For those unable to tune in to Spike’s Video Game Awards 2011, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was up for Video Game of the Year, but unfortunately lost to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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Mr. Miyamoto accepting the Video Game Hall of Fame award for The Legend of Zelda

But keep your chin up, Zelda fan, because Skyward Sword was awarded “Best Wii Game” and “Best Motion Game.” Not only that, but they awarded The Legend of Zelda series with their first ever “Video Game Hall of Fame” award. After 25 years of greatness, this award is well-deserved!

Still, we wish Skyward Sword had won “Video Game of the Year.” Do you think it deserved the award? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Spike TV
  • Link and Cuccos

    Skyward Sword is GOTY in my book.

    And being inducted into The Video Game Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors a game can receive. Not to mention Miyamoto received a standing ovation.

  • Anithene


    SS DID win some pretty good awards, plus being the first to be in The Video Game Hall of Fame, so I'm overall pretty happy. I do wish it had won GOTY, however.

  • Acostar62

    even though skyward sword lost this match, it is still the best game in my book

  • Skyward Sword is just so awesome.
    it doesn't matter if some people don't like it.

  • So glad Miyamoto-San didn't actually step down so that he could be there to accept the award.

  • Supportedcoffe

    I really don't care about these goty contests. Choose your own goty. Though i am happy zelda entered the hall of fame, the serie deserves it.

  • Blinx360

    How many game franchises can say they got into VGHoF? By far much better than any GotY, which OoT already earned, and OoT also is still the best game ever created due to what it brought. I'm beyond satisfied with what Skyward Sword got. If we got GotY, would have just been more or less bragging rights. So I'm beyond satisfied with what it got. πŸ™‚

    • BlairShadow


  • Jacks-Up

    Skyward Sword wasn't going to Win GOTY, it didn't even beat out Batman or Uncharted for best Action Adventure.

    It did win Best Wii Game” and “Best Motion Game.", but lets face it, it had very little to no competition in those areas, it won because the other teams failed to show up.

  • Bob the Bartender

    With graphics that look more outdated then TP and do the Impressionism art style injustice, characters that act like wacky inhuman children, and a plot that's convoluted and messes up the entire Goddesses mythos established throughout the series, I think it was very generous that Skyward Sword was even considered for GOTY in the first place.

    • freedom410

      Hate to say it but I agree. While I like SS, I don't LOVE it. It is fun, but there's nothing really innovative or particularly wonderful about it that would make it THE best game of the year. The motion controls, while fun, honestly don't feel like a huge step beyond what was possible in TP. The story didn't have an epic feel to it and felt a bit too Disneyfied for Zelda. I'm glad the Zelda series is getting recognition, but I can't honestly say the game is THE best.

      • TheMaverickk

        "don't feel like a huge step beyond what was possible in TP"

        When you say something like this, it doesn't sound to me like you've actually played Skyward Sword. Most the people I know who have played completely agree that the Sword fighting in SS is really what makes the game so satisfying, it's such a huge difference. There was absolutely no risk in killing enemies in TP, you waggle and they died… they even gave you an instant kill unsheath move, that basically could kill even the toughest foes in a single strike.

        I also don't know you can not consider this game epic….. The Imprisoned, or sky diving onto his head and stabbing that spike in further into his skull. The tension and animosity building each time you face these foes is far more intense then the fleeting one off battles you had against characters like Zant.

        Not to mention that for the first time in Zelda history we get a final battle that actually has you fighting off armies of foes. It was a thrilling experience to see it come to life.

        With all that in there, I was floored … it makes the "Ocarina of Time" tribute that was Twilight Princess look very dull.

        • Mark

          Yeah and Mario is Missing is also a great game…lolz, sarcasm.

        • Bob the Bartender

          I'm sorry, but when all the monsters are so wacky that they look like they are from an episode of Dora the Explorer all the tension is replaced by face-palming laughter for me. Yeah, the controls are awesome and it's fun to swing the sword around, but I feel it's pointless when all the enemies are so cuddly wacky that it just ruins the mood and the tone. Your mileage may vary.

