Sheik:  ninja-ing her tea

Zelda characters and themes have made numerous appearances in non-Zelda games over the ages, including Link as a guest character in Soul Calibur II and an entire Zelda level in Super Mario 3D Land.  However, the most popular and definitely the most highly-publicized of all such appearances can be seen in the Super Smash Bros. series.  Link has appeared in every installment in the series, and Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf, and dozens of other references have also appeared.

Recently in a statement to Nintendo Power, Masahiro Sakurai, creator of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, has warned fans not to expect a new title for the Wii U coming any time soon.  Read on to see exactly what he has to say.

Sakurai is currently devoting his full attention to his upcoming title for the Nintendo 3DS, Kid Icarus:  Uprising.  In a statement to Nintendo Power, he said:

“I can’t really say anything until things settle down with Kid Icarus…  And a lot of it will depend on the team that I end up assembling for Smash Bros.  It may take a while, but I think that your patience will be rewarded.”

Although this means we won’t be seeing Link and Zelda appearing in a Smash Bros. game any time soon, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Nintendo revealed at E3 2011 that the dual Smash Bros. games for Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS hadn’t even started development, and wouldn’t any time soon.  However, this is good news for any fans wanting Skyward Sword to be featured in the games, just as Twilight Princess was with Brawl.  Which new characters and stages based on Skyward Sword would you like to see in future Smash Bros. games?

Source:  Nintendo Everything
  • The-Cozmologist

    That would be fun if you could play as a Kikwi!

    • Silver-Lynx4

      Well…a Kikwi stage could be cool…you know, Faron woods

  • Dan

    Skyloft needs to be a stage for sure, and Ghirahim defiantly needs to be a fighter

    • that guy

      demise and impa as well

      • Banooru


  • Gward

    and Levias would be an awesome stage

    • Trotta

      Totally!!!! or Groose as a heavy hitter like DK.

  • Goron

    I think they should put fi in there.

    • Zelda3607

      they didnt put midna in brawl so it isnt likely but i do hope they add her

  • GuildedBlood

    Demise as a character would be the bomb-digity.

    • hormeinKamph

      he's too much like ganon…

  • Phantom Link

    I hope they keep Toon Link in the next game. I think that they should incorporate the entire Skyward Sword world into a stage that would shift locations like Castle Siege does in Brawl.

    • Banooru

      Maybe a tornado knocks you toward eldin volcano.

  • stan423321

    I have a random idea: Fi a'la Snake's codecs.

    "This fighter is known as Captain Falcon. There is an 85% probability he would miss his Falcon Punch."
    "This is Crazy Hand. Unfortunately I didn't analyse its movement patterns yet, but there is an 85% probability it would behave like Master Hand."
    "This is Diddy Kong. There is a 0% probability that you'd remain respected after getting hit by his side special attack."

    • MrFatPaws

      There is a 90% chance this is a great idea

  • I'm thinking Demise will probably replace Ganondorf just for this game. And I hope we get to see both Sonic and Tails make it in this time. That'd make for an epic match-up.

    • ChainofTermina

      Sonic, yes, but I'd actually like to see Shadow or Silver rather than Tails. Tails can be an Assist Trophy.

      • Hydra

        Knuckles. It makes more sense for him to be in a fighting game than for Sonic to be. Although that might be kinda hard to pull off considering his abilities are climbing and gliding…

    • lootic

      Sonic needs to be fixed though, theres not enough difference between spindash, spindash and spindash.

      • Zachattack8888

        Don't forget about his other spindash attack.

  • B92

    I thought whatever model of Link they put in this, would be how Link would look on his first Wii U Zelda, but now we might see Zelda on the Wii U before SB!

    • That's definitely a possibility. For all we know, there could be an entirely new console Zelda out by the time we see a new Smash Bros. game on Wii U!

