!!"

  413. enikowoods says:

    I would use The song of time to go back and meet some important people that died before I got a chance to grow up and get to know them, like my grand parents and my parents and my cousins. And if I could see myself while there I would reassure myself that everything would be all right. Maybe I might talk to my older sister and see if I can get her to like me more and not torture me as much. I would also try to bring some form of current day medical research about cancer back to then so that I might even be able to save my mom and various other family members. Lastly I would try to convince myself to be a bit more outgoing and less shy about who I am. And heck while I'm at it I would try to get myself interested in Zelda at a younger age. 🙂

  414. Dionne Ortiz says:

    I would play Song of Time so I could go back into time to relive my happiest memories and to correct the things I did wrong and to do the things I would never get the chance to do.

  415. joe says:

    I would choose song of healing because their is so much pain that people are feeling and it would help them move on, to ease the pain, and make people happy just like the poor should from majora’s mask

  416. Viscen says:

    I’d play the Song of Healing. There’s a magic in those notes. Countless times when I’ve faced hardships and felt like giving up, I’d listen to the piano ballad version of that bittersweet melody, and a calm would come over me. A sort of serene calm that does in fact heal the soul and help one to understand that everything will be okay. It’s beautiful, yet tragic. That melancholy happiness helps a lost soul find peace. I would use it to help people move on. Time and time again, we see people live with regrets or guilt or a sadness they just can’t shake. Sometimes, we even see people die with those same feelings and regrets. No one should have to meet their eternal rest like that. And if there’s one thing that I learned from the tragic lives and deaths of Darmani, Mikau, and the Deku Butler’s son; it’s that no soul can truly rest peacefully, until it finds that peace of mind, heart and soul, and finally lets go and looks forward rather than dwelling on past mistakes. People need that healing. This strange melody brings it to them

  417. Shaelyn says:

    I would arrange them as the Song of Soaring from Majora's Mask.
    I have to say, I don't like the idea of choosing a song that affects other people or disrupts the balance of nature or flow of time. no, I'll stick to something small that just makes my life a little easier. I'll just actually get to work on time!

    don't look at me like that. I'm not being selfish. if I heal someone instead of letting them overcome their problem, I'm only enabling them, and they may repeat their mistakes. if I change the weather and let Texas recover from its drought, I may put another area in a drought instead, or cause a flood. and well, I just don't want to become the next Marty McFly (though I know the world will not end in 2012 because Marty McFly traveled to 2015!) I'm happy where I am and don't really want to change the past and possibly affect where I am now. knowing the future would take the fun out of life.
    nah, all those things seem like a bad idea. Song of Soaring it is!

  418. Meazles says:

    I would love to use the Song of Time to jump forward seven years. Perhaps Ganondorf will have made the world a much darker place, but at least I'll have the next Legend of Zelda game to play!

  419. Shinaynay says:

    Soooo, you know how everyone talks about the zombie apocalypse? Well, you know how the sun song can freeze those god awful Gibdos? Well what if it could freeze zombies too! So it would be really useful. So, you play the Suns song and BAM the zombies are stunned for a while. Giving you a chance to shoot those gnarly zombies brains out. No more living on edge, you see a zombie and you just play the suns song and you a few more seconds to get out your weapon of choice or run away or whatever it is you do when you see a zombie. So, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse… I would just keep my ocarina in handy… play the sun's song. I am living a full, happy life. Zombie free. To scared to mess with me. I have on ocarina.

  420. Sariah says:

    I would use the notes to play the Song of Double Time. It would be nice to skip through boring university lectures (and semesters) and work days to move forward to a more enjoyable time! And maybe I’d meet Kafei along the way, who knows?

  421. Ryan says:

    I would use the song of healing to cure my parents of their alcoholism and prevent their eventual early deaths. There’s no good way to put it , addiction is part of life but Zelda lets me go to a world where I’m the hero like I wish I could be my parents heroes. It also lets me experience powers and a different kind of magic that I’ve grown to expect and love. To summarize, Zelda gives me hope that people can learn and grow.

  422. Ashi says:

    I have an Ocarina, and I've been practicing Saria's Song. To me, playing music takes me to a different and wonderful place, it's an adventure! I'm also learning the accompanying parts, perhaps I'll get lost in the Lost Woods in the middle of my performance. Seeya later!

  423. mr.tii says:

    I would play Zelda's Lullaby in my wedding, so that my lady would have some awesomely epic music to enter the wedding with.

  424. ninjamushroom says:

    I would play the sun song, so i could brighten up anyone's and everyone's day, I could shine light in the darkest of place and give light to new hope. I would also be able to give shade to those who need a break from the limelight and hide or protect the ones that need it. Not only is it a beautiful song but u can use it to help so many people in different situations

  425. @mi1ez says:

    Epona's song because Epona's just awesome!

  426. Jelly says:

    After much deliberation and a grueling process of weeding out my favorite tunes to the one I would find the most helpful, and without regard to how many composers notes would one receive upon winning, I chose the Credits Roll from ALttP, in particular, the first minute and 52 seconds. Although it wasn't the first Zelda game I completed, that first minute and some odd seconds struck a chord with me.

    I believe that this particular segment of the credits roll has about the same amount of emotional power as any other Zelda theme. It is like the prelude to a new beginning without sounding to overbearing. It has a melancholic feel of reality and rewards, very similar to the ending theme in Adventure of Link when you awaken Zelda.

    That minute and fifty four is like saying "you've completed you're journey, you deserve a rest." I imagine this song to be played in solemn times. Whereas the Song of Healing would alleviate an individual's pain, I believe that that segment of the theme would give an individual the vitality needed through somber times. Nevertheless, both the Song of Healing and the segment of which I speak are both incredibly powerful.

    To me, that segment sounds like the support of family, the aid of friends. To me it sounds like security in a very strange and open world, and I believe everyone deserves that.

    For those interested in what I'm talking about, the link is provided below along with the Zelda II theme I referred to:

  427. Adam says:

    I would use the song of time to go back to the middle ages and make it into hyrule!!!!!!!
    It would be all zelda fans dream come true

  428. SpaGheTTi says:

    I would play Epona's song near horses every single time I encounter one. I know none will probably respond, and I'll just be left with disappointed every time I play it.. But as I play it, my wonderful memories of both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask will come back to me, filling me with joy either way.

    And needless to say, should a horse ever respond to the song, I'd race the owner for its ownership any time. If I'd fail, I'd pay him 50 rupees as often as I needed to win, because I know the reward would well be worth any amount of money. And should I win, the horse would become my magical partner for all eternity, and I'd care for it as a mother cares for her newborn baby.

  429. trinity waffles says:

    With the round-shaped composer's notes, they'd be set up to play the Song of the Hero from Skyward Sword. Why? Because at the beginning, you hear something very familiar…. hmmm. Then you feel something familiar….I know this feeling! It's giving me butterflies in my stomach that need to be caught with a bug net! That feeling is (insert item get jingle here)….!

    Nostalgia and emotion. You hear the theme of The Legend of Zelda itself! (Well, not as a whole, but it's still there, right? That's what makes you remember and feel all nostalgic.)

    I choose this song because it's everything Zelda in that one part of the song, even if it's short. It's already changed my life and I'm already in that fantasy world. I can break pots (outside any house) and no one will care! This theme, and the game, has brought millions of Zelda fans together, which I'm sure, isn't a secret to everybody…

    All in all…the first part in the Song of the Hero made me smile like crazy, and changes my reality into a fantasy. Hey, I'm listening to it right now, and I feel like Link ready to kick some evil butt.

  430. Ben Gaytten says:

    I would play the song of time, like so many others, not to change or influence anything from my past or even to find out the secrets of my future. All I would do is travel back a mere 7 weeks and 3 days to a major event in my life and witness it unfold as I was unable to do so first time round.
    My son was born 00:57 Friday 02nd December 2011 but the birth had to be done as an emergency c-section and my partner was put under general anaesthetic (sorry spelling, not sure on) so I was unable to witness my first born son enter the world.
    I would play the song of time, not to selfishly change anything in the past to improve my life in the present, or to get inside knowledge of the future so I can plan my life around some yet-to-happen event in time, merely to travel back a short period and witness a momentous occasion in my life.
    I’d travel back to see my sons first second in the world, hear his first cries, see him open his eyes for the first time.
    I would travel back to what, for most, was just another mundane moment in time but for me was a short lived moment that would change my life forever!

  431. Phantombane says:

    I would use Goron's Lullaby to make every contest entrant fall asleep and none of them replied to the contest winner announcement so I could win by default! I just better hope no one uses the Sonata of Awakening or else my selfish plan to win is over…

  432. Less says:

    I'm not.sure.what I'd play. I like Zelda's songs, but I've always wished I could day if it goes badly, so I would probably play that one the most…although I dint even know what they are as I have not played that game, ht that's still a really cool shirt!

    (Long live Lord Ghirahim!)

  433. Morgan L. says:

    To be honest, I would definately play the song of Time. I'd use this to go back and change things that I did wrong in the past. I'd play the song so that I'd actually have a chance to love the ones around me instead of locking myself up and caring about myself other than the ones around me. I'd get to spend more time with my niece and nephews instead of sitting my life away and missing the child years of thier lives. I'd also use this song to see my aunt for one last time, and just to hug her again and to change things that others did wrong and to make an impacting change on the world…

  434. Jessica says:

    I would want to play the Song of Healing, so I could heal my brother who got really hurt in Iraq. I would also want to heal my Dad who has two fake knees, a pain pump, and has to take so much medicine that he mostly sleeps all the time. If I could heal them, it would make our family normal like most peoples. Also I could help other people that have the same problem that my family has.

  435. Kathryn A. Lowe says:

    the song i would play is the song of healing. in the game the song of healing helps those who cant move on there own and helps them with a promise to finish what they started. in reallife i would play it to mend the hearst of those in my family who lost my anut kelly to cancer 6 years ago my family hasnt been the same since she left us she was the gule and if i could play the song of healing i would become what held my family together that would be my only wish. i know i cant bring here back but to carry on her job in our family would be my honor as it was links honor to carry on the mission of those who were restless.

  436. Heather says:

    I would play The Song of Time. The Song of Time in Zelda is used to remove blocks from your way (Only one of the Song's many uses), and just like Link, I think we all have a time where there are some giant blocks keeping you from doing what you really need to do. Those blocks, on numerous occasions, kept Link from reaching higher places that would eventually help him get through his challenges. I think that sounds familiar, don't you? There are always many people that want to drag us down like those blocks, they don't want us to go any higher in our life, they don't want us to be able to reach our goals. Just picture those people as the Ganondorf's in your life; all they're doing is laying out blocks one at a time for you to have to find your way around. The Song of Time helps kick out those stepping stones so we can face up to those Ganondorfs! The higher in life (or in temples, for that matter..) you climb, the closer you are to out-shining Ganondorf and living your dream. Oh yes, don't let anyone tell you that Zelda can't be compared to the real life, because the situations, no matter how fictional, can definitely be found in real life if you look at them a certain way! 😀

  437. sierra shaw says:

    I would have to say, the scarecrow’s song. Pierre’s dancing could make anyone smile. Not to mention in Majora’s Mask dancing with him makes time pass quickly. That is always benificial. Also, he is a talking dancing scarecrow after all. I may not be chosen by the goddesses but with the help of Pierre we could brighten someones day. (Along with keeping those pesky crows away from my crops!)

  438. The 10th Rider says:

    I would learn the melodic masterpiece that is most commonly known as "Zelda's Lullaby."

    While it is certainly tempting to hold the power to heal, the power to control the rain, or any of the other numerous powers held by songs in Legend of Zelda games. I would not choose one of those songs. Because all those powers are unnatural, and do not belong in this world.

    No doubt people would try to use them for the good of others, but no one can imagine the effects on the modern world that such powers would hold. You may use the song of healing to heal someone, but how long do you think it would be before the word got out? Once the world knew about it, it would quickly turn to mayhem.

    I would not, however, completely pass over every song. As there are a few songs that do have a power that is of this world. That power is music. Zelda's Lullaby, Saria's song, and a few others hold no mystical powers of their own, except the melodic power of music. Those that hear them are reminded of their own long forgotten memories, or entranced by the beauty of the song, and that is a power that one can put no price on.

  439. Nikki says:

    It's very tempting to choose the Song of Time and fix past mistakes, but the mistakes I've made helped me become the person I am today so I'm going to choose Song of Healing to bring peace to the fallen and mend the hearts of my loved ones. Wicked hoodie, BTW;)

  440. Jake says:

    I'd use the song of time in majora's mask to keep rewinding time using different answers until i won the contest. That hoodie is sweet and i would try forever till i won 😀

  441. Amy says:

    I would play the Song of Healing so I could help my sister. My sister has an extremely rare neurological disorder called "alternating hemiplegia." Basically, she has sporadic episodes of paralysis in certain limbs of her body. For example, her right arm may suddenly become stiff, but her left arm will still be mobile while her left leg may become stiff and right leg be mobile. Since childhood, my sister was bullied by other kids because she didn't know how to react in social situations and she was mentally and physically "slow." Furthermore, my sister always envied girls who did ballet because she couldn't. Every night, my sister always cried at night and asked, "Why aren't I normal like other kids? Why is my sister normal, but not me?" Because my dad is always away on business trips, my mom is stressed out from taking care of me and my sister. If I could heal my sister, perhaps my she could be able to do ballet as she always wished and be good friends with her peers. My mother wouldn't be stressed out anymore and she could spend more time taking care of herself. My entire family would actually be a family. Moreover, I could heal all the people with the same disorder my sister has–even better, I could heal anyone with any kind of illness.

  442. Gwydion says:

    Mine is a fairly selfish choice, but I would play the Sun's Song.

    You see, I work the graveyard shift, and I therefore keep really strange hours most of the time. And because I sleep during the day, I don't really get to see a whole lot of daylight, especially in the winter when the days are shorter. I've always been a night owl, but sometimes I just can't help but stay up later than I should just so I can enjoy the sunshine for a little bit longer. Unfortunately, this usually makes the nights at work pretty unbearable.

    I've heard people say that sunlight makes you happy. I knew there was science backing up that idea, but as a night person, I honestly never believed that not seeing the sun would bother me. Now that I don't see it all that much, though, I really do miss it, and can't help but wonder if my sometimes sour mood is due to a lack of sunlight produced endorphins. It may be a selfish choice, but right now I really do wish I could play the Sun's Song just to view a quick sunrise every now and again without having to compromise sleep in the process.