    • PKThunda

      The fact that NPCs act like "wacky inhuman children" is what makes Zelda unique. I do not understand how the plot is "convoluted" and messes up the entire "Goddesses mythos," but I do know that Skyward Sword's timeline takes place before ALL of the Zelda games.

    • somecrazyguy

      actually it does not mess up the old goddessess mythos. u ever played it? the old gods (golden goddesses and other gods with them) gave the triforce to hylia to protect. thus the events of skyward sword. after that, zelda and link decide to stay, and hyrule is born. eventually the war with the dark interlopers happens, and the ancient sages seal the triforce in the sacred realm, with the master sword being a key to its release, since the master sword will only ever respond to link. get it?

      • Bob the Bartender

        Then how come Hylia is never ever mentioned again in the series? How come the "Old Gods (masculine)" are suddenly worshiped again in OoT when they were supposedly old by the time of Skyward Sword, which takes place before OoT? Also please check your grammar.

        • ads

          seem pretty obvious to me why hylia was never mentioned again
          (zelda's lines when she was reveled and the ending dont make that clear?)

        • Strange_friend

          It's funny that you are still commenting, and about your comment, so what?

    • TheMaverickk

      Personally Twilight Princess is a crappy game. If you think it looks better then Skyward Sword your a complete moron… not as moronic as the people who try and say that Skyward Sword looks like Ocarina of Time on the N64…. but still a moron to say the least.

      Look at the animations, look at the characters and how animated they are versus the stiff and rigid character models in Twilight Princess. The vacant stares of Ilia and Link… empty landscapes of muddy brown textures.

      Also the story doesn't mess up the "goddesses" mythos… Hylia was clearly a sort of lesser god working under the Goddess'. There's nothing convoluted about this god's introduction. She simply isn't one of the creationist gods… it's why her statues all depict Hylia with wings, more of an "angel" figure then a god. She was aiding them and carrying out their will to protect the Triforce and the world from the demonic forces.

      Seems pretty straight forward to me.

      This is simply some trolling at it's best. Still good debates are good debates.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      I agree with freedom410, SS is a good game, just not amazing


      Out of the 22+ people who've tried SS going through my house since I got the game, they either thought the motion controls were cool for a few minutes, then they quickly got incredibly annoyed by having to constantly re-calibrate aiming

      This game doesn't have the epic feel I expect from Zelda games, outside of skydiving, to me and everyone else who has played it on my wii, it never feels like there's a threat to you or to the world, the game feels more like a happy go lucky tale with all the stupid fetch quests and way too bright atmosphere making it seem more like Dora the Explorer

      And I strongly disagree, to this day, TP never felt dull, it's the only Zelda I keep going back to play, in fact, I'm ready to play it for a 5th time

      And on top of all this, you say people who think TP looks better are morons? Hah, how immature, do you even know people in real life? NONE of the people who've played the game here think SS looks better than TP, visually, they all HATE how SS looks, well except 1 of my friends he kinda likes it, most say the visuals are a blurry mess that make it look like N64

      Animations in TP are the same in SS from what I see, and Skyloft is even more of a bland boring wasteland than the fields in TP, what, 3 or 4 islands with a use?

      In the end it's all opinions, but I hope you know you're a minority from what I've seen

      • Faleel

        "the Visuals are a blurry mess"

        Are you playing with composite cables with 480i?

  • Rakshael

    Skyrim is horrible, I've seen its gameplay first-hand. All it is is bad gameplay and storytelling coupled with good graphics. I can't believe it was even considered for goty. And the fact that it won is just atrocious.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      You're VERY wrong, it is in fact a very good game, it got those scores for a reason, YOU just don't like it, there's a difference

      • linkintime

        nope. it is really bad~~

        • Nope, that's just your opinion & personal preference & like an anus, everyone has one. I thought skyrim was fantastic.

