Hi, everyone! My name is Timothy and I am one of the newest News Correspondents for Zelda Universe. I have been enjoying Zelda games ever since I was seven years old which adds up to more than half of my life. The first ever Zelda adventure I embarked on was undoubtedly Ocarina of Time which I played on my hard-to-find Ice Blue Nintendo 64.

I have always enjoyed video games and writing so being a Nintendo writer sounded good to me. I feel very privileged that Zelda Universe has chosen me to write their news for them as I have been undertaking a communications degree for University and would like to major in Journalism. I also run my own blog at nintendoglobe.com which you can check out if you’d like the latest on Nintendo news from around the ‘globe.’

I look forward to communicating with you via the forums and comments section and I hope you enjoy the news articles that I will write.