  443. Banooru says:

    I actually did this… I played Sonata of Awakening to awaken slumbery family members.

    But if I could do anything… I would play Elegy of Emptiness multiple times while wearing various transformation masks I already made by playing the song of healing (deku scrub, goron, zora) to create an awesome band. Then, I would play Ballad of the Wind Fish in front of a giant egg to awaken the wind fish. Finally, I would play the Command Melody and tell that fish to block the sun from my eyes while I drive.

  444. W.Theron.C says:

    I would play The Song of Birds to summon all the "Cuccos", butcher the cuccos ( starting with the Cucco's Revenge Squad) and sell the Cuccos to various world markets and restaurants. In doing this I would end world hunger. But of course I would keep a few Cuccos so that I could breed more Cuccos and you never know maybe a certain fairy might end up in the mix…

  445. LinkToTh3Past says:

    I would play "The Song of Time" "> A v > A v" So I could go back and experience the era of gaming I missed out on. I love "The Legend of Zelda" and all retro games. They are my favorite I feel like the hold a little piece of history. I am grateful I have had a chance to play the original the legend of Zelda but I would love to be able to go back and feel the magic of playing it for the first time back when it came out on August 22, 1987. I just feel like I missed out and I am sure many others feel the same! May "The Legend of Zelda" and retro gaming live on forever! <3 <3 <3

  446. Asia H. says:

    My first instinct was to choose the Song of Time. The greatest wish of a human being is for more time, myself included. Yet, if it was offered to me, I wouldn’t accept it. With opportunities to infinitely redo mistakes, I would be a lost, ignorant soul who can’t distinguish right from wrong. With no mistakes to learn from and gain experience from, I would remain a selfish, inconsiderate, stupid girl for life.

    1. Asia H. says:

      The Song of Storms: one of the most memorable songs in Zelda’s history, and a favorite among Zelda fans. Its carnival-like feel hypnotizes those who listen to it, and has inspired countless arrangements, remixes, and orchestrations. In Ocarina of time, it has the power to summon rain no matter the circumstances. Water is the most essential requirement of the human body, and thousands do not have access to it. With the magic of the Song of Storms in my hands, I would travel the world, visit every remote civilization of the earth and share my ultimate gift with everyone. Lands with drought need not fear, for I would bring endless rainfall to their rivers, lakes and soil with the gorgeous sound of my ocarina. When my day of spreading joy and generosity came to an end, I would play that enchanting melody one last time and sink into my warm, comforting bed, peacefully falling asleep to the rhythmic pattering of raindrops against the roof to repeat the cycle in the morning. I might not come close to Link’s heroism, but it’s a start. <3

  447. If I could choose one song, I would choose the Song of Healing. That way I could heal anyone I wanted to who was or is in pain. I could’ve used it when my cousin’s father and mother were murdered when he was 12. He was in so much emotional pain. And the Song of Healing was always his favorite because he soothed him.
    I would also use it to heal people with cancer and try to let them live. Any person, whether it would be emotional or physical, I would love to heal them. The Song of Healing always led me to dream of healing everyone. I wish that I could do that…

  448. Mack Falzone says:

    I would play the Great Fairy Fountain's Theme, with the harp duet, because it is so peaceful. The one thing I want more than anything in the world is world peace. Peace may sound simple – one beautiful word – but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal. The song makes me feel happy and peaceful every time I listen to it, and in Skyward Sword it was used perfectly on the title screen and the Sheikah Stone menu. We could all use a little peace. Everyone. The brave men and women fighting in the Middle East, the people in poverty all around the world, everybody who has something bad in their life. The Fairy Fountain's theme is the most played song on my iPod, because I listen to it to fall asleep. It is one of the greatest pieces of music ever composed for a video game, and the world needs to follow the feeling that the song gives.

  449. @matty0828 says:

    I would play the Song of Storms.
    Over here in Australia, during summer, we often suffer some pretty big bushfires, not to mention drought and low dam levels. So I would use this song to attempt to fix or at least lessen these problems if and when they arose. It would also hopefully help some of our struggling farmers with their crops and harvests and thing like that.
    …and also, well, it's my favourite of all the Ocarina songs, so there's that, too.

  450. Kenta Kuwajima says:

    Are you "awake"? No, I didn't mean that literally. Most people spend their days secluded in their own world – and I am no exception. We tend to ignore reality and live in a "dream-like" state of denial. When asked about current world events, we tend to hear responses like "everything will be fine" and "it doesn't affect me so why should I care".

    It's time to wake up and face reality! For that reason, I would like to play Link's Awakening's version of "Ballad of the Wind Fish" and set us free from this dream world. Reality can be harsh and cruel, and we often need to make difficult decisions in order to move forward. Link, who decided to awaken the Wind Fish and ultimately destroy Koholint in the process, knows that all too well. Unlike "The Legend of Zelda", however, this game called "life" is much harder and challenging to play: no save points, no reset buttons, and no heart potions and bottled fairies to save us in a pinch. We can only stand up and keep moving forward. The journey might be rough, and the road might be bumpy… but we'll reach our destination eventually.

    World, I offer you this song! Let's all wake up together and work for a better tomorrow!

    So… are you "awake" now?

  451. Charged3 says:

    I would use the Song of Birds to summon a giant bird like the ones from Lord of the Rings. I would then grab on and fly around and buzz cars and enter myself in the first ever bird stunt competition in which I would take first place.

  452. Hylian_Knight says:

    I would play Elegy of Emptiness when I'm on a bad date or at work. >_>


    Why? Because who wouldn't want someone to take your place in a bad/boring/head desking situation?

  453. Nathalie says:

    I think i would play minuet of forest and teleport my self into the lost wood! and from there try to find my way back to the Kokori. Then i would always be a little kid with my own fairy and have awesome green clothing! And maybe have Link as my BFF 🙂

  454. TheUnluckyJirachi says:

    If I could play any Ocarina song of my choosing, it would have to be the secret song from Majora's Mask, Song of Double Time. I know what you're thinking. Why would I choose a song that allows me to skip my life away? Well, the answer to that question lies within my life. I would not use it to skip my life away, but I'd use it more for the use of travel. I have someone whom I love that lives far away. We've been together (yet apart) for a while now. If I could play the Song of Double Time, I'd get on a bus and use the melody to get to my loved one. If I win this contest, I'd like to send the hoodie to him if I may. Thank you for this opportunity, and good luck everyone.

  455. I would choose to play the different versions of the Song of Time from Majora's Mask. When I'm enjoying time with my friends or family or playing one of the many Zelda games, I would use the reverse song of time to be able to be in those moments for longer. When working or in class, during a terribly boring lecture, I would use the double Song of Time to make the time speed up. The Song of Time itself would be wonderful to use to be able to relive moments in my past that would bring me back to the happiest times of my life.

  456. -_Zenan_- says:

    I would play minuet of forest, to enter the temple and try to get a bown and kill the boss, because i love bowns and this is my favorite zelda temple. And besides that, it is next to the lost woods and i would like to see a skull kid too :D.

  457. ambie14 says:

    I would play The Sun's song so that I can fast forward time.This would really come in handy for things I can't wait to come such as holidays,birthdays,and vacations.Also, if having a bad day,all you would have to do is fast forward twelve hours and be over it.

  458. codyspeer says:

    I would play the song of time, because of all things ive regreted in life, biggest regret when i cheated on my girlfriend. it was the biggest mistake of my life, and not a day goes by where it doesnt haunt me. i would make sure it'd never happen. we're still together and more in love than ever, but it still kills me to think about and how much i hurt her, and she supports my zelda obsession, getting tattoos and buying everything zelda. so the song of time is the best choice for me.

  459. Daniel says:

    I struggled to find an answer. I decided to bring this to reality, beyond the competition. If I had the opportunity to play a song, what would it be? The first option and perhaps the most tempting of all is the "Song of Time." Although there are many things happened in my life that I would change, it is difficult to know the future that would lead to. I like who I am and as my family and people I know. Experience gives us wisdom. Maybe some things are because that is supposed to be. The "Song of health" is also tempting to heal my heart and that of others. But I guess the pain gives us courage. I also thought the "Command Melody" to dominate those who deserve to be dominated to encourage them to do the right thing. But right would make them see reason and confront them face to face. That gives us power. So probably only would play the "Song of storms," ​​because the rain makes me happy, and others too.

  460. Strawcup513 says:

    While this song is not my favorite of the ocarina songs, I would choose to bring New Wave Bossa Nova to life. Lulu is overjoyed after you play this melody for her in Majora's Mask, as she is finally able to sing again. It, so very much like Saria's Song, brings happiness to those around. In a depressed world filled with problems and stress, more happiness and laughter is needed in everyone's life. Being able to play this song would mean that I could make others happy, and, with the personality of a pleaser, almost nothing fills me with more delight than bringing joy to others. But the New Wave Bossa Nova has a deeper meaning than just happiness. It's smooth, laid back melody symbolizes new beginnings. While it may not give you the chance to regain the time you lost in error, like the Song of Time, it would show people that life can continue on even after a grievous mistake. There's always a second chance, a fresh start. Lulu is going to, in a way, restart her life after the death of Mikau the moment she regains her voice. This song would allow those in life who are stuck in the past to move forward and forgive others, or themselves.

  461. Mallory says:

    If I could play only one song, I would play the Song of Soaring, so I can whisk myself to and fro where ever I've been before. Late to work? Not a problem! Snowy weather makes the roads dangerous? Don't need them!

    Plus the feathers that will surround me kind of look like that of an angel. The look on people's faces when they see my "angel wings" would be priceless.

  462. James says:

    If I where to play one of the songs within the zelda universe it would have to be the “Song of Healing”. I would play it loud for the world to hear washing away its sorrow and negative energy that lives amongst the people who inhabit this grey world restore color, life, innocence, and the joy that once flourished. Everyone would then realize that life isnt so bad and that it doesnt help to try and make it worse for others. This is what i hope to see in the whe on a rough scale and if i where able to arrange notes to change the world well this is why and this is how

  463. Axel917 says:

    i would play the ballad of the hero, the song will always have a place in my heart because it is techincally the main theme that we all know and love, the song that echos in our heart and soul whenever we turn on a zelda game we expect to hear that song.

  464. triforceseeker says:

    So I'm sitting in my Trigonometry class..which has been going on for 2 hours! I want to go home and play some more ZELDA! but I still have an hour left of this boring class…So I take a bathroom break…whip out my Ocarina, and start playing the Song of Double Time! and BOOM! time has gone by a few hours..! A lot of people would love to go BACK into time and re live childhood and what not, but the fact is, your going to change your future.. Why not forget about the past and live in the future ! I would use this song to make my life easier when it comes to waiting for the release date for a new Zelda game, waiting for my paycheck to come so I can purchase a new Zelda game, or to let my day go by quicker just so I have enough time for my Zelda games <3 The Song of Double Time would benifit me because It is only I who experiences the time shift whereas the ones around me are still sitting in that Trig class for another hour…in reality I'm home playing Majora's Mask..Shooting Tingle Out the sky haha . !

  465. Navi231 says:

    I would definitely play the Sonata of Awakening to wake people up and let them see just how sexualized everything is nowadays. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of seeing everyone running around 3/4 nude just to get money and attention. I'm not trying to make myself sound like a monk or anything, cuz there are a TON of attractive guys out there with whom I would love to make sweet, sweet music with (teehee :3 ), but that's not to say that everyone should do that. People need to wake up and see that sex is not the most important thing in life. I'm 18, which means I'm right within that stereotypical age group that should be going around banging dudes daily, getting drunk nightly, and going clubbing so I can grind up against strangers for a little while. I'm not a party person, and I know that not everyone is, so I also know that there are some who agree with me. I'm sorry for the hate and I don't mean to offend anyone. It's just that music is extremely important to me, and having mainstream artists today making it all sexy-like offends me. Music should be something that stirs the soul, and I think that (if possible, and of course pertaining to the question) the Sonata of Awakening would do just that.

    1. Mr. Bremen says:

      I LOVE this response!

      1. Navi231 says:

        Thanks! 🙂

  466. EveHNNGGG says:

    I'd use the Song of Storms to thoroughly upset people who work in windmills.

  467. I would play the Oath to Order, summoning the four giants of Termina to aid me in my daily life. Carrying me to class, lifting me to my room, all sorts of things. I could use them to solve problems around the world, impress people, and just generally be awesome.
    Having giants would be pretty awesome.

  468. Trulink says:

    I would play the song of healing, since its purpose is to heal broken people and free pained souls. I would use it to help people like my sisters who have horrible asthma and mental imbalance, and make it so they could live normal lives. May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.

  469. I would play the Elegy of emptiness from Majora's Mask ( right – left – right – down – right – up – left) The reason i have is to just have someone to talk to whenever i have something on my mind or whenever i feel lonely ( even though its just a heartless version of myself)

  470. I would like to use the Saria's song. It nice song to dance to. Also the song was an symbol of Link and Saria friendship, even though they can't be together. They are still friends and will help each other out. I would love to play that for what it symbolic for

  471. Emily says:

    Zelda's lullaby because it always does something super awesome and secretive. Like uncovering a secret grave of royals; who wouldn't wanna be attacked by royal zombies! omg… I could start the zombie Apocalypse wit the song!! anyways and it's one of my favorite songs on there not that they all aren't amazing.

  472. maddogrenegade says:

    Easy, I would simply go to the local racetrack, and in the middle of the horse races, bust out my ocarina and jam out Epona's Song. Epona would then appear from nowhere, running into the middle of the race towards her call. The scent of a mare would send the stallions wild, causing chaos in the field. I would then fly down onto the racetrack with my cuckoo, mount Epona and ride to victory as all the other horses are in disarray to claim all the prize money.

  473. Kev says:

    I would play the song of time, to go back in time and prevent all manner of tragedies and suffering that we as a species have experienced, and to make the lives of everyone better. Song of double time to gain the knowledge to know how to do so might help too. But undoing the large amount of needless suffering in the world would definitely be my goal. Although, I have to admit I would also be tempted to spend some more time cherishing some of my dearest memories or with the people I love, since I didn’t make the most of that time the first time around.

  474. Brain says:

    The suns song

    so when i get to work in the morning i play it and then go home.

  475. Jake Twyman says:

    I'd play the song of time (mm version) and kill voldemort as a prepubescent teen who writes twilight fan fiction. Biggoron sword to the eyebrow style.

