Official Zelda Timeline

Every six hours or so over the past few days we’ve been getting updated bits and pieces of this long-awaited and much-debated piece of Zelda fandom.

Finally, with our previous post of French fan flipping through their copy of Hyrule Historia and zooming in close enough to read the Japanese, Zelda fan-translator legend Glitterberri, famous for her more-accurate re-translations of Zelda instruction manuals and in-game text and manga, has managed to fully translate the entire timeline and provide it in English for us.

Ready to see it?

Official Zelda Timeline revealed


So what do you think? Was it all you ever hoped for? Do you wish they’d left it a mystery? Do you still have your doubts? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: GlitterBerri


  • LeonardoBarbosa

    And btw, even if we theorists thinks "But now that the timeline is there, how the theorizing will continue?" Well, there is much things to theorize yet. One of my complains is about "Why there's no Din Farore and Nayru on the Goddess Hylia Era?". There's a lot of things to theorize yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Zetta

      They had already left the land, even in Skyward Sword Hylia herself says that they entrusted the land to her

      • Victoria<3

        Plus, Hylia is the one who lifted Skyloft up. The surface has a lot to do with the Golden Goddesses, but just not elaborated upon(such as the Temple of Time).
        Anyway, my point was, the people of Skyloft worship Hylia and speak of "old Gods" who don't mean much to them anymore

    • Craig

      They created Hylia to govern the land they created and made her soul possessor of the Triforce. The flames Link also has to collect to upgrade the sword are the remnants or leftovers of the flames that surrounded them on their impact to earth.

  • Baker1000

    Has it even been officially confirmed as the actual timeline or is it just "a timeline in an officially released book"?

    • think for a moment about what you just said.

      • I love you.

        • I don't know why people downvoted your declaration of love, but I upvoted it. <3

    • Craig

      LOL If it's an officially released book, it's official. The book is direct from Nintendo and their partnership with a book publisher.

      • Baker1000

        I speak from experience about "The Lost Encyclopedia" which is a book on the TV show Lost. It's writers apparently had the shows executive producers, the guys who write the show and know all the answers, answer questions on a few confusing aspects of the show. It's even fore-worded by them, and on the outside to any fan who just watched the the show it was very official. However to anyone who was a little more obsessed with the minor details could see glaring mistakes made by the people who wrote it, things which directly contradicted the canon of the TV show. The authors made a lot of assumptions and the shows producers obviously didn't proof read everything to make sure it was correct. Basically I consider myself in terms of the Zelda series to be just like those people who just watched Lost. I play it and love it for what each game is. Whereas the people who debate the timeline are the ones who like to know the minute details of the stories and answer the mysteries posed by them. I don't know if this timeline makes sense but I'm sure the dedicated fans would be able to find flaws if there were any.

      • Baker1000

        tl;dr – Just because a book is officially published, doesn't mean everything in it is 100% fact. Why hasn't Nintendo, Miyamoto or Aonuma released a statement confirming whether or not this is the order of the games they had in that secret document?

    • CornWallis

      It's an extremely valid question as many groups are questioning its canon. Unfortunately, it is official as it gets even with some contradictory and watered down areas.

  • iFletchyTV

    I wanna know more details about the war (or something) that all the Sheikahs died in

    • MittyKitty

      Yeah! The Sheikah and Gerudo are so rare to see! And they're my favorite races!

  • Kakariko Chief

    When is the Interloper war taking place then?

    • noper

      maybe the era of chaos.

    • EraZ3712

      Possibly during the Hyrule Unification War…?

    • Pippin

      The Interloper War takes place after Majora's mask, in the child timeline of the "hero successful" branch. How much time between Majora's mask, the war, and Twilight Princess is unknown

      • Pippin

        Or it's the Hyrule Unification War. Either one. Their the only things that fit.

  • Oscar

    I still don't get it how Link would possibly fail in Ocarina of Time? Then Ganon would take over the world, but that's not the case in the beginning of A Link To the Past? What did I forget?

    It's like Nintendo needed a solution for the games that simply didn't fit into the timeline.

    • Jack

      Nintendo probably did just come up with a random solution, but it's a solution that works. It doesn't really bother me, just think of it as a "What If" scenario. I think it's interesting to see what would have happened if the Hero of Time failed in his quest.

      • Oscar

        It works, but then again wouldn't a "what if"- scenario exist for each and every Zelda game?

        • lootic

          Those other what ifs maybe ended in a way that cant fit further games. For example what if Vaati won in the Minnish Cap? Would there be another Zelda after that or would just Vaati kill off everyone, meaning Link cannot be born again? What if Link failed in Skyward Sword, would there be ANYTHING in the world left to even be saved? So think of it like there is what ifs everywhere, but only one of them could be fixed somewhat.

        • the moment Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm, and creates the Dark World, the '3rd Timeline' gets created.
          The Hero of Time awakens seven years later, and upon defeating Ganondorf, creates the other two timelines.
          Because Ganondorf used the Triforce to create the 3rd timeline, it exists parallel to the other two.
          This also could mean Zelda and Link created the other two timelines at the end of OoT, with their part of the Triforce.
          It makes sense to me, that Zelda, Link, and Ganon would each create a timeline.

          • Soeroah

            Been years since I played ALTTP, but didn't Ganon manage to make a wish on the Triforce and create the Dark World in the back story?

            Perhaps when Ganondorf beat Link and Zelda, he gained the Triforce, made the wish and created the chain of events that would lead to ALTTP, if I'm remembering right.

          • Fliey

            one minor note… about the gba version… dialogue changes blah blah blah canon blah blah blah announced blah blah blah etc. you get the picture

          • Ganondorf makes a wish on the Triforce in Ocarina of Time, right after Link first opens the Door of Time.
            This is when i think the ALttP timeline was created. Because it was made using the Triforce, it would continue to exist parallel to the other two timelines.

          • that guy

            the 3rd timeline doesn't get created when Ganondorf enters the sacred realm. it gets created if link fails in the final battle against Ganondorf.

          • I disagree. if that were true, like Oscar said, why not make a 'what-if' scenario for Link failing every game?
            When Ganondorf first acquired the Triforce, he made his own timeline. When Link and Zelda start the other two timelines at the end, Ganon's timeline still continues on, because it was created with the Triforce.
            If you think about it, this just makes more sense.

    • Ben

      What would have worked better is if they had said Hero of Time disappears. Technically you only have to go back in time once – to get the silver gauntlets. You don't really need the lens of truth, you can just do a whole lot of guessing? It'd be difficult but it's possible. At least it'd make sense then. But then we think about Majora's Mask… That'd take a lot of splits, but they don't have to include that because this is the history of Hyrule, not Termina.

      • Ben

        I take that back, saying he was defeated still works. When he went back and disappeared from that timeline – maybe people thought he had been defeated?

      • ganonthesage

        The question now is when exactly did ocarina of time link fail? My best guess is during the second part of the final battle. I feel this due to:
        1. Link to the past has the descendants to the sages, which means ALL of them were awoken (including Zelda)
        2. Ganon is never seen in his human form again on that timeline, suggesting he was left in his pig form. The only point he is that way is during the final battle.

        • lootic

          Zelda was never in a slumber, also, Zelda as sheik could with some effort probably could have awaken the other sages if there were no link around to help her.

        • Dark Wing

          The only problem i see with that scenario is that then Link would have defeated twinrova by then and yet Kotake and Koume both appear later in the oracle games. i'd also like more details in regards to how the sages managed to seal ganon after he had claim the entire triforce. you'd think he'd be unstoppable with that much power. then again link still managed to beat him in ALttP even with the triforce. but if the gods saw fit to flood hyrule when the hero of time disappeared, why not when he was defeated?

          • guest

            Gannon was not defeated in WW, he was sealed. So the gods took precautions by flooding hyrule and sealing him. In ALttP, he was sealed as well. I think that the gods cannot defeat/destroy anyone, but they can imprison and seal people. They can grant the power to destroy people to people with the blood of the hero.

          • Waker of Time

            wow then they must be pretty lame god/goddess if they can't even destroy or defeat anyone or their own power they created. One word..FAIL!!!!

      • Rei

        I don't think there were any splits in Majora's Mask. Link wasn't traveling through time in the same way he did in OoT; when he played the Song of Time in Majora's Mask, I always thought he was literally rewinding time, not traveling to new points in time.

        • Fliey

          plus if you beat MM you'll notice everything Link did in the 3 day cycles happened on the 4th day! The mask was actually proof that he did the deed!

    • HyruleKing

      It works perfectly. Ganon somehow manages to kill Link during their battle and take both the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage. As a result, it's in the hands of the Seven Sages to seal Ganon and the Triforce into the Golden Land, which becomes the Dark World. That's also why later on in the same timeline we have Adevnture of Link, which has the towns named after those same Sages.

      • ArabDiSASTER

        NO NO NO… its not like GANON KILLS LINK… Its that Hyrule was left without a hero because link fails to kill Ganon, HOW? Well its like link goes to be a child IN THE GAME NOT AT THE END to get the lens of truth ETC, but when ho goes back that world he left is the one where the hero of time fails, because at that time, Link did not have the lens of truth, (thats why he had to go back in time to get it) So without the lense of truth, Link cannon free all of the sages, so Ganon wins… THIRD SPLIT ESTABLISHED… now stop whining

        • Nintenfan81

          I think I agree, let's see if I can clarify it in my own words: Every time Link travels through time in Ocarina of Time, a new timeline is created. Link has to go back in time at least once during the quest, to get the lens of truth/silver gauntlets (If I'm not mistaken they can be obtained in one go), so that means he: Made the first (#1) split in the "Child" timeline when he first drew the Master Sword, which he was sent back to by Zelda after Gannon's defeat; made the second (#2) split when he left for the items, creating a line where the Hero of Time showed up but didn't finish the job; and the "Adult" timeline (#3) that was essentially a copy of timeline #2 up till the point that he left, which he then continued on through until Gannon was killed.

          Huh. This theorizing stuff is actually pretty fun!

      • bob

        your only half right bro, those towns are named after the sages cuz nintendo really bad with names

      • Waker of Time

        I find it funny how your not saying well what about the Master Sword and Light arrows (not to mention Princess Zelda). I mean come on Link could beat Ganondorf/Ganon with his eyes closed anytime anyday. The power to repel evil and light arrows which can stun you plus the sages sealing powers and the Triforce of Courage I mean how could Link lose???

    • Emperor Hiro

      After watching this after a long time, it does make sense

    • veeronic

      sahashrala mentions that the hylian heroes were killed off while protecting the sages, who the hell the other ones are I haven't a clue but I believe this means that ganon defeats both link and zelda, but as he takes the triforce the sages still manage to seal him… or he takes the triforce and more heroes emerge to fight him and during their war the sages seal him… the latter seems to make sense to me.

      • heroofmasks

        accually it was the knights of hylia wich stood up to ganon to give the sages more time and most of them where killed link and his uncle where the last in the bloodline link himself is yet another reborn form of the goddesses chosen hero/libk in ss since no one other than link can wield or who ever you name ur hero can grab the mastersword since the master sword can tell whos trying to pick it up only the reborn forms of the hero can wieldn its might unlike the 4 sword which broke in 1 hit and could be wielded by any links also one of the few who can wield the full triforce do to his unb reakable spirit


      Think about it… Have you played Ocarina of Time? Have you died atleast once? There the alternate timeline is created…

  • Addsy

    Wow, judging by the missing space in the sky era, a sequel to Skyward Sword must be in the mix!

    • Victoria<3

      I'd love a plot-hole-filling game…the founding of Hyrule sounds very, very good to me.

      • Craig

        Yeah… So far, something could come after Zelda II, after Skyward Sword, after Spirit Tracks, after Majora's Mask and after 4 Swords Adventures. I'd like to see a sequel to Skyward Sword on the 3DS… and seeing as The Minish Cap comes after Skyward Sword – Does that mean the blue Ocarina is the first form of the Ocarina of Time?

    • -_-

      you mean ANOTHER PREQUEL.

      • Craig

        Ocarina of Time isn't "The main game"… There is no main Zelda game, so they're all just games in the series, whether they're before or after other games or not.

        • Nintenfan81

          Yes, but Ocarina of Time is the focus of the timeline. It's the focal point where everything splits and becomes complicated.

    • HerpDerp:P

      I think it's more like an actual timeline, the larger the space, the longer the time period, not nessarily meaning there will be another sequal, ya know what i mean???

