As we reported a while ago, the upcoming Hyrule Historia, set to be released in Japan, was rumored to contain information about the Legend of Zelda’s timeline. The Zelda series has always had avid timeline enthusiasts each with their own ideas and theories to the series.

However, it seems that perhaps the debate will not be put to an end as more information about Hyrule Historia keeps being leaked. Though this is not fully confirmed, there has been a leak of what is allegedly the official Legend of Zelda timeline. To check out the timeline click through!

Below is the timeline that has supposedly been leaked from the Hyrule Historia book. As you can see it is quite different than what many people expected with there being 3 different time-lines branching off of Ocarina of Time.

Main Timeline

1. Skyward Sword
2. Minish Cap
3. Four Swords
4. Ocarina Of Time

Split 1: Link defeats Ganon – childhood branch

a) Majora’s Mask
b) Twilight Princess
c) Four Swords Adventures

Split 2: Link defeats Ganon – adult branch

a) Wind Waker
b) Phantom Hourglass
c) Spirit Tracks

Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina Of Time

a) A Link To The Past
b) Oracles
c) Link’s Awakening
d) The Legend Of Zelda
e) The Legend Of Zelda II

Source: Legend Zelda

So what do you think? Is this how you imagined the time-line would look? Were you even close? Does this just cause more questions? Let us know in the comments.

  • first guy


  • D.I.

    Personally I can't believe that they would base an entire timeline branch on an event that clearly did't happen in Ocarina of Time

    • Craig

      Actually, Nintendo have said that we are Link – If we don't complete the game, then Link doesn't. It can make sense, it's a game for god's sake. It makes a lot of sense if you really look at the order of the games and the elements mentioned in each one after the other. The beginning of the Oracle games show A Link to the Past Link getting the Triforce and being sent on two trials which end up revealing that he needs to stop Twinrova resurrecting Ganondorf. After, he sets out on his boat… At the beginning of Link's Awakening, he's on his boat and it gets caught in a thunderstorm and he ends up in Levias' dream (or The Wind Fish as he is known then).

      • Karadom

        Well, when you put it that why, I've now lost my complaints on the placement of the Oracles and Link's Awakening.

        Now, my only question is "Why?" for where Four Sword Adventures.

        And still, I do wish that Ancient Stone Tablets was cannon.

        • somecrazyguy

          why foursword adventures there? hmm. well, in TP, ganon dies. in Fourswords adventures, ganon has a different begining then in OoT. my guess is that ganon dies in TP, his essence is not absorbed into the master sword, but rather his followers absorb it into the "trident of evil" or whatever its called. so when FSA ganon takes it, he becomes possesed. thats why in FSA zelda says "its the ancient demon reborn"

          • But what became of the Master sword? And where was the Four Sword all this time between FS and FSA?



  • Adrinix

    It allmakes sence to me, i think everybody was surpriesd by the third timeline because they never considered the consequences of link failing.

  • Triple split? Fail. Aonuma already confirmed that we just had the Child and Adult timelines.

    • sal

      Exactly. He even said there is 2 endings to OoT. Until Aonuma or Miyamoto say its official it isn't.

      • Karadom

        But they never said that there wasn't a third, did they?

        • Rome

          They never said there wasn’t a fourth timeline, did they?

          Obvious hoax is obvious.

    • Xosgni

      Don't forget- There were time travel shenanigans in Skyward Sword as well.


      By going to the past and defeating Demise, Link may have caused another split in the timeline… Though I gather that that is not what this suggests, it is pretty much the only way I see to justify 3 canon timelines.

      Aside from that, a 3rd timeline just seems like an elaborate "what if?" scenario to me.

      • zeldaduderox

        Agreed– I find it ridiculous if this is true– Because then with that logic, shouldn't every game have a split where "Link fails"?

    • Guest

      You guys are really stubborn. That statement was made during the release of Wind Waker, and they could have made changes in these year. And is there a problem with them making changes with the timeline? Some Zelda fans can't even see the truth even if was right in their faces. IMO, I like the timeline. It makes sense. I do not get to choose the timeline, they do.

  • Toasty Crumbs

    Maybe the "Link failing" timeline isn't caused by Link dying, or the player being unable to finish the game? Maybe it's because as an adult, Link eventually becomes stuck after finishing the Water Temple, and is forced to travel back in time at least once in order to collect the Lens of Truth and the Silver Gauntlets?

    So, he disappears from his initial timeline, giving Ganondorf free rein over Hyrule – at least until the Sages get fed up and seal him away in the Dark World, setting up the events of A Link to the Past. In a separate timeline, Link returns to the future with the items he needed and vanquishes Ganon, which gives you the adult branch. Then, after Zelda returns him to his childhood, you have the child branch.

    Seems like it would make sense! Mind you, I'd imagine speedrunners have found ways of completing OoT without travelling back in time once. =P

    • Leolanna

      Well I don't think that going back to get those itens actually created the third plot as we can go and come back anytime, which would create hundreds of other possible splits. Anyway your idea is cool also, wouldn't ever remind this facts haha

      I just think that by changing time you create the normal possibilities of fail and victory. In the future you both defeat Ganondorf and not. In the present, as children, then there's an open continuation of also both defeating Ganondorf again when he returns or not. as we have a lack of time after childhood (Twilight is far in the future with a new Link) then we would have space for new games that could continue the childhood's plot nearer in time.

      • Toasty Crumbs

        I think it's based around the optimal way of completing Ocarina of Time – where you only time-travel once to return to your childhood and collect the necessary items. It'd be pretty crazy to base the timeline around the dozens of times the average player will time-travel on their first playthrough of the game. =P

        If this really is the reason for the third split, then it means there's nice, consistent reason for each timeline's creation. They're each based around Link leaving his current adult timeline to alter the course of his childhood. Once, when Link returns the Master Sword to its pedestal in order to collect the necessary items… and once again when Zelda returns him to his childhood at the end of the game.