  476. L Lawliet says:

    Simple, I would learn the Song of Healing. I could make masks of different people and create the perfect disguise system!

  477. @1chiro10 says:

    I would play Saria's song because it can guide me through all the hardships I go through life.
    I could also guide others. Not to mention it is an extremely cheerful song that makes everyone happy.

  478. Kevin says:

    “Time passes, people move…
    Like a river’s flow, it never ends…

    A childish mind will turn to noble ambition… Young love will become deep affection… The clear water’s surface reflects growth…

    Now listen to the Serenade of Water to reflect upon yourself…”

    The Serenade of Water; I felt this to be appropriate since this is my favorite song from my favorite Legend of Zelda title. I’ve heard a serenade specifically described as “a complimentary performance of music in the open air at night, as by a lover to his lady”. Personally, I think there would be nothing more romantic than to take a midnight stroll, go to my love interest’s home, lightly toss a few pebbles on her window, and as she emerges, quietly play her this song into the night; you know, back then when girls thought that was sweet and not weird. Maybe someday I can work up the courage to do just that. In fact, if I had the talent, I would swallow any fear and anxiety and play this precious melody to a young lady to remind her how amazing and beautiful she is. I would like to hope that some girls these days can appreciate a young man’s time and talent and can see the beauty in mastering an instrument simply for the benefit of making her happy and providing her with the gift of music.

    “Where words fail, music speaks.”
    -Hans Christian Andersen

  479. Steven Nuge Nguyen says:

    I would learn the Song of Time, the more useful version from Majora's mask. Imagine repeating any instant of your life. It would be a legendary tool. To be more specific I would redo any instant of my life where I messed up with the love of my life. The Song of Time would let me repeat that night at my highschool's homecoming. The Song of Time would let me repeat every time I didn't have the guts to say "hello." The Song of Time would let me live my life the right way.

  480. Jesus C. says:

    I would use the composer notes to play the song of storms. As the song says it'll bring storms , but with those storms comes rain. Rain brings hope and thats what the world needs these days. Rain mean water for those in need , and water means life. It'll help to change peoples life by quenching their thirst and renewing their strength to live. To fight to live another day. It ends droughts and ends death. Some may wonder how it ends death. The water in 3rd world countries is contaminated with so much junk and harmful chemicals. The song of stroms would wash it way. We can't let our sense of judgement take over because it's named song of storms. It is the message that we get from it. In parts of the world rain is not just welcome but praised. But then again who listens to a 14 year old….

  481. Ali says:

    I would play the "Inverted Song of Time" from Majora's Mask to slow time down for me and my friends. We're in college and can't find time for eating, homework, sleeping, and socializing. If time slowed down, I could finally have time to teach my roommate how to play any of the Zelda games. We could all use a few extra hours for something.

  482. Zeldagod72 says:

    Most people begin with the right idea of playing the Song of Storms to provide rain to help end hunger across the world. Some think even more creatively to use the Song of Healing to heal all the sick and hurt people of the world. In my opinion though, our world and race eventually must have an end and bad things will happen regardless. People will get sick, they will be hungry and they will die eventually. I think the most valuable song to use is Saria's Song (Lost Woods Theme). This song is utilized in the game to bring joy and happiness into people's lives. I think this world needs more of that because this is our lives to live, and it isn't very long at that. So I'd hope for everyone that is going through pain and hurt and sickness and hunger to just be able to smile and be happy for as long as possible.

    "A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin

  483. kaos_696 says:

    I would play any of the songs chanted by the howling of link on the howling stones, that way I could meet with the hero of time and learn all of its moves and wisdom, then use my newly acquired skills to vanquish evil form this world. Also I could brag about me meeting the hero of time that sealed ganondorf in the first place 🙂

  484. I know it seems a bit cliche, but I would play the Song of Time. I’m not that old, an early teen, but Zelda was a part of my childhood. I did not really grow up like most kids, but it was still a lot of fun, but I sometimes miss the parts of it that I’ll never get to do again. I know that it seems selfish, but it would be what I would do. I

  485. Cole says:

    i would play eponas song and call over my very own horse so we could go on awesome adventures through time

  486. kira says:

    I would play Saria's song. Not only is it one of my favorite songs musically but I would love to be able talk to Saria.
    P.S. – Saria is my cat's name and who doesn't want to communicate with their cat? So when I say "Saria" I mean my fine feline friend.

  487. JoshJepson says:

    Reverse Song of Time., to slow down the quickening years of life and be with the one I love as long as I can. ~

  488. krunchnmunchn says:

    If i could use any zelda song to change the world i would use the song of time so i could prevent death by natural disasters if there was an earthquake and many people died i could turn back time and warn them of the disaster so no one would have to die they could escape and it would prevent much uneeded death and suffering both on the part of the victim who may be suffering as they die and the family when there loved one comes up missing and eventualy dead.

  489. Tiffany says:

    I would choose the Scarecrow's Song. It is more useful than you think! Aspiring musicians would always have someone to practice music with, and he would always be enthusiastic about it. If you need someone to talk to, just play his song, and he will appear. People would have their very own scarecrow friend and never be lonely. If you are waiting for an important event, and you are impatient, just dance with him and time will FLY!n He does everything! 🙂

  490. Amber says:

    It seems a very many of us are all saying the same thing — that we would play the Song of Healing. And I am no different in that regard. Not only would it be good for myself and my family, but it is a song that could be used all across the world to do good. Incurable diseases run rampant all around, and cause so many to suffer needlessly. Innocents fall victim to guns in the streets, are beaten during muggings and crimes, or are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. What could be better than having the ability to heal them with just a simple, beautiful song? From minor ailments of colds and coughs, all the way up to AIDS and cancer, the Song of Healing would be the most beneficial asset to our society and the world. I can see nothing better.

  491. Zachary Johnson says:

    I would play the the song of time. Why because I would go back 6 years to go to college to become a game tester or even work for the company that created Zelda.
    When I was 4 I beat Zelda 1 in only a week and since then I fell in love with all the other games. Personally Zelda ocarina of time is my favorite game, however I'm looking forward to future Zelda games.

  492. Kimberly says:

    I would definitely play Song of Soaring mainly because one does not require a license, gas or money to do so. It would greatly help me to get to places much faster than driving. It would also help me save time in my life instead of wasting it in traffic and also decreasing my chances largely of getting into a car accident.It would be a great way for transportation lol. I personally always though it would be cool to have wings too since i have a great love for flight even though i am afraid of heights, ironic huh? but playing this song would also help me accomplish one of my many goals in life which is to travel the world, I would be able to do such a thing in no time (although i might be light headed after playing it too much)! I over all think this song is great and would not just help me but other people too if it would actually work; which i totally wish not only this song but other zelda songs such as song of healing, song of storms etc.

  493. Nate says:

    i would use the goron's lullaby and the sonata of awakening (if i can only have one i choose the goron's lullaby) because i take hours to fall asleep and because my brother can't wake up fast enough

  494. I would play the Serenade of Water so I could escape to Lake Hylia to fish, relax and forget the troubles of this world for a time. However, I would also use it to cause those around me to reflect upon their lives up to the present and also on the state of the world at the moment. Time will continue to flow and much can be learned from the past. Knowledge of where we've been can help to better guide our footsteps and those of our descendants toward a brighter future.

  495. @ralphpotato says:

    Definitely the Song of Healing. This song, I've always thought it was interesting because while being melancholy, it was always gave me a warming feeling. I want to be a doctor later in life, and my passion is definitely to heal people and make their quality of life better. Just imagining having that power, to travel the world and help people that just aren't feeling well, to people on the brink of death. I could go around and help everyone, especially children. What an amazing thought to be able to go around and give dying children an opportunity to live and live healthy. I think that would solve a lot of problems in the world, not all of them, but if all children grew up healthy and happy, then maybe they wouldn't become bitter adults, and the world would be happier. And it all comes down to music, just a few notes….

  496. Kyle says:

    Sarias Song: Because of its ability to cheer anyone up, if anyone was upset I could cheer them up like Link cheered up Darunia. Its the only song from ocarina that is able to fully affect other people and to me thats what makes it the most useful. Sure I could make it rain with the song of storms or bring out the sun with the suns song, but with Sarias song I could make people happy and bring joy to the people I love.

  497. jorge says:

    definitely ill play "the bolero of fire" every time i feel down, when i feel lost or i feel defeated cause since i listened to this melody for the first time it gives me strength, inspire me and cheer me up, also ill play it to my friends or any people who need a hand ,this melody is kind of underestimate but i really like it since i heard it many years ago when i played ocarina of time for the first time and like sheik says when she teach it to you "this song is dedicated to the power of the heart".

  498. @MarkMontag says:

    I would definitely play the Sun's Song. I live in Ohio, and Winter here is murderous, leaving the sky and my heart gray for half the year. I would use the Sun's Song to bring the light of the sun out at all times, and brighten up the lives of everyone.

  499. pololmejor says:

    I would love to play the song of Healing only because of the fact that I know my life has been to rushed and to make myself know that I am helping purify other people. One of the things I think about the most recently is how am I going to mantain my family if my father dies one day. I don't appreciate my dad's actittude so much but I like how he is so hard worker and supports this family to help it maintain stable though we all know he have never been… "rich". This song inspires me to purify my own feelings and other peoples and know that I'm not usless. But as we all know, me and my family are not a videogame so the only thing that I could use it for could be to relax myself and represent what I want to do for my family. I'm still a young man so I'm a bit confused of all this work think. SO taht's that. Song of healing for the purose of not feeling usless and inspire myself to feel like a I'm going to be a hard working man.

  500. Brent says:

    The Ocarina song I would play would probably be the Song of Time. As life is full of regrets, it would be wonderful to undo some of those things you regret most…even if there aren't large things I can change, it would definitely be quite nice to fix up some mistakes I have made.

  501. Rainegirl says:

    I'm thinking I would play the Song of Awakening. 😀 I'm pretty sure theres some buried treasure somewhere around here and what better way to find it than by the Song of Awakening? I would definitely use this song on beaches as well 😉 There will never be a lost ring or car key with me around! 😀

  502. Derek A says:

    I would play Saria's song because the song makes people happy and grateful for what they have. I would play this during school when everyone is down because of homework, when someone close to another passes away to cheer them up, and if I would see people with depression so there would be no more suicides in the world. We don't live forever, but we can be happy forever.

  503. (akalink) says:

    I would play the song of soaring. This is because I often have to travel to where I go to school and where I live. It is a long commute and I don't have a car. It is hard mooching rides off people and with the song of soaring I can visit my family on the weekends. I only hope that I'm not restricted to playing it once.

  504. Ricardo says:

    If I could pick a song I would play the song of healing because since I had a back problem that I wish i can fix it with the magic of this song (there is no other way to fix it other than an very expensive operation that I already took good thing I have a supporting family) and to also heal my families fisical problems and my friends if they ever need it, and also a random person that really needs it to get well.

  505. Alauna says:

    I would like to be able to play the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask. Then the next time a national or international crisis is caused by one warped person, or even a group of warped people, I would be able to go there and fix it before it got out of hand and started a war or something to that effect. Besides, I might even get a nice mask out of it.

  506. linkHASawakened says:

    I would use the song of time to go back to when my grandpa painted airplanes for the Navy so that I could switch the paint he used to a non-toxic one. My Grandpa is dying from bone-degenerative disease from the chemical fumes from that paint…that way my grandpa would be able to live longer and see his first great grandchild…

  507. @Maxoww says:

    I think that the perfect song ofr this moment will be the song of storms because of the fire in the Torres del Payne on my country Chile to turn off the flames and stop this horrible situation :C It´s a great hoodie I want so much

  508. Kendra says:

    I think that I would choose Song Of Time, not only is it just an absolutely beautiful song, but it's affects would be greatly appreciated, bending time could do so many great things, and I think that if I had the Song Of Time at my will, then I would choose to become a superhero, so to speak, because so many people wish to change the world, yet so little act on it. The Song Of Time would be my own personal way to try to change this world for the better, it may sound silly, but sometimes if I could go back in time and try to change a decision someone or myself made I honestly think it would do good. It's the small things that matter, and everyone has regrets that they'd like to make different. Who knows, maybe I could be able to stop a crime, or a murder from happening with the Song Of Time, unlikely, but you never know. It may all seem like a child's dream, but I believe that bending time with a beautiful tune could be the ultimate power to change the world for the better, because everyone at some point wishes that they could go back in time to stop something from happening, and the Song Of Time would be the best way to do that, not only for my own benefit, but for everyone else's as well.

  509. Oni says:

    I'd want to use the Inverted Song of Time. That way I could slow down time whenever I want and have more time to study, or get places faster, or fight crime.

  510. Alan Watson says:

    I would definitely use the song of healing to help ease people’s suffering and try to achieve world peace

  511. Troy Schwartz says:

    Song of The Hero from Skyward Sword would be my choice because ive always wanted to be a hero saving the day and ever since i was a kid and i first played Ocarina of Time i wanted to be Link from the moment i saw him . i always mimiced him but in a good way i still play OoT to this day i still love the Zelda series and i owe my life to Zelda and the people of Hyrule and Termina and Skyloft and wherever else i may have forgot

  512. Steven Mick says:

    Many songs would be wonderful if they worked in the real world.
    The sun's song to bring light in a time of darkness.
    Saria's song for advice when you need it the most.
    The Song of time to go back and fix the mistake's you've made throughout life.
    But of every song. I think the one I would love most to play in real life would be the song of healing. You could help people, cleanse them of sickness, calm their minds, let them know that someone is there for them. This song has great meaning both in game and the lessons you can learn from using it. Bringing forth a multitude of healings and blessings, helping the ones who need it, severing their sorrows and freeing them from that pain forever. :3

  513. Andrei Oraseanu says:

    I would use the song of time to go back it time to before I played twilight princess (my first Zelda game). I remember being 13 and getting scared to death of the beginig of the game. I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, going through a forest filled with monsters was terrifying to me at first. But what scarred me the most and actually gave me nightmares was being grabbed by the shadow beast and being forced into the twilight realm and violently transforming into a wolf. But even through my fear I kept going, I needed to see what was next. After I got a bit further i encountered a magnificant spirit that gave me hope. After i collected all of the tears of light, I was greeted by amazing music and another spirit who turned me back into a human and gave me the courage I needed to finish my quest. The reason why I would use the song of time to go back to this time is because this game taught me that even when all hope is lost and things start getting scary, you can’t give up. While some people may think this is just a cheesy way of looking at it, this actually proved to be a life lesson to me. So I would use the song of time to relive my original nostalgia for a fantastic game that will always be one of my favorites.

