Skyward Sword has been making its rise through G4’s deathmatch, beating such titles as Skyrim and Uncharted 3. In the final battle, Assassin’s Creed vs. Skyward Sword, Nintendo fans celebrated as The Legend of Zelda became champion.

However, many Nintendo fans have become annoyed with X-Play, as the announcement that Skyward Sword won included a snide comment about how victory was due only to Nintendo fans being “enraged” with G4 for not being included in the other G4-decided Game of the Year awards, stating, ‘It was a close race, but in the end, anger always wins.’

Many feel that this comment downplays Skyward Sword’s victory and does not give it credit for winning on its own merits as a game. However, as Zelda and Nintendo fans we can all agree that this victory has been a very sweet comeback. Leave us some comments below, let us know what you think!

  • Awesome

    Well, I’m a huge Zelda fan and I’m happy that they won this contest, although I’m not a gamer and I don’t really know the importance of this, I think we should jut get over it, I mean who cares what they say, if Zelda has a lot of fans it shouldnt matter what one show or whatever says about. It’s an awesome game and I think the only reviews that matter are the fans. Just sayin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nope

    Nowadays, G4 is just a bunch of ignorant people who praise Call of duty and GTA. If it’s not on xbox or ps3 it’s not cool in their eyes. I’ll be honest, i don’t like the wii for the lack of actual good games, but i saw and played Skyward sword and this game deserves a few wins. Nintendo actually created a gem. I can’t remember the last time they did that. Go Nintendo!

    • Adam

      I believe that the last gem Ninty created was Super Mario Galaxy 2, last year?

  • Google Says

    Yeah, that comment was a complete slap in the face, we didn't even get the recognition we deserve. If another game like Skyrim won they would have praised it. G4 should take that video down.

  • bradley

    u mad g4?

  • blackenedktulu

    I'm an avid Zelda fan, and I solely own Nintendo consoles. Honestly, and I'm not looking to troll – but Skyrim is a better game to Skyward Sword, in my opinion. I've played both, and even though SS was one of the best Zelda titles released to date (Majora's Mask beats it, ever so slightly) it does not compare to Skyrim. Skyrim has more gameplay, sidequests, and npcs to talk to, it has varied difficulty settings, etc. Skyward Sword is linear, much more so than OoT, TP, MM, etc., the only thing that Skyward Sword has that is worth merit, which outstrips Skyrim and frankly any game – the battle mechanic with the 1:1 motion controls.
    I'm not even going to discuss the graphical thing, the Wii is nowhere near as powerful as the 360 or a PC, so that shouldn't be considered.
    Skyward Sword is MY favourite game of the year, but I know that it's not better than Skyrim. Not by a long shot.

    • HeroOfWinds2

      Personally, I think its a bit hard to compare the two, as there are vastly different in gameplay and what they were trying to accomplish. Skyrim is a huge open world that was made to suck your life away (I can't wait to get it XD), while Skyward Sword was meant to be a more linear focused game. Both of them are great and deserve GOTY.

      • blackenedktulu

        Yeah, I agree about the comparison being strange – they're in different classes, and as much as nintendo fans might argue, they have to put their pig-headedness aside. It's like a welterweight and heavyweight fighting.

    • KatieMackenzie

      you are right, the Wii is altogether not as great a system.

    • freedom410

      It's nice to see somebody look at this with a clear head for once. Zelda U's postings encouraging readers to vote for SS actually lend a good deal of credibility to X-Play's accusation that SS only won because of enraged fans. I mean, after all, the reaction amongst Zelda fans to SS not being crowned king was, well, enraged. While SS is a good game, it certainly doesn't fall under the category of great.


        The official ES site and ES facebook encouraged people to vote for Skyrim, didn't they?

    • Frozen Spiral

      >I solely own Nintendo consoles. Honestly, and I'm not looking to troll – but Skyrim is a better game to Skyward Sword, in my opinion.

      >solely own Nintendo consoles. Honestly, and I'm not looking to troll – but Skyrim

      >solely own Nintendo consoles. Skyrim

      >Nintendo consoles. Skyrim


      • Thanatos

        Skyrim has a PC version.