    • jjb56

      So toon link could be replaced by SS link, and TP link would be replaced by HD link…

      • hormeinKamph

        well TP link would BE HD link…wait toon link would also be HD link. they should add the SS link as a alternate costume (like they did with wario… although nobody likes wario…)

  • Zachattack8888

    I would love to see the Fabulous Demon Lord Ghirahim as a fighter! I really hope the King of Evil still stays as a fighter too though. It wouldn't feel right if he were to be replaced! ;~;
    I would like to see:
    Link return
    Zelda return
    Sheik return
    Ganondorf return
    The Fabulous Demon Lord Ghirahim make his fantastic debut
    and maybe Demise make a special appearance!

    Very excited for some new Smash Bros!

    • Zachattack8888

      I don't know what they're gonna do with Zelda though :/
      If it's Skyward Sword Zelda then it'll be odd for them to implement Sheik into the game.
      Maybe make Impa instead? I dunno! :O

      • Capt. Kin

        That would be interesting, Replacing Zelda's down-B into another attack, and having Shiek/Impa be their own charecter. Zelda vs. Sheik

        • heroofmasks

          true look at last game haveing another zelda thats not oot zelda turn into shiek was confusing they should be seprate

  • I would really love to see Ghirahim as a playable character. That would just fill my heart with rainbows!

    • Zachattack8888

      If he doesn't make I'm sure it'll be frowns all around. :C
      At least for me that is! xD

  • maikeru1992

    if midna, lord girahim and demise would be in it…
    i would probably look like this:….
    while playing it 😀

    • Zachattack8888

      Oh my goodness!! I forgot about Midna!! How could I? I want Midna too!! xD

    • jjb56

      Midna would be a good assist trophy…

  • Link and Cuccos

    The new Smash Bros needs:

    SS Link
    Zelda (her final smash can be her turning into the Goddess Hylia)
    Impa (she was so kickass in SS!)

    And Demise as one of those unlockable characters or something.

    Groose would be a funny addition – his taunt can be him running his hand up his pompadour. XD

    Also, from TP, MIDNA!!!

    • Zachattack8888

      If Groose makes it I will be thoroughly entertained. xD

    • Blizzeta93

      For link's new smash, i keep thinking that he would call his bird, and then it would be like Captain Falcon's smash only in the air with link standing on his bird and beating the crap out of people with his triforce smash.

    • LinkofAges

      Yes Impa.

      If for some reason, Nintendo decides not to keep Sheik (they'll never do that hopefully) then Impa would be a great and possibly better replacement. She'd just as fast and awesome especially in her black clothes. It would be awesome if they had Link, Zelda/Sheik, OOT ganondorf (who turns into OOt Ganon), Ghirahim, and Impa.

  • Keimori

    Ya know, it'd be awesome if they made the SS stage work like a DoA:D stage, in that game if an opponent is ringed out the stage changes, for example if you're fighting on the balcony and you knock your opponent to the stage below your character'll follow and the battle will continue on stage, Imagine that in Skyloft, every so often the light pillar'll open up and if someone falls into one the rest'll fallow via a short animation and the rest of the battle continue in the region you fell to.
    Then the hazards will change depending on the region, lava in eldin volcano, time shift and sandstorms in lanayru mines, flood in farron woods.

    Then every so often an updraft'll blow by and its back to skyloft.
    That'd be great.

    • Sage of Hyrule

      All of that sounds awesome.


    • Zachattack8888

      *Muffled explosion of my mind being blown from the pure awesomeness*

  • EraZ3712

    No questions asked: Ghirahim.

    His moveset is pretty easy: long sword, some uses two, and either his recover, dodge, or both is the teleportation ability he has.

    Final Smash: Final Form of Ghirahim (with the huge broadsword thing). All moves expanded. BOOYAH!!!

    • jjb56

      His moveset could be like Marth's

  • MrDudeyRock

    I wouldn't mind waiting a couple years. We waited 7 years for Brawl to come out in '08, and it was way better than Melee, so I'm guessing another 3 years would make the new SSB the best game ever 🙂

    • Mrgaful

      have to disagree. Brawl wasnt better than Melee. Yes Brawl added a lot of stuff but it was just too slow -__-

      • cloverplayer

        I hope they combine the too, that would be amazing

      • MrDudeyRock

        That's your opinion. I couldn't give two poops.

