Skyward Sword has been out for less than a month, and already someone has risen to the challenge and completed the ultimate boss rush.  YouTube user MilesSMB has posted a 42 minute video (which can be easily navigated via its description box) of Skyward Sword’s boss rush, done with the game’s minimum of six hearts, with no shield equipped, and completed on Hero mode.  The video obviously contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed the game, ranging from one of the very first bosses to the game’s final fight.  If you’ve already beaten the game or you don’t mind seeing some massive gameplay spoilers, hit the jump to see this impressive display of heroism for yourself.

With all of these handicaps in place, this is truly a great feat as far as Zelda battles go.  Have you tried to best the Thunder Dragon’s boss rush, or, better yet, have you attempted it with six hearts and no shield?

Source:  YouTube.
  • Superpokefan94

    Well, I beat it in regular mode, with Hylian shield and 18 hearts…

    • Craig

      LOL You had the Hylian shield though… It's more impressive if you mention you did it the first time to get the Hylian Shield in the first place. This video is a great achievement though but it only encourages people to say "If you don't play this way, you're not a true Zelda fan", which I disagree with.

  • I'm still considering Hero's Mode, but this inspired me.

    • Craig

      LOL Hero mode is a lot harder than usual but worth a second playthrough. I'm just about to head down to Ghirahim's hordes in Hero Mode – They're a tough bunch in hero mode, even if the AI is reduced due to the number of them.

  • Zelda-May

    Wow, he must have gotten a pretty sore arm after this…respect!!!

  • TheMaverickk

    I'm doing Hero Mode with 6 hearts right now… and I'm fearing trying to get the Hylian Shield.

    I've been contemplating doing Boss Rush with the life medal and heart medal if it ends up being more then even I'm used to. At least I have those options (with the Life Medal hearts at least drop fro enemies and grow on heart plants again if I'm not mistaken).

    Either way props to the person who performed this. I found it challenging with 15 hearts with a shield and I was making sure to pick up and grab the hearts that were dropped and in certain arena's.

    • medals don't work in boss rush

    • Chris

      Medals are items from the adventure pouch. They don't work in Boss Rush.

  • Craig

    I saw something epic in this video, during the last part of the Ghirahim fight… Waving the sword side-to-side to the music LMAO!

  • John

    Is this guy Jesus or something???

  • Blinx360

    Yes….. I am beyond amazed now. O.O

  • matt17

    Having no shield makes no difference. In this game it's barely useful

    • Prophet

      You’re not using it right then. Almost every boss and regular enemy has a moment when you can shield bash them and then wail on em. Which is extremely useful for hero mode. Button mashing, or in this case random flailing of the wiimote, isn’t going to get you very far in hero mode.

  • Lliinnkk

    I just beat Boss Rush in Hero Mode. It took foreeeeevveeer. And I had 18 hearts and the Hylian Shield…… This guy is the Zelda master.

  • Tomu

    Noob only has 300 ruppees