If you’re currently over the age of eighteen and you live in the UK, you’re eligible to enter a Zelda giveaway being hosted by TheHut.com.  However, avid Zelda fans will quickly notice a flaw in the site’s trivia question required upon entry.  Rather than simply spoil what it is, try to spot the error yourself, after the jump.  While it may not be a big deal to some, many of the series’ more compulsive fans will be biting their nails after this blunder.

Can you see the mistake?  The horse belongs to Link, not Zelda.  Another minor blunder is calling the game “The Ocarina of Time:”  the game’s actual title is shorter, as Ocarina of Time.  While the contest is obviously still valid, there are surely a few die-hard Zelda fans out there who won’t be able to bring themselves to enter this flawed competition, right?

Probably not, but it’s still good to have a laugh every now and then.

The contest is open until February 1, 2012, and is actually a really great deal.  Simply answer the question and you’re entered to win The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS console, including Ocarina of Time 3D.  Here’s a hint to help you out:  the answer isn’t “Red Rum.”

Source:  The Hut (via Game Informer).
  • lootic


  • neos

    they dont deserve to call themselfs a zelda site some one beter go fix that mistake. but you can tell no one overthere has ever played a zelda game.

    • bastian

      They're actually not a Zelda site, but an online store, if I'm not mistaken.
      Still, they should have done some basic research.

      • zelda4ever

        Like reading the back of the box

  • They think the hero's name is Zelda? That makes me…


    • zelda4ever

      Made my day

    • Hyrule's Shadow

      Haha! Very funny….This news has not filled my heart with rainbows…..

  • Holly

    What if they are actually referring to Zelda's Horse? the one where she escapes with Impa? :O

  • Niachrez

    Or, what if they're just trying to troll everyone, I mean Ganondalf could have just killed Zelda if he wanted the princess so bad.

    • LinkofAges

      Did you just ake a Ganondorf-Gandalf joke?

    • UnholySanctuary

      "Why does Zelda have to save the princess in every game?"

      Ahh my favorite WoW trade chat meme…

  • Lol They're trolling, people.

  • Gerudude

    yes, and the name of Zelda's fairy friend is Tinkerbell

    • Gerudude


  • Valgaldr

    Epic fail :p

  • shite

    Yes very EPIC fail. I guess this will go to history as the least remembered mistake of all time

  • Callin

    They're asking for the name of the horse Zelda rides away on when fleeing Ganondorf. 😛

  • Poe Princess Mara

    …So I'm guessing Zelda's horse is called Lucky then? XD

  • ChainofTermina

    my brother did that the first time he played Wind Waker……..named Link 'Zelda"……he was about 5 or 6 so, you know, what are you gonna do?

    that however is a website run by adults (I hope) so yeah there's no excuse. that site fails. FAIL.

  • Jonathon

    If it's a UK based thing, then surely the closing date is today being the 2nd of the First? Or is it an American thing for UK people, or an error on the article's part?

    • It's a UK thing for UK people. The entry deadline is February 1st, 2012. I didn't write "01/02/12," which would mean different things in the US and the UK. February 1st is February 1st, and means the same thing wherever you are.

      • Jonathon

        But The Hut did write 02/01/12. I'm going to blame Zelda based sleep deprivation for my ineptitude.

  • Metal Man

    As funny as that mistake is, I'm still entering it for that awesome 3DS.

  • Ozerman

    No, Ingo takes ownership from Talon/Malon, and Link wins it from Into. 🙂

  • cryerboy

    I would be furious but I ended up taking an arrow to the knee

  • LunarMew

    Research, what's that? 😀

    Even without that, it is safe to say that Zelda is a girls name. The protagonist is a guy. What the hell happened?

  • troiano220

    Zelda's horse is named Storm!

  • Clearly these people never played Ocarina or Time or any Zelda game for that matter. Or at least those that didn't have a horse you could ride.

  • Daniel G.


    • Daniel G.

      Oops, I meant Gannon Banned. That's a bit failtastic on my part 😛

  • bloop

    Dont you remember in ocarina of time when zelda and impa rode away from the caste when ganondorf was chasing them then zelda through her ocarina then said my hourses name is red rum.

  • avert_from_the_norm