      • blackenedktulu

        Played on a friends 360, should've clarified that. I'm not exactly a hardcore gamer either, but yeah.

    • Jonathan Svanberg

      In my opinion, Skyward sword is the better game AT THIS STAGE, but when the creation kit comes out… Skyrim will most probably become the better game of the two. I loved morrowind, i loved oblivion… and a large reason for that love was what people made with the games, the mods created for them. Just a simple thing as the ability to add wildlife like birds fishes horses insects and the ability to write your own journal in morrowind made it extremely much more enjoyable. the game in itself lacked alot, but were made complete. as a console game skyward sword will thus always be the better game of the two in my opinion, but the PC version of skyrim will truly become the stuff of legends that we will tell our children and grandchildren about ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jonathan Svanberg

        just had to mention: the ability to make all cliffracers peacefull was kinda obligatory for me to even enjoy morrowind. so mods ftw, lets make skyrim on PC legendary when the creation kit is out next year and lets enjoy Skyward sword to the fullest.. because it is the best game of 2011. skyrim will become the best game of 2012, because of the mods that will be made. but 2011 belongs to zelda.

    • hurr

      They’re both extremely different games trying to achieve extremely different things. Skyrim is a sandbox game with a massive amount of options as to what you can do and where you can go. That’s good and all, but it’s not really fair to say any games that don’t posess an identical quality are automatically worse, as you seem to suggest. Skyward Sword is simply a far more compact adventure with a much more intelligent design. Just because it’s not a massive open world doesn’t mean it should fall below Skyrim.


      Well..that's you're opinion and I can't really say anyting about it, but G4 is a so-called "most trusted gaming site", not an individual
      They should have shown a little respect for SS and rightfully praised it for winning, even if SS wasn't their favorite.

  • Sam

    I'm not gonna be a sore winner. In the end I got what I want: Zelda won the popular vote, and G4 is dumbfounded and discontented by the results. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Those n00bs at G4 got pwned. They're the ones who should be:

    Furious! Outraged! Sick with anger!

    • Purechoas

      hahaha that made me laugh. Oh Ghirahim Thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ferichan

    Haha, seems like the angry one is someone else, eh G4? U MAD ? 8DDDD

    Haters to the left! LOL!

    Plus its a swell known fact G4 LOATHES nintendo so I would've been surprised if g4 hadn't made some sore loser kind of remark ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Linkmastersword

    Hhahaha! G4 MAD BRO

  • forgion

    Skyrim was on the lead but it got an light arrow on the knee.

  • Olympion

    Talk about sore losers, actual gamers prove G4 to be full of it and they don't like it one bit. Skyward Sword was as worthy a GOTY as they come, and won the tournament despite having to make it through the toughest bracket, well done Skyward Sword!

  • TucanaThetoucan

    G4 is mad, bros! You mad, G4? *troll-face*
    This proves that not all games have to be ultra violent to be ultra stellar.
    The Legend Zelda: Skyward Sword is a game that should be played by almost any gamer.
    I think games like Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto should be left for adults only due to their content.
    A great game does not have to be rated M for mature.
    A lot of great games are rated T and under.
    G4 just wants shock value, I just want good controls and compelling story-lines.

  • I'm glad Skyward Sword won, it's truly a worthy title to win GOTY from what I've heard from friends (although I have yet to play it myself. That should soon change though!). Skyrim's way overrated, plus if I hear one more "took an arrow to the knee" joke I'm going to beat said person to death with their own skull after I rip it out of their head. >=)

  • Craig

    They've always been down on anything Nintendo just because it isn't full of manly crap that forces kids to follow that example… Some of the "hardcore" games may be good but the whole reason a lot of people make them on PS3 mainly is to teach young generations how men should be. They've been down on this competition from the start, giving it a sub-par description compared to the other games… and now this. I'm glad it won, the reason so many wanted it to win is because the game is genuinely amazing and yes because others are always so down on Nintendo – Narrow-mindedly discrediting anything. They're the ones who hate, we just have to defend ourselves from those arrogant bullies who would try to hurt and upset people purely based on their ideals and over games for god's sake… ridiculous.