      • ChainofTermina

        for once, Sanity's Thief, I completely and utterly agree with you. Just because a game isn't a Zelda game, that doesn't make it horrible. and I'm starting to think the people around here think otherwise.

        Zelda is awesome and amazing and ONE OF the greatest games on the world, but it is not THE greatest game in the world. there is no one game that excels above all others. be fair, ZU, be fair.

        • Thank you very much for this comment. Tempted to stop reading the comment sections because the fanboys are just too ridiculous.

  • ZELDa

    Bob the Bartender opinion is relevant.

  • Darkstar

    With Zelda being inducted in the VGHOF, it just beat out every other game there, award wise. Plus it got a standing ovation which no other game there got. GOTY award is just for a year, the Hall of Fame is eternal and that's where this epic legend belongs!

    I also loved the green Hylian crest light display/hologram that moved across the ceiling and the many swords and shields across the stage, cool effects.

  • BlairShadow

    It went into the hall of fame πŸ™‚ Certainly beats Skyrim. Though i played that game too. It's actually alright but i still wish my beloved zelda had won. on behalf of all of the zelda fans in the world i want to say WE LOVE YOU ZELDA!!

    • guest

      Yes an entire series of 25 years beat out one game /golf clap. Don't act like Skyward Sword beat out every game because the entire series of Zelda went into the hall of fame, they just made up so award because whats his face is retiring and the couldn't even get that right if anything it should of been Mario.

      Mario save the Video game industry from crashing in the 80s Zelda didn't.

  • matt17

    I can see why zelda ss didn't win, it was sort of a let down. The game isn't as great as we thought it'd be.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      Same with me and everyone else who played it at my house so far, some people already stopped playing after getting into the 2nd temple

      • Soulless Creature

        It's a game for a Zelda fan.

        • I am a zelda fan. I have loved the series since I was 12 but SS isn't a great game. I'm only a few hours in and already don't feel like continuing it. My main issues lay with the motion+ controls. Extremely shoddy & makes moving in the game & combat extremely awkward imo. So maybe it's more so a game for a zelda fanboy.

          • prada

            WHAT!!!? I was completely like NO to the motion controls when I heard about them. now I'm like wow these are awesome. I really don't want to stop!!!! what you may be dealing with is interference with the wiimote though maybe sunlight?

  • deku pete

    i do wish that skyward sword was recognised as the highly probable best ever Zelda game, but i just think of how many other awards Zelda has… Zelda already has about 5 game of the year awards so i think ill let that one go to Skyrim, but i wont be happy about it

  • Josh

    Haha, poor whiny fanboys. Your tears are delicious.

    • Skyrim


  • Drew

    Congratulations zelda, but skyrim won. VGHOF? If a fame like skyrim can get GOTY over a game that just got inducted, It shows that maybe it deserves a little bit of appreciation.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I love Zelda, I've been a long time fan and to me there is no other series as great, but I have to say, this year I felt Skyrim did a better job, and I don't even care for the Elder Scrolls series, Skyward Sword had too many annoying things in it

    • tool

      AKA you're just bad at using motion controls. The only reason anyone would not like SS is if they are bad at it.

      • thanks for your input, tool. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with the sword spirit yacking every two minutes or zelda unworthy music or a giant leap backward in graphics or a stamina meter or shields that can freaking break. No no, all those irritants really enhance the experience.

    • linkintime

      skyrim? nope. glitch scrolls

    • Joe

      I agree. Although I've been playing Zelda since Ocarina of Time, I just think that Skyrim beat Skyward Sword at everything except sword fighting and dungeons. Within 60 hours I beat Skyward Sword, had all of the gratitude crystals, goddess cubes, Hylian Sheild and maybe five heart pieces left to get. Skyrim, 30 hours in I am still amazed by how little I have touched of the main quest, (although the dungeons are very repetitive). Me my older and younger brothers, and my mom play Skyrim and it feels like a completely different game for each of us thanks to the nonlinearity and freedom it gives you. I don't think Skyward Sword is a bad game at all, but it just pales in comparison to Skyrim, in my opinion.

