As more and more people are being introduced to gaming via their smartphones, more and more gaming companies are responding by adapting to this new trend.  Nintendo has always been a stern opponent against gaming on smartphones, going so far as to keep its franchises only on Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto, head of Nintendo’s EAD department and creator of the Zelda series, stated that he is looking at ways to create games which could never be reproduced on a smartphone, tablet, or handheld device other than a piece of hardware specifically made for gaming, such as the Wii or Nintendo 3DS.

“What we really have to do is try to be different. We are trying to  create something that can never be reproduced on the smart phone.”

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Whether Nintendo can continue to oppose this rapidly growing means of gaming is still up in the air.  Perhaps one day we’ll all be playing Zelda on our phones, rather than on our DS.  On the other hand, maybe Nintendo’s plans for the future will prove that they can still make games that could never be enjoyed as much on such a handheld.

Where do you stand on the smartphone gaming debate–should Nintendo catch up with the times and enter the era of the smartphone, or should it stay true to its unique creative traditions and continue on its current path?

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  • Ferichan

    I dont play on my Itouch or phone (It annoys me) so I frankly dont care if Nintendo games never make it on smartphones.

  • MrDudeyRock

    I think that's flippin' great. I never want to play Zelda on a phone, unless the phone is made my Nintendo, and I have to pay $40 for it. It irks me when I saw people playing Zelda on there iPhones, and iPads, like Apple didn't make the best game ever -.-

  • The thought of Nintendo making games on a smartphones is idiotic. Zelda and Mario will never be that casually game I play for 30 seconds at a time. Maybe other types of games, but never with Nintendo games.

  • I love you, Nintendo.

    • peteriuss


      • cloverplayer


  • Avianspark

    I would love it if Nintendo never made anything for phones. They're doing what they've always done, I like it, and I know a lot of people like it, so why change?

  • peteriuss


  • bolter1

    Finally someone gets it that gaming on a phone(/iPod) is not gaming! This is but an example of why I am solely loyal to Nintendo.

  • I hope anyone who tries to copycat Zelda and rips off fans by their purchase gets sued. That makes them seem like they're taking advantage of the consumer.

    • Crashpro3

      3D Dot Game Heroes says hi.

  • Azerik

    Phones are call people, and texting people…minimal internet usage was as far as I was willing to go with phones, as soon as "serious" games started coming out on phones, I was done with smartphones. I still miss my old motorola razr2, and would gladly switch it for my blackberry if my current service provider had them.

  • No games on cell phones. I occasionally play Angry Birds if I have nothing else to do, but I'd much rather play OoT3D (if I owned it…) or another Zelda title. Before I bought the Oracle games, I tried playing them on my iPod and it was crap. Then I found them for real and they become two of my favorite games from the series.

  • bob

    Smartphone gaming is the future of handheld gaming, very short sighted for Nintendo not to realize this. How can the people who gave us these great franchises make such bad calls in relation to this and online connectivity (friend codes sound like a great idea along with no match making! I wonder why no one plays brawl online when millions play halo, its a mystery)

  • Bobby

    No handheld game I can think of can compare to the levels of detail and intricacy put into Nintendo games by the devoted staff. I feel that handheld games would be a step down for Nintendo.

  • To be completely honest, I have seen some visually amazing games on the iPhone that put DS games to shame. But, virtual controls can never compete with physical controls, which is the sole reason I bought by 3DS. That being said, Nintendo used touch controls almost exclusively for the Zelda DS games, which was absolutely ridiculous and goes against what they are saying here.

  • Sakuya

    I don't see why they shouldn't do both. Maybe keep some of the big releases on consoles but release or re-release some on phone markets. Nintendo does have quite a few quick-30-second games that would be perfect for mobile like Pokemon Puzzle Challenge or Rhythm Heaven.

  • the_voice

    tomorrow — Tim Cook: "We'll create a smartphone which can reproduce any Nintendo game."

  • Nintenfan81

    Solution: Nintendo makes their own smart phone/tablet, then makes games for it.

  • Tayo

    Smartphone = Phone. I'll right with ya Nintendo! It's about standing out. I don't even own a modern cell phone. I only use mine to call anyway, but I own every Nintendo console generation.

  • linkinnintendo64

    Personally, I think perhaps Nintendo should stick to making games on their platforms, not on that Macintosh crud. Please don't cuss when replying to this comment.