    • Jay

      I'm with the other guy. Melee is so much better than Brawl.

  • i8oprah

    If Zelda is in it, her and Impa could probably switch with eachother (like Zelda and Shiek) and I definitely thought Midna should've been in the last one if not this one. Link also should've been able to turn into a wolf. But an implementation of the lyre/harp would be nice, not really sure what'd it'd do, maybe Fi would go woop some ass or something. Demise would probably have a lot of Ganondorf moves unless they give him his sword. Ghiraham would work pretty nicely as well. Some more Fire Emblem characters too (they're coming out with a new game on 3DS). Maybe get rid of Diddy Kong (PLEASE).

    • Zachattack8888

      Thumbs up to more Fire Emblem Characters, yo!
      (Keep Ike please)

      • badwolf16

        Totally more FE (PUT ROY BACK!!!!!!!)

        • Nen desharu

          Add Micaiah! Smash Bros. needs more magic users, as well as female characters (as long as Micaiah's moveset is not too similar to that of OoT Zelda, TP Zelda, Toon Zelda, or SS Zelda).

  • badwolf16

    I COMPLETELY agree with Keimori. I do think Ghirahim (or however ya spell that name) would make a great unlock, and have Ganon as a default. Demise Assist trophy would be BEAST. not so sure it would be fair to have him as a caracter. I think they should have a thing to preview the next zelda game after you get every single thing if it comes out before the next zelda, ya know? Fi should be the alternate to Sheik, since they're both equally important. Entertaining if the Zelda stage had cutscenes in the background with groose, like when he locks away your bird. Or it could be like Final Destination in that it shows your whole adventure, like you going to sealed grounds then faron then some dungeon and then back to skyloft. Finally,back to earlier, Instead of zelda/sheik or zelda/fi, you could have zelda alone and then sheik/impa, like someone said earlier.

  • hormeinKamph

    they should add Midna…remove Ganon…add Ghirahim…add Dumbledore

    • Rocksor

      and i think midna should be a helping trophy

  • Sanity's_Theif

    To be honest, they've started on WiiU Zelda already, and haven't even touched SSB4, I think WiiU Zelda will be finished first, meaning that WiiU Zelda will get recognition privileges

  • Nen desharu

    It would be interesting to see Kirby inhaling SS Zelda (not unlike how *spoilers* the Imprisoned ate Zelda's soul).

  • just as long as there are no more ridiculous and overpowered pokemon

  • aeolus

    I hope we get SS Link and Zelda (and different options for clothes would be cool, going from hero's garb to his Skyloft get up, or Zelda's traditional clothes to her white dress or Skyloft clothes, or even a more old school Link outfit would be cool)

    Ghirahim should be in there, not so sure about Demise.

    Ganon should DEFINITELY return, and have moves that aren't ripped straight from Captain Falcon because that is completely degrading….

    Toon Link, or young OoT Link should stay, and possibly have the Spirit Tracks shield (or we can change the shield) and the panflute should somehow make an appearence, maybe in a taunt

    Tetra anyone?

    Impa replacing Shiek? This would open up a move slot for Zelda.

    BUT I don't know what the new Links/Zeldas will look like (Wii U AND 3DS), they may be a necessity…

  • Ukyo

    As long as they keep Ganondorf, I'll be happy.

  • cloverplayer

    Ghirahim = definately
    SS Link = totally
    Impa = YES!!
    Toon Zelda that transforms into Tetra: 😀

  • Jean D'eau

    Ganondorf should return with a Skyward Sword makeover, like they did with TP Sheik in Brawl.

    But SS aside, I would really like to see Zant as a fighter.

