Now is your chance to become immortal, Zelda fans! The gaming geniuses are looking for 25,000 dedicated fans to send in a photo of themselves to create an amazing one of a kind mosaic picture. And be entered for a chance to win a replication of the Master Sword and Hylian Shield!

Keep reading to find out how to apply!

To enter you must first pledge your support on Nintendo’s Facebook page which you can visit by clicking here. Then click on pledge and you will be given a unique code to type into the field below. Complete the pledge by filling in your name and your email and, as Nintendo says, if they get 25,000 to apply then your photo will be used to create a very special mosaic picture which will be displayed at the Nintendo World Store in New York.

You do not want to miss out as those who pledge their allegiance will also be automatically entered into a drawing to win an awesome life-size replica of Link’s well-known Master Sword and Hylian shield. How cool does that sound?

So who’s going to apply?

Source: Nintendo