  • ChainofTermina

    holy crap you guys are sore losers. this website seriously needs to grow up. just be glad that a even though Zelda didn't win, at least a game in the same fantasy sword-&-sorcery genre did and not some retarded FPS like COD or one of the other 30,000 installments of that category.

    Skyrim may have some glitches (btw, I've been playing it every day since it came out, Nov 11, and I've seen maybe 5 glitches in that entire time.) but even so, that's because it's much bigger and much longer and has a plethora of more data and code in it. they probably should have put it on more than one disc, to be honest.

    I LOVE Skyrim, and I LOVE Zelda, and quite frankly, I'm really very surprised that so many people here are so immature that they can't do the same.

    • Bob the Bartender

      Thank you so much for this comment. Over the last few years I've become embarrassed to be a Zelda fan because of how much ridiculous hype is built up around every new Zelda game and the the ridiculous fan backlash that results if the game in question is not undisputedly put on a godly pedestal. As I mentioned early Zelda fans should be thankful that these recent Zelda games are even considered in the first place, instead they just whine like kids that their new favorite game lost to something superior. It's not GOTY really matters in the end anyway.

      • Here here! I mean I loved TP but am well aware there were flaws. Same with Skyrim. You've got to grow up and be realistic. There's no such thing as a perfect game. The fanboys give long-time fans & players a bad name.

    • D'Olphin

      well said, im 175+ hours into Skyrim, and I have not even touched the main quest. I felt for Zelda, motion controls killed it for me though.

  • bradley

    Well, I wanted Skyward Sword to win, but I'm glad it lost to a good game.

  • joe


    That's all I hear LMAO!!! I knew Skyrim would win where it counted. "Oh well SS is getting Hall of Fame what now huh?" Skyrim pwned your sorry @$$ with GOTY.

    • ads

      i remember when you spent hours bitching about how skyward won that stupid G$ deathmatch against skyrim

  • BlairShadow

    Well for those of you who don't like skyward sword why are you here? How about you trolls grow the fuck up, you have too much time on your hands if you come here and bash zelda. Opinions are allowed about how zelda beats skyrim. you're only making an ass out of your selves and just because more people support zelda on this site doesnt make it fanboy….It makes it a zelda site genius's seriously get off your mothers computers this is why 10 year olds dont belong on the internet!

    • TFO

      This is a Zelda fansite, not a Skyward Sword fansite.
      You can still love Zelda, and not like SS. Or love other games like Skyrim.
      I joined this site because of my love for OOT and MM, I don’t much care for the newer Zeldas. Does that mean I should leave? No.

      I wanted Skyrim to win. And it did. I’m happy.
      I also agree with Bob the Barbarian. This is ridiculous.

      • TFO

        Oops meant to put Bartender.

        • ads

          i think blair was referring more to joe then anyone else

      • BlairShadow

        Okay that's okay that you do but people shouldn't complain about how everyone likes this game or that game if bob thinks it's ridiculous or joe then they need to keep quiet people are going to have different views but saying things like "Grow up" Is just being ridiculous as the next person and i like OOT and MM too πŸ™‚ SS was okay to me

    • D'Olphin

      Opinions are allowed for outsiders as well.

  • Sakume

    All opinionated. And that pretty much sums up my view on the subject.

  • It doesn't deserve GOTY, but is deserving of all the praise you kids dish out. Of course, coming to a zelda site and not praising zelda as #1 will get me controversy, I ask all of you to at least find a way to try the most popular games and keep an open mind. Perhaps that would change your opinions a tad.

    • Strange_friend

      I do play popular games: portal, elder scrolls, zelda, uncharted…
      but don't say this was a bad game please, because it isn't and I can say that because when it wasn't, there wouldn't be anyone here.

