Hi there Universe! I am Rusty, more commonly known as HappyDragonite; and I make ZeldaTunes for ZeldaUniverseTV. I have loved Zelda since I was a kid, and loved not only the games, but the music as well. As stated at E3 2011, music is a hugely important part of Zelda games, and my job is to refresh some of the music. I have been on staff since June of 2011, but have been relatively quiet here. But that is about to change!

Along with my (usually) weekly remixes, I am starting a column on ZU, called Music Monday, in which I will show you all a cool piece of Zelda musical talent on the net, sometimes by a fan, and sometimes a soundtrack song from whichever Zelda game I’m particularly fond of that week, followed by my own ZeldaTunes for the week. Click the jump for Music Monday!

Dubstep is new to the music scene, but has become very popular in just a short time. This is one of the greatest Zelda dubsteps I have heard yet, and am pleased to share it with you!

And that is Zelda dubstep! Now, for something more relaxing, I proudly present my remix of Clock Town, from Majora’s Mask!