    PS sorry for the long entry and thank you for reading
    Thank you for your time

  514. sarahtheswan says:

    I would play the Reverse Song of Time from Majora's Mask, because I would love to have more time in the day to spend with my mom. We hardly ever see each other anymore, because I have school and she has work. We make each other happy, and not spending time together isn't helping our current situation. I'd also like more time to be with people so I could get to know them better and help them out with anything they need. People are always going and always complaining that they never have enough time to do everything they want and need to do. I'd play this song so that they would have more time. We all need a little more time, and I would love to give that to people.

  515. Xseiken says:

    I would play the song of inverted time, simply because many people don't want their lives to pass by them so quickly. If you had the chance to slow down time and enjoy every good moment to it's fullest extent, wouldn't you take that opportunity and benefit not only you, but everyone else who wants the same? Just ponder on that for a while, okay? Done yet? No? Take your time. We good? Alright then. 🙂

  516. joey says:

    I would play the song of time to get better grades in school

  517. darkestfairy says:

    I would play Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time. My reasoning may be simple, but it reflects many. Whenever someone may be sad, lonely or disturbed by thoughts that causes dreams to become nightmares, I believe that the best solution is to listen to the soothing melody that would cause one to fall into a deep sleep. I was once told that people become tired when they are sad – because while asleep, you don't feel anything. No emotion. No pain. Yes, feeling nothing is scary, but every now and again, being numb helps. To me, Zelda's Lullaby is like a band-aide; the cut may still be there, but out of sight, out of mind… and when something's out of mind, then one could finally be at peace. If the world were to listen to the sweet song that is Zelda's Lullaby… then maybe the world can sleep easy.

  518. Sally says:

    I would use the song of healing, in my life and in the whole world because it, gives relief to the hurt and sick and stressed people, to forget about their pains and let themselves be healed.

  519. Ocarina11 says:

    I would play the Song of Soaring, to quickly warp to the most important places in my life. I would play it so I could instantly appear to give someone helping hand. And I would make sure to leave an owl statue in a vacation area for when I need a break from the world.

  520. Janne says:

    I'd play Goron's lullaby from MM since I've always loved the song and related to the gorons in their dispair. The winters get cold here in Finland and often when I'm freezing outside I find myself humming to myself that crude, yet beautiful and soothing melody. I suppose I wouldn't stop the world hunger or the wars, but I'd play the Goron's lullaby to myself, my family and my friends when anyone needed the extra warmth, whether they'd be freezing or just going through hard times. Also, it's cold outside, that hoodie would come in handy.

  521. Jacob Hay says:

    I would play the Song of the Hero. This would put me through the trials to give me a pure spirit, so that I could attain the Triforce. Then I would obtain the Triforce through hard work and determination. When I placed the Triforce together, I would use it to banish all evil and hatred in the world. I would wish that all peoples would be happy, healthy and prosperous, and that they hold no disdain in their heart for any other person. I would wish for peace unto the land, and that all could live in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, living one with the land and technology.

  522. toni-lea says:

    I would choose zelda’s lullaby, simple yet clasic, when my daughter is upset or cants sleep I hum this tune and it makes her smile, all seems well again 2 her :), I would also choose the song of healing as I would love 2 heal my grandad and stop his pain. A lot of people in this world could use the song of healing would b a grat song 2 share 🙂

  523. Luke says:

    I would play The Serenade of Water so that I could, in Sheik's words, reflect upon myself. I feel that if I were to play it, everything would become clear as Lake Hylia, all my doubts would be gone and I would just feel in my heart what I'm supposed to do in life.

  524. Loota says:

    I would probably play Zelda’s Lullaby to all the people who haven’t played a aingle Zelda game yet. I’d just ask them to listen and enjoy the short tune which I was so amazed of when playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time. The Legend of Zelda series has been a huge inspiration in my life and always been close to my heart. Choosing Zelda’s Lullaby I aim to capture people’s attention and – only with a single and simple tune – try to convey them the magic of Zelda the same way the game conveyed it to me. Maybe they’ll even end up playing the games.

  525. thetanoun says:

    I would use the song of healing to get me over my car collision last Friday. I don't like physio or the sleepless nights, so skipping it all and getting back to work would be fantastic.

  526. Matthew says:

    The Song of Time would be my choice.
    Not only that it is the classic memory of the beloved Ocarina of Time, but
    Ever since I was 4 years old, I watched my dad play it and I will never forget how the melody goes.
    At the moment I heard it, I would forever love the stories of
    The Legend of Zelda.

  527. Drew says:

    I would play the Song of Passing from the Wind Waker to make any nearby Elvis impersonators dance. Also, it would make the days go by faster, which is a good thing when you're surrounded by dancing fake Elvises.

  528. sdin says:

    I would travel to some of those very dry and poor african countries and play the song of storms for them so it gives them a well deserved rain. The rain would only last a while but I would teach how to play it (some of them have wood flutes) so they could play it every time they needed to 🙂

  529. Ryan says:

    Well, I'll probably be playing the Song of Time to go back to the dawn of the first day so I can submit a different comment 'cause this one probably won't win me anything.

  530. Alex G. says:

    To understand my song choice, you need to first know a little bit about me. I live in South Florida, in an area where it hasn't snowed in about 35 years. I am 17 years old, and haven't lived to see snowfall. Only one or two nights a year have a temperature below freezing, but it never rains on those nights, since cold weather means dry weather. So, my song of choice would be the Song of Storms. I would play this song on those nights that the temperature is below freezing. The song coupled with the cold weather would produce snowfall. When everyone wakes up the next morning, they would be able, for once in their lives, to look outside their window and see a winter wonderland covering our town.

  531. April says:

    I have to choose just one? But there’s so much good that comes from these songs! I could be selfish and pick Song of Time, go back and correct the plethora of mistakes I’ve made. I could do Song of Storms so villages in third world countries could have clean drinking water. I could use Song of Healing on my disabled mother so she could actually play with her grandkids, my sons. I could do Song of Inverted Time so my babies can stay babies longer.

    In theory, I could just say Song of Time because then I could play all the songs and keep going back to see which one had the best outcome.

  532. slayerslover13 says:

    I would use the Song of Time to go back and change world events such as 9/11. I wouldn’t do it for my life because, even though I regret some of the decisions I’ve made, I like the way life is not. Nor would I try to solve all of the world’s mysteries. What would we have to look forward to solving if everything had an answer?

  533. 8ZeldaFreak5 says:

    I would play Zelda's Lullaby because it has so many magical properties. i could us it to fix broken items which would be such a wonderful ability to have. Plus it is such a pretty song. 🙂

  534. Sieg0895 says:

    i would use the song of time and go back and fix every mistake that i made. Not to be perfect but to be with the only woman i've ever loved in my entire life. Or to go back and save my kid from dying. Stopping my cousin from going to afghanistan, and just trying not to grow up as fast as i did

  535. Scott Sauers says:

    If I could use the Composers’ Notes to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games to change something in the world, it would be the Song of Storms from The Ocarina of Time. Water is a destructive, beautiful, life giving and necesary part of this world. To bring a storm to a hot summer night; to enjoy the smell and distant flash of lightning and rumble of thunder would be a wonderful thing. To help the homeless man who can't get a break from the windy streets and pounding rain on his makeshift tent would be a valiant thing. To bring rain to a dry village and the small child who hasn't seen clear water in his entire life would be a miraculous thing. To stop the levy from breaking and taking the lives, homes and security away from helpless familes would be indeed life changing. For my brothers and sisters who walk with a stormcloud ever over their heads, it would bring them joy to hear a happy, pensive and familiar tune. Who doesn't need a walk in the rain every now and then?

  536. Aram says:

    I would play Zelda's Lullaby, so every time I break a goddamn street sign I can fix it and not have to pay for it.

  537. Christopher says:

    If I where to play any magical song from Zelda, to help the world, I would play the song of time, from both Zelda ocarina of time, and Zelda majoras mask, to be set in this world around the time of 1939 to help against world war 2 and prevent the coming of the Japanese to America, and help end the world war conflict earlier and without so many deaths, and in turn become a hero just like great Link himself.

  538. Emilio says:

    If i could use the composer notes i would play Serenade of Water for all those who are in a rush, its such a peaceful song that i believe it as the power to sooth ones mind, body and soul. A lot of people this day in age are in a constant state of running around and losing sight of what's important, like family and friends. I think this song could quiet there mind, relax there body and re-energize there souls.

    P.s – The song reminds me of a lake in the morning. Still and quiet, beauty in its most rawest form.

  539. Andrew says:

    I would use the Minuet of Forests to warp to the Lost woods. I would not only be in Hyrule, I would be near Saria to guide me out of the lost woods and everything is so peaceful and beautiful in the forrest. There is also a fairy fountain right there that I could use to help heal the hurts of the world.

  540. Taylor says:

    I would play the Song of Storms. I absolutley love when it rains and I feel at peace and calm when it does, even when it turns into a major storm ^-^ I would play it for all of the people in Africa, where it hardly ever rains. I'd also play it in areas like in deserts such as the Sahara, in the southwestern areas in the United States, and anywhere else where people want it to rain. Whether they need the rain for the dryest droughts or merely because they feel like it should suddenly rain from the heavens, everyone, everywhere, should see and feel the cool drops of rain splashing on their faces and all around them when I come and play the beloved Song of Storms.
    ….unless there is a certain Guru-Guru who lives in a Windmill. Then I would play the beloved tune and hide >.> "Oh no! A storm again!! You played the Ocarina again, didn't you!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

  541. Axc says:

    I would play Song of Storms in a school day to keep playing my favorite Zelda Game 🙂

  542. Spiritdark7 says:

    I would play the Sonata of Awakening from Majora's Mask. I have always loved this song because it was so catchy and has such good beat to it ^_^ . Since the song is designed to awaken sleeping things, it would definitely help me get my lazy self out of bed (I’m a student: awake all night, sleep all day, plus grumpy as hell if you wake me before 11am :P). I also believe it could be very helpful for other people in the world. Such as those trapped in a coma, no longer would their relatives have to watch as they sleep away their lives. To help those who are caught in a nightmare they cannot wake from. To even help those who need a wake up call about their lifestyles.
    I always felt that Sonata of Awakening was an excellent song that wasn’t used enough in Majora’s Mask. Would definitely be a brilliant way to wake up I believe 🙂

  543. David Remillard says:

    I would Play Epona's song because hey who wouldn't want to make a grand entrance on Epona's back?

  544. Shannon O. says:

    Once upon a time, in land not so far away there was a young heroine, name Shannon. She had fought her way for years, through trials and quests in a vast land known as College, but she running out of time. The monsters she had faced throughout the years where nothing compared to this upcoming final boss. She knew she still had to face the mini bosses along the way, but she had heard terrifying things about this final boss and she could only focus on that final quest. The final boss had a name, a name people would only whisper. He was known as "Senior Thesis Show". Our young heroine had never faced such a beast in her life. It was a timed battle, and as it neared , she feared she would never complete the final project, the master item, in which she could defeat the being. She needed more time and so she played the Inverted Song of Time, a great song that had been passed down from the Hero of Hyrule that was only meant to be used in dire times. This was indeed a dire time. She played the song and hoped it would be enough.

    1. Shannon O. says:

      AHHH I posted my wrong email in this post! The correct email is in this one!

  545. demonpenguin007 says:

    I would play the Sun Song. "The rising sun will eventually set, a newborn's life will fade. From sun to moon, moon to sun…Give peaceful rest to the living dead." The Sun Song brings light, peace, and the warmth of the sun, even in the darkest of times. I'd love a little more sunshine in my life!

  546. Mikael says:

    Souls are restless
    Pain is common feeling
    And sorrow lasts through every evening

    But there is hope, hope for us all
    Young and old, big and small
    It can bring joy to even the cold hearted
    Including those who have always doubted

    "What do you imply?"
    You may ask
    I desire to learn the Song of Healing
    This be my task

    If I can play this song, weeping will cease
    If I can play this song, glee will increase

    It will eliminate the cancer
    It will treat for the hunger
    Wounds will be mended
    And the deformed will be restored

    But I will not halt there
    This mission for I alone is hard
    I will teach this song to others
    Those with a servant's heart

    Who says the song is only for man?
    We will go to Africa and sing for their land
    Food will grow for those in poverty
    And water will be cleansed for those who are thirsty

    When we grow old, and begin to grey
    We will pass it on to our progeny
    They will then continue our legacy
    "Serve all, even your enemy"

    The Song of Healing will always be handed down
    The world will hardly recall how to frown
    It will play until the end of time
    But our mission to aid others, will always be prime

  547. coolkid14000 says:

    I'd use the Song of Time so I could go back and relive all the classic games I missed over the years. Relive the pinnacle of gaming.

  548. RAGE says:

    I'd use the Minuet of the Forest to transport myself to the nearest woods for hiking. I live in the middle of the city and don't have a car to get out often enough and it's kind of killing me that I can't just go hiking whenever I please. Everyone needs to get away from the stresses of life sometimes be it relationships, jobs or money problems. Bars and my tiny apartment just don't cut it for me when that stress is getting to me. I need to go running in the woods, chill by a pond and maybe climb some trees or cliffs. And since Minuet of the Forest is supposed to take you to a sacred meadow its guaranteed to take me to a forest that will be clean, peaceful and help me destress and get back to my life a new man.

  549. Brendan says:

    I would definitely use the Song of Time from Majora's Mask, because theres so possibilities for getting rich via the Song of Time. I could memorize the winning lottery ticket, make bets on a sports game, and I would also have to find a treasure chest in real life and keep going back in time taking money from it, like I spent countless hours doing in my childhood. So much time all for a bigger wallet…

  550. ZeldaGurl_ says:

    Wow. It's honestly extremely difficult to answer this question. I've grown up with an extreme passion for music, with nothing else of the world to break that love. It had always felt as if nothing else in the worldly sense could truly speak to my soul, that is, until I found the Legend of Zelda. Even being a young and naive 8 year old, I found a deep connection to these games that I couldn't identify at first. As time passed, I grew older, falling only more into the strong bond I felt with the series. I found myself humming the different songs from the games subconsciously, playing the rhythms subtly on any surface I was near (sorry, percussion thing), and I would even seem to play certain themes in my head without realizing as I was talking to different people. Through all these years, I've grown to truly love what the Legend of Zelda stands for. And, I adore it for the reason that it's not out there to "Keep up with the Jone's", or change it's heart and soul to be amongst the changing popular tide. Zelda has remained loyal to its center of balance between the rich storyline, the puzzles, the emotions, the beloved characters, and especially beautifully written music.

