This drawing mimics the very first Zelda map

As far as coming from the very first game in the series goes, the world map from the original The Legend of Zelda is one of the most detailed and complex of all the overworlds.  Even more impressive is what Mapstalgia is striving to do:  draw as many maps from video games as possible, all from memory.  Above is a portion of their creation from The Legend of Zelda.  To someone who has never played that breakout title, it may look like nothing more than a bunch of random scibbles and confused lines.  If you have played it, however, you realize that this is actually a great triumph, as the above representation is more similar to the original coming from memory than some of us could achieve even if we had the map right in front of us.  Read on to see more shots from Zelda, as well as a few more maps from some other familiar titles.

Another drawing or Hyrule

Of course, when comparing the brief section drawn above with a full version of the original map, one can see that the details aren’t completely accurate.  However, it isn’t total accuracy that Mapstalgia is attempting to reach, but rather getting people involved and having them draw their own maps from their favorite titles–their name, after all, comes from the word “nostalgia,” a word referring to the feeling of fondly looking back at one’s past.

Not all of the project’s maps are drawn by the same artist.  Below are some other maps, clearly different styles from the Zelda one above, from other familiar video games.

A drawing of a world map

The world of our favorite plumber/hero

Anyone can join in, regardless of one’s skill level.  If you’re interested in seeing more maps from Mapstalgia, head on over to their official site, or click here to be taken to all of the Zelda maps (they even have a map of the Temple battle stage from Smash Bros. Melee, yet another nod to Zelda).

Feeling inspired?  Then join in yourself, whether or not you want to actually submit a map.  Simply get a pen and some paper or open up a drawing window on your computer and get started drawing your own maps from memory.  Are you up to the challenge?  Try it right now, and let us know which Zelda games’ overworld maps that you’re able to draw from memory!

Source:  Mapstalgia (via Kotaku).
  • I attempted to draw Hyrule from Ocarina of Time. It's okay, but looks more like a swirling mass of circles and lines than an actual map. 😛

    If anyone could do a fairly true-to-the-original map of The Great Sea from The Wind Waker, I would marry them. …well, at least congratulate them.

  • Ezluke

    I agree with Thareous… I used to draw minimal Zelda maps in my notes in school when I got bored. 😛 It was nothing like this, just boxes with names connected to other boxes…

  • Soeroah

    I could do that in my sleep.

    If I could move in my sleep.

    And was having a particularly accurate dream about the LoZ maps.

    And also that I was any good at drawing.

    For srs, I can probably remember fraaaaactions of the OoA map, but nothing in-detail. I know where the landmarks go and the shape/colour of the land, but apart from a small number of squares I can't remember where buildings and the like go.

  • padu_guns

    I remeber drawing this kind of maps at school and none of my friends understood what i was triyng to do ( they weren't gamers)