        Also, this theory would mean that OoT Link only exists in one timeline once all the events have unfolded. This is good, because it avoids the paradox of having eventually having multiple Links! If the "Link fails" timeline was caused by Link dying, you would have a multiple Links paradox, as the "Link fails" timeline would feature Link's corpse, and the Majora's Mask timeline would feature a healthy, hearty Link. So, I think we can rule out that this is caused by Link dying, at least.

        • LunarMew

          "If the "Link fails" timeline was caused by Link dying, you would have a multiple Links paradox, as the "Link fails" timeline would feature Link's corpse, and the Majora's Mask timeline would feature a healthy, hearty Link. So, I think we can rule out that this is caused by Link dying, at least. "

          Wouldn't the third timeline caused from Link dying count as a "what if timeline" that can still happen? The Majora's Mask Link exist if the "failure" timeline doesn't and vise-versa, sure, but alternate universes with drastic differences from "what ifs" still can happen without the need of time travel, at least in parallel universe theories. Still, I am no theorist, so forgive me for the confusion. ^^

  • Doctor'sCompanion

    It was hard enough for me to wrap my head around the whole 'split timeline' thing the first time I heard about it. So I took one look at this new third timeline and thought, "What? Another split?? How can there possibly be ……..oh. It actually makes a lot of sense……"
    I never even thought about what would happen if Link failed!

  • JonahTHD

    Ha! I KNEW the Oracle games happened before Link's Awakening! I always thought so after seeing the complete ending after beating the second oracle game, then seeing Link also in a boat in LA's intro!

    • Ben

      I made a little picture for that. Note the boat has the same sprite, seagulls are present which are kind of a big thing in LA, the cloud in the background looks like Koholint and the smaller cloud possibly indicates the Windfish. This isn't just coincidence if you ask me

      • somecrazyguy

        if thats the case, then the oracle games has a new link, and not alttp link. cuz in oracles zelda and link meet ofr the first time.

  • Wilt

    This all can be put into one timeline no need for a split, if we consider that years and generations have passed between certain games. Think of SS, OoT, Link to the Past, TP and WW as generational milestones where a new generation of the hero is told. With that in mind we move forward. OoT is the origin of the 3 Characters; Link, Zelda and Gannon/Gannondorf. As we know in OoT Link gets locked away to defeat Gannon 7 years later, then gets sent back into time, and Link still leaves for Majora's Mask getting cursed for entering the forest without a fairy and saving the world from being destroyed. This generations Link is done. That being said with Link leaving Hyrule Gannon is still able to take over the land only to have adult link show up seven years later to destroy him. Thus completing the time circle and ending the OoT Generation.

    From there it moves to the next generation A Link to the Past. A new Link and Zelda are born and we are introduced to the Dark World (which could be the same as the Twilight Realm as you need a mirror to get to both) where Gannon was sealed away again.

    The progression of games stated above make sense after A Link to the Past, ending with Zelda II where it is explained that every daughter of the Kingdom is to be named Zelda after the sealed off Princess (who could potentially be The Princess Zelda of OoT Future.

    Then the next generation is Twilight Princess where we get connections to OoT, A Link to the Past and Majora's Mask with Songs that are or similar to songs from OoT, The use of the parallel world to Hyrule that can be accessed by mirror, and the Stalfos (Majora's Mask) looking ancient warrior who teaches you sword techniques first learned in OoT. From here the above game progression seem to fit in.

    Moving on to Wind Waker which is centuries into the future, there has been an event that has caused a climate shift creating the great sea. This is the game that would end what I would call the "Hero of Time Saga" (so far as we know), with Link and Tetra sealing off Gannondorf again in the depths of Hyrule. "The Hero of Time Saga" would refer to OoT and all the games linked to it's specific story line as OoT Link is referred to as "The Hero of Time".

    This is just what I think it would be as a cohesive one-time track continuity. That is probably why Skyward Sword ends up telling a different tale. Hopefully this can open up a new avenue in the Zelda mythos where the next generation Link is not directly connected to the "Hero of Time Saga" and we can get some new creative ideas. That's my 2 cents, take it with a grain of salt.

  • What is that image from? The main image for the post of the lost woods?

  • Soeroah


    Finally, some leaks I don't consider spoilers.

  • KingDodongo1

    This is actually close to what I originally thought. I always thought ALTTP happened if Hyrule won the Imprisoning War and sealed Ganon away during the Great Cataclysm.

  • Leolanna

    I don't know what was said before by producers, but this makes total sense. I think the OoT split timeline actually is an amazing idea, like, how I didn't think about it before?!

    And we have to remember that if 2012 doesn't proove to be true we still have another 25 years of Zelda's coming, which means we have a lot of games to complete the past, present and future of the series.

    And think about it, I'm sure they hadn't made any plot "series plot" on the first games. Who would know Zelda would get this far? But then, when OoT is to be released and Zelda is already a hype series, then they started to think it as a whole single history and fit each new game on the timeline. Absolutly genious, if it is true. I just wonder how, in modern times, it hadn't been confirmed since the book is already out and is easy to confirm it or not.

  • xlv15

    It makes sense.

    If Link fails in OoT then the Imprisoning War which was spoken of in ALttP would occur.

    A Link-less OoT= The Imprisoning War.

  • Leolanna

    I just found this small translation os that page with Ganondorf and the sage of TP in this website:

    "Dark Clouds Threaten Hyrule
    Meanwhile, the Hyrule Kingdom, with Princess Zelda’s knowledge of future events from Link, the Hero of Time, accused Ganondorf of allowing the destruction of Hyrule.
    Several years later, Ganondorf, the dreaded demon thief who had acquired evil magic, was to be executed at last."

    So I think it confirms as the child Link that comes back in time is the one that advises Zelda about future happenings and then sets this future. Hoping to see the whole translations, and play all these games again. If it's all true, then I will like Zelda even more.

    • somecrazyguy

      i really wanna see the pages that connect OoT to ALTTP. i wanna know how they connect dang it!