  • BlairShadow

    I thought a link to the past came after twilight princess? Well now i learned i was wrong. Either way does anyone know if spirit tracks officially ends the Ocarina timeline?

    • rajaxar1

      There will probably be many more games in store for the Zelda series xD

    • Craig

      Spirit Tracks isn't necessarily the end… Technically, it's not really the end of "Ocarina's timeline" as all games are linked, not just Ocarina… It might have been the most successful game but doesn't make it the "main" game.

  • MDH

    Personally I find the addition of the third "failure" split a pretty unexpected but smart move to reconcile all the games. It's a really good way to connect OoT and ALttP, all things considered.

    • mcdude910

      It's really not all that unexpected actually. Beemnorv on the forums predicted this time line over a year ago.

    • MikeBlue18

      Technically, it's not a third split, because there are still, in a way, only two actual splits.

      There is one timeline where he wins and one where he loses. When he wins, it branches off into the past and the future, two different realities. That makes two splits and one past-future scenario. But that, in turn, would make four splits. That's just too confusing. Does it make any sense, or am I completely wrong about this?

      I'll just agree with whatever Nintendo says regarding this, because my brain hurts!


      • Craig

        There's 3 splits… Even if Link from Ocarina dies – It's still a different line of games and events happening within them. You can't discredit it because it exists… So what you said makes no sense.

      • Nintenfan81

        Here's what I said earlier, it makes sense to me. It also resonates with something that Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Puncuation said once, about every failed game creating an alternate dimension.

        Every time Link travels through time in Ocarina of Time, a new timeline is created. Link has to go back in time at least once during the quest, to get the lens of truth/silver gauntlets (If I'm not mistaken they can be obtained in one go), so that means he: Made the first (#1) split in the "Child" timeline when he first drew the Master Sword, which he was sent back to by Zelda after Gannon's defeat; made the second (#2) split when he left for the items, creating a line where the Hero of Time showed up but didn't finish the job; and the "Adult" timeline (#3) that was essentially a copy of timeline #2 up till the point that he left, which he then continued on through until Gannon was killed.

  • Decimo anonimo

    Yes the time line is now finish…. now we want, or at least i want, to know more about the story of the entire world, the Sehika, the races, they traditions, they folklore, the lore behind each one of the races, how was the world created and i mean it through a cinematic scene to be present at the moment, how is the real form of the goddesses, where it come the rest of the deities, guardians, spirits and more

    • 100000rupee

      here we go again…

  • "The Hero of Time is defeated…" That bit makes no sense. It didn't really happen in Ocarina of Time, unless the player did die during the Ganon battle. But Link dying even before that battle meant he failed. So why doesn't a split occur then? Or even when he falls in the other games? Why don't we see two or three splits coming from the other games which involve time-travel?

    That's why I don't believe this is "official."

    • Kyonko

      Because that's the only time were Link living or dying would put branches that drastic into other games. Sure, if Link died in Windwaker, the sequels wouldn't follow, but there wouldn't really be that much to put into the branch where he died. I think that the same goes for the other games.

      • wanderer

        Frankly, his point does make sense. Let's take your example of Windwaker to make this work. Say Link fails his duty and dies. Then Ganon ends up taking control of "New" Hyrule and thus a new branch arises as history moves forth. But that is expunged by how we are able to come back even when out of life, which further erases the Link dying in OoT's period. Only the time travel can work because it causes the dual split, as the game and everything else resolutely evidences.

        • Fliey

          you forget that new hyrule wouldn't even exist if link failed in WW because link and tetra discovered the land after the adventure was completed! if link had failed in any other game besides OoT we all know Ganon or Vatti or Malladus or The Imprisoned would of just taken over and killed everybody in the end! If link dies in any other game everybody dies! i think we all know this!

          • triforceofWeegee

            im glad i dont live in hyrule…

      • Kaepora21

        This is a strawman argument. Just because it would not make sense in another game does not mean it makes sense in OoT. I agree with Thareous, nothing in canon suggests the hero being defeated is possibly an option.

        As my own addendum, I do not see how LttP could even follow from the "Hero of Time defeated" aspect. If Link were defeated in the battle with Ganon or even before, that's it for Hyrule. The land would be overrun and there would be no difference between the light and dark worlds we see in LttP.

        The only way for LttP to work is if Ganon is banished, and only the Hero of Time/Sages would be capable of doing that. If Link were not actually an important aspect of sealing off Ganon, what was the point of OoT in the first place?

        • Ocarina032

          Are you sure nothing in canon suggests the hero being 'defeated' is an option? Since this is the canon timeline sanctioned by nintendo itself, there must be a reason. So how about this argument: The sacred realm, meaning the chamber of the sages exists outside of time right? So when Link entered the chamber of the sages, he exited time itself. Meaning time continued onward without him (the 'link deafeated' timeline). But when he returned to 7 years into Ganon's reign he created the split.

          • Tim

            Your theory really makes sense to me, but why would they state Link was defeated? He would just disappear…

          • Zayle

            It's close enough. The semantics can be ignored, since this is a translation.

          • 3r4s5du

            quite true.

          • Kaepora21

            By that logic, every time Link went into the Temple of Time and switched between adult and child, a new timeline would be created. Therefore there are not just three timelines by your argument, but a potentially infinite number. That too would go against the "official" listing above, and therefore does not support the argument.

            Also, leaving does not mean he was defeated. Those are two VERY different terms.

            Finally, simply because there is no evidence of Link not being defeated does not imply he was. Disproving a negative does not automatically imply a positive, such would be a logical fallacy.

          • Tyler

            This timeline doesn't deny that there are potentially infinite timelines. It simply state that there are only three timelines that: a.) have Zelda games that take place within them, and b.) would lend themselves to a Zelda game. For example, the world would have been destroyed if Link failed in any of the other games, but the Sages could have saved the world in Ocarina of Time (i.e. the Imprisoning War).

            In this instance, "defeated" could simply mean that Link did not succeed in imprisoning Ganon (in any capacity), and would have left the Sages to their own devices.

            Also, the logical problem that you're thinking of is the impossibility of proving the negative, which claims that one can never prove with absolute certainty (on a logical level) that something is false (other than logical constructs). So, if one claims that there is no evidence that Link succeeds, then it is still possible that he has failed. Thus, since the timeline doesn't foreclose this possibility, the timeline is, at the very least, logically possible.

            Also, you seem to misunderstand what a Straw Man fallacy is or how it works. If anything, your posts are closer to falling into the Straw Man fallacy by claiming that the Hyrule Historia timeline is somehow logically inconsistent with the possibility of infinite timelines.

            lrn2 logic

          • Kaepora21

            First, the straw man argument was in reference to Link possibly failing in other games. That is a straw man as it has nothing to do with OoT's possibility of failing. Regardless of whether the Hero of the Winds' death would spawn new games detracts from the point and purpose of the Hero of Time and the evidence surrounding him.

            Second, if the timeline is official, then it is also complete. The timeline is a template for past, present, and future games. If cannot account for an infinite number of timelines unless this document is only a partial showing of the full timeline. If that is the case, then this portion is completely useless, because Nintendo can simply shift out of it by saying another timeline has spawned. I presume there is meaning in this document, therefore I presume it precludes whatever it does not say. It does not account for infinite timelines, therefore that is not a possibility for the official documentation provided by Nintendo. So while in basic logical constructions, the impossibility of proving a negative may not be applicable, here it is because of the presumed completeness of the "official" timeline.

            Third, I reiterate again that if Link is not a necessary component to defeating Ganon, then OoT has no merit in being a game, or at least would have ended as soon as all the Sages were freed. It would not be necessary to defeat Ganon in order to win because the Sages could imprison him on their own. The point is that the Sages are NOT powerful enough to defeat Ganon without Link and the Master Sword. I do not understand how anyone could argue this. If the Sages can win on their own, then OoT need not exist.

          • eqewewe

            why would people as smart as you guys waste your time on a video game timeline?

          • Lui

            I don't believe Link was DEFEATED at all. I believe it's a miss translation. I do believe Ganon wins, but it happens due to the timeline being split that happens DURING Ocarina. NOT the end. This video proves it:

        • vbnm,

          well he DID have to awaken the sages…

      • wrestdrytfuyguhi

        i think nintendo just did it to shut people like us up. it doesn't really matter to them unless it affects sales.

    • Ben

      Maybe it means when he goes back to get the Silver Guantlets? maybe everyone in Hyrule thought he had been defeated?

      • heroofmasks

        dude no one even knew what he was doing he wasnt a legend until after he beat ganon no one knew it was him saving the world exept the sages

    • ZBizz

      It's called "Game Over"….you run out of heart pieces…Link keels over…there's a timeline set aside JUST for that situation.

    • hmm

      The way I see it, Oot took place after all of its predecessors, and your actions in Oot were preventing the events of the earlier games from taking place, thus saving hyrule (but not for long)

    • Craig

      You're thinking of the technicalities of a game… This is based on the story, not how the game plays. If you died in a game and that's it – it's not a good game and is pointless. From a story point of view, Link would just die and that's it, he wouldn't just come back to life randomly.

    • The book was edited by Aonuma. so I'm guessing it's official.

      • somecrazyguy

        lolz. aonuma is the reason the timeline has been so messed up. anything he has worked on contradicts itself within any timeline that nintendo could come up with.

        • heroofmasks

          thats true i mean look at mc and 4s theres no real proof they pit between ss and oot its a big mess you go from master sword to a weaker legendary sword that onlys in 3 games wish it was more back to master sword

          • qwe

            i always thought they were parallel universes.

      • tufjiwawaaaa

        could be lying. you people are taking this WAY too seriously. its a video game, not real life.

    • Futurevgd

      Defeated doesn't nessacarily mean death. For example, Suppose the great deku tree was the one that died BEFORE sending Link on his quest? What if Link just could not get out of bed that morning? What would happen if Ganondorf had never sealed Dodongo's Cavern? With no reason to be in any distress, would the Gorons need a hero? Maybe Zelda left the Ocarina of Time on the table when she was running for her life. All these possibilities, that ,although not explored in any way, could lead to the Hero's defeat.

      • Zeroskull

        I agree. I think he didn't get out of bed. What we know of Link is that he likes to sleep ;). Many things would be different had he not been woken by Zelda('s bird), Navi, Rauru (7 years of sleep, come on), Aryll, his uncle/Zelda (clarification, ALTtP I've never been clear if it's Link or his Uncle that hears Zelda's voice. I used to think it was Link, but I've read it was his uncle, which actually makes more sense).

        • navishutup

          maybe all the games are just a bunch of link's dreams and no-one figured it out unlil now. (except Nintendo of course…)

          • ibeleeveicanfly

            that would mean there's NO TIMELINE

    • Nintenfan81

      I think that the timeline splits every time Link travels through time in Ocarina, creating three splits. I already posted it twice above this, so I won't do it again.

    • diddykong

      maybe if he died in the final battle in "real" Hyrule, Ganon would stop whatever magic that revives him in the games like how you couldn't use Navi.

  • maniozelda

    I hope they answer all our questions with new zelda games every 3-6 years

    • Nintenfan81

      Hear hear! err, Here here! Bloody-, which one is it? I've never actually seen that written before…

      • SMRPG2

        maybe its both….

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    Well, I can't exactly say that's what I had in mind, but hey, beggar's can't be choosers eh?

  • RomaniRancher

    I'll never accept this stupid timeline. Thank you anyway for trying, Nintendo.

    • Zayle

      Would you mind explaining why?

      • heroofmasks

        i guess he doesnt belive it becouse there nothing shower why the games come before the ones after it i mean they did say that ss was the first game and before they said oot was first but i dont see anything about mc and 4s that makes it go before and if it did what happend to the light force zelda had

    • BlackOwlDog

      Zelda's about using imagination, nobody's forcing you to belive anything.

    • Nintenfan81

      Please, we're trying to be intelligent and clinical here. In a place of discussion, reasons for disagreement must be given or else it all falls into name-slinging chaos.


    i think it makes perfect sense the timeline of hero of time fails. i get why every one is mad and dont accept it, its kinda depressing the hero of time fails lol and they have been used to made up timelines. this time line makes sense i dont see why people are crying over it. and you read 'ganon revived' EVERYWHERE lol

    • nitzan

      the reason people are upset is because it's a cheap way out.
      why excectly did the hero of time died? how come link from OoT died but not any other link?
      why is there a special time line for "if the hero of time died" but not a special timeline for "if any other hero died"
      I hope I managed to explain myself

      • Zayle

        Link gets yanked out of the first universe and plopped into another. Two timelines. Then he travels back and forth in time to save both timelines. Three timelines; the first, where the Sages yank Link out of Hyrule; then the second and third, where he saves the child and adult timelines from Ganon.

