Tuesday calls for another Melpomene Tuesday!

This edition I talk about a Zelda Game focusing more on the Hyrule Royal family, NPC interaction and generally learning more about Hyrule overall.

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  • It would be nice we could communicate with all the NPCs. That didn't happen in Twilight Princess, but it was brought back in Skyward Sword.

    • veeronic

      those overflowing non-speaking townspeople from twilight princess I believe were an attempt to make it feel more like a city… but yeah them speaking would have been better.

  • CJ!

    am ok with alot of it, like quite a bit of it, but not the ruppe upgrade stuff. I just don't think it would fit a zelda game to build up the villages. the upgradeing items was ok I geuss, but not all that usefull. as for the house you burn, no one lived there. it was Barns bomb storage. that's why there were all those explosions when it caught fire.

    • Rosalina

      I don't think she necessarily means that we should be allowed to build up the villages. But that there could perhaps be some sidequests where you help a farmer build their barn or help a villager build a shed…just something 'new' that rupees could be used for, besides simply buying things for yourself. It would be nice to be able to contribute to the town and feel like you're helping out a community.


    Love this Tuesday's video, Melp! Copy pasta from my response to the forum thread you mentioned:

    Yeah, a lot of us really want a more dynamic Hyrule with emphasis on NPC interaction as well as a more personal experience with the implementation of a moral system and different choices with actual consequences. Seeing people around the kingdom live or die due to your involvement or neglect and that kind of stuff is what would really make the game feel alive.
    I personally want more emphasis on how the Hyrule kingdom works and would love to see the noble NPCs abiding by a court system. That is if the game is set on a setting where Hyrule castle appears and is of importance. I'd like to see how the royal family runs the land and what happens in its court. Also, unlike OoT or TP, the Hyrule castle should be situated and isolated far from the main town but still be a very accessible and important place for the player. Let there be a lot of rooms, secrets, and of course, a lot of NPC interaction and court-specific quests.

  • Rosalina

    This is actually one of the reasons I love Majora's Mask so much. The NPCs didn't just feel like NPCs. They felt like real people with real lives. They didn't solely exist to respond to Link. They had their own lives to get on with, and would do things regardless of whether Link was there or not. For example, Anju would still run her business even if Link never visited her inn, the postman would still follow his mail route even if Link wasn't watching him, the aliens would still abduct Romani's cows even if Link wasn't there to stop them. It felt like a real town and a real community. (If that makes any sense?)

    So yes, I would definitely love to see a more Hyrule oriented Zelda in future. Majora's Mask was pretty impressive for a N64 game, but just imagine how in-depth and complex the characters and locations could be with nowadays' technology! The town could feel like an even realer town!