  • Jara

    Yeah, I’m not buying it.

    Link to the Past can’t be in a “Link fails” timeline for two reasons.

    One, Ganondorf is sealed by the Seven Sages, who OoT Link happens to awaken. So, no Link, no Sages. Secondly, LttP Link is the last decendant of the Knights of Hyrule, and naturally, a decendant of OoT Link.

    Where did Link find the time to concieve an heir in Ocarina of Time? If we assume it’s *after* he awakens the Sages, then it also has to be after he rescues Zelda in the final dungeon (because Zelda has to go ahead and concieve an heir as well, and she can’t do that if she’s trapped by Ganon. I mean, she *could*, but it’s not really that kind of game).

    So Link has to fail during the final showdown with Ganon. And he can’t really run off and have a kid if he’s trying to get out of Hyrule Castle before it collapses.

    More to the point, the Master Sword is pretty instrumental in sealing away Ganon in the first place, and Link’s the only one who can wield it.

    So, yeah. Not buying it.

    • Leolanna

      Isn't Ganondorf in Link to the Past already in the sacred realm?? (or something like that)
      That could mean that he actually got there but somehow was sealed. The gods? In WW we got to know that the gods intervened when evil wins, sealing the whole world under the ocean. Why couldn't they hold Ganondorf inside? Maybe is something like that… as not all the games are direct sequels, there's space for other generation of heroes etc

      • Jara

        He was sealed by the Seven Sages. The girls you rescue in LttP are their decenants.

        • Anom

          It was the seven "Wise men" who sealed him, not the seven sages.

          • somecrazyguy

            go play the new alttp for gba, it says sages now.

      • somecrazyguy

        except in lttp, its clearly stated that the sages sealed him. my guess? FSA is the clear point between the fail timeline and the child timeline here. in FSA you have ganon returning in a different body, through the use of the trident of evil or whatever, and then being sealed away by link and 7 maidens. who may be decendants of the ancient sages. if my theory is correct, and gannon mannages to somehow break the foursword's seal by himself, he some how uses it to propell him to the sacred realm ( i think the minnish came from there, so the picori blade would have come from there aswell.)

    • NekoTamer

      I don't completely disagree with you but the Links are not related to each other genetically, only sacredly. Therefore, there can be a Link without OoT Link. Still, I do find a 3rd split hard to accept.

    • TheMaverickk

      Don't you remember that in the Twilight Princess timeline the sages who appear are not the sages of Ocarina of Time? There was a previous group of sages before OoT.

      Child timeline, Link comes back from the future and advises Zelda about Ganondorf's evil. Ganondorf is imprisoned and set to be executed. Link doesn't need to go to each Temple and awaken the sages. Impa, Saria, Durania… they never become sages because Link doesn't go to each temple and awaken them.

      So who are the sages you see in Twilight Princess? Obviously the previous generation of Hyrule's sages who have yet to be replaced/succeeded.

      It's very likely that these sages were alive and well perhaps before Ganondorf took over Hyrule Castle in OoT. Anyhow it's very likely that they would've been the ones to step up in the "Link fails" possible timeline. Working together with the Knights of Hyrule to seal Ganondorf.

      As for Link's heir…. well Link's heir/ bloodline isn't necessarily a genetic bloodline. Not to mention chosen hero's are essentially created by the Goddess'…. and so if a bloodline ends, I'm sure that it becomes re-incarnate much like Demise's curse.

  • somecrazyguy

    the only thing i cant see is the failing. other then that, its redicoulously close to my timeline. in mine, the fail timeline actually comes right after fourswords adventure. in my theory, the minish, picori sword, and light force, come from the sacred realm, which after SS the sages seal up with the triforce. when ganon is in the foursword, becuase its origin is the sacred realm, he somehow manages to get into the sacred realm through it. but he cant get out, becuase the sacred realm is still sealed (where in OoT he can get back, becuase link removed the master sword, which the sages used after SS as the key to the main gate to the sacred realm.) my timeline is mostly based on where the triforce is in each game, as well as where ganon seems to come from. and before you tell me "ganon had the triforce of in TP, so your wrong" let me say this. he was granted its powers, but he never truely aqcuired it. becuase the essence of the triforce does not know good from evil, the triforce of power surely saw ganon as a legitimate weilder of the triforce. from the sacred realm where it was sealed, it transmitted power to him. this can be said of adventure of link as well, where link has the triforce crest, but does not actually have the entire triforce.

    • somecrazyguy

      and if ganon is able to get to the sacred realm through the foursword, that would lead up to the events in Alttp.

      • somecrazyguy

        in this theory, you have the back story of Alttp, as well as a decent lead up to FSA.

        • somecrazyguy

          also, in LTTP, it states that no one could be found to use the master sword… link doesnt use the master sword in FSA. coincidence?

    • TheMaverickk

      Wow lots of plot holes here in your theory.

      The biggest is that Ganondorf hadn't reached the sacred realm yet in Ocarina of Time. If he already had access to the sacred realm (which means he already had access to the Triforce) then why would he be looking for the sacred stones in order to OPEN the Door of Time and REACH the Sacred Realm. There would be no point to Ganondorf's actions in OoT if your theory was even remotely right.

      Also as for "obtaining" the Triforce…. Ganondorf HAD the Triforce of Power. He didn't just have the "essence" of it. It says he obtained that piece, it was physically his…. but because his heart was not in BALANCE, and he desired power over everything, he was only permitted to keep one piece and the other 2 left to their destined recipients.

      Which is why Ganondorf went searching for Zelda, and Link… in order to regain those pieces that he was not immediately granted.

      The crest on the hand can still mean that they were in possession of a piece of the Triforce. Look at Wind Waker, when Tetra/Zelda obtains the Triforce of Wisdom, then the crest appears on her hand. Same for Link… after you complete the Triforce fragments you find across the ocean… only then does the crest appear on the back of his hand. Then finally when you reach Ganondorf, he forces the Triforce pieces seemingly out of both Link and Zelda in order to obtain complete power.