        • Cameron

          "The first, where the Sages yank Link out of Hyrule," is that when Link first gets a hold of the Master Sword in OoT, escaping from the first timeline?

          • Zayle

            Yeah, that's what I meant.

        • This is the only comment that actually makes any kind of sense of the Timeline.

        • Nintenfan81

          My theory is, every time Link travels through time in Ocarina of Time, a new timeline is created. Link has to go back in time at least once during the quest, to get the lens of truth/silver gauntlets (If I'm not mistaken they can be obtained in one go), so that means he: Made the first (#1) split in the "Child" timeline when he first drew the Master Sword, which he was sent back to by Zelda after Gannon's defeat; made the second (#2) split when he left for the items, creating a line where the Hero of Time showed up but didn't finish the job; and the "Adult" timeline (#3) that was essentially a copy of timeline #2 up till the point that he left, which he then continued on through until Gannon was killed.

  • rajaxar1

    Where it says 4 Swords + Hyrule Adventure….is that 4 Swords Adventure?

    Because 4 swords is already up there on the top before OOT.

    And also another note.
    What does canon mean?
    I know what it literally means, but in the TRUE sense, what does it mean?
    If for example, every single fan of Zelda simply said SCREW THIS, would the timeline still be canon?

    In canon, is it the fan's perspective that matters, or what the author intends?

    Because after all, The Legend of Zelda is a game about a young male saving a princess.
    Why does it truly matter what LINK does?
    The name of most people in their Zelda game isn't even Link, yet they still complain about the Timeline.

    Here is my view on the timeline.
    It is a story. Starring a young boy named Link.
    Link is quiet and polite, and saves the world quickly.

    Here is my view on the games.
    It is an epic. Starring a young boy named rajaxar1.
    Rajaxar1 is loud, obnoxious, yet nice and polite. He saves the world one step at a time, by delivering eye drops and helping people marry, and saving a demon by giving him minerals.
    And that is what the Zelda series means to me.

    An epic, about the player.

    I read the timeline because I simply like a good story.

    • SonicBlueSky

      4 Swords Adventure and 4 Swords are two different stories, so 4SA goes later down on the timeline than the original 4S.

    • Zayle

      Typically, whoever owns the rights to the IP is master of the canon. For example, since Bethesda bought the rights to Fallout, their games have been considered canon, despite the disdain of the Black Isle Fallout fans of their games.

      Of course, everything is open to interpretation. For instance, if the majority of Harry Potter fans believed that Dumbledore was an invisible pink unicorn disguised as an elderly wizard, it might as well be true, regardless of the author's intentions. If that were to happen, however, Rowling would make it clear that he is not, in fact, an invisible pink unicorn, but an actual elderly wizard. This statement would be called "Word of God", which is a term for an author making an out-of-character statement about their work. That's what this timeline is.

      Following that Potter example, let's say, hypothetically, that Rowling is going to publish a new seven-book series following Dumbledore's origin and his years at Hogwarts. This would pretty much definitely confirm in-universe that Dumbledore is a real wizard. The fans would be outraged, because this contradicts their most important, albeit stupid, belief about the character. This would turn into a base breaker, with one faction of Potter fans accepting it as canon and the other disowning it as non-canon.

      This example is a really silly hypothetical example, but I think it illustrates why we should generally listen to Word of God. If the author keeps working on their series, they're going to do it along their original intentions, and if that contradicts the beliefs of the fans, it just turns into a big unnecessary mess.

      Of course, if Nintendo just makes the games without any regard to the cohesiveness of the series as a whole, as some fans believe, then it doesn't matter. I don't think that's true, however. I think that the first three games (LoZ, ALttP, and AOL) were made individually without regard to any timeline, but Nintendo then started tying everything together as of OoT.

      As such, I'll believe Nintendo. Regardless of what we believe, this timeline is what they have decided, and all future games will be made with this in mind. There's no reason to debate about it.

      Did any of thqat make sense? I hope so.

      • MikeBlue18

        To me, it made sense. Well done and thank you for so clearly explaining that for me. (Sorry to interrupt your conversation…)

      • ZeroSkull

        I like the idea of Dumbledore being an invisible pink unicorn. NEW CANON!!

      • asdfg


      • rajaxar1

        Thank you XD.

        Actually, the funny thing about your example is that I first started doubting "The Word of God" when Rowling stated Dumbledore had homoish feelings for Grindewald.

        It just felt awkward applying that label to Dumbledore, so I started asking myself…What if Rowling was wrong?

        But anyways, thanks for your comments.

    • Kitore

      Yeah, 4 Swords Adventures was released in Japan as Four Swords Plus. Although I don't where Hyrule Adventure comes from, or if it's like the Japanese release's subtitle or something.

    • Rocksor


    • ANiceQuietBoy(Link)

      i couldn't have said it better myself.

  • klz92

    Im getting really sick of all the "it makes no sense" comments, dude if youre pretty own timelin etheory wasnt even close to what the book says GET FCKING OVER IT! Instead of making comments about how you dont think this (as far as I know) OFFICIAL timeline of an OFFICIAL nintendo book makes no sense, why dont you go to play the games you dont think they fit and see if you missed something or you can connect the dots now that you know the timeline? Or maybe you can find the parts in the games that prove that youre correct! Oh but I guess you must be right since you played a few games once or twice, you must know better than the guys that MADE THE GAMES right?

    • Ben

      You are totally right. This makes perfect sense.
      Also, the whole discussion with the third split not being logic because Link can't die in OoT or else the other two splits won't happen is just dumb. THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT. There are two possibilities
      1. Link wins – branch 1 & 2
      2. Link dies – branch 3

      WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? It is just another scenario my god deal with it.

      • Kaepora21

        You're all right! Why on Earth would anyone opt to think for himself and speculate about errors in the book? Of course this source is completely and totally 100% verified official from Nintendo! There is no possible way this is not an official timeline! There is NO room for speculation right now at all.

        Everyone needs to STOP THINKING FOR HIMSELF. Just believe it all! If you disagree, clearly you are wrong and missed something, because there is objective verifiable proof of your egregious mistake. Go with the pack! Long live sheep!

        • Kaepora21

          I hope everyone caught my sarcasm. Judging by the number of thumbs up between my post and the one above it, I guess not…

          • Danja

            Can't speak for anyone else, but I thumbed you up *because* of your sarcasm (and because you made an excellent point). ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Lucas

        if that's the case, why doesn't every game have a "link fails" branch?

        • Klink

          cause there aren't any games that would go with the "Link Dies/ Fails" branches in the other games… Simple as that. if there was, then they would have most likely included them as well. Good day to you sir.

          • Ben

            Because in every other game Ganon would just over the world when Link fails as there is no one else to stop him. But in Ocarina of Time you still have the seven Sages to stop Ganon, although it would be very hard for them – thus the Imprisoning War

          • Ben

            *take over the world

    • Querulous

      What is a "timelin etheory"? Forget how to spell in your rage? XP

      • klz92


    • Shaymin687

      Thank god someone finally said this

    • Nintenfan81

      That's probably the first angry and abrasive comment I've read here that I've agreed with.

    • ………………..




    • bastian

      …Nintendo is the publisher of the book, and Eiji Aonuma is the supervisor of the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • somecrazyguy

        aunoma edited it? haha. do you know how many timeshis statements contradict the games?

        • heroofmasks

          true he even said there wasnt a split months ago

  • Superpokefan94

    It looks good, and there's always the possibility of the hero dying. It doesn't happen in the games, because if it did happen, the whole timeline would be totally different for me (or anyone), because my Link died in the first temple in Skyward Sword.(and everyone dies at least once in one of the games,right)

    • Nintenfan81

      Don't think of it in terms of "Link dies," think of it as "Link fails." How many times is it necessary to travel through time in OoT? If I'm not mistaken, once to become adult, once more to go back and get the lens of truth/silver gauntlets, and one final time where he goes back to his original time, and timeline. If each time he traveled back and forth created a new split, then as long as he (Link that is) is just plopped down into his original timeline instead of making a new one to go back to, then Link creates three separate timelines, one of which he never beat Gannondorf in.

    • Rocksor

      same in ocarina of time. the chance of Link beating Ganon is 1/3rd
      1. he sucessfully beats him
      2. ganon manages to kill Child Link or defeat Adult link
      3. link gets lost or killed in a dungeon

  • alrightmullet

    this is epic. it makes theorising so much more interesting!! now you got the general template, you can focus on all the smaller details, like geneology, stories of races, it'll add ALOT to fan fiction! good timing, nintendo!

    • wanderer

      this no nintendo, it work of fanboy. trust me, i japan, so do homework before assuming loser.

      • rajaxar1

        No need to be a jerk.

        Really. He was just expressing his love for the timeline.

      • Nintenfan81

        1) Don't be an ass

        2) If you ignored #1, use the proper grammar. It gives the people you just made enemies of one less cheap shot at you.

    • gimmehatback

      wooHOO!!!! I wanna know why the fisherman guy in oot got bald!

  • wanderer

    Poor ZU…should've known better than posting this news that has resulted in another flame-war. Oh well. Not that this has been confirmed or anything, but it's making complete fools out of everyone. Most likely it's fallacious; Nintendo will step in and disprove its truth. Then the timeline theorists will step back in and take over whilst the skeptics turn sulkers.

    • people flaming each other in the comments doesn't hurt zu one bit. :]

    • Nintenfan81

      Actually a good flame war is good for a web site. More web traffic means more advertising money.

    • sigh…

      i think you must be the only one here with a brain.

  • Evello

    This timeline frustrates me, because it was so close to being the best timeline I've ever seen, but ended up falling on its face. Nintendo doesn't seem to understand what a split timeline is. A split is caused by someone traveling back in time and changing something to create a new future (thus there are two futures: new and old), like Link did in OoT's ending. The third branch is just confusing, because no time travel was involved. Link cannot both win and lose against Ganon. Basic logic states that one or the other has to happen. It's been long established as canon that Link succeeds in his quests, therefore Link does not lose to Ganon. The third branch is not a split, it's an alternate universe. It's showing what could have have happened BUT DIDN'T. If anything, the timeline should be represented as two separate sequences, like so:
    —————————-tWW – PH – ST
    SS – MC – FS – OoT <
    —————————-MM – TP – FSA

    SS – MC – FS – OoT – LttP – OoX – LA – LoZ – AoL

    If Nintendo really wanted the timeline they put in the book, they could have very easily said that the third branch was created when Link traveled back in time via the Master Sword during OoT. Link left the future and changed the past several times, thus creating a new future each time and leaving all the previous futures with the Master Sword in its pedestal and no hero to stop Ganon from assembling the Triforce. This could have been the perfect second split, as it leads perfectly into LttP. But instead they opted for, excuse the cliche, a tacky "what-if" scenario.

    • Linkito

      Plus, Aonuma always told us about a timeline split in two branches, not three

    • mcdude910

      You seem intelligent! ๐Ÿ˜€ I don't feel like saying it to everyone, so I'll post it here. A common belief among the theorists of ZU is the Predestined Future Theory. Obviously there is a child and an adult timeline, but the Predestined Future timeline is simply what was going to happen before Zelda sent Link back in time. So, it was literally the Predestined Future. It was the adult timeline, where Link was still existent, so the events of TWW turned into the events of ALttP (because there was a hero to prevent the flooding of Hyrule). Zelda cancelled this timeline by sending Link back, though. That's what I think of for this timeline.

    • Ocarina032

      Are you sure Nintendo doesn't know what split timeline is? Since this is the canon timeline sanctioned by nintendo itself, there must be a reason. So the split must logically exist at some point in OoT. How about this: The sacred realm, meaning the chamber of the sages exists outside of time right? So when Link entered the chamber of the sages, he exited time itself. Meaning time continued onward without him (the 'link deafeated' timeline). But when he returned to 7 years into Ganon's reign he created the split.

      • Evello

        He returned 7 years later to the same timeline. Link pulls the Master Sword, sleeps, and then wakes up. It's the same principle as if you were to go to sleep. You have not split a timeline; you've simply moved forward on yours. There is still only one split: the end of OoT. The only way this could work is if rather than jumping seven years ahead in his own time, Link jumps to another perfectly identical timeline and sleeps for seven years there while his own previous timeline becomes the Classics line. This just doesn't seem very logical, since there's no reason or evidence for Link jumping timelines while moving forward in time. Splits are caused by going back in time.