  • I'd never wish bad unto the Zelda franchise but Skyward Sword was not GOTY material by any means imo. I'm a huge Zelda lover but I also have an open mind & happen to love other franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Halo & Pokemon. Skyrim deserved to win because it was a solid play that was beautifully executed. Just try and open your minds like Eldigato said. Admitting that other games are great doesn't diminish Zelda in any way or make you less of a fan. & Blair, the reason I would say grow up is because it's extremely immature to insult someone with name-calling over a preference in video-games. Mature persons know that personal preference exists & also know that there is no singular video game or franchise that holds a dominion over & his elevated over all other gaming series. Grow up is therefore a perfectly understandable demand to make of some of the people commenting on this site from both zelda & skyrim camps.

  • *is, not his.

  • Taros

    Skyrim deserved it. While SS is a triumphant title in the Zelda series, The Elder Scrolls is something else.

  • Link613123

    who cares that ss lost to whateva it was its just a *** award all those *** awards are good for is to start a argument

  • Nikola

    Ok. Graphics: the best answer –
    Are you playing with composite cables with 480i?
    Motion control? Recalibrating? That’s a problem with your Wii, I haven’t had a need to recalibrate anything even once. And one more thing, if it’s hard for you to have to be standing to play a game (and you don’t really have to be standing, it’s just easier), and you are not handicapped, don’t play it, you don’t deserve it. Go jog for a couple of days to get your body in working mode then try again. Nothing innovative? Yeah, all the sword-fighting games we play use motion-plus, where have I been all these years?
    While I agree it’s not as dark and creepy as the older ones, it has it’s own feel and taste, as every Zelda game does. It’s unique. They all are unique. Yet they are a part of one same world. That’s what makes Zelda so good.

    And about Skyrim… I’m mainly a PC gamer. The first contact I’ve had with The Elder Scrolls was Daggerfell. While it was the worst codded game I’ve ever seen in my life, it was good. But it wasn’t until Morrowind came out, that TES became what it is. You see, Morrowind, with all it’s bugs, glitches, complicated controls, gameplay, troll AI and what-not – was something else. It was a game you actually played for months. And when you finished it, you were like “FUCK MAN?”. No need to say more. Then came “the” shiny Oblivion. Big shiny world, full of big shiny objects and shiny people. Despite that, it was appealing. At least for me. It didn’t have that “you’re not welcome” feel morrowind had. But it was fun in it’s own way, and bleh, it looked good, it was shiny.
    And now, we have Skyrim. A “good looking” game using a 5 year old engine. They’ve really gone out of their way in optimizing it. I mean what the fuck? You call that good looking?
    It’s got the AI Morrowind had. Come on guys, do you really wanna say they couldn’t make it JUST a little bit better. The AI Skyrim has is simply put, disastrous. Innovative it is. Dual-wielding spells, I got to say, I love it. And that’s the only thing that’s keeping me playing the game. Now, the gameplay: Dragons, the mighty, mythical, epic, powerful creatures you kill
    single-handedly on highest difficulty. Good game. The difficulty is even better. Increase the damage and health of mobs. What the fuck? They could have just put a handicap option for a character and call it “handicap” instead of difficulty.
    I know I’ve blackened it plain but really, it’s not the Skyward Sword that hasn’t met the expectations. It’s Skyrim. Of all the hype it’s made, it isn’t worth a quarter.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    I'm going to have to agree: Skyrim totally deserved Game Of The Year.

    Now, am I saying Zelda is a crappy game? Am I saying that I hate it? No. Am I dissing it? No. Having played both games and owning them, I will always stand by with Skyrim being a better game because A: I voted for it on G4 and B: It's just a better game. Of course, I''m not saying that this is a total fact everybody should go by. It's just my opinion.
    Now, I'm off to kill a rather annoying dragon that's flying around Falkreath. πŸ™‚

  • prada

    I am in love with skyward sword… Its so awesome, especially the motion controls…


    Skyward Sword was the clear runner up. Miyamoto's English is actually pretty good.

    • Jacks-Up

      Actually No It lost to Batman AC for best Action and adventure so I doubt it would of beaten Batman for GOTY or Uncharted for that mater