    Even in the 4 to 16 measured Ocarina pieces there is a story to be told. It's like playing a different song brings out a different memory of the past. It's so hard to choose between the pieces, it really is. While I can easily say it's not to replace my faith in God, I believe that music has been there to ease me through my times of grief, sorrow, pain, happiness, joy, excitement, you name it. It's been able to speak to my soul and connect on a deeper level than many can find, and it's been able to give me healing. With that said, I would have to follow my path, playing the Song of Healing. To share the joy and love I have felt from the healing gift of music is a dream of mine. And, while I may not tame the moon or cheat death, I know I can start making a healing difference in the world today. To play the enthralling melody to those in need of restoration is a dream of mine, and I would not go a day without taking every opportunity. Music has been and always will be part of my life, and I pray to use my given gift to spread the powerful bond around. I promise and I pledge to always do so, so help me God.

  551. Jake says:

    Personally, this is a tough choice, but i would use the prelude of light. When i was a little kid, around the age of five, i always saw the temple of time as somesort of church, or just a peaceful plavein general. So, i would play this song anytime would do something wrong, or just needed time and a place to think. That, and i also find the prelude of light to be a very cherfu kind of song you wake up to in the morning as the sun rise. thats what i would do.

  552. Pyrlolz says:

    Only pick one song, out of all the great songs within this series that changed my life? Well, I doubt it's original or "creative". But, I would choose the song of time. The Song of Time allows you to alter the past without destroying the universe as we know it. I would use this song to go back and help people that I couldn't at the time. I could resolve arguments and keep a friend of mine around.

  553. I would play the Sheik's theme, it's not my favorite one but I get a feeling of calm right after I hear it, I would love to hear that song playing in every place where there is people angry, fighting, wanting death to others, killing, and that kind of bad things you would never want, and in places where there is people with diseases or people with fear of going outside because of the bad persons in the world, in every place where someone is unhappy, I would like to hear that song playing out of nowhere, and then everyone would stop fighting or doing whatever they are doing and look at their surroundings and see how beautiful life can be and people with diseases imagine that there is a hope for them, with only a simple song, the world could stop and think how beatiful life can be if you stop for a moment. I don't know why but I get a lot of feelings from that song, the notes fit perfectly to make one of the best melodies you could hear in your life. I love this song and the magic feel of all the other zelda songs, that's one of the reasons why I really love zelda, because of the music. Thanks Koji Kondo you made the perfect music for a perfect game.

  554. jeremy says:

    the song of Navi shut up?….or the song of healing so i'd never be tired or sore..or nobody else would be either since i'd be playing it all day and night

  555. Sergio Sanchez says:

    I would play Bremens march from majoras mask just for the satisfaction of having farm animals march behind me. I am currently trying to learn this song on my 12 hole ocarina and i think it makes the my top five list of favorite zelda songs. And you may be thinking this song is useless and it was only used to make baby chickens follow you in one side quest, and i agree. The songs magic is useless (if it even has magic) but it will put a smile on my and everyones face when i come marching into town with an army of farm animals.

  556. Victor Prado says:

    Estaba acostado en la inmensidad de la obscuridad, no había nada a mi alrededor más que esa dulce melodía, hacía mucho frio, pero ese sonido me hipnotizaba, tan solo quería saber de dónde provenía tan hermosa melodía. Intenté abrir los ojos, pero nada pasó, seguía escuchando sus notas. Quise pensar en mi pasado, pero no lograba hacer otra cosa que no fuera oír la canción, me pregunte sobre donde estaba y sin darme cuenta una lagrima salió de mis ojos, el frio desapareció, fue como si llegara a otro lugar, esta vez bajo el agua, la melodía jamás se detuvo, seguía sonando fuera de mi cabeza, pero no supe de dónde. Intente abrir los ojos por segunda vez, lo único que sucedió es que la obscuridad volvió a mí, quise olvidarme de todo, pero recordé la sonrisa de mi amada, en un segundo me distraje, pude abrir los ojos por fin. Había muchas mascaras por todo mi alrededor, pero no estaba la que yo quería ver, quizá orea lagrima haya caído de mis ojos y no lo note, pero la nitidez de mi realidad se perdió por unos segundos. Seguía sin explicarme lo que pasaba, ya no nada tenía sentido para mí, pero de repente pude moverme, caminaba sin dar mis propios pasos, todo estaba vacío, tan solo quería verla antes de que esta terminara, la música sonaba más fuerte de lo que antes se escuchaba, Salí corriendo sin saber por dónde la buscaría. Encontré un lugar donde estaban todas las personas que había conocidos, solo corrían y se empujaban unos a otros en una gran fila, no le di importancia así que me fui con mi resonante melodía. De pronto las cosas a mi alrededor se volvieron gigantes y entre todas sobresalía una torren en medio de dos edificios, tenía el reloj más grande, hermoso y antiguo que jamás haya visto en mi vida, simplemente sin pensarlo decidí ir a ese lugar sin saber que me encontraría. Mientras me acercaba pensé “¿será todo esto una ilusión?” en ese momento la torre cambio de forma, ahora tenía un gran espiral hasta la punta y los edificios a sus alrededores desaparecieron, lo único que se quedó en su lugar fue el reloj. No sé cómo después de caminar tantas horas esperando llegar a la torre note que el reloj ya no avanzaba, de lo único que estoy seguro es de que se escuchaban las manecillas “tic, toc, tic, toc” que contaban los tiempos de mi melodía, creía que aquella canción era lo único que me mantenía cuerdo, pero… estando solo no sabía que era la cordura. Cuando por fin llegue a la torre había una puerta, el sonar de las manecillas se volvía insoportable, era cada vez más fuerte cada que me acercaba a la puerta, no pude soportar más el dolor y corrí, escape hacia donde la gente estaba huyendo. Todos subían unas escaleras, no se veía un final aparente, tan solo las nubes, la curiosidad invadió mi mente, en un segundo se volvió mi obsesión, el arpa que sonaba con mi melodía empezaba a acelerar sus tiempos, decidí ir a su ritmo, corrí por aquellas escaleras, después la melodía se empezó a volver más compleja, instrumentos de aire, percusiones, cuerdas, se iba llenando cada vez más y me pregunte que si era una orquesta lo que ahora oía, todo se volvía mas nubloso cada segundo que pasaba, pero presentía que el final estaba cerca, creí ver a mi amada en el punto más alto de este lugar.

  557. Victor Prado says:

    De pronto llegando hasta arriba estaba la misma puerta que había visto antes, pero ahora era más grande y parecía ser la entrada a un enorme templo, tenía un enorme símbolo un poco extraño (el símbolo de farore) simplemente no sabía cómo poder describirlo. Estando frente a esa puerta, el miedo y la duda invadieron mi mente, voltee a mis costados y por fin estaba ella ahí, mi amada se encontraba a un lado de mí, de repente me sentí lleno de valor, tomó mi mano con una gran y hermosa sonrisa, parecía tan pura como la sonrisa de una niña tan inocente y tierna, sin decir nada al respecto decidimos abrir la puerta. Todo se volvió blanco a mi alrededor, estaba rodeado de luz, completamente enceguecido, simplemente no podía ver nada, pero aun así me di cuenta de que estaba solo una vez más, con la misma melodía que sonaba desde que estaba en la obscuridad, solo que esta vez la melodía sonaba diferente y me preguntaba sobre que instrumento la tocaba… ¿una flauta? ¡NO! Era una ocarina. Por unos segundos creí haber muerto, por la calma que a mi alrededor había pero… ¿estaba en el cielo? No lo creo, aunque tampoco estaba en el infierno, de eso estaba seguro. Cuando por fin pude empezar a ver a mi alrededor me di cuenta de que estaba en una habitación blanca, todo era muy suave, quise extender mis brazos, pero no pude ¿estaba amarrado? ¿Qué era esto? Acaso… ¿acaso esto era una camisa de fuerza? ¿De dónde provenía la música que aun oía? Las dudas empezaron a resonar en mi mente más que esa melodía, en un segundo me día la vuelta con un gran salto, me di cuenta de que la pared que estaba detrás de mí tenía un gran vidrio, había una silueta, pero aun la luz no me dejaba ver bien. Cuando mi vista fue mejorando poco a poco me di cuenta de que aquella silueta que veía pertenecía a mi amor, ella sostenía un tocadiscos, no era posible, no entendía nada de lo que sucedía, pero de ese bello tocadiscos sonaba “song of healing”. Seguía sin entender lo que sucedía, pero me daba cuenta de que mi supuesta amada lloraba desgarrada por completo, como si alguien hubiese muerto, trataba de hablarle, pero mis palabras eran incomprensibles, la desesperación de pronto me toco cautivo, ya no estaba seguro de que era real, pero deseaba con toda mi alma poder volver a mi sueño, al menos al momento donde pude sostener su mano por última vez antes de abrir la puerta, verla sonreír una vez más, ya no quería estar en ese lugar, solo quería estar con ella, como en aquel último momento de paz en mi vida…
    La razón por la cual tocaría la canción de mi sueño, “song of healing” es para poder volver a mi sueño, para poder estar de nuevo a lado de mi amada, tomando su mano antes de que la desgracia llegara a mi corazón.

  558. kaepora21 says:

    What is the ultimate power in the universe? Is it the power to bring rain? to heal? to turn back time? All are incredible, and each change would bring immediate change to the world. That is what makes a power refreshing. Right?

    I disagree. A song that creates instant satisfaction cannot be appreciated, and while it may temporarily fix a problem like famine, sickness, or despair, another is always on the horizon. Life, like time, is unalterable. “The flow of time is always cruel” and “no one can change it.” Sheik’s wise words are a startling reminder that no matter our actions, life continues, and with bigger obstacles looming in the future. A quick magical fix harbors no passion, ignites no desire for life. A true change is not about changing what is wrong with the world; it is about coming to appreciate what is right with it.

    Happiness is a fire fueled by living for others, enjoying the experiences of life, and becoming engulfed in everything the world has to offer. Why waste time worrying about problems? Instead I can ignite the heart and realize why I choose to live each day to the fullest. That fire can topple any obstacle, heal any wound, and connect each of us to one another. Life is about finding passion. Life is about memorializing that flame so it never dies off. Life is enshrined by the Bolero of Fire.

    “The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you know which way to go.” Sheik describes that very passion for living through a connection with another person, and it defines the human element. We laugh with each other, cry with loss, and smile simply because we live. The Bolero does not incite an environmental change. It does not roll back time or heal wounds. It simply commemorates the relationships we already have. “This song is dedicated to the power of the heart.” The dance and rhythm inspire a cadence of love, of reciprocating desire to continue to tomorrow knowing that we will face it together.

    If I could choose any song, I would choose the Bolero, and in so doing commemorate a fiery, burning, passionate heart for life. It is greater than time travel. It is greater than healing. It is love; unconditional and unrequited.

    It is the ultimate power, ignited in the Bolero of Fire.

    1. kaepora21 says:

      **I made some stylistic alterations because upon reading it a final time, I did not like the flow, and since one element of this contest is style, I felt I should fix what I can, if I can. I would appreciate it if you used this reply as my entry. If not, no big deal, I'll stick with my original post. Thanks :-).

      What is the ultimate power in the universe? Is it the power to bring rain? to heal? to turn back time? All are incredible, and each would bring immediate change to the world. That is what makes a power refreshing. Right?

      I disagree. A song that creates instant satisfaction cannot be appreciated, and while it may temporarily fix a problem like famine, sickness, or despair, another will always loom on the horizon. Life, like time, is unalterable. “The flow of time is always cruel” and “no one can change it.” Sheik’s wise words are a startling reminder that no matter our actions, life continues with even more issues to tackle. A quick magical fix harbors no passion, ignites no desire for life. A true change is not just about trying to correct what is wrong with the world; it is about coming to appreciate what is right with it.

      Happiness is a fire fueled by living for others, enjoying the experiences of life, and becoming engulfed in everything the world has to offer. Why waste time worrying about problems? Instead I can ignite my heart to remind myself why I choose to live each day to the fullest. That fire can topple any obstacle, heal any wound, and connect each of us to one another. Life is about finding passion. Life is about memorializing that flame so it never dies off. Life is enshrined by the Bolero of Fire.

      “The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you know which way to go.” Sheik describes that very passion for living through a connection with another person, and it defines the human element. We laugh with each other, cry with loss, and smile simply because we live. The Bolero does not incite an environmental change. It does not roll back time or heal wounds. It simply commemorates the relationships we already have. “This song is dedicated to the power of the heart.” The dance and rhythm inspire a cadence of love, of reciprocating desire to continue to tomorrow knowing that we will face it together.

      If I could choose any song, I would choose the Bolero, and in so doing commemorate a fiery, burning, passionate heart for life. It is greater than time travel. It is greater than healing. It is love; unconditional and unrequited.

      It is the ultimate power, ignited in the Bolero of Fire.

  559. Jenna says:

    The song I would choose would be the Inverted Song of Time. The days seem to pass by me in the blink of an eye and attempting to ration my time has become futile. In a perfect world, I would have excess hours to relax in nature's serenity with a notebook before me and a pen in my hand. I would spend hours reading, writing and unleashing my creativity. In addition to that, I would have the time to complete the unfortunate mandatory responsibilities that come along with being a teenager. The Inverted song of Time would allow me to make that dream a reality. Why is this so important to me? Well, I posses a mind that is constantly going a thousand miles an hour. I wish to release these thoughts from my head and create beautiful stories with them. However, finding the time is difficult and it frustrates me more than you can ever know. I partly blame the shortness of the days for my mental struggles – I have suffered from depression among other psychological disorders for 6 years now – because when I am unable to let go of my thoughts and apply them into a story line, it's cause me great stress and unhappiness. To slow down time would be a tremendous miracle for me and would allow me to do what I love as well as what I am required do.

  560. Eduardo Navarro says:

    I would play the Song of Time, ….when you had chosen the winning answer I will play the song of Time, return to a time before the original one gets posted, and post it as my own…..certanly I would win
    If not, I would copy the winning answers and go back in time until I win…..because I really really REALLY want that prize!!
    (even if it means cheatting…but….in war, love , and zelda stuff…ANYTHING goes)

  561. David Llewellyn says:

    I’d use the Song of Storms in places like Africa. It’d help the crops grow and give them drinking water at the same time. Win-win.