    • EraZ3712

      Which is precisely why there's a line which shoots up above the link to Ocarina of Time.
      I'm very sure they know precisely what you are trying to say, and it's obvious that Link's death does not create a split timeline, but an alternate universe. That's why they have that line which goes past the link to Ocarina of Time, showing that it's a link to an alternate universe.

      I do think they'll make that more clear, because after the timeline diagram, there's over twenty pages of what I assume is a detailed storyline as to why and how the timeline works. When Hyrule Hystoria is complete, I'd love to read through that section…

      • Evello

        I actually didn't notice that. Thank you for pointing it out. I do wonder if that was Nintendo's work, though, or just the work of a clever translator. I've yet to see all the actual scans. If the former is true, then I'll acknowledge that Nintendo at least knows what it's doing, whether or not I like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • EraZ3712

          Actually, upon further examination of the original video, there is no line which joins with the link from the OoT split.

          However, there are a couple descriptions in the book which point to different pages as well as what I believe are some untranslated parts to the book (which may have brought this artist to add the extra line into the diagram). I'm not quite sure, but your theory seems to make sense, and I believe that the book also addresses it (as there is a large paragraph to the left on top of the aLTTP branch).

          I guess we'll never be quite sure until the entire book is translated, but I agree with your theory. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RedBearLuX

      Nintendo don't understand what a split timeline is?… Are you serious? You don't understand what a split timeline is clearly. A split Timeline IS an alternate universe. If you split a TImeline you create an alternate universe. So to say the 'third split' isn't a split it's alternate universe is a complete contradiction. And it's not a what if scenario it's an alternate universe. I'm sorry but why is it that so many of you are having trouble with this timeline?

      • Evello

        A split timeline is absolutely not an alternate universe. A split timeline is differentiated by the fact that within it two separate futures are created via backward time travel. Take the ending of OoT for instance. Link seals Ganon, goes back in time, and then warns the king of Ganon. There are two totally separate futures here: one where Ganon is sealed and one where he is not. This new so-called 'split' in the timeline involves no time travel. By that fact alone, it cannot be a split. It is simply what would have happened if Link lost to Ganon. The problem is, Link didn't lose. He won. Or, if they want to claim that he lost, then he didn't win, so the other two lines of the timeline couldn't have happened. Link cannot both win and lose. The two possibilities contradict each other and therefore cannot both occur to cause a split.

        • Lui

          I don't believe Link was DEFEATED at all. I believe it's a miss translation. I do believe Ganon wins, but it happens due to the timeline being split that happens DURING Ocarina. NOT the end. This video proves it:

          • Angela

            This should be the first comment that people read after they question how the Hero of Time was defeated.

          • Evello

            I've had the same idea (as I outlined in the last paragraph of my original post), and I hope that there could be some truth to it, though there are some wrinkles to this theory (such as the time travel mechanics used in the gameplay). Who knows, though. We'll just have to wait to see if this beast of a book gets translated.

    • Blazelee

      I completely agree with you sir. It is, in fact, a "what if" scenario. It shouldn't be represented as a split because time travel isn't involved in it and therefore it should be represented in a separate timeline as something that could have happened but didn't. Congrats to you for figuring that out!

    • Angela

      Not meant to sound like a threat or argument:

      Ever hear of Schrondinger's cat? Its explained by physics: You don't know an outcome until you actually see it. Until you see it, how do you know that it didn't happen? "What if" isn't just a meaningless phrase, its a key to unlock a sense of knowledge and fantasy.

      While you do make a very compelling argument, its okey to explain things in a seemingly childish way. After all, The Legend of Zelda is ca childish and complex game in itself.

    • Nintenfan81

      I swear I'm only posting this one more time:

      Every time Link travels through time in Ocarina of Time, a new timeline is created. Link has to go back in time at least once during the quest, to get the lens of truth/silver gauntlets (If I'm not mistaken they can be obtained in one go), so that means he: Made the first (#1) split in the "Child" timeline when he first drew the Master Sword, which he was sent back to by Zelda after Gannon's defeat; made the second (#2) split when he left for the items, creating a line where the Hero of Time showed up but didn't finish the job; and the "Adult" timeline (#3) that was essentially a copy of timeline #2 up till the point that he left, which he then continued on through until Gannon was killed.

      • Evello

        Read the last paragraph of my original post. We haven't gotten solid translations for the timeline yet, so some stuff is still up in the air, but currently the third split is translated to be caused when Link fails against Ganon, not because of time travel.

    • Calibanzaxx

      I seriously don't think the third timeline is a "what-if." It's entirely possible that the mysterious scene of Link seeing Zelda in the castle courtyard at the tail end of Ocarina of Time is the true source of the split in timeline. Given that Link technically fails to prevent ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm as a child, causing the events as adult Link to be necessary, it's very possible that this is exactly what he returns to tell Zelda preventing them from happening in the first place. Considering a common theory of time travel that any step back in time generates a new dimension to reflect the new actions and choices made, then the timeline where Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm would still technically have to exist, depicting the after-effects of Ganondorf's rule once he was defeated by Link.

    • umadson

      You are talking about "logic" in a fantasy genre? Haha way to show your severe autism.

      • wee

        dont make fun of autistic people, dumbass


      if, like you say, he leaves the master sword, then ganon would've had no access to the Sacred Realm. He'd never have even gotten the triforce.

  • Link17

    I really hope they make a Zelda that was about the worlds creation, a sequel to Skyward Sword and one that takes place during the war.

  • HylianHeroine

    That's amazing! Didn't expect that the hero was defeated, though. Hmmmmmmm

    • Lui

      I don't believe Link was DEFEATED at all. I believe it's a miss translation. I do believe Ganon wins, but it happens due to the timeline being split that happens DURING Ocarina. NOT the end. This video proves it:

  • Rakshael

    Well, I have to ask, if what other people have suggested, that Link made a new timeline every single time he went back to get the Silver Gauntlets or Eye of Truth, then how come whenever he returns to the evil future all of the dungeons and quests completed up to that point remain conquered/completed? No. That cannot be be true. It's obvious that Link, when he time-traveled, was always strictly within the same space-time continuum. The other suggested theory was that he died while fighting Ganon, the final boss. This would be the only place he could die while maintaining the fact that Ganon was sealed by the Seven Sages. Evello (two comments above) well stated the fact that Link failing, even though that is a somewhat ridiculous and extreme possibility (that I even hate to think about), would constitute not a split timeline but rather an alternate universe, or reality. I begin to have doubts myself over the accuracy of this timeline, because honestly the Hero of Time failing, however convenient for ALttP to AOL, does not fit.

    • Agentbarto

      That's not how multiverse theory works. The sad reality is that the timeline had multiple splits in which Link abandoned the people of Hyrule (not intentionally but hey, he had a mission) though we only focus on two main time streams; the one created by the inclusion of Child Link and the exclusion of Adult Link in the final journey through time. The theory you propose is only valid if you hold the view that past, present and future exist simultaneously. Time travel in that scenario would be a matter of traveling through dimensions; like traveling between Subrosia and Holodrum, something that wouldn't create splits.

    • Lui

      He went to the past and made changes to a new future that what hold those changes, leaving the original future, LINKless. It wasn't something he did on purpose. Link losing to Ganon does NOT change the space time continuum, because that would mean every Zelda game has two timelines. Nintendo said 3 exist, NOT 300.

    • theZeldaElite

      It is illogical that Link could have died fighting Ganon at the end of OOT. it had to have been when he was a kid.

    • Shaymin687

      The future timeline would simply be changed by what he had done, allowing the evils he had killed before it to still be killed.

  • lefthandedhero

    the reason why there is a defeated timeline split for the hero of time in oot but not for every other link might have to do with the fact that he is the hero of time, as such depending on the context of how he was "defeated" it could lead to another split.

  • luke

    What I love most about this is that it means that no one was right. XDXDXD

    • mcdude910

      Umm.. I was pretty much right. My only mistake was putting FSA at the end instead of with the rest of the FSS. Oh well.

  • DanielLadson

    When they say that Link failed, I don't think they actually mean that Link failed. Here's what someone at Gamefaqs said. All credit goes to the original poster.

    "Zelda corrupted the timeline by sending Link back using the Ocarina. But 3 timelines are created based on the three travel points used in the game, 2 created by the sword and 1 by Zelda.

    Time Junction 1: This is the point where the Master Sword takes Link whenever Link returns the sword to the pedestal and emerges as a child in the past. Which is after Link has met Zelda and collected the Goron's Ruby, and Zora's Sapphire, after Zelda as fled the Palace with Impa, after Link acquires the Ocarina of Time, and after Link has pulled the sword for the first time and opened the sacred realm.

    Time Junction 2: This is the point seven years later where the Master Sword takes Link whenever Link draws the sword from the pedestal and emerges in the future as an adult.

    Time Junction 3: This is the point Zelda sends Link to, before Link has met Zelda, before he collects the Goron's Ruby and Zora's Sapphire, before Zelda flees the Palace with Impa and before Link acquires the Ocarina.

    When there was two connected Time Junctions (1 connected directly with 2, if Link disappeared from 1 he had to emerge in 2 and vice versa, he could always get to the other Junction as well, with no hindrances) there was no time travel paradoxes or discrepancies. But when Zelda creates a third junction point (and more than that a one way junction point), it removes the connections between the two Master Sword junctions. Link disappears from Junction 2 but instead of emerging in Junction 1 like he should, he emerges from Junction 3, meaning there is no Link in Junction 1 (so the events leading to ALTTP play out), and there is no Link in Junction 2 (so the events leading to WW play out), and the Link in junction 3 stops Ganondorf and leaves for Termina (so the events leading to MM and TP play out)

    Since Link has no way of returning to Junction 1, the "Link Fails" timeline must occur where Link simply vanishes after pulling the Master Sword."

    -Maximum Taco of Gamefaq.

    • Jared

      I think this is it. Sounds PERFECT to me.

    • Ocarina032




      Ocarina Of Time






      Split 1:——
      a) Majora’s Mask
      b) Twilight Princess=======
      c) Four Swords Adventures—-


      WISDOM—-ZELDA— ;

      Split 2:
      a) Wind Waker
      b) Phantom Hourglass
      c) Spirit Tracks


      Split 3:
      a) A Link To The Past
      b) Oracles
      c) Link’s Awakening
      d) The Legend Of Zelda
      e) The Legend Of Zelda II

      But when the LEGEND OF ZELDA ( nes ) was made i dont think they had all this aligned…even after WW. I think it’s was more of an idea that had to be made…EVEN IF THAT NINTENDO POST IS TRUE..THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LITTLE THINGS THAT DOSENT MAKE SENSE…WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH OF TIME TRAVELING GOES INTO THIS…THERE’S ALOT OF SCIENCE IN TIME TRAVELING/SHIFTING, WORMHOLES, REALMS. So who knows how deep they went with this…

      • okto

        that theory you came up with might seem nice in your head but in reality it makes chicken s**t look good.

  • ifan

    my problem is that an entire timeline comes from link failing in OOT. But if you take link failing into account there would be an alternate timeline with every game…..

    • wmtiger86

      There probably is an alternate timeline with every game, but it's just not something that Nintendo has explored yet with any other games.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I like this timeline, it makes sense to me, though it seems to have left everyone including me questioning, exactly where and how did the Hero of Time Fail? Ganondorf had to be sealed at some point because that's how it is in the beginning of ALttP.

    The child timeline is my favorite, it has the real Hero of Time chosen by the goddess, I hope they expand on that timeline more as it seems to be lacking compared to the other 2 branches

  • Kyle

    Alright, a “what-if” scenario, kinda cool. But if it’s a “what-if” timeline (which it didn’t happen but could.) couldn’t that make all the games falling in that timeline non-canon to the child and adult timeline? This timeline I don’t believe is official. Honestly though it was pretty close to the timeline I thought of but I had that “what-if” timeline I’m the Child timeline. Just because this is in a official Nintendo book doesn’t make it law. I remember Capcom published an Official Resident Evil book detailing all the games up to 4, and there where tons of errors that messed up the canon of the games.ย 

  • Anthony

    I don't see why there should be a problem about Link failing. After all, how else is it possible for Ganon to have the COMPLETE Triforce in ALttp?