      The only exception to this rule I've seen is in SS… where as you obtain the sacred flames, and complete silent realm trials, Link gains an extra Triforce piece on the back of his hand crest. I personally believe though that in this case it serves as a marker to show that this Link has all 3 elements in balance. This Link has Courage, Wisdom, and Power… and thus is capable of making a wish on the Triforce without it splitting into it's 3 parts.

      • somecrazyguy

        ok. here is the dealio. how he got into the sacred realm with out the door of time being opened. this would happen after the events in OoT, cuz its in FSA. what i was thinking was that the foursword/picori sword comes from the sacred realm (in minish cap the minish are stated as coming from there) and so when link seals ganon in it, he accidently gives ganon access to the sacred realm through the foursword

        as for in tp, how can he have the triforce? the game itself does not say he has the triforce. and howbout the symbol on his hand leaving when he dies? wouldnt the triforce come out of him then??? at this point, i think the triforce isstill in the sacred realm. i always thought, that since ganon is pretty much a vengefull type of guy. in TP he is only concerned with destroying hyrule completly, as an act of revenge. after which he would break into the sacred realm, to take hte triforce.

        ofcourse the crest can meean that he has the trifoce. what i was saying is that it doesnt have to mean he has it. there are many other instances where a character doesnt have a triforce or the triforce, yet has the symbol. SS OoX AOL are prime examples of this.

        and i totally agree with your skyward sword theory there.

  • aeolus

    How can they have a "Link fails" timeline? Either Link succeeds OR he fails, there can't just be a split thrown in for no reason like that. The real split is caused by Zelda using her power to send Link back in time. NOTHING in OoT leads to another split, anywhere. If this is real I'm going to be incredibly pissed off at Nintendo.

    • Let me raise a situation to you. Say you give me a decision and I must answer yes or no, answering one will create (at least) two timelines, one where I say yes, and one where I say no. However, what if I walk away. That will create a third timeline that was previously not presented to us. It wasn't an option I was given, but I did it anyway and thus I created a third timeline.

      It's the same scenario here. One where Link went back to the past and one where he was absent from the future. However, if he were to fail that would create a third timeline out of circumstances we had not previously considered because we had to reason to, there was no reason for us to think he just lost because it wasn't presented to us in any form other than a "Game Over" screen.

      • somecrazyguy

        except there isnt a moment in the game where you fail. putting down the controller and not playing isnt a good enough reason to create a split, otherwise, other games have splits in them, and everything gets crazy.

        • If you put down the controller and didn't play then you wouldn't fail, you just wouldn't be playing, that has nothing to do with the timeline. The exact moment where Link "fails" isn't clarified, it could be whenever you die in the game, it could be because Link denies his destiny, or it could anything that permanently prevents Link from defeating Ganon.

          And yes, you could say "well then any game could have a timeline for Link failing", and you'd be correct. However, the significance of this timeline specifically is that there are already games based off of this premise, Nintendo's not going to make a new timeline for every possible scenario, so instead they created a third timeline so that the other games could fit. That, and more importantly all of those games are already based off of the fact that OoT Link was defeated in some way, shape, or form.

          • Letters

            Remind me how ALttP, Z1, Z2, LA, and the Oracles were ever based specifically off of Link failing in OoT? I'm struggling to remember.

  • Matt

    Allow me to clarify the "Link Fails" branch for everybody. There is a point in Ocarina of Time where Link is absolutely unable to progress without returning to his childhood. Specifically speaking, this is the part where Link needs to travel back in time in order to obtain the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple. Recall that Sheik tells Link that he needs to do so, making this part have significance to the story. When Link goes back in time, he is absent from the future. Because Link is absent in this continuity of time, he fails to imprison Ganon. Time passes in this universe, leading into "A Link to the Past" (whose namesake actually references the reason the failure timeline exists). However, when Link comes back from the past in OoT with the Silver Gauntlets in hand, he is equipped to complete his quest and vanquish Ganon, creating the other two time branches.

    • somecrazyguy

      except for then there must be thousands of timelines then. you dont only go back in time for the silver gauntlets. you also go back for the eye of truth, ect. this doesnt change the events from happening in the future, becuase the past you go to is after you have already lifted the master sword out, where as, when zelda sends you back, the master sword is still in its place, and you havn't touched it yet. you go out to the castle, and zelda is still there. ganondorf doesnt have the triforce yet, becuase he hasnt snuck by you in the temple of time (link probably got out with one of the teleportation songs on the fairy ocarina, considering the door of time would stil lbe sealed.) all those other times would have a back to them too. if thats the case, then why dont other games with time travel have splits? like SS or oracle of ages? just a curiosity i thought of when i read that.

    • Toilet Hand

      No way!!! Where is Master Sword when Link goes back in time? Where's Master Sword in A Link to the Past?

      • Toasty Crumbs

        You return the Master Sword to its pedestal to time-travel back to your childhood, so, it'd still be waiting in the Temple of Time.

    • Toasty Crumbs

      Wow, well done on spotting the connection between "A Link to the Past"'s title and the reason behind the existence of its timeline branch! That's amazing… could they really have planned that? Surely not… right? But whatever the case, it's an amazing coincidence, at the very least. =)

      I never quite understood the significance of ALttP's title, other than as a silly pun involving Link's name and the way its plot serves as a prequel to the original LoZ games… it doesn't have the same relevance that other Zelda games' subtitles have. You know; the way the ocarina is a pivotal gameplay and plot element in OoT, and so on. It'd be crazy if they really did have some germ of OoT's plot already figured out while they were making it.

      • alex

        That would be amazing… except, the original title was "Triforce of the Gods" in Japan, and they had to change it for other audiences as to not offend people.

    • LunarMew

      What if he showed up a few minutes later in that same timeline from time traveling, after Sheik told him to get the gauntlets? if that happened then Link wouldn't really have left that timeline and just showed up later rather quickly. Who is too say that didn't happen?