    • Zachattack8888

      That would be soooooo cooooool!!! :O
      He'd look so bad ass!!! xD



    Or am I just having fandom dreams…

    • Zachattack8888

      Assist Trophies maybe? ;D

  • Cam

    I can already picture the taunts…


    • Zachattack8888

      YES!!! xD

  • badwolf16

    Link's taunt:
    first two bars of ballad of the goddess on harp
    Zelda's taunt:
    Pointing like at groose
    funny dance
    her looking back and making that cool sound
    Link's third jump:
    like Peach's, but use sailcloth instead of umbrella.
    tell me what you think!

    • cloverplayer

      I think that if you hold a button in the air while falling (like b) you should use the sailcloth and the beetle would replace the boomerang

  • blah blah

    They need to have a super smash brothers game with all Zelda characters. There's too many to choose from!


    Get Vaati in the next SSB, he is the series second most prolific Villian. Also Their should be a 8-bit stage that turns all the High Def characters into 8-bit sprites. Although if it's bumped up to a six character limit I would like to see Ghirahim. and mew two, lil'mac, Sigurd, Roy, Hector, the new lord for Fire emblem for the 3DS, peppy, and Samurai Goroh.

  • sdkhjbvjsdnhbvj

    I really hope they give Link a canon final smash this time. I mean, the Triforce Slash was cool and all, but what if his final smash this time was something like him turning into a giant or the Fierce Deity? Or he could do that lightning-infused final blow thing he did to Demise.

    • Cam

      The lightning final blow would be awesome

  • BlueBoy

    I think they should have Majora's Mask Link as a character, where you have the ability of changing between the different links similar to pokemon trainer in brawl.

  • Four Swords Link

    Ghirahim would be awesome, and I think a stage at the Sealed Grounds would be awesome too. Once in a while, the Imprisoned would pop out and you would have to avoid him while battling. That's what I would want in the game.

  • Guest

    How about Skull Kid from Majora's Mask or young Link who can transform into his Deku, Goron, and Zora forms.

  • Anon

    All I ask is that they replace Ganondorf with Ghriahim. And add some Xenoblade Chronicles characters.

  • the groosenator


  • Siaarn

    If they put Tentalus in Smash Bros Wii U, even in the background, I'm going to cry.

    • not_super_mega

      Why, happiness or sadness?

  • Zelda Paradox

    Sonic, tails, knuckles, shadow, Batman (from arkham city), Harry Potter. That would make the best brawl game EVER.

  • Guest

    As much Zelda as possible, please! One character I want to see is actually not from Skyward Sword. I'd like Young Link to return, and this time I want him to use the masks from Majora's Mask to change forms, making him less of a clone character. Tis part of why I want Operation Moonfall to succeed, to give them more reason to bring back the youngest incarnation of our favorite hero. Although since there may be be a SSB game coming out for the 3DS, I would say it makes more sense to have him on that one, but I would be glad to see him in both! And really, any new Zelda characters will make me happy.

  • Latvia

    Link's new final smash could be a Skyward Strike :3

  • Skyloft would be a great stage and probably one of the most feasable, but I'd love also to see either Faron Woods, Lanaryu Desert (imagine the possibilities with Timeshift stones, lol), or the Sealing Grounds (would be cool if Demise in his creature form would pop up on occasion and take a bite out of combatants, only to be suppressed by a bomb from the "Groosenator," haha).

  • Rocksor

    SS Link
    Ghirahim= 2 swords
    New Items: skyward box
    Old Item: Heart Container
    Old Character:
    Toon Link
    Help out trophy items:
    Zelda= plays harp and makes people fall asleep
    Groose= shoots bombs at opponents on catapult

    • Rocksor

      and air island next to skyloft to fight for stage

      • Rocksor

        also sealed grounds stage area, and if you take too long fighting the imprisoned unlocks

  • GorCoronSumo

    There should be the Demise arena as a stage.

    • GorCoronSumo

      And an updated stage builder.

  • Ernest Peiris

    Reading this is so funny now that they are so far into development.

  • Ernest Peiris

    Now reading this is especially funny, because the game came out… for two consoles. So the game came out TWICE.