  • joshua

    I think the entire point of the third branch was that those games really didn’t work too well anywhere else. So they exist as what-ifs. Yes, there should be one for every time you fail, but we simply haven’t played them yet. It’s not that those branches don’t exist, it’s that those games don’t exist right now.

    As far as official evnts go, what happens in a Link to the Past and onward never actually occur, since we never actually fail in OoT. There exists one split, and the third simply plays off of “if the Hero of Time failed.”

    Really, the next game could conceivably branch off of anyone of the heroes failing. The branch “exists”, but ist apparent since we haven’t been told of it, and thus wouldt exist on this particular timeline.

  • Yew

    The logic to the third split has been mentioned several times. It wouldn't make sense if they were just like "Hey the Hero died in battle," because the 'living' part of the split wouldn't take place. The most reasonable explanation is that it happened when Link left the future to get the silver gauntlets. This is why this alternative isn't included for the other games, because the Heroes in those games don't travel in time, so the Hero dying wouldn't result in a split, just in different events occuring.

  • Josh

    So the third branch applies to every god damn zelda game? Explain that Nintendo, well done for screwing up something which had so much potential.

    • DanielLadson

      Read my comment above. It's the super long one. Getting a "Game Over" screen has nothing to do with the timeline.

  • actual_theorist

    this timeline is NOT it. it actually dosent make sense, and if nintendo actually confirmed this, they're full of twats who haven't played their own games. They combined fan theories, added in a random 3rd after confirming only 2 to shock people, where only 2 can exist at all. this time line as more holes than anything ive ever seen before.

    • Ocarina032

      explain the holes please.

  • Dylan Chevez

    Now the timeline makes more sense! I was wondering how FSA came after TP because I thought it was tied in with MC. This is really good, although it would've been better to do this if they stopped making games I loved reading peoples theories of the timeline.

  • Ocarina032

    Listen everyone: it makes perfect sense if you consider the following: The sacred realm, meaning the chamber of the sages exists outside of time right? So when Link entered the chamber of the sages, he exited time itself. Meaning time continued onward without him (the 'link deafeated' timeline). But when he returned to 7 years into Ganon's reign he created the split between A and B/C. When Zelda sends him back to live as a child it creates the split in B and C. So now we have timelines A, B, and C. It isn't that Link died and was defeated (our poor skills at a video game isn't part of the story) but that when he went into the chamber of sages it appeared to the rest of the world that he disappeared and never came back.

  • New England Zelda

    That actually makes a bit of sense, but there are a few controversial points that I'll go into detail in a forum post later.

  • NintenJoe64

    I understand that they were trying to find a way out of the situation they stuck themselves in with their "Link fails" ploy. What I don't understand is why they didn't just create another split from skyward sword. It ends with Denise being defeated in two different ways and times as was Ganon in OoT. Seems like a more obvious way out.

    • McBehrer

      Actually, Skyward Sword makes a stable time loop. You only defeat Demise once.

      In the past, you kill Demise. This seals his consciousness in the Master Sword, and his body in the Sealed Grounds. In the present, you fight his body (The Imprisoned) and his consciousness is held separate. Then you drop Skyloft on him, killing his body. His consciousness is then useless without a body to inhabit, and just hangs out being sealed in the Master Sword.

  • TTL

    Really, this doesn't mean much to me. I will say it's canon to the creators, if they say so, but to me, very little of how Zelda has been developed and crafted suggest anything of a continuing narrative. They're games made one at a time with story created around gameplay premises. Here and there, Nintendo makes allusions and references, but they're so vague to the point that they're practically meaningless unless the fans themselves create a whole mythology to fill the void.

    I gave up on that. It drove me insane. I loved Ocarina of Time when it came out when I was ten and I was engrossed in that world. Then virtually every game after it connecting to it (sans Majora's Mask and maybe The Wind Waker) vaguely associate with it and create all sorts of aesthetic and technical questions.

    So, it's nice that fans who wanted a timeline have one, but for me, it's just a neat factoid and little more.

  • DanielLadson

    Really, the only thing that doesn't make sense is the placement of the two Oracle games. It would have been better if they were placed in two different timelines.

  • Toilet Hand

    Dam! Ganon is revived many times, I want to see a game where Ganondorf is Link's ally!

    • NintenJoe64

      Try Skyward Sword. Who do you think Groose is?

      • heroofmasks

        dude ganondorf is spoilers demis reborn as he said at the end of the game my hatrade shall be reborn and the reborn of the goddes /zeldas and those with the spirit of the her /link reborn shall be followed forever my my reborn form

    • veeronic

      what? No

  • Harrison Garrett

    I think it would make much more sense if timelines A and C were switched. otherwise theres too much missing. Should windwaker be after the one where link fails? and if link failed, why did ganon need to be "revived" or did link do some kind of sacrfice that took down both himself and ganon?

  • DominionBlade

    People, I know it makes no sense in some parts while the connections are apparent in other sections. This "riddled with holes" idea is all because the time line is not finished. As quoted by Addsy, that missing space in the Sky Era could in fact mean that there is an unknown adventure. As is there are for the others that would help give more plausibility to the time line than is already available. The point is, The Legend of Zelda series is far too popular for Nintendo to end it now. With two known future titles already announced with one for the 3DS and the other for the Wii U, Zelda will be here for a long time.

  • LuigiBro94

    Am I the only one that thinks Skyward Sword is the beginning and the end (or somewhere in the middle)?

    • Rache

      The fact that Din, Nayru, and Farore are referred to as "the old gods" in that game supports the idea that Skyward Sword comes after the others, where those three are worshipped as goddesses–despite what Nintendo has repeatedly said about it being the 'first' in the series.

  • Dark Wing

    for all the complainers, the 'defeated hero' time line happens when you get the game over screen. there, you cant argue with that logic…

    • Josh

      Apart from how every other game can have game over too, meaning there would be hundrends of time splits.

      • Dark Wing

        exactly! finally someone who gets it ๐Ÿ˜› just cuz there can be multiple time lines tho doesn't mean they have to make a game for each

  • Ashmic

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ nuu ganon executed!

    I honestly don't like the timeline : it feels foreign, like others said, if ganon succeeded and like died, wouldn't he just of taken over the world and thats it?

  • MetalShadow

    While this does does make everything fit, I don't think the concept that this is a TIME-line was fully understood. The timeline split is due to time travel, not "what if" alternate realities. The timeline should continue as if Link keeps succeeding. That's the assumption, because OoT did not show a third possibility like Link failing to defeat Ganondorf. The third split that depends on the Hero of Time "failing" is more like a completely different way things happened, or a second and separate timeline. If this is the case here, then "failure" creates possibility for a split in ANY game, therefore there are many more possibilities here. Nintendo, this was clever of you, but I just can't buy into it the way you presented it. I can't buy into "what if" scenarios.

    Keep in mind, this was developers intent, but the series as a whole is still up to interpretation. It's like music. The artist intends a certain meaning in their lyrics, but often there are different ways to interpret it. Same thing here. I'm sure Nintendo got to a point where they weren't sure themselves of how their own series' timeline is supposed to be. They edited the "official" timeline as they released more games, and this how they decided to put it as of now. So relax guys, this is for fun. Put the games in an order that works for you.

    Still, even if I did agree with this 3 split concept, there are still problems here:
    -First being that 4S should be right before 4SA. They are obviously directly linked, the opening text of 4SA says so. Don't believe me?

    -I really don't see why OoX goes after ALttP. It fits much better after TAoL. Here's why:

    I'd honestly just put ALttP and it's following games after 4SA, with the reincarnated Ganondorf in 4SA as the Ganon seen in ALttP.

    • somecrazyguy

      you my friend are a heretic just like me. i have the exact same timeline as you.

  • Evello

    The alternative that Ocarinao32 proposed is clever, but it seems pointlessly complex and doesn't make complete sense. The suggestion, essentially, is that rather than just jumping seven years ahead in his own time in OoT, Link jumps to another completely identical timeline and moves seven years ahead there. Yes, this would produce the desired split (other than the lack of sages, which could easily be explained away), but it is also totally useless. Why would forward time-travel create a new timeline? Backward time-travel does it because multiple futures are created. Forward time travel only creates one future; a person just disappears and reappears later. Heck, Link didn't even really time travel forward in OoT. He just sat around for seven years in another dimension. No alternate futures involved. It would only technically be time travel if he remained a little kid in the future.

    As Rakshael (last comment on page 1) brought up, Link in OoT seems to not have created alternate futures when he time traveled via the Master Sword, but this is in itself paradoxical. It doesn't even make logical sense, and just seems more like a sacrifice for gameplay than an actual canonical time travel mechanic. For instance, if Link went back to get the Lens of Truth, he would make it so that he already had it in the future, thus robbing him of his incentive to go back and get it, thus making it so he doesn't have the Lens of Truth and so on, creating the infamous time-travel paradox. It's been obvious for a while that OoT's brand of time travel doesn't make sense, so I think OoT's ending time-travel mechanics (which are a sight more sensible) should be regarded as canonical rather than the gameplay time-travel non-logic. Furthermore, Skyward Sword's story operates under similar time travel mechanics as OoT's ending. If we follow these, then yes, every time Link travels back in time in OoT he should have to redo all the dungeons he's already completed, but it also sets up the Classics line and avoids messy paradoxes without involving any alternate universes.

    You know, I'm actually starting to understand why Nintendo copped out and made an alternate universe…

  • lykzomgitsjako

    I'm confused. I thought the Zelda in TAOL was the first ever Zelda? So why is that Zelda's tragedy before TLOZ? Shouldn't it be up by or before Skyward Sword?

    Or am I wrong?

  • RedBearLuX

    I wish people would stop complaining about the timeline, if Nintendo says this is the timeline it IS the timeline no arguing wether you like it or not wether you agree or not. THIS IS THE TIMELINE. Thats it, done, get over it.

  • herro123


  • dom

    I don’t know about you guys but when I died in OoT I picked up my gameboy and started playing LA. It can be something as simple as that.

  • I actually like the three way split… and not just because it means most of my theorizing was correct. The Hero of Time failing may be a bit of a cheap way out, but it makes sense. Because even though we have destined heroes and such, it still tells us that the good guys don't always win. Not to mention that the future is not written in stone. Personally, I think it's kind of clever in that realistic approach that good does not always triumph over evil.

    Whether you want to call it an alternate universe or another split, however, is completely up to you.

  • Kasuto

    This is complete nonsense. What ifs are fine for hypothetical scenarios, but to base an actual timeline on them makes absolutely no sense at all.
    You have to base the timeline on the assumption that Hyrule actually exists and on what “actually happened” in that world.
    If you finish Ocarina of Time, you’ll see that Link defeated Ganon. That’s the story. That’s what “actually happened”.
    Then, Link was sent back in time so that he could prevent the opening of the Door of Time, thus creating a split in the timeline.

    One two-way split. That’s all there is. If the above timeline is Nintendo’s official view on this, then I say that they are wrong.
    But you’re all free to believe what you will.

  • Foretoldlegnds

    i'm sorry but there are one to many flaws i see in this timeline… to the WW/PH/ST path link was never defeated he disappeared two where is four sword adventure in this because you put 4 swords twice in this and i have a more reasonable timeline with a bunch of friends in college that put some of these theroies out of statement

    • heroofmasks

      my own theory is that mc takes place after st since theres no more master sword since its still stuck in ganons head and triforce since it was used and went back to sky so mich would explain an good bit also remember mc theres a book i married a moblin and in ww someone plans on marrying a moblin plus there rally nothing in mc that shows it goes before oot but after ss its just a huge confusion

  • Vinyl_Rhapsody

    Keep in mind, I have only played the 3D zeldas, but this does make sense.

    I'll begin with the timelines where Link succeeds.
    -Link pulls the master sword and goes seven years into the future to defeat Ganon and seal him away. After this, Zelda sends Link back in time to relive his childhood and at the same time kid Link warns Zelda about Ganon thus leading to Ganon's defeat.

    The future timeline leads to WW and the kid Link timeline Zelda sends him to leads to TP.

    The timeline where Link fails is slightly more complicated. The master sword is the key though. When Link used the master sword to move through time it took him to the same two timelines. The one he originally was from, and the future in seven years. BUT, when Zelda sends him back, she creates a second child timeline. This is because he was not sent back using the master sword.