      Still, your idea is a pretty good one and it is even cannon with the story. One thing though, the idea would make sense if Link showed up with the gauntlets in a point in time BEFORE Sheik told him about them, thus, causing a split timeline from just entering in that specific point in time. The game doesn't specify whether he showed up before or after the request from Sheik was given.

      Ether that or I am missing something here. I probably did. The time travel thing is really confusing.


    If there is a three way split, the timeline is more complex than we ever surmised.

  • Jack

    I'll be pretty pleased if the Oracle games into Links Awakening is confirmed (that ones been glaringly obvious), but theres a little problem with LTTP into Oracles; in the oracle games, zelda introduces herself to link as a new character hes not met before, but he knows her from LTTP? unless they're two different links…

    Also they're never going to be able to fit the NES games into the timeline seamlessly, the placement at the end of the "link fails" timeline seems like trying to get them out of the way with no real logic.

    The Ocarina fail split is pretty sucky – surely then every game could then have a link fails split. OOT previously presented a unique opportunity for a perfect split that every one was happy with. If this is legit its like nintendo making OOT the most important zelda game that all others hinge upon (as usual).

    How super-official is this book?

    • Jack

      actually, been looking this up and it looks to be the real deal : S I hope they make a statement explaining, otherwise folks are going to get a little cross

      • somecrazyguy

        i know id be a little cross. ive spent alot of time on my theory, which goes SS MC OOT split 1 WW PH SP split 2 MM TP FS/FSA ALTTP (oracles?) LA (oracles?) LOZ AOL. the oracles games im not too sure, it could be that its a new link in the oracle games, and as he is going back he is caught up on kohonilt island. i beleive though that the original intent was to LA as a sequel to ALTTP, so id probably put the oracle games after sometime.

  • Zany Zant
  • somecrazyguy

    in any case, if this is the confirmed timeline, and if they can give a good reason for link failing other then "game over" or " i quite playing it" or "you go back in time during OoT to get stuff"( which i dont buy for various reasons) i will accept this theory. though, I personally think i could do a better job of making a timeline then nintendo right now. i dont realy think they know what their doing.

    • As I already stated, if you quit playing then Link hasn't "Failed" anything, you have. But as to the Game Over theory, why don't you buy it? Why are you closed to theories that speak of Link's death, it makes perfect sense to me. Honestly, the death of a hero leading to a catastrophic war sounds like a pretty good setup for a story to me.

      • somecrazyguy

        becuase. then technically, everygame could have an alternate ending or "split" the timeline should not depend on whether or not you beat the game. nintendo has specifically pointed out this game as the link between the splits. so how come none of the other games have splits if thie failure split is only due to him getting a game over? doesnt make logical sense to me. not only that, but the ALTTP backstory has no one using the master sword, not someone having it, and then dying. to me, FSA is a better back story. and i like how they put FSA after twilight princess. it would make sense that the foursword, not the master sword is the one that sealed up ganon. now how this got ganon into the sacred realm, im not totally sure, but i think it might have t odo with the picorri coming from a "sacred realm". perhaps ganon found a way to get to the sacred realm through being sealed in the foursword, but cudnt get back. ( a way which vaati failed to see, since his priority is the light force, not the triforce.) with this theory, you have the maidens as decendants of the ancient original sages (Not the OoT ones) sealing up ganondorf with you. also, there is a battle, as you meet kniights that failed to stop the evil that was ravaging hyrule at the time. over all, FSA has a waaay better back story to ALTTP then OoT ever will.

        • That's all opinion, and a lot of people might find the Imprisoning war more fascinating than FSA's, especially because Link's death would be a major trigger to said war. Also, they do have timelines. Every action you do leads to alternate timeline, but they're not going to make a game for every one, that would be unnecessary. It does make logical sense, it's the very basics of Chronology.

          • somecrazyguy

            except for the fact that nintendo singles out OoT. sorry, but this whole GAME OVER thing doesnt make logical sense. in canon, link defeats ganon in both times. for nintendo to single out one game and say that link fails, and if its due to a game over, why just single out one game? i dont know if you know what your saying here. surely, my theory i said is opinion, but its a pretty solid opinion if you ask me. no one has ever been able to show me a flaw with my theory at all yet.. then again, after isay this someone is gonna come along and show me that flaw… im open to ideas, ill just critique them until i can be completly proven wrong.

          • somecrazyguy

            also, i understand what your saying here aswell. but we are talking canonically what happened, not what possibly happened.

          • You don't seem to be very open to ideas from what I can see. In fact, so far all I've seen you do is turn down others and promote your own.

            And the reason they'd single out a single game is likely for one of two reasons. The first being for the sake of complexity and the lack thereof. It's much easier for the creators and the gamers to keep up with a single game expanding three timelines due to three differents events rather than having to follow multiple games with multiple splits. The other reason being that it's much easier to fit in the Imprisoning War that way. They're pretty simple reasons actually and not all that unbelievable.

          • LunarMew

            I don't know, I think it is kind of clever, actually.

            "What if" timelines were done before, you know. Sure, not one triggered by a "Game Over" but there is no such rule saying that the writers for a game cannot make a timeline based on a game over if they wanted to. It is an original idea for one thing, and I can see a new Zelda title being based on this. Besides, it is Nintendo's Franchise. If they make something cannon they made something cannon.

          • somecrazyguy

            if we go for a "what would have happened if link failed" timeline, as in, a theoretical timeline, that would make more sense. but even then there are flaws, such as all hylian decendants of six sages, of whom only two are hylian. OoT has never had been a good example of the imprisoning war. FSA in my opinion is more valid then a failure in OoT. it just doesnt add up.

          • Two more reasons. The first being that Zelda has always been a gameplay first, timeline later type of game. The second, no, OoT wasn't a good example of the Imprisoning War and it still isn't, nor did I ever say it was. I simply said that it was a much easier way to fin in the Imprisoning War, which it is.

