Many people were upset that the specially made golden Wii remote, which came bundled with special editions of Skyward Sword, didn’t come with a golden Nunchuk companion.  Fortunately, it seems that Nintendo has noticed these complaints – members of the Japanese branch of Club Nintendo can now purchase a golden Nunchuk for 600 points.  If this item is available in Japan, there is a good chance that it will soon become available to other parts of the world, as well.  Although it would be a nice touch to anyone’s Wii set, this would be especially beneficial to any Zelda fans who already possess the golden, Zelda-themed Wii remote.  What do you think–would you be happy to see this item added to your collection?

Also currently being featured on the Japanese website is a poster set for 250 points, containing two Skyward Sword posters and a 25th anniversary poster.

Source:  Club Nintendo of Japan.