Zelda Christmas Swag

How many of you received Skyward Sword for Christmas? Ocarina of Time 3D, or even the limited edition Zelda 3DS? One man known as Mike didn’t get any of these, but he did score some Zelda treasure. And not only that, he got a Zelda adventure for Christmas.

You can read his story after the jump.

Mike shared his story with Kotaku:

It started with a box. In the box were a green hat and a satchel of rupees and a small note saying I could use the rupees to purchase an item from my sisters!

This item was The Master Sword! The sword had a new quest attached to it; defeat the beast in the laundry room!

The beast, of course, was my sisters’ dog dressed in Christmas attire. After I slew the beast (with a good old scratch behind the ear) I noticed the key tied to his neck, with a note attached. The next quest! Explore the dungeon beyond the white door! This clearly meant the garage. I entered the garage, wondering what I could possibly find hidden in its darkness. I stumbled upon a large chest (a 100-year old treasure chest) and in classic Zelda style, bent down and opened it without a second thought. As I did, my sisters played the “open chest” jingle on their phones, a nice touch! And inside the chest was the Hylian shield, a bottle marked “XXX” and a potion bottle, both filled with mead!

I thought this would conclude my truly amazing Zelda present…. that was until I saw my girlfriend, Erin, who had something just as special waiting for me. I opened her present to find a Zelda pouch, containing an Ocarina she had custom-painted, and a book… a hand-bound, home-made, suede book. And in this book was aged paper with hand-drawn Ocarina tabs for all the Ocarina songs from the game. Each page beautifully decorated with love and care. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be thrilled to receive something like this! Even if you didn’t get quite as much Zelda goodness as Mike did for Christmas, let us know below if you received any Zelda goodies this year.

Source: Kotaku
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  • KingDodongo1

    He's certainly a luck man. Happy Holidays, everyone!

    • KingDodongo1


  • ChainofTermina

    {raises hand} I got OoT3D for Christmas. and a shiny red 3DS. :3

  • Aberrant Bliss

    I am jealous! XD

  • Dezzy

    Very lucky man.
    I'm jealous.
    I got the limited edition 3DS and OoT. <3 So, at least I got something Zelda related. :3

  • jaruiz946

    I bought myself the limited edition 3DS with OoT3D, I'm in love <3

  • Well, I didn't receive any Zelda presents on the christmas morning, because in Mèxico we celebrate in a different way. On the 6th of January is when we receive our presents: from the 3 wise men. And I'm getting Oot and SS.

    • angelink

      It just depends on your traditions and what part of Mexico you live, in Chihuahua we get presents for Christmas and we just have dinner in the 6th of January 😀

      Happy Holidays!

      • Eee

        In DF children get presents indistinctly on the 25th of the 6th; tradition still acknowledges the Three Wise Men, although each year more and more people accept Santa Claus. Adults usually don't receive anything on the 6th but on the 25th, but obviously not from Santa.

  • Wish I could go on some epic quest as such to find treasure. :/

  • NintendoGuy128

    I got the Limited Edition SS with Golden Wii remote! 😀

  • kaiser13576

    I see there was a map of Skyrim in the chest also? Maybe Link got lost in his travels.

  • Disciple of Midna

    I got Twilight Princess (lay off, I've only had my Wii for about a month…) and a little toon Link doll. :3

    Still, that's amazing… this man has the envy of thousands.

  • MC HMS

    Aww that's so neat!!! 😀 For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me the limited edition Skyward Sword with the Wii remote and all. It was so awesome! 🙂

  • Merq

    What awesome sisters and girlfriend he has! 😀

  • mcdude910

    My girlfriend got me The Legend of Zelda: Complete Animated Series on DVD. I already watched the whole thing along with all of the bonus features. I love it so much!! 😀

  • ZeldaLover

    with my own money i got it….. i got both oot 3ds and skyward sword…. *sigh* my family hates the thought of actually getting me somthing i want instead they get me things i would never ever use. soooo


    • Eee

      Well, someone who doesn't appreciate and thanks the simple fact of receiving anything at all deserves to feel down. You're an egoist and inmature fool.

  • Banooru

    I made Chu Jelly for my little bro for christmas (thanks geeky chef), and he got a wooden master sword. For my birthday this year, my sister made me a moon from Majora's Mask out of paper mache, and I also got a little wooden carved triforce. My little bro already has a wooden chest, a link costume, a hylian shield, link boots, a slingshot, fairies in bottles, navi and tatl (both clip to his hat or shoulder), dungeone keys, bombs, paper majora's mask, deku link, goron link and zora link masks (and he made himself an outfit for deku link that doesn't fit him anymore) and make up he uses to dress up like fierce diety all the time, a giants wallet (really big, used for trick or treating) and an ocarina of time that he is learning how to play. I'm sure there is more that I don't remember.

    My family did similar adventures in our neighborhood park to give him his gifts (me and my sister's boyfriend ambushed him as dark link and would leave items when we were defeated, leaving bottled fairy's by a pond) and It was really fun for all of us.

  • Eee

    WOW!! Anyone can spend some bucks to give a game as a present, but to spend time an creativity in a gift as this…not anyone is willing to do so… He's a lucky man!!!

  • chris

    i got the limited edition zelda 3ds twilight princess wallet and a t shirt

  • Jealous doesn't even begin to describe how I feel after reading this, haha. That's so awesome; Mike's a lucky guy!

  • hellchild

    that so cool XxX

  • Link

    I got the limited edition 3ds, ocarina of time 3d, and skyward sword! still nothing compared to this guy though haha i hope you enjoyed it!!!

  • TheDaze

    lol the Skyrim map is in the treasure chest :3

  • TheDaze

    Or the oblivion one…cant tell

  • Rocksor

    New quest!
    Get some pants.