          • somecrazyguy

            i still dont agree with that, its too theoretical for me, while FSA provides a much more valid way of getting to ALTTP. not only are there seven hylian maidens that could be decendants of the ancient sages, and not only does link not use the mastersword, and not only does the evil forces defeat many hylian knights, but (and here is the biggest of them all) ganon gets his trident aswell. the trident of darkness. its only after he gets this that zelda says "its the ancient demon reborn" this to me says this item is important. and he has it in alttp. also, in TP the temple of time is in the forest, which could be a possible atttempt to connect TP to ALTTP as the master sword is found in the woods aswell.

          • somecrazyguy

            i really wish i could agree with nintendo on this, and im really hoping they make a valid reason, seeing as i dont want to be a "heretic" lol

          • somecrazyguy

            and also, the article says to debate. thats what im doing. just becuase i am promoting what i think doesnt mean im not open. i would just like to see a better explanation. i really like this idea of three timelines, it just doesnt make sense to me.

          • There's a difference between debating and promoting. It's one thing to use knowledge of your timeline in an argument, and another to constantly restate what your tiimeline is for the sake of argument.

            Unless you have been doing that by accident, in which case I apologize.

          • Anyway, I'm (literally) tired of this. We don't know too much about this timeline at this point in time. Just wait to see if Iwata will elaborate or if it's a hoax, because this debate isn't truly going anywhere and it's getting pretty circular. So g'night.

          • Too theoretical for you?…Are you joking? I mean, are you seriously trying to tell me that the theory I proposed, that Link dies and the Imprisoning Wars ensue, is more theoretical than that wall of text hovering overhead?

            …Well, I'll disregard that. The point is, all that you've really disproved about this is that FSA can't take place after OoT, which is pretty obvious due to the appearance of the Master Sword, but that doesn't disprove the third timeline altogether. The descendants could very well just be an error, it's not all that unlikely.

            Or this could be a hoax, which I won't count out either.

          • somecrazyguy

            ya its theoretical, as in, there is no evidence for it inside the game itself. personally, i like the idea, as i have said before. i just have noticed alot of inconsistencies in it. but really, in the end, nintendo gives out a lot of inconsinstencies when it comes to zelda anyways. like when they say hyrule is the sacred realm in the newer games, but in alttp, the sacred realm is a mirror of hyrule. unless now the godlen/darkrealm is different then the sacred realm. ugh. nintendo. lolz.

            anyways, whatever nintendo says is the legit one… im just hoping its for better reasons then given on this thread, which to me seem way too simple. thats all. im not tryingto make you mad or anything, im just stating my opinion, and giving the evidence for it. thats what i do when i analyze these games for timeline stuff. anyways, im done with debating for tonight as well, and i hope you understand that if this timeline is correct, for whatever reason, then you are a more accepting person then i am, as i will probably struggle to understand the concept. unless of course, nintendo gives a seriously really good reason for a failure.

          • somecrazyguy

            also, i fail to see how i showed that FSA happens before OoT, considering i am showing how it connects the adult timeline with the said failure timeline…. :S

  • MysteryJ12

    Three timeline splits is just a way to fit in some of the games that didn't fit. Surely there should be a branch off every game if link "fails"

  • somecrazyguy

    one problem i have with "he fails becuase he has to go back in time to get stuff" theory, is becuase it doesnt really say anything about how a zora can have a hylian decendant. :S the seven maidens in ALTTP are all hylian. only two in OoT are hylian. ideally you would want a decendant from each sage to be one of the maidens, since you would need each of them to break the seal. if all of them are decendants of only two sages, it doesnt really make up for the rest of the sages, and therefore, the agnahim cant break the seal. sooo im not buying this. there are too many flaws. as i have said before, i dont think nintendo knows what they are doing. (the only time the sages can be not hylian is in special cases, such as OoT where, my guess is in the adult time line, they are killed before they can have decendants, and therefore the people who are most in line with the various elements must become sages.)

  • cloverplayer

    wait… Link… FAILS!!! WHAT?

  • heroofmasks

    nintendo only said there was a adult and kid timeline so untile they say otherwise im not buying this and id say that mc 3s and 4sa goes at the end of eather side where in ww the masterswords gets stuck in ganondorf and not tooken out so there no more blade of evils bane and dont forget zelda doesnt have the triforce of wisdome or after alttp where at the end it says the mastersword sleeps again forever meaning it gets lost in time where no one knows and again link uses the power of the triforce at the end of that game but theres nothing about a 4rd split so untile they say otherwise im not buying it

  • heroofmasks

    dont forget this could be a hoax remember nintendo knows the timelione but there say they wont reviel it becouse it can change with the new games so theres no use as to release the full one now cause when a new game comes out people will just get confused

  • heroofmasks

    total mess up it goes from the creation of a mastersword to a completly diffrent and weaker sword for 2 games then a back to the master sword for the time split then it goes to no legendasry sword back to master sword then back to the 4 swords i swear who ever made this musta really wanted to confuse use

  • somecrazyguy

    sorry to say it people, but i dont think nintendo is making sense. nowdays they say that hyrule is the sacred realm, but in alttp, the sacred realm and hyrule are two different places. :s my question is… arent they contradicting themselves with this? same as here. nintendo has what it needs to make a tmeline with only two splits, they just cant see it…

    FSA= Imprisoning way mentioned in ALTTP.

    my time line would be SS MC OoT

    split 1 WW PH ST

    split 2 MM TP FSA ALTTP OoS/OoA LOZ AOL.

    • somecrazyguy

      i left out the original fourswords, just becuase they have it directly after MC, but i personally would put it before FSA, but the game itself doesnt really have any timeline value at all.

  • Oscar

    can Nintendo just translate the book so we can get our hands on it!!!!

  • matt

    At the end of OoT, Zelda sends Link back in time to the point BEFORE Ganondorf raids Hyrule, effectively creating THREE splits :

    FUTURE – Link was sent back in time by Zelda. Ganon escapes the Sacred Realm, but Link is gone, leading to the Great Flood.