  • I feel like an immature little kid right now for feeling this way, but I so lost my respect for Adam Sessler with that comment. Immature, I know, but that's the way it is. Hmm, so now Morgan Webb is the only person on G4TV who I still like and respect as a host and a gamer. <3

  • Phan

    ..Why is everyone comparing Skyward Sword to Skyrim?
    Assassins Creed was the one who got into the final. Not Skyrim .___.

  • xdoods

    wow, they put it on there because they knew skyward sword would put up a fair fight, and now they offend us? what hypocrites

  • Drew

    Honestly all this is proving is which game is liked best so why is everyone making a big deal out of it? Zelda wins deathmatch, xplay gets mad. Yet all it is saying is,"More zelda fans are out here then fans of these other games." Big deal. It doesn't effect your opinion of the game. Whatever game you like, you like.

  • GarlicTaffyApple

    These game face-offs are silly to begin with as they only show which game isn't being played because it's fans are too busy voting on websites!
    Personally, I didn't vote at all on this because I was too busy playing BOTH games <3


    And a well deserved victory it was. But that enraged fanboy comment at the end was unneeded. X Play is the angry one, pro XBOX 360 site.

  • LunarMew

    Not to sound like a jerk, but didn't the Skyrim fans who voted were also as enraged? As far as I've heard that there were both Zelda and Skyrim fanatics would make multiple accounts just to vote multiple times in this contest. It is practically a corrupt popularity contest and that is why I don't have faith in G4's "deathmatches".

    If any of you want for Skyrim, Zelda, or a different game for GOTY, that is up to you, but at least do not expect contests like these to know any better just because they are from big named websites. I think Skyward Sword is a blast to play, but I don't think it is game of the year. It is darn close, but it isn't GOTY to me. I don't need a contest to tell me what my favorite game of the year is. =/

    Also, way to generalize your audience, G4. What if someone wasn't an obsessive Zelda fan but just voted because he/she just happened to like the game? The same goes with some Skyrim voters.

  • EdwardValo

    THAT'S NOT TRUE! Skyward Sword was winning DAYS before the award show!
    Skyward Sword was always 70%>ACR 30%

    That's a lie, and they KNOW it!

  • somecrazyguy

    lolz. i like how everyone thinks its cuz the zelda fan sites promote voting… didn't bethesda do that aswell? thats how skyward sword almost lost against skyrim in the deathmatch! now i dont really care whether or not skyward sword lost game of the year, or was even nominated or not, but seriously? they diss the game's fans becuase they think its just rage? wow. cant even give creds to a good game.

  • okilydokilyguy8

    At first, my fanboy blood was blazing with disproportional rage. Then I though about it for a bit, and I had to laugh. No one likes-or respects- a sore loser, X-Play. When I heard about SS's victory, my heart was filled with rainbows, but it would appear that some people (who are apparently quite biased, but that's only to be expected) felt differently, and wanted to spread the negative feelings. Debbie is smirking at you right now, X-Play.

  • Razza

    I can tell you there are more fans of the other games that may have won. Zelda in the long run, probably more fans. But how many fans are under the age of going on sites like G4 and creating accounts on sites such as those.

  • Sage of Hyrule

    The people on G4 are really a bunch of losers… half the time they don't know much about games, save for the mainstream ones because they have to… I really don't give two keese's behinds about what they say. Like everyone said, they're pretty much just being sore losers.

  • bradley
  • Emu

    Whatever man. I don't see that many Elder Scrolls tattoos

  • Sanguiluna

    I think they're mainly pissed because now that their Deathmatch has been won by a game that they didn't even nominate, they pretty much just undermined the credibility of their own GOTY Award by holding this Deathmatch.
    I have a feeling that either next year they'll wait until after the Deathmatch to announce their nominees, or they'll just do away with the Deathmatch altogether.

  • Missy

    I was unaware that people actually still gave a damn about G4.. I mean, seriously?

    Mmm. Guess I was wrong.

  • lazerem

    …and people wonder why I can't stand G4.