In a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto,it was once again confirmed that no he is not retiring, and a few other interesting ideas were brought up. Perhaps the most interesting thing in this interview is the possibility that Retro Studios may be able to work on a future Legend of Zelda title at some point.

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For those of you not aware, Retro Studios is the company behind the brilliant Metroid Prime games and the latest Donkey Kong Country Returns title on the Wii. Every Nintendo game that Retro has worked on seems to get raving reviews so it would be exciting to see what they could do to the Zelda series. The exact quote from Miyamoto in regards to this is, “As you know, we have already collaborated with Retro for the Metroid Prime series in the past. And I think when we talk about any other franchise, Zelda might be a possible franchise for that collaboration.”

The rest of the interview between Miyamoto and can be found below. It’s come out since Mario Kart 7 came out, there have been some articles about how Retro Studios was very deeply involved in the making of this game, and it’s considered a landmark for the series because you had this collaboration between EAD and Retro. And I’m curious as to whether you think that this would be an interesting model for more games, like a Mario platformer or a Zelda game, to have a Western team and a Japanese team working in close concert to produce a game like that.

Miyamoto: First of all, let me talk a little bit more in detail about how we collaborated with Retro Studios this time. Of course, they were taking care of the game designing aspect. Specifically, they were taking care of the design of the courses and the artwork about that. But when it comes to the gameplay and the control mechanism itself, that’s being taken care of by EAD once again.

People often say that videogames made by Western developers are somehow different in terms of taste for the players, in comparison with Japanese games. I think that means that the Western developers and Japanese developers, they are good at different fields. And that resulted in a different taste in [their games]. Mario Kart, I believe, was good in order to express that kind of different taste because we have many kinds of different courses for the Mario karts to run and race around. So for each of the different courses, we could identify: Retro is supposed to take care of this course, and EAD is going to do that, and such and such. Then, we were able to join forces in order to realize a variety of different courses, a variety of different tastes. I think that’s one reason how it worked out well between a Japanese development team and a Western development team.

As you know, we have already collaborated with Retro for the Metroid Prime series in the past. And I think when we talk about any other franchise, Zelda might be a possible franchise for that collaboration. So with Skyward Sword, a lot has been said about pushing the series forward with orchestrated music. One of the only complaints I’ve read about the game, and this was something I noticed, is that I think in the five years since Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword… when Twilight Princess came out nobody really said anything about this, but when Skyward Sword came out and the game had no voice acting, it makes an impression now because it’s one of very very few games in that genre which do not have the characters actually speaking in full voice. And I’m curious, I know we’ve probably spoken about this before in the past and I know Nintendo has very deliberate — it’s not a question of technology, it’s a question of artistic style and there are reasons you do it that way. But I’m wondering if there’s any pressure now as games keep evolving to add voices to Zelda to keep it current.

Miyamoto: After all, it’s a question of, what do we really want to make? As the director, of course I want to be getting involved, have direct hands on as many parts and as many things as possible. So it depends upon what kind of direction we are taking for certain projects. For example, if we are pursuing photorealism, I do not think that the director can do a lot — in other words, the staff working on the forefront of development are having their hands on, and the director cannot have their hands on, these details.

But what kind of game, it totally depends on what kind of direction I really want to [take]. And … whether the voice actors should play a key role right now is one of the elements that we’ve got to decide in terms of entirely what things we’d like to make. And talking specifically about the possibility of hiring voice actors to play over the roles of the main characters, we have to ask ourselves, after all, what kind of things do we really need them to speak out? Are they important, and are they really doing anything good for the expanding of the attraction of the Zelda franchise itself?

