Zelda 3DS Case

Now that you have that fancy special edition Zelda 3DS, should you need a Hyrulian case to carry it in you’re in luck. Improvisations By Tepe–a small boutique made popular by its “geek leather”– is willing to custom make you such a case, hand-cutting, hand-tooling, and hand-dying it for around $40.

Be sure to visit the facebook page for more “geek leather.”

Source: Improvisations by tepe (via TinyCartridge)

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  • Aaron


  • JonahTHD

    DO WANT!

  • I don't have a freaking Zelda 3DS because I'm in college. I got enough money to buy three of them at once, but every stinking penny of it had to go to school. I touched the last one on the shelf at Best Buy, and the next time I returned, it was gone. I wish I could buy this, I really do. But I don't even have a 3DS, and won't in the foreseeable future.

  • That'd be a cool trinket for any fantasy-geek, like me. 8]