  562. Alexander says:

    Song of Healing hands down. I'm sure you know how it feels when you see someone you care about suffering in a way that you can't simply solve on your own. You want so badly to make them happy again someday. The song isn't going to make the sadness disappear, but lets the listener know that everything will be okay if they hang in there. When I see a loved one so low, I understand a person can't be happy forever but when they can smile again one can feel a sense of hope. I hope someone understands.

  563. Jackie says:

    I would Use The Notes To play the ((Song of Healing)) to Heal
    The Sick And dying People All Around The World so That they Could Live And Be Happy!

  564. Jake says:

    Song of Healing: What I would do.Part 1

    I entered the sterilized white building, a wave of pain and sadness washed over me as I met the sight of people. People in pain. People in need. People who needed sleep, and people who knew that sleeping could mean the end.
    My shoes squeaked as I walked in, the grave silence broken, but nobody turned heads to see. The woman in the counter in front of me was busy with another customer, and large line formed behind her. I did not groan at the sight. It was something I had no time for.
    I looked around before finding another employee, a small woman with over-sized glasses. A clipboard was in her hand. I walked up to her, and she looked to smile at me, tired from a long night’s work, but kind enough to still take the time to welcome me.
    “Yes? Can I help you,” she asked, dropping her clipboard to her side.
    I nodded. “Yes, I am looking for….” I checked my notes, “an elderly lady. Her name is Lily Martin, age 89, suffering from a serious case of Alzheimer’s, in room 509.”
    She thought for a moment before shaking her head. “I’m sorry. That patient is not allowed visitors.”
    “Please. I must see her,” I begged, but the woman shook her head, firm.
    I sighed angrily as she walked away. Now what am I to do? Just as I thought this, I noticed another employee, a nurse, as he checked into his shift. Making sure the previous woman was gone, I jogged up to him.
    “Excuse me, but I need to check on a heater in room 509. Here is my badge,” I showed him my nametag, as I truly did work for a heating company. He looked at it, checking, then nodded.
    “Ok. Go through those doors and take the first elevator on the right. The room should be down the hall. Here’s,” he continued, writing on something,” give this to that security guard, and he should give you a pass.” I thanked him, and went on my way, thankful there really was a heater in room 509. I gave the note to the security guard, and received my pass.

  565. Jake says:

    Continued from Song of Healing: What I would do Part 2
    I reached the floor where Mrs. Martin slept, and carefully stepped out of the elevator. I looked around, noting the painful silence around me. A light flickered near the end of the wall. The entire floor was lined with white, metal doors and painted a perfect, boring white. A sign across from the elevator pointed to the right. Written on it was: “Rooms 501-550.” I smiled, and turned right.
    I found her door, and slowly opened it, afraid to startle her. She didn’t notice me; she was deeply asleep. Her tired, wrinkled face looked pained, as if she was sleeping in an eternal nightmare, and her thin, pale hair was limp and sparse. She had fallen asleep looking at her monitor, which beeped at a constant rhythm. Tubes and wires were attached to her arms, and IV drip had the word “Morphine” written on it.
    I sat next to her, staring at her. She still didn’t stir.
    “Hello, Mrs. Martin. How are you?” I asked, not expecting a reply. She gave none. Clearing my throat, I continued. “You don’t know me, but don’t worry. I’m here to help.” Her monitor beeped.
    I opened by bag, and reached deep, looking. “I brought a nice treat, something I think you may like.” My hands clasped what they were looking for, and I pulled out my ocarina, a deep green clay instrument that I loved and cherished.
    I put the ocarina to my lips, still looking at Mrs. Martin. I took a deep breath, and I began to play.
    A sad, slow song filled the silent room. It is indescribable. The melody moved the air, and the atmosphere seemed to sigh with relief, as if a huge amount of pain was washed away.
    Mrs. Martin moved in her sleep. A happy, calm smile spread across her face, and she herself sighed, content.
    When the last note died away, I put away my ocarina. I looked at the old woman, and smiled, before turning away and sneaking out of the room.
    “Mother, we’re coming in,” a woman announced before slowly opening the white door, with her husband following close behind. To their shock, Lily Martin sat in a wheelchair overlooking the sunset, a look of peace over her face. At the sound of her daughter’s voice she turned to see her loved ones standing there, looking confused.
    “Mother, why are you out of bed? Come on, let’s get some rest,” her daughter tried to encourage, but the old lady shook her head.
    “Kris, I’m fine. No need to worry,” the woman chuckled. “Although, I do wish you would bring the little ones with you, my little Jake and Mike. I haven’t seen them in years.”
    Kris held a hand up to her mouth, gasping. “Mother! You… remember our kids. H…how,” she whispered, tears beginning to form around her eyes.
    “I don’t know,” Mrs. Martin replied. “I had a strange dream where I could hear a beautiful song, and when I awoke, I would remember everything. I can move around. I am no longer in pain.” She held her arms out. “Now, why isn’t my daughter giving me hug? And you too, you hunk.”
    The daughter didn’t move for a second. Everything was too overwhelming, too sudden. There was her mother, after all these years, remembering everything. And she can smile. Oh god, her mother is smiling.
    Crying in joy, she ran to her, and threw herself over her mother. “Thank you, God, Thank you!” she cried, as mother and daughter cried and laughed together after ten years.
    I watched this scene from the window, standing in the hall still in my uniform. I smiled as the scene unfolded before. This is what I wanted. Those smiles, tears of joy. The happiness I could bring to this family, and being able to help them in such hard times. How the Song of Healing can perform such miracles!
    As conversation continued, I checked my list. Sighing with relief, I crossed out Mrs. Martin’s name, and checked the next one on my left.
    A small boy with cancer with a twin brother had not woken up for months, and they were getting ready say good-bye.
    Oh dear. I don’t have much time. I must hurry to this boy, so that I can see the smile on his face when he wakes up and sees his twin brother and parent for the first time in a long time.

  566. Guillaume says:

    I would play the Zelda's Lubally, simply because this is the first song I've learned to piano and on my own ocarina. I have also singed this song to my little sister to help her sleeping when she was younger and she love it now 🙂 Thanks Zelda and good luck everyone!

  567. shaymin1 says:

    I would use the Song of Time and all of its forms (e.g. Inverted Song of Time, Song of Double Time) to change what mistakes I have made. When I say this I don't mean something like going back in time to change a test mark or something. For example if I were to break something in another persons house I would go back in time and stop myself from doing it. Who wouldn't want to? Also the Inverted song of time… Who wouldn't wan't more time to sleep in!

  568. I think… I would like to play the Song of Healing. There are so many broken souls and spirits in this world. Depression is a major part of a lot of people's lives today. I just want to mend people's hearts and help them to live and be happy again. Even if I can't heal a person physically (I'm referring to the original song played in Majora's Mask here) I think the Song of Healing would help heal wounds that aren't visible from the outside. Personal grudges, sad memories, guilt from past actions, could all be healed by this song. Sometimes the most painful things in life are things we can't control and feelings we tend to suppress. I want to change that. I want to mend hearts that can't be healed with just a red potion or a bottled fairy.

  569. lordbleck says:

    I'd play the Oath to Order to summon the four friendly giants, and put an end to highshcool bullying for all time!

  570. Nat says:

    I would play the Song of Time and stop my Aunt from overdosing on heroin.

  571. Tasso says:

    I would play the Song of Healing to find the cure for cancer, that took away the live of many innocent people, including children.

  572. Olly says:

    My neighbourhood has a real Gibdo problem: the place is infested with them! I've been stuck on the first floor of my house for days shooting fire arrows out of the bathroom window to try and get rid of them, but I accidentally set fire to next door's hedge and I'm running out of magic power! So it's an unusual choice, but I'd use the buttons to play "Farewell to Gibdos" from the music box house in Majora's Mask: Pamela's Dad had the right idea! (P.S. If anybody can send me some food or arrows, I'd be grateful.)

  573. Jesse says:

    I would play the oath to order to bring back the troops and and make the U.S the way it's supposed to be; a united place thats not so focused on spending and everyone is with their families. That would be so awesome, especially because I have friends that have moved away due to their family members being in the military.

  574. Adriana says:

    Carefully weaved into a thread of subsequent notes composes a melody that resides parallel to that of a mother's lullaby. One that unleashes enough emotion to swell an empty heart and ignite a hope to thaw a frozen one. This song unwinds the binds of time and carefully slips the draping chains from one's throat and releases a new, innocent body. Distraught spirits who navigate down unpaved ribbons of gray would be blinded by the new heavenly light that flashes crystal innovation and sympathy. They would be enveloped with a veil of song cradling power enough to comfort them like the light of the moon on a starless night. Each note resembles an individual who has admitted to what they have done and accepts all consequence, with a realizing starvation to go back and abide by and stand next to honor and integrity; be able to become one with it. The surfacing light is accompanied by an ancient, diminishing internal battle cry. The "Song of Time." It fosters a power deeper than mere time travel. Its echo permeates through thick clouds of corruption and leads ears that listen intently to its string of six notes that hope can be uncovered among the dim the world is sometimes associated with.

  575. Adriana (Continued) says:

    Linking The Legend of Zelda, music and writing into one ticket is a gift itself. Three passions of mine, the heart I put into all three is a throbbing, passionate one that can not be thwarted by much other than family. Music alone has the power to mend friendship and advert a gaze of deception toward bravery and courage, a true set of charisma the protagonist in the Zelda series has been given. Link. Music is like an intangible force that can move you, influences you to take a step forward. Power has been unwittingly embellished into music like humanity itself; its how you perform using such power how you are then perceived. To purse my lips and let a story unfold from each release of breath is what the Song of Time notifies. Each note is like life, an eraser omninously dragging back and forth, ridding of the current evil within that time. Such a song is not for the faint of heart or the mercenary. Such a song should only reside with a strong but gentle and reassuring hold. Embraced by a sincere, determined heart. Bestowed within the mind of one that could never be deterred. Many deserve second chances, but a second chance only.

  576. Adriana (Continued) says:

    The power of the "Song of Time", the magnificence and strength, is not to be idled with an oppressive installment but instead distilled as ignorance wavers and is replaced by a permanent serenity. Sometimes the teenage population doesn't quite understand the importance of time. We tend to think of the world as a bubble and we wield the power to escape it at any time. But truly, the tranquility within the "Song of Time", is a power that harnesses an element true heroes possess.

  577. Matthew Fairman says:

    I would use the ledgendary Song of Time to go back to my childhood, so I could relive and experience those Ledgend of Zelda moments that changed my life. Legend of Zelda helped my decide what to do in my life, to become like Link. A good man. Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto for a timeless classic that brings honor to the video game industry. From the music filled, amazing Ocarnia of Time to the brand new beautifully made Skyward Sword, Ledgend of Zelda has always had a rich story telling aspect that kept me hooked the whole way. The amazing music by Koji Kondo was my favorite part and I choose the Song of Time to relive a part of my life I will never forget. Thank you.

  578. jake says:

    I would play the Sonata of Awakening. I strongly believe that if the world were to just awaken and look at itself critically, a lot of our problems would be resolved. If we awakened to the suffering, the greed, the hate, and hunger, we would feel the need to do something about them, to have Navi bonking our heads because the great tree needs our help. Mankind is the great deku tree and it needs more than one hero's help. It needs all our help, and that is why the Sonata of Awakening is the song that I, and many others, need to hear.

  579. Tyler says:

    Of course, my first thought is the Song of Time. I feel like that's an instinctual thing, the idea of going back and changing events to make them better. The more I think about it, the more I feel like it's wrong. We're who we are today, and that isn't some self-esteem statement, it's a thing of cowardice. It's frightening to change who you are, to turn yourself into a different person. Because the thing is, changing one thing that happened doesn't stop all the evil in the world. My friend Marc McKently died in an accident on February 9th last year. With the date coming up so soon, I wonder if I could have the courage to change what happened. Even to save one life though… objectively, it's nothing against the troubles of the rest of the world. As much as I wish we could have him back, I think what I really need is the Song of Healing. Helping others to accept what has happened and heal our pain, move on. You could change the world if you had a way to ease people's souls in the face of tragedy or adversity. With so much inner peace, it might even stop bad things from happening. But if that doesn't, then nothing will, not even time travel, which is why the most important thing is to support and heal each other. So, yeah. Song of Healing.

  580. Joe Cooper says:

    I would use the Song of Time to travel to 1979 and find out, once and for all, whether Cadbury's Curly Whirly chocolate bar was bigger or not. Additionally, I'd run Dr Beeching over with a train.

  581. Ricardo C. says:

    i would play the song of time so i could go back in time win the lottery and became rich and buy as many zelda things as i could like games, cloths, figures, etc. Is it weird that the sheikah hoodie gave me a boner O.o

  582. Felipe Pimenta says:

    I`d play the song of time to go back to February of 1986 to see the rising of the legend ,The legend of Zelda !

  583. Francis Rey Hipolito says:

    Song of Soaring so that I would not need a car or have to utilize our earth's limited fossil fuels, which would aid in the preservation of our environment; thus, allowing future generations to enjoy the natural world. It would also be good in saying that it would allow military forces to save captives as well as save victims of natural disasters.

  584. linkfrog23 says:

    I'd dramatically throw open the doors to an ongoing session in congress, and walk with unparalleled swag down the aisle to the main podium. As congress silently stares onward, mouths agape, I'll put on my sunglasses and whisper into the microphone "deal with it". I'll then whip out my ocarina of time and jam out the Oath to Order, summoning the 4 Giants to take power in the US. One can sit on top of the white house, another on the supreme court building, and another to sit on the capitol building. The last one can go and take pictures with tourists in front of monuments in D.C. or something. They can govern until they fix our government and this 2012 apocalypse nonsense. Then they can return to the swamp, mountain, ocean, or valley from whence they came.

  585. Jethro says:

    I want to use the notes to change the world, but I won't choose the Song of Healing; instead I would use Saria's Song. Nothing is more comforting in times of need than the voice of an old friend in your ear offering guidance. Furthermore, its ability to remove depression and inspire is profound (shown when a certain goron by the name of Darunia hears the notes of Saria's Song). Everybody needs inspiration and guidance from their oldest and closest friend many times in their life – those two things can change your heart for the better. Listen, Dance and Enjoy!

