Hey there, Universe! Today is Monday, and you know what that means… another Music Monday! Today we will be focusing on two fantastic re-orchestrations of two fantastic Zelda songs. First, I have a re-orchestration my friend Dasgust made of the Skyward Sword theme! Then, I have one of my favourite ZREO remixes, the Wind Waker end credits!

I chose a song from Wind Waker and Skyward Sword specifically because the music is similar in a lot of ways. While playing Skyward Sword, I really tried to focus on the music, and I’ve noticed the style of the orchestrated music in Skyward Sword sounds like a combination of the music in Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. It is highly suspected by the Zelda fanbase the graphics in Skyward Sword are a combination of Wind Waker’s cartoon-like art, and Twilight Princess’s realism; so would it be too far out of the realm of possibility to guess that when they wrote the music they tried to combine that, too? You can be the judge of that, just hit the jump, and enjoy!

Brilliant! Such a good take on a really great song! Totally inspired by the game, Dasgust decided he had to remix something from it, the main theme being one of his favourite songs. Next up, we have the re-orchestration to end all re-orchestrations. This song inspired me to start re-orchestrating music myself, and it is an amazing piece of music!

  • The Skyward Sword one is good, but I have to say that WW remix is much livelier, which makes me like it a little more.

  • GuildedBlood

    I feel like ZREO lost its job thanks to Skyward Sword being re-orchestrated , but they are coming out with the Twilight Princess Symphony and can tackle other projects as well.

    But they did an outstanding job with Wind Waker's credits. All their works in general are just outstanding.

    • Ochi

      ZREO hasn't "lost their job" because of Skyward Sword.
      Even if Zelda games from now on have Orchestrated soundtracks then, 'Horray!'– Mission accomplished for them!

      In the mean time, there are still plenty of songs that they still need to re-orchestrate from classics, and with the new technology that they have, maybe they'll do other renditions of song with the same valor as the Twilight Princess Symphony; doesn't that sound superb?

  • Benny

    that wind waker one is simply amazing

  • I love it….

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