    That leaves us with three timelines. The one where Ganon is sealed away as an adult. The child timeline that Link leaves from with the master sword. And finally the child timeline that Zelda sent him back to.

    Because Zelda didn't send him back to the same child timeline he was originally from, there was no Link to warn Zelda about Ganon or defeat him seven years later. Thus Link fails.

    If you think about it like this, it makes perfect sense. People have mention Link getting the silver gauntlets caused the 3rd timeline, but that doesn't make sense because he traveled through time with the master sword, as he always did. The only time he didn't use the master sword to travel through time was when Zelda sent him back.

    • Evello

      Your error is that Link's Master Sword child timeline is the same timeline as the adult timeline with Ganon sealed. Link is a child, pulls, the Master Sword, and awakens seven years later on the same timeline to fight Ganon. Timeline splitting only occurs when one travels back in time and changes something to create two futures. In this instance he just hops forward seven years on his own timeline. There's still only one future. Thus the only time when the second split could legitimately be made is when Link traveled back via the Master Sword (to get the Silver Gauntlets or the Lens of Truth).

      • Vinyl_Rhapsody

        I understand what you are saying, but that doesn't really make much sense either. I don't think Link obtaining the Lens of Truth or the Silver Gauntlets would have snowballed so much to change that much. I doubt that people over at Nintendo are considering Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect when they came up with this timeline.

        • Evello

          The idea is not that Hyrule changes significantly because of the Gauntlets or the Lens, but that two incredibly similar futures are created, one with Link and one without him. The latter can then lead to the Classics line. If Link returned to the same future, a paradox would be created, so there must be a split.

          It's all based on exactly how the Master Sword time travel works, but I can't seem to work it out in a way that doesn't lead to paradoxes. I've come up with a different idea, but I don't think I understand it well enough to express in text yet, so I'll have to think on it more.

          It might be that there just isn't a way that the second split could canonically actually occur, in which case I guess I can't really fault Nintendo for taking the easy way out.

          • somecrazyguy

            there is only one split. not two. its frustrating to me that nintendo can't even decide on what their original intent for FSA was. originally, it WAS supposed to be a reattempt to have the imprisoning war, after nintendo realized what a flop ocarina of time made the imprisoning war. ocarina has never, and never will be a good way of getting to alttp, with out FSA's help. fsa has the seven maidens (possibly decendants of the ancient sages, and therefore can act in their stead) not other races as sages. this is in line with alttp, where all the decendants are HYLIAN. nintendo just failed at their timeline attempt. and its no wonder, its aunoma who supervized and edited it. ever since he has been on board, ever since ocarina of time, he has pretty much sabatoged the timeline. see, if we go with the fail timeline, that means link has killed off twinrova. but… isnt twinrova in the oracle games? hmm. my timeline tracks where the triforce is located in each game. the fail timeline should come right after FSA, becuase the triforce hasnt left the sacred realm. except for TP apparently they have triforces. ??? i actually dont think ganon or link or zelda have trifroces in this game, but rather each piece of the triforce (not the gods) chose who it thought would be a worthy weilder of the entire triforce (since it cant discerne between good or evil) there are other cases where this happens (SS, AOL) as well as the triforce choosing link to be its hero (he never actually has the triforce at all in this game, but still has the mark on his hand) …. also, in game text has to be canon. with this timeline, they go AGAINST their own cannon by claiming this as cannon. FSA is a direct sequel to FS. text in FSA even says so. therefor, i cannot accept this timeline.

            I am now a heretic. lolz.

  • writertyler

    I think the reason there is a Hero of Time fails is because in the end Link travels back into the past and leaves Hyrule but he doesn't defeat Ganondorf until he's older but since he left Hyrule he never went back to the time when he defeated him or something like that.
    Zelda is the best game series but their idea of time travel changes in almsot every single game so it's hard to be certain of how Link traveled back in time to live his life.

  • evilminon

    same aplies to you…..child.

  • heroofmasks

    ss might as well make zelda ss the last game becouse they killed it with adding the timeline and also adding mc and 4s between ss oot wich makes no sence whats so ever gratz zelda you took the main mystery out of zelda we all hope the people who kept ncalling intoi nintendo asking for the stupid timeline are happy now the whols timeline is ruined

    • Evello

      If by "ruined the timeline" you mean "ended the now-stale debate over where the classic games should go and opened up all new possibilities for theorizing regarding various other aspects of this franchise (events between games, races, locations, etc.)" then I agree.

      • heroofmasks

        the timeline gave it a good mystery and timeline theoriest enjoysed debating i myself was working on my own timeline but this timeline is just a complete mess i can see some games do come afgter another but wow this a is a really confusing mesas even mc has something about the light force in its game only and st hasnt something simalier to the light force kinda could be the same also they go from the creation on the mastersword to a completly new sword nack to the master sword then again for one more game so far into the timeline back to the 4 sword

  • MetalShadow

    Ok, this works better for me:

    With 3 time junctions in OoT:
    1. Where Link pulls the Master Sword the first time. This leads to ALttP, because in the end, Link never emerges here, he emerges in junction 3.
    2. After Adult Link seals Ganon and is sent back by Zelda. This leads to Wind Waker, since there is no descendent of Link to stop Ganon when he escapes.
    3. After Link arrives 7 years into the past, to before he met Zelda. Here, he exposes Ganondorf's intentions to Zelda and the king, and Ganondorf is captured and ends up in the Twilight Realm. This leads to MM and TP.

    [4SS] indicates that 4S and 4SA can go any of these 2 places.

    I reconsidered my original opinion. This 2 split idea can work.

    • Vinyl_Rhapsody

      My thinking exactly!

      • MetalShadow

        Yeah, I agree with this timeline's concept and mechanics, I just think the particular order of the games is slightly off.

        • Vinyl_Rhapsody

          I think it is interesting to note the graphics style (except the four swords games and the minish camp kinda screw this up), but the darker and more realistic games are in the Child timeline. The cartoonish ones are in the adult timeline. And the ones were link failed are 8-bit like graphics.

          • MetalShadow

            Hm. Never noticed that before.
            Here's another thought: It's not surprising that OoT scattered the timeline so much. It's called Ocarina of TIME for a reason. This is where one particular object, the Ocarina of Time, created paths. When you think about it, that Ocarina was capable of causing a lot more than time travel. It split 2 branches off the main line, and created 2 alternate realities. I think it's a good thing that it only existed in 2 games, otherwise the timeline would be a lot more complicated than it is now.

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  • I don't really get how FSA follows TP. It makes much more sense between FS and OoT. But otherwise, this works. I think "Link failing" in OoT is that the original sages (the old men in TP) get killed sometime before Link awakens as an adult. So instead of getting killed, they seal Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm with the whole Triforce while Link is in hibernation. That requires killing Link. That is why the sages in ALTTP are old men, rather than mixed races and genders. Also, in the Child Timeline, the old sages survive to try to kill Ganondorf because they hadn't died yet.

    • heroofmasks

      maybe becouse 4sa has ganon being revived in it and timeline wise ganon doesnt appear until oot comes in but i dont see how mc and 4s can come between ss oot they need to explaine why

  • Maiku92

    I've just been reading through the comments, and ive also read the timeline..
    Oh, and tbh, i havent played or completed all the other zelda games but i do know that it doesn't make sense for the split being about the "hero of time failing/dying" if that really DID happen, that would put an end to the zelda story completely, ganon would take over the world and thats the end.. there would never be a hero again… I am stating this because nintendo themselves stated that its possible for one game to lead onto another as the link in, lets say Twilight Princess, is a descendent of the link in Ocarina/Majora's mask, whose also a descendent of the link in Skyward sword.

    • Maiku92

      so any games set after ocarina of time and IF the hero of time failed, like TP is set a few centuaries after OoT/MM (remembering that TP Link is a descendent of OoT Link (Meaning OoT link didn't die)) then really TP wouldnt happen, neither would any other story as all links descend from a previous link, like a great great great great great great grandfather. so yeah, the split for the hero of time IS inaccurate, if link died and failed in OoT, how was he still alive in Majora's mask, considering that the link in OoT is the same as the link in MM….
      Think about this people ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Disciple of Midna

    Vaati's resurrection is on here twice… does that mean the timeline is an infinite loop?! Damn Nintendo, I knew you could be trolls but… really? O_O

    • Vaati does get resurrected twice. Four Swords and Four Swords + (aka Adventure) are separate games. So he does get resurrected twice. Once in FS, the second time is FSA.

  • i don't know what to say. i think the timeline is ok, but i liked all of the theorising. what now?

  • Hallnavy

    I dont like to think that the 3rd timeline is Link Dying. That may be what it says but like others say it just does not make sense. I can easily believe that there are 3 timelines.
    1. Adult timeline with no link, because he was sent back in the past.
    2. Child timeline with Link telling Zelda the outcome of the future.
    3. Child timeline where Link is not "defeated" however he is not there. This would be because Link was not sent back to his original time. It is hard to explain. But timeline theories work that if one leaves a specific time, they can not return to that specific time. So in this third timeline has no link because he was sent into the future. This third timeline simply is the outcome with no Link at all, hence the defeat of Link. It shows the outcome of the same Adult timeline outcome however without no Adult link to defeat Gannon.

    A little hard to wrap your head around but I dont like the idea that "The Hero of Time was Defeated"

  • richard

    this timeline sucks hero of time failing should not be in here cause he does not fail if u get a game over u restart at the last area

    • Trolldad

      In ALttP Ganon has the full Triforce which means he defeated Link and Zelda and absorbed their Triforce pieces

  • Popero44

    There are a lot of Blank Spaces left here >:D

    Meaning future Prequels and Sequels…..

    Skyward Sword Sequel? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I would have never guessed there would be a third split.
    This is pretty awesome. Though it was more fun piecing this together and finding out ourselves ๐Ÿ˜€

  • veeronic

    this therefore means that majora, vaati, and even the twili could make an appearance in the other 2 timelines… while malladus could appear in child timeline and then even in the fail timeline… and then nightmare in child and adult… definitely have plenty potential for more games.

    anyway… as much as link's defeat is unnerving, this looks air tight to me… it does make sense, I guess they mistranslated eiji saying that there wasn't a 2-way split and wound up getting "there wasn't a split"

    anyway… link failing in the final battle would also fully explain why ganon is only called ganon in the fail timeline… completely discarded his humanity.

    • heroofmasks

      umm malladus appeares in the adult timeline

  • I'm laughing. I just knew Nintendo would reveal something completely unexpected and that timeline theorists were wasting their time. Now I can sit back and enjoy the OFFICIAL timeline.

    I'm smart.

  • Eee

    Just what the Zelda timeline need, to be even more screwed up.

  • MikeBlue18

    Whether or not anyone believes this is irrelevant. Yes, I understand that some of you are irritated, perhaps even annoyed. But this is what Nintendo have decided upon and we can't change that. (I have no problems with it, personally. I like it and it makes sense.)

  • wmtiger86

    But does "Defeated" mean the same as "Killed"? I don't think Link from Ocarina of Time would've died. Link is too good for that. I think it's a what-if scenario that shows what happens when Link gets distracted by side quests and minigames and never goes after Ganon. Or maybe this describes the scenario where Link gets to the water temple and says "Screw this" and throws the controller across the room and never plays again…

  • Twilight Princess has oil and more advanced technology and plot so it's not at the beginning, more of the end of a timeline.

    Spirit Tracks takes 100+ years after ww so it's at the end

    no disagreeing or you fail

    • somecrazyguy

      well i will dissagree with you and WIN. all the "advanced tech" in TP is really actually ancient tech. technology CAN actually go backwards, its proven in history that this cann happen. if you look at SS, they have robots in the past. but as you go further along in the timeline, the tech seems to become alot simpler and less advanced. there are rare cases where this is not the case, but over all, hyrule's tech actually does not advance, it gets worse.

  • GoronYum

    I think this is pretty accurate.
    They probably needed a place to put A Link To The Past and the Oracle games, so now we have a split timeline where link maybe falls of a ledge and cracks his skull.
    And how hard is it to believe that link is to be defeated? He dies all the time. We have all died once, be it from a cheap fall down into lava, or a monster being an asshole. The split timeline probably follows all those times link has died. Even if YOU didn't die, I died so that allows the split timeline to exist. Now it's just the fact that it would fucked if you died in OOT and couldn't continue, just something the game devs had to do to make the game playable.