  586. Adschmidt says:

    I would play Song of Double Time; sometimes, we are into such difficult and uncomfortable situations, or we want impatiently, that the flow of time runs over , so, the best option for those hearts filled with cravings, the Song of Double Time would be the very best option.

  587. Jackie says:

    I would play ballad of the goddess from Skyward Sword. This song makes me feel amazing. Whenever I battle a hard boss or if I’m having trouble with silent realms this song helps me. I it gives me courage to do almost anything. I’m even persuading my band teacher to play this song at our next concert.

  588. OoTfan1225 says:

    I would play sarias song to hear what to do when im in danger

  589. Atticus Finch says:

    After considering every song from every game, it seems to me that the most useful, in our world anyway, would be the Command Melody. Getting work done would be a breeze as I flick my Wind Waker to control objects! And as far as controlling people, I never believed as I played the game that Link took control of another's mind. Rather, that they melded minds, creating a singular being with the power of two minds. The command melody is telekinesis and telepathy all in one!

  590. Dominick says:

    i would play the song of time go back in time when i was a child and didnt finish zelda oot or mm and relive the struggles i had passing thos games! … Good times…

  591. Karpa says:

    I would like to be able to play the Inverted Song of Time, for it will grant me the essences of time I wish to spend with MY 'Zelda'… cause just like the video game's golden maiden, I rarely get to spend personal time with her during my daily adventures and if it's anything I'd like to be able to do, it would be to lengthen my precious, short moments with her.

  592. Ty the Hero of Time says:

    That is something that I didn't do, and now those good moments that I remember, that I had the opportunity to enjoy and savor about, are two years in the past and will never be re-lived. This is where the Inverted Song of Time is needed. I need, and WE need to slow down and think about our lives and all the current events in the world.

    Thank You ZU for this amazing opportunity!


  593. Ty the Hero of Time says:

    Wow….There are so many songs that I would pick! I guess I will go with the Inverted Song of Time from Majora's Mask. I would choose this because time is going way too fast to me! Two years ago, I remember New Years 2010. It feels literally like it was yesterday! I remember when The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was released in December 2009 and opening my Christmas gifts to find that my parents had bought me a copy, along with a DSI! That feels like it was only last year, but it wasn't! I can remember every single detail of that Christmas! In May 2009, an artwork of Skyward Sword, which was titled "The Legend of Zelda" in silver lettering, was leaked to the world from a press conference. This feels like a year ago also! I remember getting really exceited about seeing that picture and saying outloud, "IT IS OFFICIAL! ZELDA IS RETURNING!" 🙂

  594. Ty the Hero of Time says:

    PART 3 OF COMMENT!!!! 2nd AND 1st ABOVE (Sorry for the mixed up order!) I was so happy! So, why I would use the Inverted Song of Time is so that I can slow down time to focus on the very important details on life that I now look back on and say, "Well, wasn't that obivious? I have to cherish this moment and savor it before it's gone!"

  595. Ty the Hero of Time says:

    Wow….There are so many songs that I would pick! I guess I will go with the Inverted Song of Time from Majora's Mask. I would choose this because time is going way too fast to me! Two years ago, I remember New Years 2010. It feels literally like it was yesterday! I remember when The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was released in December 2009 and opening my Christmas gifts to find that my parents had bought me a copy, along with a DSI! That feels like it was only last year, but it wasn't! I can remember every single detail of that Christmas! In May 2009, an artwork of Skyward Sword, which was titled "The Legend of Zelda" in silver lettering, was leaked to the world from a press conference. This feels like a year ago also! I remember getting really exceited about seeing that picture and saying outloud, "IT IS OFFICIAL! ZELDA IS RETURNING!" 🙂

  596. Ryan says:

    Hmmm. If I could translate a song from a Zelda game into real life, I would use the Oath to Order from Majoras mask. This song would be use by me to play from the window, and echo across the world to people fighting senselessly with each other. It would tell world leaders to think about their actions, and resolve issues peacefully. Link used this song to prevent a catastrophe in Termina. We could use it to prevent one on Earth, when the time comes for us to work together, and keep the Earth war-free

  597. Ty the Hero of Time says:

    I was so happy! So, why I would use the Inverted Song of Time is so that I can slow down time to focus on the very important details on life that I now look back on and say, "Well, wasn't that obivious? I have to cherish this moment and savor it before it's gone!"

  598. Ty the Hero of Time says:

    That is something that I didn't do, and now those good moments that I remember, that I had the opportunity to enjoy and savor about, are two years in the past and will never be re-lived. This is where the Inverted Song of Time is needed. I need, and WE need to slow down and think about our lives and all the current events in the world.

    Thank You ZU for this amazing opportunity!


    Ty the Hero of Time

  599. chris says:

    song of storms
    1.It has a great melody can cure famine.
    3.the song has a lot of meaning The thousand years of raindrops summoned by my song are my tears. The thunder that strikes the earth is my anger! flat from majoras mask.
    3.if your team is losing or your at an event you dont want to be in,sing the song to wash away your uncomfortableness
    4.most people love the sunshine,i love the heavy rain,it gives the sense of a refreshing new world

    1. chris says:

      forgot to add, sound great on ocarina and weird guru guru music box thing

  600. YellowHat says:

    I take my composer's notes to a Scarecrow and play for him a Scarecrow's Song. Sometimes when I am traveling and alone, it would be nice to have Pierre around to help me out or just offer some conversation and temporary companionship. And, as lone travelers such as myself often get a little down on life, having a quick dance with Pierre or Bonooru is a great way to while away my troubles.

  601. Justin says:

    I've worked with abandoned and abused kids and I would use the song of healing to help heal the pain they feel

  602. Amethyst says:

    If I could play any Zelda song and have it really work in real life, I would play either the Song of Healing or the Sun’s Song. I couldn’t quite find one that was just the one for me, but these will most certainly do.
    I would play the Song of Healing since it would have a very calming effect on people in tough times. It could even help myself, but I wouldn’t overuse it selfishly like that. Also, it is overall just a very mysterious yet lovely tune that I am quite fond of.
    I would also play the Sun’s Song if I were having bad day or just couldn’t wait for something exciting to happen and wanted it to happen immediately. And since it affects everyone, I would also play it if others had the same reasons as me. There are so many things that are affected by day and night, so it’s be interesting to play once in a while.
    These are the songs I would play and the reasons behind it. Hopefully I would be able to use them in a worldwide helpful way. Thank you. 🙂

  603. Jamie N. says:

    Such an interesting question!

    Why, it would have to be the Scarecrow's Song. The ability to have a scarecrow, effectively answering your own little version of a secret "password" is fascinating. I admit, my uses for this are not quite as heartwarming or as romantic as others, but i'd atleast be able to escape troubling situations through use of my handy hookshot and scare people at will. And let's not underestimate just how touching it would be. I'd find a summonable friend in Pierre, a witty scarecrow who I know would never leave my side. I mean, physically, he can't. It's a little bit twisted, really.

  604. Amanda says:

    I would use Epona's Song to reunite with my wonderful horse, Cherokee. He was my best friend and companion for many years, but hard financial times meant that I had to entrust his future care to someone else. It was a heartbreaking event for me, so if I could play Epona's song and have him come galloping back home, that would be pretty spectacular. 🙂
    (In fact, I used to whistle the first few notes to him when I would go out into the pasture, and he'd come right up to me!)

  605. Alex Claiborne says:

    I would pick the Song of Time hands down. I would go into the past and learn how to forge armor, swords, and sheilds. I would create a sword similar to the four sword. I would also create a shield similar to the hylian sheild. Lastly, I would create four suits of armor, each with a long pointy hood on the head. Then… I would use the song of time again to go into the distant future. A future where robotics and artificial intelligence are the boss. In 3 of the suits of armor, I would put robotic parts and fully functioning AI Hardware. I would paint each of these robots a different color: red, blue, and purple. The blue robot would have control of bombs of various types and sizes. The purple one would have control of various ranged weapons. The red one would be able to transform in to a bird, horse, or small boat, depending on what the situation needed. The last suit of armor would get a major upgrade: including a transmitter in the hood through which the three robots could be controlled. It would also get an internal environment upgrade. When this is all done, I would upgrade the sword in such a way that it would be able to shoot lasers, or, if you will, “Sword Beams.” I would also upgrade the sheild to deflect any type of ammo from the “ancient” 21st century. As a near final measure, I would create a function through which the AIs of the other robots could fuse with my sword, just in case I need to use the power of 4 to defeat a certian Wind Mage. I would then, at last, create a pedistal for the sword, from which an electric signal is sent to the robots, when the sword is pulled, to activate them. I would then go back to the present day and set everything up in a secret grotto. I would then commence to instruct my brother on the basics of the sword, shield, and suit. (This is due to the fact that he is the only person I know of who is crazy enough to try it out.) He would then become the great Hero of Legend, and I would have been the creator of the great Hero of Legend. Even though the song would have been a tool to a greater plan (as it usually is), it would serve a great purpose.

  606. CGAV911 says:

    i would play the Song Of Healing, because it can soothe people's pain along with my own. It can allow people to accept what has happened, and it allows them to let go of whatever's hurt them and move on with a smile. It also would allow you to recover from whatever losses occur, such as death or injury, war, anything really. And even with those losses and burdens that life is full of, the song can allow the wounds from the chains that bind the losses and burdens to you to be cleansed and healed. Plus if you play it backwards, you can summon Ben >:D

  607. Nessa Perezz says:

    If I was too choose one song from the Legend of Zelda, it would be Zelda’s Lullaby. It is gentle and kind. It gives a scene of lush grass touching a blue sky, a sweet moment with a friend or family, a soft comforting hold that will give you back your smile, and it gives us a feeling of two things. Those two things are peace and love. The world is tough but not with this song. When the song would play, you feel tranquil and cherish all that is around you. When the song would play, everyone would be together, hand in hand, and we would help eachother. When the song would play, there would be not one war in the world! Nothing can separate us, even when we are all so different. We are all human, but this song makes you feel much more. This song would give warmth when you cold and fill your hearts when it’s empty. Love and peace is what will bind us together and would never faulter. If I was too choose just one song to change the world, it would be Zelda’s Lullaby.

  608. Kara Z says:

    While it is not played using the traditional ocarina notes (although I suppose it would be Zelda's Lullaby backwards), I would have to say that Ballad of the Goddess is my choice. It offers guidance and a helping hand whenever one needs it most. I think some people get lost while walking through life whether it be making poor decisions, losing someone you love, or a variety of other problems that each and every one of us faces every single day that leave us at crossroads. What better way to help everyone than by giving those who need it, a direction to start walking. Just like how Ballad of the Goddess lead Link to the beginning of his destiny, it could also help people help themselves just by giving them a little push in the right direction (not to mention a few extra hearts along the way). I don't think that any one song from the Zelda series can change the world in an instant, but maybe Ballad of the Goddess could help everyone start the journey to a better world.

  609. CWP says:

    Song of Passing so I can skip a week and see who won this contest.

  610. Eric A. says:

    I would play the Song of Time to travel back in time 2 years in the past and be able to warn myself that my grandmother was about to die and that I shouldn't storm out of her house after arguing and not even telling her I loved her. Then I would go over and make things right with her so we can enjoy her last day together and at least I could be with her one final time. I miss you a lot granny :'(.

  611. bbundy09 says:

    If I could play one song using the Composer's notes, I would totally have to use the Inverted Song of Time. Personally, I find it very stressful at times when I am pressed for time….slowing it down would be extraordinarily helpful.

  612. Kristian says:

    My choice of song would be the beautiful and yet graceful Serenade of Water. This song is so soothing and relaxing. Just hearing this song reminds me of the gentle running of a nearby creak. I absolutely love it. Serenade of water really brings out the inner peacefulness in someone. Zzzzzz oh snap, the song put me to sleep.

  613. Everlong13 says:

    It's a tough choice, and at first I was thinking the Song Of Time. And I wish I could learn more than 1, because that's such a cool song to learn. But all in all, I think I would have to learn the Song Of Healing. I've imagined having the ocarina of time a few times actually, just part of the nerd in me. And I feel like I could do so much good with the Song of Healing, because it heals. I mean, think about it! I could cure so many people and so many diseases and bring peace to the souls of the dearly departed and their loved ones. I mean, maybe I could cure cancer? Or it doesn't even have to be something that big. Just being able to heal someone and make them happy.. that would be amazing and I wish I could really do that in my life. Just be a wandering healer, y'know? Even if I couldn't save their lives, I could save their souls, right? And then I'd get a mask too! I guess i'd probably look like the happy mask salesman after a while. I'm sort of ranting now.. but it really is a beautiful song and it touched my heart when I was a kid playing that game. It's just one of those things that really makes you think. If something like that really existed, the world would be so much better, don't you agree?

  614. Turi Engler says:

    I'd use the song of time to correct the mistakes the world has made in the past. 9/11, The Holocaust, and the creation of the Blair Witch Project (jk). Those trajedies should never have existed, and were created my the mistakes of individuals, and caused the death of others. The world deserves another chance.

  615. I would Love to have the song of storms becasue you could make it rain any day you want plus i can clear poulouted water as seen i majoras mask when you meet sharp in ikana canyon also i love it so much i would love to have song of storm buttons i could wear to school evrey day and i have the song of stroms shirt and i love it and its just the best song to have because it makes it rain and i love to stand in the rain and the song of stroms isd like the chuck noris song in all of the games in my opinion SO SONG OF STORMS!!!!!!!

  616. Scott Finni says:

    I would play the Goron Lullaby. I would use it whenever my baby brother is having a hard time sleeping, that way he would drift off. I would also try to use it on myself for those nights where I can't sleep.

  617. Emma says:

    The song I would play in real life, would be the song of healing. I would play it because I want to heal all the sick people in the world, all the people that are effected by cancer, all people that got damages to their bodies from a accident or were born with a serious disease. I would especially cure all autism and get people out of wheelchairs. My big brother is in a wheelchair and autistic, so I would love to see him walking and running 🙂

  618. Caleb says:

    I'd play Epona's theme so I could have an amazing horse all my own that I only need feed carrots to make speed up! I've always wanted a horse of my own, why not get the best one out there!?

  619. Brandon says:

    I would play the song of soaring, so I could warp to a better and more magical place without war and death. No one likes war or death so why not go some where without all the death and war.