    AFTER Ganondorf attacks Hyrule – The Master Sword is capable of returning Link to his youth at THIS point, but Zelda used the Ocarina of Time to move him back further. The Ocarina then presumably can move Link through time, but can't make him younger, so she used it in conjunction with the Maser Sword's time travel. Ganondorf obtains the Triforce of Power, but Link is gone here for the same reason he is gone from the FUTURE. This leads to Link's 'failure' and the Imprisoning War.

    BEFORE Ganondorf attacks Hyrule – Link ends up here because Zelda used the Ocarina of Time to place his young self here from "AFTER Ganondorf attacks Hyrule". Young Link tells the young Zelda everything, and Ganondorf is sentenced to death. Ganondorf obtains the Triforce of Power because of the 'divine prank', leading to his imprisonment in the Twilight Realm.

    • seigemeister

      THIS. It makes so much sense that there are three timelines. One where Link disappears from the future, one where Link stays in the past, AND ONE WHERE LINK DISAPPEARS FROM THE PAST. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Obviously Link would need to go into a FURTHER past before the castle was attacked and Zelda fled to stop Ganondorf to begin with. I guess people just thought the attack on the castle ceased to occur after the past was rewritten, BUT IT WASN'T!

      • seigemeister

        The only thing we need to know is where the sages came from for the 'failure' timeline. The Goddesses must have picked Hylian males when Link wasn't around to awaken the proper ones.

  • Doog

    How do you explain the Eldin, Lanayru, and Faron provinces in SS and TP, to me TP should be right after SS for that reasioning. Yes ganondorf dies in TP but a single Guredo male is born every 100 years, so there probably all named Ganondorf. And there is a high possibility that, since Ganondorf is Demise’s maninfestation of his hatred, Ganondorf is born with the ambition to obtain the triforce, every time he has a lifespan.

    • But TP has ganondorf after he returns from being sealed by the sages. Unless that is just a hole yet to be filled with a game, then it happens after Oot

    • veeronic

      by the earlier portrayals of hyrule being too small to consider provinces so they weren't included.

  • RedBearLuX

    I've seen many theories and had some of my own but this is in my opinion unarguable. Firstly it's coming from Nintendo, second it makes sense, perfect sense in fact.

    But there is also a fourth split that has yet to be explored …

    Seriously end game spoiler DO NOT READ if you haven't finished it.

    Skyward Sword split again, one timeline the 'present' where Demise was destroyed by the triforce, and a second where he was defeated by Link. Hundreds/thousands [I forget which] of years before Link is born. Thus creating a new time line where Link will never go on the journey we play in Skyward Sword. Possibly averting the creation of Hyrule as we know it, this could lead to a massive subplot of Zelda games. This of course if Nintendo so chooses.


      I think If it split the timeline then the master sword, which link left in the past, would not be in his future. It would be in an alternate world. The game ended with everyone back in their right time, and I think that makes all the difference..

      but maybe not.. time travel hurts my head… I don't think Nintendo would get that complicated though.. but maybe…

      • troiano220

        They've done stupid things before!

      • RedBearLuX

        SPOILERS again ¬_¬

        Yeah everyone was back in their right time but Link still changed the past by killing Demise thousands of years before he killed Demise with the Triforce. So it has split the line again. and in fact when I think about the time everyone was in at the end Demise never 'cursed' Link and he never said his hatred would come back again and again….So Skyward swords actual continuity is time line in the past.
        And the present timeline the one where you see at the end the founding of Hyrule is one that is yet to be explored.

        Of course all of this is in theory.

  • Moochy

    So help me god this better be released in English…

  • Jay

    i was just saying today that I think the skyward sword comes before OOT because of the Master Sword being created in Skyward Sword

    • veeronic

      they've verified that 40 times now… heh….

  • veeronic

    split 3; no way a link to the past would be first in that.

  • If ocarina gets a split if we "fail" to complete it, then every game should. There are 100000 timelines!!!!

    Or this is joke.

    Which seems more likely?

    Lets just wait till it actually comes out.

    • Wait. How can OoA/Oos take place on the same timeline? Don't they happen at the same time?

      • troiano220

        There might be a small split for just that specific game. Both might happen at the same time, it's just irrelevant which one does. It matters which one you happened to buy and play and give Nintendo money for.

  • Ztrl

    Didn't Eiji Aonuma go on record stating that there timeline had no splits?

    • troiano220

      No, he went on record saying that there was a split. Failed to mention that there were 2 splits though

  • This is truly interesting, the idea of 3 splits gives the creators more inspirations to create time specific games.

  • Guest

    I've figured it out! The failure timeline is the result of never beating the water temple and giving up! In the failure timeline, Link is still trapped in the temple trying to time pausing the game and putting on the boots right! I think I may be a genius to figure that out.

    • troiano220

      It does make sense that the OoT Water Temple screws up history that much. That temple blew

  • Agree

    I completely agree with the third timeline. It's perfectly canon with ALTTP since a hero is never mentioned in the intro. It was the sages who imprisoned Ganon in that timeline. I thought that finding out the timeline (if this truly is canon) would spoil things for me. But to be honest, it makes the series all the more interesting – FINALLY a crazy twist!

  • troiano220

    How could "A Link to the Past" be if Link failed if in ALttP, Ganon is already sealed in the Sacred Realm? I think they realized they made a huge mess with the timeline and put the games in their clear order for splits 1 and 2, and then got stuck and just threw the controversial games in the 3rd split. Kind of disappointed…

    • Agree

      The intro of ALTTP never mentions a hero imprisoning Ganon, only the sages. Maybe that's the loophole?

  • Guest

    This makes sense…

    HYRULE A – Ganondorf raids Hyrule. Young Link opens the gate.
    HYRULE B – 7 years after Hyrule A. Adult Link Defeats Ganon.
    HYRULE C – Ganondorf sentenced to death before he raids Hyrule.