  • son_michael

    A link to the past actually mentions Link is the last of the heroes bloodline, nintendo isn't making any thing up people. This is the real deal, designed by Miyamotto and Aunoma themselves

  • Ashlyn

    I think everyone needs to stop worrying and just enjoy the games -_- There doesn't need to be an exact timeline for you to enjoy the story.

  • Octorok3ds


    It just works there. In that timeline Gannondorf only died once, and that Gannondorf was the same one from Ocarina of Time after LInk went back in time by Zelda and warned young Zelda of what was to happen. I expect a game comming after four swords adventures now because (Spoilers) that Ganon was only sealed away after (After Vaati's offical death) into the four sword, He is still alive and well and his back story was extablished in four swords adventures. MOST IMPORTANT PART! This involves the Trident. In the timeline where Link dies from Ganon in Ocarina ganon must have killed him during the fight against Beast Ganon becaue in A link to the past he is already Ganon and was sealed into the sacred realm (dark world or silent realm) and caused trouble there. The sages sacrificed the Sacred realm was one last was to save Hyrule since Link could not defeat him. In this Game Gannon has recieved a Trident with great powers. Now in the Adult Link Time Line the world is flooded, Ganon can't obtain the Trident because it is below the ocean, it is no more. So the last timeline where a Game makes sence to have Beast Ganon with a Trident is after twilight princess. Ocarina of time Ganon was sealed into the twilight realm after surviving execution and died by Link's hands before ever recieving the Trident, therefore it exist unharmed in only this timeline. This is why Four Swords Adventures only makes sense to where a reincarnation of Ganon with a Trident story can be. I was also scepticle about some of the placements in this timeline but now that I have thought about it very deply there are no plot holes. Good job Nintendo you had a timeline NO ONE expected!

    • Lui

      I don't believe Link was DEFEATED at all. I believe it's a miss translation. I do believe Ganon wins, but it happens due to the timeline being split that happens DURING Ocarina. NOT the end. This video proves it:

      • Octorok3ds

        that definately works. but weither he died or just failed doesn't matter same cause happens. but that definately can make sense

    • theZeldaElite

      It actually says in the ALTTP backstory that Ganondorf transformed into the boar-like Demon (A.K.A Ganon) by touching the Triforce. It corrupted him, and i don't know about you but I don't think Ganon from OOT looks much like a Boar at all, he looks more like a monsterous Demon. I have speculated that they aren't the same forms even though the name implies it. Ganon from OOT is the embodiment of the Triforce of Power, while Ganon from ALTTP is the embodiment of Ganondorf's Greed.

  • art1st4786

    The "Hero of Time is Defeated" scenario reminds me of how you can revive people in Final Fantasy, but when Aeris dies in the story in FF7, you can't revive her since it advances the story. That's how The Hero of Time being defeated works – it's story-related, not gameplay-related.

    • theZeldaElite

      It's not just a "What if" scenario though, It's another mirror of the timeline and that's what people don't get. It actually happens in another alternate timeline to WW and TP.

  • SacredZelda

    But, I dont get it, did Twilight Princess occurred at the same time that Wind Waker did? I really dont understand the "Hero of time successful" split.

    • son_michael

      yea, think of twilight princess as a mirror. One side you have gannondorf being executed and on the other side you have him being revived. On WW side, Ganondorf was just coming out of his seal, on TP side Ganondorf had never been sealed.

  • guest

    What happens if Link fails in skyward sword?!

    • Ben

      Ghirahim sacrifices Zelda, resurrects Demise and he takes over the world because there is no one left to stop him except Groose maybe – THE LEGEND OF GROOSE

  • guest

    Hmm, creating parallel dimensions where in one Link triumphs and in the other is defeated is very interesting. But then in theory he could have been defeated in any of the other games, which would then potentially create several other branches. And then he could have died or lived in those, and it would just keep going and going.

  • darth_ghirahim

    Oh yeah, because the Hero of Time died….great thinking Nintendo. As much as i like the third split, i don't like Link dying. I honestly don't know how to feel. Although it fits, i'm sure myself and a lot of others are going to have a hard time playing ALTTP keeping in mind that the Hero of Time died…

    • grn

      I dunno I kinda Like. It adds a stronger impact to ALTTP knowing he's avenging the deafeted knights of the past.

      • grn

        ALTTP link*

  • Me36

    i think they need to continue exactly where majoras mask left off and make another game with the hero of time

    • heroofmasks

      yea i accually have a good game in my mind whee he possible meet navi but navi memories was lost then for some reason a vision of a ice dragon freezes him for about 2 years it be in a new reagion tho

  • theZeldaElite

    It Makes Perfect sense in the fact that Link could have died. When he was sent back at the end of OOT The fabric of time was fucked up, leaving us with not only two alternate universes as we pretty much all speculated, but with three Parallel worlds of Hyrule. Link woulden't have touched the door of time or the Master Sword again because he knew the consequences of what would happen if he did. that leaves us with new, unseen events and the fact that Link was hunted down and died when he was a child. the "Divine Prank" never happened in this universe leaving the Triforce as a whole in the Sacred realm for the taking. Ganondorf eliminated both Link and Zelda because they were meddling. this coincidence left no candidates for the Triforce of courage or the Triforce of Wisdom, allowing Ganondorf to take the whole Triforce for his own. This is my theory and it is the most realistic when you think about the logic in it. it all makes sense people!

  • darkfares

    I feel like I want a new Zelda game explaining why the 3rd timeline exists ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Agentbarto

    I just don't understand why they use the split in Ocarina to connect ALttP as opposed to using one of the multiple splits in SS. Those would work better IMHO.

  • Lui

    I don't believe Link was DEFEATED at all. I believe it's a miss translation. I do believe Ganon wins, but it happens due to the timeline being split that happens DURING Ocarina. NOT the end. This video proves it:

    • darkfares

      Thats the same video I saw he pretty much nailed it

  • that's amazing! even the oracle series are in there. i never really cared if an official timeline would ever be released, but now that it is, great! i really like this timeline and it makes perfect sense to me.

  • Thryfe

    That video pretty much sums it up. Theres just the question of how Ganondorf has a piece of the triforce in twilight but during his execution the sage mentions how by some cruel twist of fate he was chosen.

  • theZeldaElite

    Why does everyone question the Hero of time dying? once we beat Ganondorf and Link was sent back, the game was out of our hands people. it dosen't matter if you beat the game without losing a life becasue he dies AFTER the events of OOT. We can safely presume that he died because he couldn't draw the mastersword (because history would repeat itself again if he opened the door of time), What would Link have done if he wasn't allowed to draw the master sword and had to fight Ganondorf's forces with the Kokiri Sword? he didn't stand a chance.

  • darkfares

    GUYS!!!!!! GO SEE video it explains everything!!!! Btw I have a question why did the master sword make link travel in time? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • darkfares
  • theZeldaElite

    Also Link could not have lost in the final battle at Ganon's Tower, if he died at Ganon's Tower, then how the heck did the Master Sword get in the Sacred Grove in ALTTP? It's only Logical that Link died when he was a child.

    • darkfares


  • Futurevgd

    has nintendo confirmed this as specifically official? If so…that seems a little strange. I find it hard to believe that nintendo would release any kind of timeline.

    • heroofmasks

      same i still say this is something stung together becouse since they said they have the officially timeline people kept bugging them wanting to see

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • theZeldaElite

    also the interlooper war is most likely in the era of chaos.



    Ocarina Of Time






    Split 1:——
    a) Majora’s Mask
    b) Twilight Princess=======
    c) Four Swords Adventures—-



    Split 2:
    a) Wind Waker
    b) Phantom Hourglass
    c) Spirit Tracks


    Split 3:
    a) A Link To The Past
    b) Oracles
    c) Link’s Awakening
    d) The Legend Of Zelda
    e) The Legend Of Zelda II

    But when the LEGEND OF ZELDA ( nes ) was made i dont think they had all this aligned…even after WW. I think it’s was more of an idea that had to be made…EVEN IF THAT NINTENDO POST IS TRUE..THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LITTLE THINGS THAT DOSENT MAKE SENSE…WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH OF TIME TRAVELING GOES INTO THIS…THERE’S ALOT OF SCIENCE IN TIME TRAVELING/SHIFTING, WORMHOLES, REALMS. So who knows how deep they went with this…

    • darkfares

      Ok but why did you post It 3 times

    • Ben

      Mmmm, warm hole.

    • lykzomgitsjako


  • Futurevgd

    Doesn't skyward sword itself disprove this time line? It is pointed out several times that laverna desert used to be something else. I for one think there should be something pointing out the era of machines. If this timeline had that it might actually pass as believable.

  • seigemeister

    ++++IMPORTANT NOTE++++

    I'm wondering how many people are reading all the comments, because some people are calling the "Hero Defeated" split a what-if scenario, when others have explained it. HE DID NOT DIE. HE DID NOT GET DISTRACTED. THIS DOES NOT MEAN A GAME OVER. IT MEANS HE WAS ERASED FROM TIME IN THIS SPLIT WITH PLOT POINTS TO BACK IT UP. THIS IS THE ONLY GAME WHERE LINK BEING DEFEATED IS A LEGITIMATE OUTCOME. Though I do think they should rename the split "Hero Erased from Child AND Adult Timeline"

  • Pineconn


  • EXTRAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaymin687

    When it says that the Hero of time is defeated it probably means that when he changed the past after getting the silver gauntlets and lens of truth he created a new Future and the old once he disappeared from completely, meaning he could not stop Ganondorf in that specific timeline.

    • Shaymin687

      Thus Link to the past followed in the original Timeline, it makes a lot of sense if you just take time to understand it.

  • Shaymin687

    I don't know about all of you but as it says The LEGEND of Zelda is only a legend. Legends are not what exactly happens and can be often changed as ages pass.

    • Zayle

      You haven't played the games, so why do you care?

  • Gempora3

    the timeline makes complete sence, and you think you know better than the people that made the game? If there's something wrong, they'll notice it and probably make a new game, this is the timeline as we know now. Maybe, in five years, two or three new games can change the whole plot.

  • neil


  • john

    ok tobe perfectly honest you guys have got nothing to complain about from day one of the zelda games nintendo said there is no time line so what do we do as fans we make one of our own in hope that we can drain more story from it so what nintendo have done is made an official time line that is no matter what way you look at it wil be wrong because the games were not designed for a time line from the start and every one crying about the hero of time cannot fail ummm why cant he he isnt immortal he dosent have super powers he just has the blood line of the hero of time which curses him to do battle with demise hatred recarnated so to be honest it makes perfect sence that link fails along his never ending strugle

    • Futurevgd

      actually, i believe someone from Nintendo has said there is a master time line. Wether this is that timeline or not is up for debate.

      • heroofmasks

        yea it was myamoto himnself the creator of zeldda who said there is one but they dont want to release it for resons this being one and 2 the timeline wasnt finish to to them always making new games

  • palindr0me

    Nintendo should make a sequel to Majora's Mask where Link (The Hero of Time) grows up and leaves Termina. They shuld explain the bonds between Oot Link and Link from Twilight Princess (father-son maybe?) N can even fill plot holes, like explaining that how Ganondorf gets the Triforce of Power (execution scene in TP) after Link warned Zelda and the King of Hyrule about Ganondorf's plans.

    That game would be so EPIC!!!

    • heroofmasks

      he accually left termina at the end it showed him in the woods

  • Kalokeri

    I had an idea, what if this all hinges on the fact that at the begining of OOT Link was not old enough to be the hero of time? What if in the original timeline Link was not sealed in sleep for 7 years and instead attemped to fight Ganon as a child? Maybe child Link dies fighting Ganon and Zelda (or the sages) realize their mistake in sending a child to fight and create a timeline that seals him until he is strong enough. We know zelda has the power to split timelines, so maybe the oot ending is not the first time she has messed with time.

    Classic Timeline:
    Link gets master sword —> Awakens sages –>Fights Ganon –>Dies–>Zelda creates first split–>Seal War

    New Timeline:
    Link gets master sword —> Sleeps 7 years–>Awakens sages –>Fights Ganon –>Wins–>Zelda creates second split

  • Ether101

    The problem with this Hero of Time defeated arguments is that we know that Link wasn't creating alternate times lines when he used his powers, that's the whole POINT of him being the Hero of Time.