  620. Ashton Allen says:

    If I had a song to play I would play Song of Storms because where I live is going through a drought and I myself love storms and rain so very much but helping the people around town would be fantastic in my small little desert 😀

  621. Kristian (Continued) says:

    I would like to add on to my Zelda song,Serenade of water. When you are going through hard times, play this song. It should relieve you of the anger you possess. It works for me. Again, this is one of my favorite songs, especially because it involves my favorite attribute; water. Water renders peace. Also, it significantly resembles power. The Legend of Zelda legacy shall go on. If it perishes, my eternal gaming soul will be a desolate wasteland.

  622. GIlmer says:

    I would like to play Song of Time because I would go back in time and talk to people to prevent atrocious acts on history as WW 1&2 or death of important people on history or I would use it to go to the future and see technology that we dont have right now and try to help the humanity with it.

  623. Josh :) says:

    If I could choose any song from the Zelda games to change my life and to change the world, I would definately choose the Song of Time. This song has a lot of meaning to it and it sounds beautiful when Link plays it. With this song I would go back in time to when there was no fighting, no worries and most of all back to a time when not every kid wanted the newest toys or electronics! This would make the world such a better place because I could go back in time before there were wars and discrimination. I would also go back to my childhood and relive the good times with my friends and family. This song would definately be great to change the world and it would be great to go back to a better time 🙂

  624. Chrystian Major says:

    If I were to play any song from the Zelda series, it would have to be the Song of Healing. It soothes the souls of those with pain. I would play the melody to anyone who feels some major pain in his or her life in order to make them have a sense of peace. I would use this song to motivate those who feel they can no longer move on in life. To remove the rut in which they are stuck in. Globally, I would use this song in order to heal natural life throughout the world. To save humanity from it's own mistake of polluting the world. Bring the Earth back to its original precious state, to redeem humanity from it's past sins. Then make peace throughout the world, so we as humanity can get past our differences of each other and move as a whole.

  625. ZeldaZX says:

    I would play the song of healing, heal everyones sins, and cure everyone of the darkness in their hearts, of the diseases that plauge this world, and bring everyone together as a race of beings that only become stronger when they are together, thus ending all pain and suffering of greed, lust and tyranny.

  626. Emily Elliott says:

    I would use the Command Melody to guarantee my win. You can’t resist the power of this Wind Waker 😀

  627. Matthew says:

    I would play the Elegy of Emptiness. I think it would be nice to leave a lasting physical impression on the world for when I'm "no longer around"; something for people to remember me by, however creepy it may be.

  628. Cristian says:

    All songs from the Legend of Zelda series hold a very dear place in my heart. No song, however, applies more in today's world as the Elegy of Emptiness, first taught to Link by Kind Igos du Ikana in the Ancient Castle of Ikana. Ikana is a realm clouded in darkness, and Link arrives with a previously-unknown presence, the essence we mortals refer to as "light."

    Igos du Ikana teaches Link the Elegy of Emptiness as a source of hope for the future. A common recurring element in The Legend of Zelda is giving hope for the future, even if the past generations have long since been doomed to failure. Such as with the case of the former King of Hyrule, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, past mistakes have left an irreversible effect on the history of the land. However, it is never too late to give hope for the future, as Daphnes shows by giving his gift bestowed upon him by the Triforce to the future era of Link and Tetra.

    The Elegy of Emptiness is an example of such hope. The Kingdom of Ikana has already fallen into ruins, but there are those who still attempt to live in the harsh conditions (especially those in a particular Music Box House), knowing that better times are soon to come. By giving his last song to Link, the King of Ikana can finally rest, not with joy, but with solace and hope for an era destined to be better than his own.

    The song itself allows Link to create a heartless, lifeless "shell" of himself. This inanimate copy can survive the darkness of Stone Tower, allowing Link the brave the countless perils the tower conceals. Just as in The Legend of Zelda, we must also shed our shells and leave behind the darkness inside us. As the notes of the Elegy of Emptiness surround us, we must forgive our past and give hope to our future, leaving our darkness and regrets behind as we shine the light of justice on this Kingdom we call Earth. Only then will Igos du Ikana's dream come true, a dream of a new beginning, the dawn of a new day.

  629. Peter says:

    If I could play any song from the Ocarina of Time, it would be the Song of Time.
    I would be able to travel through time. Time is very precious and limited, I could slow down time and get more done with the song of time as well as travel into the past and future to see what it was/would be like. I could also summon or create blocks/material that cannot be destroyed or damaged or moved unless you have the power of the song of time!
    Not only does the song of time allow you to travel through time, it allows you to time travel in different ways. One way in OOT you can travel back in time and cause a new timeline, but there is also another way, in MM you can relive the same time without causing a split but still affecting the future if you want to or not!

  630. Daydayday64 says:

    Oh! I hope I'm not to late to enter!
    Hmm…What song would I choose? Hmm…Yes, I do believe I know exactly what song I would use! A song both simple and mighty, inspiring images of windmills and phonegraphs and all manner of spinning objects. A song who's 3 simple notes repeated can call forth devastating gales and torrential down-pours. In one game, it was the key to entering the darkest catacombs in all of Hyrule. In its sequel, it was the key to cleansing such cursed places in Termina instead.

    Yes, the Song of Storms is certainly a powerful song, not that you need to be told a song that can summon rain INSIDE a building is powerful or anything. But just stop and think for a moment what we're actually talking about here! This song has direct control over the weather! The ability to bring life nurturing water back to the dry sand and bedrock of deserts everywhere, much as we saw in the Gerudo Desert's dry pond. But how about we think a bit…outside of the box per-say?
    It's a known fact that seeding hurricanes and stronger tropical storms can force them to rain themselves out before ever touching land fall. A task possible but very difficult and very time consuming by conventional means, but who ever said a magic song was conventional?
    Kakariko Village's windmill has already shown us just how strong these 'delivered by call' winds can be. Imagine an area of wind-farms position amongst a perpetual storm of wind and gusts! Endless power for an entire city!
    Control over weather is a super power unto itself, as the X-Men's Storm has taught us with out question, and yet it's easily one of Link's most underestimated abilities. Such a power in our world could make any one man famous and rich beyond their wildest dreams! To use the power with out discretion could even be considered borderline evil! Seeding hurricanes can just as easily become strengthening them. Thunder storms have been known to start just as many forest fires as they put out! And no matter how dry the land is, a flooded scape is just as dead as one with out water.
    Perhaps that's why Link uses such a song so sparingly, and why no man in our world should ever have such a song at their command! The repercussions to summoning such powerful storms left and right with out considering the consequences…

    Well, when it comes down to it. The Song of Storms is still remembered, not because of its power, but because of its catchy tune. And whether I save the world or summon the next great disaster, winning that hoodie and buttons? You can bet I'll be setting those buttons into my favorite series of notes!

  631. Lani0592 says:

    I would play the Song of Healing. At first, I was thinking I would play the Song of Time to go back in time to those good ol' carefree days I enjoyed as a kid. No worries on my mind and not having to make grown-up decisions that play a major factor to what my future will turn out to be. Or I could go back to when I was 13, specifically, and talk to my grandpa (may he rest in peace) about his depression and ask him to please get medical help, ultimately saving his life. Because I'd be aware of what was wrong with him, instead of blindly thinking that he's ok, it's just a "worried phase" he's going through. But no. Such a song doesn't exist. However, if it did, I think everything would turn out the way it is right now because all of those events that happened in the past, whether they were good or bad, were meant to happen. My family and I wouldn't be where we are right now if we did not experience those events. We became closer and more courageous/optimistic. We grew stronger. The Song of Healing is my choice because it'd be the perfect melody to relax anyone who has been through a hard time, putting them at ease from all of the pain and hardships that they've encountered, and give them the courage to move forward. I love ALL of the songs from the Zelda series, but I guess this one in particular is my favorite because it has the most realistic remedy out of all of them, but at the same time it has peculiar healing capabilities woven in its serene, mysterious melody. =)

  632. Taylor Ciciura says:

    I live by the saying "Live you life to the fullest" because let's face it, life is an amazing thing. You want to spend it being happy and having fun and just being you. If I could have any composer song amongst the many that were brilliantly made in The Legend of Zelda series, I would want the Song of Soaring from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I so badly want to see the world that I'm living my life in. I don't just want to see the places either. I want to see all the people xD I love meeting new people and people are why life is worth living. Live life and be silleh!!

  633. wintereater says:

    I would play the song of storms. The reason being is that I find rain to be very calming. One of the things i hate seeing the most is people in emotional distress. They never seem like themselves and it always makes my heart break a little inside whenever I see someone going through it, especially if its someone you are close to, or want to be close to…love…
    Having this song play while its raining would be the perfect way to empty your mind, and forget about the things that trouble you.

  634. Frank says:

    I have to say, the Song of Healing. That song gave new life to Majora's Mask, and brought back my few good memories. With it I would change many hardships people have endured, and try to fix wrongdoings. Everyone deserves a chance in life. If they mess up, they deserve one more chance to get it right. Using this song would ensure no-one would be at war, away from family and friends, or done wrong by those who have made mistakes.

    1. Frank says:

      Sorry I double posted. My wii is acting up with the posting.

  635. James H (Triguy123) says:

    When I was seven, a full year after Majora's Masks's release, I finally collected every last bottle, item capacity upgrade, golden skulltula, stray fairy, and mask, enabling me to slice through any enemy of Termina's field with the Great Fairy Sword and destroy every boss again and again as the mighty Fierce Deity. I was standing at the peak of my proudest puzzle solving moment; the only thing left unfinished was Kreaton’s Quiz Questions to capture the last piece of heart. To be continued….

  636. James H (Triguy123) says:

    …continued. Fingers shaking, I went to copy my file to ensure my hard works safety. Then, with one false slip of my tiny thumb, my world imploded. File: James…deleted. Pounding my fist into the ground trying to evoke Din’s Fire from my oh so distant Hyrule, my seven year old soul screamed for the power of the Song of Time to stop my digit’s betrayal. Tears, anger, and overwhelming sadness crept over me as the scope of Majora’s curse destroyed the last remnants of my little world. Eleven years later, the still fresh hardship of Link’s failed journey linger over my head like the Falling Moon’s shadow. I realize now that the Song of Time would not have been enough. Oh no, today I would not choose the Song of Time. Hear me Master Shigeru Miyamoto. Hear me and bestow upon this shattered spirit the power of the Song of Healing to shed this mask of sorrow, erasing my never ending pain.

  637. The Hero says:

    A timeless reminder, the song she once sang for me.

    The Ballad of the Goddess, the one thing I know to be honest and true in this world. When all hope seems lost, it will be my guide, my reminder that I still have the will within me, that the will of others depends upon me as they believe in me. Her Ballad will be my strength when I feel as if I can go no further, when all of my own strength seems to have faded.

    A timeless reminder to me and to all of my kinsmen to come, created long before my birth but designed to last until the end of time, when evil can finally be laid to rest.

    Will I stand tall even when darkness enshrouds me? Will I rise up in defiance even when I am bound, tortured, and beaten? And will I say your name even when evil has claimed it for itself, persuading me that I no longer know it? Yes. For with your song in my ears and your memory in my hands, none will stand up to the deluge of my will.

    And so I will realize that she and her song serve not only as the guiding force behind my determination but also as the compass steering my resolve, the temperance to hone my reckless pursuit of truth. At times tempted by darker methods, crueler mantras, I begin to lose sight of her wise and knowing teachings, until the day that I play her harp once more.

    Do I take the force of Power as my means? Do I forcibly open the chest that has not rightfully come to be mine? And do I play the desperate, thieving traveler who finds himself at odds with the humble shopkeeper? No. No, I cannot…for it would corrupt me and turn the land's hero against himself, against its innocent inhabitants, the ones for whom I fight. I am Courage as she is Wisdom, and I must rely on her that she has known the way all along, that she always will. I entrust my will to hers, and so I turn to the song she once sang for me.

    The song she once sang for me.

    Playing it on her sacred harp, she entrusted the hero's reminder upon me, so that I might remember her grace for all time to come. And though she wrote it by her own majesty, and now once again plays it for me, she has no recollection of its creation, for she has sacrificed everything for me. So, too, will I sacrifice everything for her, the Ballad as my sword.

    I know through my tears that I may never see her again, that her ephemeral beauty might be lost to me forever. But I hear it, I play it, I sing it, and I know that my will can stand for her where none other can. I will be her hero, not because it has been written but because I accept it, I choose it, and I embrace it. Even if it means the end of me, I will see you again, and I will love you forever more.

    This is what the Ballad of the Goddess is to me, the timeless reminder that I can, that I will. For so long as I fight for her, I can never lose, and I will stand the test of time beside her.

    And thus, I would play Her Ballad each and every day, if for no other reason than to remind myself of my devotion to her and to the sort of person I aspire to be. There will be, as there always have been, hours when I am downtrodden, days when I am at despair's mercy…days when I question whether I could ever live up to a title so noble as “hero”—but her song comes rushing back into my mind, and in those moments I can see her beautiful face once again. Each note, each harmonious strum, translates into a chord of determination within the innermost fiber of my being. I speak aloud to myself, hoping by chance that she might be able to hear me. I will find strength where before there was none to be found.

    “For you I fight, forevermore, for the light that shines brightest in my despair.”

    But alas, I find it increasingly difficult to see her face, to make out the delicate curves of her youthful complexion. Years add confusion to memory as age adds convolution, and I struggle to remember, to retain that memory so precious to me. Were I as heroic as they once claimed me to be, I would never have allowed such a beautiful spirit to come so close to falling into the cruel hands of demise. And wouldst I remember her song as well as I did in my youth, I would play it each and every day, for it would be the power to remember forever, to see what all others might forget, to live for all time in one another's embracing arms.

    Were I the statuesque and valiant knight of which they once spoke, unwavering in determination and insurmountable in sheer force of will, I would never allow death or any other means of separation to allow me to lose sight of her, and I would love her through it all.

    For that special person in my life, I will exert my will in your memory until I cease to exist. That is my gift to you, as the Ballad was yours to me.

    Yours truly,
    The Hero

  638. bastian says:

    Thanks for entering! The contest is now closed! Check back on the front page in a week or so for the winners list!

  639. Lapis Simons says:

    I would play Requiem of Spirits. Why? Well because I love the way it sounds and not only that but because it brings back good memories. Memories are meant to be kept and not thrown away. They’re what keeps us moving. And what keeps us on the right tracks. And that’s why I like Requiem of Spirits. I made it to where when I play it I think of good times I spent with people. People that has passed.

  640. Lapis Simons says:

    If you wanna contact me here’s my y email address.

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