    Link travels between A and B throughout the story. At the end, Zelda removes Link from both A and B and puts him in C :

    HYRULE A – Ganon 'wins'… but is eventually defeated in the Imprisoning war.
    HYRULE B – Zelda redeems her stupidity… Hyrule is destroyed in the Great Flood.
    HYRULE C – Link gets his childhood back… becomes an unfulfilled Hero Shade.

    The all get their way, but are all screwed regardless.

    • somecrazyguy

      i actually dont think that the heroes' shade is link from OoT. i think he might be a shade of the hero of men talked about in mc.

    • somecrazyguy

      and this causes more paradoxes in my mind than the original just 2 timelines. but i guess thats time travel for you…

    • Spades

      Yeah time travel can be confusing. But this idea of a,b,c hyrule makes sense. More than this link failing crap. What would happen if link failed in TP or MM or any of the other games. That would cause all sorts of timelines. But I guess if the “fail” timeline is the one link originally left when he pulled the master sword in OoT there wouldn’t be a master sword cause link would’ve taken it.

      What we need is a good solid explination of this. One without flaws.

      • somecrazyguy

        i think that after reading some theories and stuff it may have to do with the different methods of time travel. with the master sword, link is moving through time as if it is a river, going up and down from the time he first touched the mastersword, to the time that he was woke up. and as he progresses, when he travels back, its seven years back to when he woke up. he doesnt travel back to when he touched the sword, no he travels back to after he has touched it. so that means that when you go back in time, ganondorf is already in the sacred realm, and is looking for the triforce there. but at the end of the game, yo have the adult timeline, and the child one.when zelda sends you back she uses the ocarina. it sends you back to BEFORE you ever touched the master sword. this would lead to majora's mask, but it also splits the adult timeline into two seperate times, becuase link has never actually touched the master sword… but he has. its a paradox, that splits that timeline even further. and its all becuase zelda sent you back too far. this isn't link's failure. its zeldas. now all i wanna know is in the fail timeline, who woke up the sages? shiek maybe? i dont know how that works, becuase in OoT it seems pretty clear that link the hero of time has to wake them up. so im not too sure how this would work. but as for how the split is made, it makes sense. kinda. :S

    • Hayabusa_San

      This is an interesting poit of view, and a really logic one that make the 4 split timeline possible. If this is really what the timeline reflects, them I agree with it.

      • Hayabusa_San

        Sorry, i meant 3 split timelines.

  • serko

    they never had a timeline, they just put something together to satisfy all our whining about getting a timeline. now let them fill the holes and gaps we find in these timelines of theirs

  • lulles

    funny how there is a third branch in which link failed in ocarina of time. i thought that possibility didn't exist haha. funny how the wind waker doesn't come after majora's mask in the same branch, like many people thought it would.

  • TheMaverickk

    I love that the 3rd split in the timeline has basically….. "blown minds"

    Everyone's percieved interpretations of Zelda hs been radically changed now, lol.

  • bradley

    This is almost exactly like my timeline.

  • Lioness


    This may be the only Zelda timeline I've ever seen that actually makes sense to me all around – and that includes my own timelines! For some reason "adult" and "child" branches never sat well with me, but the addition of a "failure" branch makes all the puzzle pieces snap into place. Even FS, FSA, and the Oracles games make sense in placement, and they've always been such wild cards for me when theorizing.

    I really, really hope this is truly the canon timeline!

  • Raven

    I'm a bit undecided in how i feel about the placement of OoX as I thought it went in between MM and TP but I suppose that doesnt work, but it is the only game on the failure timeline in which epona makes a small appearance and tingle too. Some minor characters even share similarities with their counterparts from MM (the monkeys and forest fairies). So in that way OoX is the closest to being on the child timeline but doesn't quite make the cut.

    actually in a failure timeline setting Ingo would give Epona to the Great Ganondorf, and Link would never get Epona. Making OoX seem like it should be on the child timeline even more. .Unless OoX Epona is a descendant of OoT Epona and Link befriended the horse after making it back to shore after Link's Awakening.

  • Ben

    Link not being able to defeat Ganon doesn't come from him dying but from simply not being there. If Link travels seven years into the future he disappears from that timeline.

  • bob

    nobody finds it odd that they are showing pictures from a previous post that were called fan art?

  • Toilet Hand

    The guys who never beat Ocarina of Time made the 3rd time line! well done nintendo =)

  • There would not be 3 splits. The Hyrule where link opened the doors to the sacred realm and the Hyrule where Ganondorf has taken over are NOT different Hyrules. Link did not time travel, he fell asleep for 7 years. There is no 3rd Hyrule. just one where link falls alseep, then kills Ganondorf and leaves, and one where they stop him before he takes over. Show me where he failed and where the third timeline comes in?

  • Cpt. Groose

    Cool, each of these splits remind me of the triforce.

    Link fails split – Ganon's Timeline – Triforce of Power

    Child Timeline – Links timeline – Triforce of Courage

    Adult timeline – Zleda's timeline – Triforce of Wisdom

  • Cpt. Groose





  • Cpt. Groose


  • LunarMew

    Wait, Link DIES at one point in Ocarina of Time? Isn't that where the Adult Timeline is from?

    Or do they mean "died" as in, the "Game Over" the player gets if they suck at playing the game?

    So let me get this straight…if there is another timeline after you get a gameover in Ocarina of Time…that must mean that this new timeline is a "what if" timeline, am I right? Won't that make it an imaginary timeline or legend?

    • heroofmasks

      what tthe adult timeline comes from after sealing ganon away zelda sends link back in time to before they met wich creats 2 timelines one where hes a kid again and he warns the king of what ganons wants to do and the other the future where he sealed ganon but then years later gnon gets free and link is no longer there to save hyrule

      • Letters

        …Which is still just two timelines.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Well, we have video evidence now on Youtube that this is indeed the official timeline.

    (starts at 4:50)

    Let the fan-reactions commence.