My opinion is actually against that. I mean, by having the voice actor speaking out the main character’s opinions and messages, I’m afraid that they are going to narrow down the actual characteristics that people can imagine or apply to each character they are controlling, for example. But after all, it depends upon how much work the developer has to show, how many things the director can do, and is it going to do anything good to expand the charm or attraction of The Legend of Zelda? So once again, in terms of all these, if you ask me, isn’t it important for Link and other main characters to speak? I just cannot think so, because of, in terms of what I can do and what Zelda should do. You’ve narrowed down — you used to do every single game at Nintendo and have input into it and I know recently you’ve narrowed down into a few games that you work on. And all of these games are big retail boxed games that are sold in stores. I see, with Iwata-san talking more about downloadable games and digital games, that becoming more important. I’m curious as to whether you in the near future want to work on games that are smaller, maybe downloadable games, to raise the profile of those games. We see games by the B-teams, but in order to get more people buying games that way, do you feel there need to be Miyamoto download games?

Miyamoto: I just don’t care — as long as I can make something new and interesting, and if it can become a social topic, and spread to so many people, I’ll be working on anything. That’s my attitude. Of course, the situation today is rather different, many companies are simply looking around and seeing what’s trending, what’s hot. Inside that kind of frame, managers demand developers work on similar games. It’s rather difficult for me to say something exact, because unless I can fix my complete idea, I just cannot decide which media is going to be appropriate. What kind of size is going to be appropriate for development. But I think that is actually the right course for us to choose — in other words, developers first come up with a fresh idea. And then, once complete idea is fixed, they should decide, okay, in terms of a new idea, this media is most suited, and the size of the development teams should be just like that.

And after all, I’m aging right now. Yes, I’m in a stage, in a position to be able to take some distance away from the forefront of the development teams right now and see things from a much broader perspective right now. In other words, I think I have many more options than before. In my head, myself. I am now in a position to make things much more freely right now, but the fact of the matter is I have ideas but I have not come to the stage where I can say exactly which one is going to be good for the network games, or what kind of final format shall be appropriate for social gaming. I even have some ideas about Flipnote Studio, things like that, but I [don’t] have a complete idea for that. Until I can decide, okay, this is going to be the way each one of these ideas is going to be combined and take shape, I just don’t say that it’s good for digital, it’s good for download. That’s all.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Retro Studios working on a Zelda game Let us know in the comments.


  • Alessandra

    I would like to see this done only because they did good in Donkey Kong Country Returns and some have said that they did well in a Metroid game.

  • Ben

    This would be quite interesting. Note that he said that Retro wouldn't do the game all by themselves but would be more like working together with Nintendo. Retro are a good team, they did a pretty good job with DKCR and the Metroid Prime games.
    Also, I think this would be a good choice since I'm not that much of a fan of the idea that Eiji Aonuma taking over the series all by himself. Don't misunderstand me, this is nothing against Aonuma-san, I just think that this is too much power for just one single man.

    • RedBearLuX

      Too much power for one single man? They're not handing over launch codes for nuclear weapons O_o He'd just replace Miyamoto and Miyamoto has that power and he is one single man…in fact Miyamoto has that power on several franchises. It's not like Aonuma will become god and his decisions will be absolute he'll be working with the same team that him and Miyamoto have been working with for years now.

      • Ben

        Yeah, I'm sure about that. But nontheless, I'm a little bit concerned when Aonuma says he wants to make Zelda "his Zelda". What one likes the best may not be the opinion of the rest of the world. That's basically what I meant.

  • That would be pretty sweet. I loved DKCR, so this will be a much welcomed thing.

  • Retro Studios did very well in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Metroid (from what I hear). But could they be just as good with Zelda? Only time can tell. I'd have to see actual proof before commenting right-off. I am excited to see what they can do, though.

  • TheGrave

    As long as they don't change up too many things like how they changed the villains on DKCR from the Kremlings to those lame Tiki things. Though I guess with Aonuma in charge, that probably won't happen.

  • BlizzagaLantean


    Retro should save Star Fox before anything else.

  • BlizzagaLantean

    And before you fanboys rage and dislike my above comment, thing about this:

    Zelda is a great series. Each installment Nintendo churns out is frakking awesome. Not to mention that Nintendo is consistent with releasing new Zelda games.

