Delivery BagWe at Zelda Universe strive to get you the latest news as soon as we hear it because we know you enjoy reading it that way. But do you also like writing? Do you have a passion for gaming journalism? Do you think you have what it takes to write news for Zelda Universe?

Hit the jump to discover the qualifications we’re looking for and how you can apply today!

We’re looking for dedicated, talented people to help up report on the latest Zelda and Nintendo news on the front page of Zelda Universe.

We’re looking for News Correspondents who fulfill these minimum requirements:

  • Must have a strong grasp of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax
  • Must be able to work with others to coordinate news posting
  • Must be able to check in on a daily basis and able to write several times a week to daily
  • Must be able to quickly find the latest news and updates about Zelda and Nintendo’s other major franchises

A plus (but not a requirement) if you’re familiar with WordPress.

Please bear in mind that our news staff is comprised of a small team of volunteers whose passion for bringing Zelda news to the masses keeps our front page running. If you feel you’d be a great fit, we look forward to hearing from you! Click here and submit an application today!

  • Draik41895

    Hmm… its sounds like it could be fun. I'll give it some thought.

  • I'm tempted since I very much love ZU and think news has always been slower than molasses here, but alas, my heart does not belong to Zelda, but to Mario. And so if I tried to join up for "other" news stuff, my lack of passion for the Zelda series would be a huge red flag and I wouldn't get the job.

    Not to say I don't like Zelda. I just don't love it to death.

    • bastian

      You don't need to love it to death, just enough to be willing to post news about it. 😀 Apply.

  • While the hell do I get a thumbs down? I just said that wouldn't spoil the ZU experience. You should be thanking me.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    The last two I couldn't do. 🙁

    • bastian

      Apply anyway, and explain why and how much time you ARE able to offer.

  • Shawn

    I have reviewed these bullets and I think I might have the qualifications to be writing for Zelda Universe.

    I also have some interesting questions and information to discuss.

    I have spent some time a few months ago expressing my passion for The Legend of Zelda series by making a timeline for the games with the cartoon universe and the regular universe

    • bastian

      Apply! 😀

  • jazzteen88

    Applied! 😀