    • Psi

      Well…i would perhaps agree, otherwise each time Link went back into the past and then jumped forward into the future (by his reckoning) he'd have created a new timeline. One can't argue that a new timeline was only created once and that any access of the past thereafter tapped into that new timeline; we don't have any mechanism to explain why his access of the past one time would result in an extra future but any subsequent access of the past would not also result in further extra futures. The only argument we could possibly use would be to say that Link's access of the past was already part of a specific timeline, and therefore was in a single history…but then we must use this explanation for all instances wherein he accesses the past.

  • lykzomgitsjako

    If Link is supposed to fail or whatever, they could always make a game like survival horror games, where there's separate endings depending on whatcha do. Like Fatal Frame 2 had an ending if you wanted to opt out of the final battle, which was essentially failure.

  • Anonymous

    So, it's basically saying

    HoT defeats / AT /WW/PH-ST
    HoT defeated / 2D SS-tMC-FS-OoT-aLttP/OoS/OoA/LA-LoZ-AoL
    HoT defeats / CT MM-TP-FSA

    Well I did think of the aLttP/OoS/OoA/LA part, the SS-tMC part, and the three-way split, so it's not so much a shock to me.

  • Anonymous

    Whoops, I meant…

    So, it's basically saying

    OoT prequels SS-tMC-FS
    HoT defeats / AT OoT-WW/PH-ST
    HoT defeated / 2D OoT-aLttP/OoS/OoA/LA-LoZ-AoL
    HoT defeats / CT OoT/MM-TP-FSA

    Well I did think of the aLttP/OoS/OoA/LA part, the SS-tMC part, and the three-way split, so it's not so much a shock to me.

  • Scott

    Nice timeline EXCEPT THE HERO OF TIME FAILS THING! That's just too depressing.

  • Calibanzaxx

    Hold on one minute there! Am I seeing this right? Does anyone else see the suggestion implicated on the "Child Era" timeline that Ocarina of Time Link, when successful against Ganondorf, permits the continuation on to Majora's Mask which is then followed by Twilight princess? If that were the case, given the similarities between the geology of Hyrule in Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time is it possible that Twilight Princess Link is in fact Link from Majora's Mask grown up? Does that make adult Link from OoT and TP Link one in the same? It would explain the vague comments made by the spirit who taught Link his various fighting moves in Twilight Princess.

    • Fliey

      That doesn't explain where the kokiri went, why the temple of time was in the lost woods, or what happened to the deku tree. I'm thinking that TP link is a decendant of OoT MM link (and maybe Malon) seeing as how he started off with Epona and worked as a goat herder/ranch hand (maybe they started to realize goat milk was better).

  • Calibanzaxx

    Also, to explain the problem of the Hero of Time failing since this seems to be the big debate at hand, I offer this explanation.

    First things first. Where it states "The hero of time is defeated" I think we need to expand the possible perceptions of the word "defeated" since it at no point says killed, dies or died. I think a more accurate perception of the word would be "fails."

    In Ocarina of Time, Link does actually does fail. He fails while as a child to prevent Ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm. This generates the timeline in which we adult Link fighting off Ganondorf at the end of the game. There Ganondorf is sealed in the Sacred Realm and Zelda sends Link back to his original time where he is once again a child. At the very tail end of OoT we see young Link back in the castle courtyard meeting with Princess Zelda. It is very possible that Link explains here the events that took place in the future to Princess Zelda. It may be in the events of Link returning to his original time and Zelda being presented with the consequences of her actions that prevents Ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm, thus generating a divergent timeline in which the Hero of Time succeeds. Problem left here is "What of the timeline where Link failed as a child to prevent Ganondorf from passing through the door of time?" Well, there's a lot of theories of time's progression after the effects of time travel, but if we follow the theory that that timeline still has to exist and therefore generates a separate dimension to house this new timeline, then it would only make sense that LttP would follow this timeline. At the end of Ocarina of Time ganondorf was sealed in the Sacred Realm, which is then later revealed to be the Dark World presented in LttP.

    I could go on with further evidence as to how and why LttP matches up with the end of OoT and the fall of ganondorf but I think ZU would kill me if I made this post any longer.

  • Fliey

    I think i made sense of it!!! So link goes back in time… but he goes as far back as exactly seven years (no days or months). he creates some paradoxes that change the future, but it only happens in one reality. the world that he existed in before these paradoxes continues on until the remaining sages are awakened by Shiek/Zelda and they seal ganon as best they can without the hero of time. time passes by… ALttP… Back to OoT… Link goes and finishes awakening the sages, seals ganon, and goes back to before he pulled out the master sword (7 years X months X days). He tells Zelda what Ganondorf is planning to do and has him executed… MM… TP… FSA… Again back to OoT… however in the future that he went to and sealed ganon, the seal eventuallly breaks and WW follows… This kind of goes with DBZ Cell saga time rules (just because you change the past doesn't mean you'll change your own future) but has it's own mix as well.

  • veeronic

    hmmm… wonder if they plan on stitching this together…

  • Lucius Optimus

    ………I will except this timeline. No, it does not make perfect sence; but it makes the most sence out of the others I have seen……

    • darkfares


  • EOTM

    Until miyamoto confirms this, i will not accept it. Too many holes and gaps. Like that guy up there said, SS rips this timeline a new one.

  • Deo

    the hero of time is defeated when links go to the castle to give the spirutal stones to zelda but she was escaping of ganondor, because once u travel troug time and end the game,zelda dont return u to ur real time just after she escaped hyrule, she returns u before that, so that is like a pararel universe with the child era

  • Mrpaquito_95

    it says that between mayoras mask and twilight princess ganondorf is executed and it reincarnates in the shadow era. then why do you fight him in twilight princess?? please answer ๐Ÿ˜€

    • heroofmasks

      accually i nguess you could say he got exexuted really a month before the whole thing becouse the min he got sent to the twilight realm and gave zant power than attacked hyrule so there reallyinj the same age na the shadow area would be about the magic wielders who where sent to the twilight realm after trying to rule the sacred realm andf prove there magic was stronger than the triforce

  • AwesomelyEpicMan

    The timeline actually makes more sense than you all would think.
    I would personally like to see a more realistic-styled Zelda game based during The Sealing War, The Hyrule Unification War, or before The Minish Cap. Zelda would make a pretty interesting one-off strategy game. (One-off as in only ONE Zelda strategy game.) I think it would work out well. What do you all think?

    • heroofmasks

      i personlly would like to see a game showing how mc connect before oot reallty

  • Phil.C

    I dont see how this timeline can be "official" as nintendo stated LITERALLY a week or so before SS was released that they would never release the official timeline until they felt that the legend had come to an end and that the story was finally complete and made sense…
    One thing i've noticed here, in this timeline, is that somethings missing…
    Where are the cameos that link has made in SSB, SSB;M, SSB;B and Soul Calibur II? surely they should have somekind of role to play in this timeline?

    • Zayle

      Crossovers are only canon to themselves. Link's appearances in the SMB games and Soul Calibur 2 aren't canon to the Zelda universe.

    • heroofmasks

      easy nintendo coulda pulled a hoax to stop those fans who kept calling nintendo and asking for the timeline prob getting them pissed off

  • Maiku92

    Just thought that I would let you all know, I've just found this on IGN:
    and down the page they say this "So there you go. Again, treat this with a slightly skeptical eye for the time being, as there could be errors or, perhaps, this might not be fully sanctioned by Nintendo (though we are under the impression that's the case). We'll bring you updates if something changes." so with that in mind, even THEY don't believe this is officially released by nintendo so NER! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Phil.C

    Also, look at this one:
    Hope this helps, cleared it all up for me anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trace

    To me this makes sense this whole "He fails" thing. if he fails as a kid, ganon gets the triforce, so ALTTP Happens. If he fails as an adult, same thing happens. as far as why this is important, (first, I think that Nintendo just didn't have a place to put the games) but this is the only game where link dying would make a major difference. Then end.

  • Abc

    Why are you guys fighting so much about this? The timeline only concerns the placement of the games made so far, that have told us their stories. It doesn't have to account for every single timeline there could be, because we don't have games of those yet.

  • Oliver

    What if all that time-travelling fcked up the universe and created an alternate timeline??
    And what if that universe had another timeline of its own wich is stated above?
    And in that universe LINK* Failed?! against ganon.
    And i´d like to see the games come out more frequently instead of after 3-6 years cuz then they wouldn´t forget that timeline they´re on.

    Since Zelda is a best-seller series I think Nintendo should work alot more with some games in the story at least.

    If i´m wrong please don´t come and shove the silver gauntletes up my ASS
    * LINK is to epic to be spelled with versals ๐Ÿ™‚

  • EnvyEyes

    How about I just finish "Skyward Sword" and figure it out.

    This is TOO MUCH for a novice.

  • Rocksor

    I too constructed a timeline but it contains multiverses for every time Link in ocarina of time travels through time and creates useless empty universes and with those empty universe the twilight, and silent realm would too be empty.

  • Joe

    I thought of something similar to this once. It was that if Link dies in A Link to the Past then Gannondorf takes over Hyrule and the goddesses flood it leading to Wind Waker.

  • Unibro

    Jeez, you'd think that the friggin timeline would be linear, but NOOOOOoooooo. It branches off into three sections. Understandable, but at the same time, confusing

  • SilverStatic

    What about fierce deity?!?

    • SilverStatic

      I mean when will we learn about him?

  • Ericzander

    Guys, I may be wrong but I would like some feedback on this suggestion. I did not come up with this myself, but it is the idea that I like. If you guys find anything wrong with it, please tell me so we can think of something better!

    Timeline 1 (Child Era): This is the timeline that Zelda sends link to at the end of OoT. It is not the same one that he started in (This is how the Ocarina works, as opposed to the Master Sword which sends him back to his original timeline.) Whither it was the Ocarina that sent him to this timeline by itself, or with tampering from Zelda, he ends up in a diffrent timeline then he started off the game in. The same one that leads to Majora's Mask.

    Timeline 2 (Adult Era): This is the timeline where he beat Ganon, and then left behind. The same one that leads to Wind Waker.

    Timeline 3 (Untouched Era): The original timeline that Link started in. Link goes to the future that is timeline 2 and this is the timeline that was left behind. Ganon was never challenged in this timeline by Link because he was gone (assuming that the master sword warps him back and forth through one timeline, he could have came back to this timeline when he had to get the Lens of Truth and Gauntlets) however, even though Link was gone, the Sages managed to somehow learn of their nature and subdue Ganon, which is why the sages exist in Alttp, which is the next game.

    Overall, the Master Sword warps Link back and forth through one timeline, but when he is sent back by the Ocarina, he is sent back to an alternate timeline.

    The only problem I can find with this is that, that means that a looot of timelines were created during Majora's Mask, but that could have always been the case. So I will say that Zelda did something special to make Link go back to a different timeline, so as to correct some kind of confusion that would occur if he went back to his own and then when he warped in MM, he only warped back and forth through one timeline. However, that doesn't matter very much whether or not he created more timelines in MM, I just would like to think he didn't so that it won't clutter up my brain, so I'll say it was Zelda's doing.

    If you guys find anything wrong with my theory, I urge you to PLEASE tell me!

  • EnvyEyes

    How about I just finish "Skyward Sword" and figure it out.

  • Anon

    Aha! the truth has finally been revealed! Who would've thought that after all the theorizing, after all those efforts trying to piece all the games together, that most of us were wrong! There was actually a third timeline!

    But still, I cannot help but feel like that idea was a cheeky move by Nintendo though. Even if it was the Hero of Time who had done the split, the fact that he had failed to save the day just this one time seems like a really dark interpretation of the timeline. In addition, the idea seems a little hard to swallow in some places (for example: how can Twinrova be alive in the Oracle series if they were killed in OoT?). Should we also imagine other splits in timelines for the other Links as well (where one of the many Links in each game fails to succeed)?

    I don't know if Nintendo would continue to update the timeline as they continue to add more games to the timeline. Keeping this in mind, there may room for future theorizing still, although for now, we have a complete picture.

  • nick

    this is not right i have a friend who knows the head of nintendo in japan on facebook and he copied down the time line and there was never any third split and they all came back together at the end with zelda 2 being the last one

  • nick

    this is part of the timeline that i heard about was 1. skyward sword 2. four swords adventures 3. ocarina of time. split one where link looks for navi 4. majoras mask 5. twilight princess
    or split two where link lives out his life 4. windwaker 5. phantom hourglass 6. spirit tracks.
    both splits meet again and the other games go on and i didn't list them because i don't remember the entire thing and remember it ends with zelda 2

  • nick

    there that's what i know about the actual timeline from the head of nintendo.

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