    If you ask me, Zelda is fine the way it is.

    Star Fox, on the other hand is a series that is in trouble. I personally loved each game but there are many who didn't like the latest ones. Not only that, but Star Fox was totally passed over this console generation. I love Star Fox and hope that this doesn't mean the series is now dead and buried in the past.

    Enter Retro Studios, a team of gods who turn everything they touch into gold. See: Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Two excellent revivals of two struggling franchises lost in the past. Before Prime, Super Metroid was the last game in the franchise. We never got to see Samus on the 64 apart from Smash Bros. And as for Donkey Kong, arguably his last best game was Donkey Kong 64, with the next set of games being racing or played with bongos.

    But then Retro came in with their necromantic powers and, not only restored both franchises to their former glory, but took them to new heights.

    Star Fox is in desperate need of such attention.

    Zelda is NOT in desperate need of such attention. The series is going great with or without Retro's help. On the other hand, you must admit that Star Fox would greatly benefit more from Retro's godlike touch.

    So don't be a fanboy and dislike my post merely because you don't like me disagreeing with Retro working on a Zelda game. Zelda doesn't NEED Retro. Star Fox does. And desperately.

    • Querulous

      Star Fox is dead, you boob.

      • BlizzagaLantean

        My point exactly. Which is why it needs the touch of Retro Studios.

    • Skyward n00b

      Well then just imagine how much better the Zelda franchise will be if Retro helps with a new Zelda… You said that they revived these other games like DK and Metroid so if they help with a Zelda, it'll be that much better than it already is!!!!!

      • BlizzagaLantean

        Perhaps, but I think it's more important for Retro to save Star Fox. We need more than just Mario and Zelda, yo!

  • Ghost

    Does it mean the quality standards are being reduced to 1%?

  • Retro Studios did very well in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Metroid (from what I hear). But could they be just as good with Zelda? Only time can tell. I'd have to see actual proof before commenting right-off. I am excited to see what they can do, though.


      Retro also helped out with the retro tracks in Mario Kart 7. 😉

  • HeroofTime

    It would be a new experince for us to see what Retro Games does for Zelda

  • The darkness lord

    DKCr was hard..i played iot with someone who played the prevoius
    i played Prime on wii (and on GC) and loved all of them. I say"go and try with Zelda" I can't imagine how it will be , but I it should be a good experience

  • i8oprah

    Since they've worked on Metroid, and the one on gamecube was creepy as hell, we may be getting that eerie, dark Zelda we've been waiting for

  • Karadom

    I don't trust Retro with Zelda. At least not until Nintendo gives them a little more freedom.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I think it would be interesting for Retro to have a hand in developing a Zelda game, they're a good company, though they did a few things to DKCR that I didn't like

    As for voice acting, I feel Miyamoto's problem with it wouldn't be a problem if they did it like Skyrim and had everyone except the main character(Link) speak so you could still feel connected to the character, but in the end, I really don't care if they do voice acting or not, the series has always done just fine without it


    Zelda has a truly bright future ahead!

  • Ahh, this worries me… They might ruin the Hero of Time Saga… They have room to add more to that story, like the origins of the ocarina, and many other aspects of lore. There is a high chance they will just use Ganondorf as the enemy. = Hes dead now, he isn't sealed. Dead. Gone. Unless he comes back as zombie Ganon for the love of god I hope they don't, he is gone. Time for a new Demon King! We already have 3 now! Malladus is a reincarnation of Demise too.

  • Supportedcoffe

    Just don't give to much power to retro, we need nintendos touch to make it magical.

  • I won't cast judgement until I've actually played the game (if it ever happens). From what I hear, DK and Metroid were pretty good for what they've done, but only time will tell for Zelda. Who knows?

  • Allan

    Man this just makes me wanna work for Retro even more!I know a few moths back they had openings for computer program engineers. If i could get past my fears of the game industry. So many horror story's.

  • Ashton Kinde

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