Time Magazine, a widespread, non-videogaming magazine in the United States, released a series of 54  “Top Ten Everything” lists to catalogue the best and worst things of 2011.  In their top ten videogames list, Skyward Sword, the only Nintendo game present on the list, was ranked number three.  This is quite a feat, as 1) Time isn’t usually associated with videogames, so Skyward Sword managed to get even their attention; and 2) The top two games on the list probably aren’t what you’re expecting, although they are both brilliant games, nonetheless.  Hit the jump to view the entire list and see just what Skyward Sword was up against.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Portal 2
  3. Skyward Sword
  4. Uncharted 3
  5. Batman:  Arkham City
  6. Bastion
  7. Skyrim
  8. Dark Souls
  9. Sword and Sworcery
  10. Battlefield 3

There you have it–Time’s top ten games of 2011.  All the big names are there, with additional credit going to a few titles that haven’t been given quite as much attention by the gaming media.  Top ten lists and “best of” competitions aside, 2011 has truly been a stellar year for gamers and gaming in general.

Source:  Time (via MyNintendoNews).
  • Skyward Sword got beaten overall by Minecraft? I thought it would be some of the ones behind it, but Minecraft?

    • QueenxLink

      Yeah, I never understood how Minecraft could even be that "great"… It's an online game made entirely of blocks. I mean I understand Portal 2, but Minecraft, really?

      • Machi the Kikwi

        I have the opposite approach. I kind of understand Minecraft but i've played through Portal 2 and I don't think it beats Skyward Sword. It's still a great game, don't get me wrong.

    • Cody

      They're not looking at it from inside the gaming community where AAA rank sequels to popular console franchises are what matter. From a neutral perspective, Minecraft is an amazing experiment and for some is the ultimate creative game. My problem with Minecraft on the list isn't its place on it, it's that it's been around for more than just 2011, though I guess it really took off a lot this year.

      • Lioness

        The thing about that is, Minecraft went through two to three previous versions, then was in Alpha and then Beta. It's only just last month that the full release occurred. So technically speaking, this is the appropriate time.

    • One thing I can safely say about Minecraft is that it is definitely the most ADDICTING game of 2011, hands down. (:

  • the_voice

    "7. Skyrim"


  • I don't get how Bastion, a $15 Indy game available only on steam, even made it on the list. guess I might as well play it.

    • Dragoon2525

      It's also available on the Xbox live arcade.

    • Lizzy

      When I bought Minecraft it was 15 dollars. And its an indie game. Maybe people just want something new that indie games bring into the gaming world.

    • ZanioCanica

      Bastion is my second favourite game this year. Right after Skyward Sword.

      A lot of Indy games are much more creative and fun than AAA titles, you need to give them a lot more credit!

  • Rakshael

    Portal 2 looks up at minecraft, the only thing in front of it, and says: "Now I only want you Go-o-one…"

  • TheMaverickk

    Well Minecraft beat all of them 😛

    LOL…. mind you it is the ultimate sandbox game. Like it's literally a game where you are playing in a box with a bunch of blocks building things and creating your own world.

    It's good, and I think it deserves the recognition. I can live with this list.

    Plus it just puts other titles, like Skyrim where they belong. I'm sorry but there just isn't anything special about Skyrim… sure it's graphics are absolutely amazing, but I mean in a year or two it will be beat in that department and then what does it have going for it?

    The big open worlds? I mean World of Warcraft has been doing that for the last 5 years. Anyways Time has gone and chosen some of the more meaningful game entries in my opinion… games that are actually doing something refreshing and different as opposed to simply more of the same.

  • Lizzy

    What's not amazing about Minecraft? It probably took more time than any of these games to be thought-up and is an amazing game. If you are hating on it and have not played it yet, play if first. If you are hating on it and have played it, you either did not give it a chance or you aren't creative.

  • Huh. I wasn't expecting to see minecraft there, but at least Skyward Sword got a pretty high ranking! That's great in and of itself!

  • How is minecraft at #1?

  • Aniday

    Minecraft didn't take any time to think up considering the idea was taken from the open source game called Infiniminer. No originality.

    The "finished" game is the opposite of that. There are still bugs, unfinished gameplay mechanics, most notably the NPCs that don't do anything.
    The final ending part of the game also doesn't make sense and is artificially hard because the gameplay mechanics do not allow for any depth in that area. The dragon is hard only because it flies around and has a ton of health. Then what?
    The scatterbrained approach of Mojang to arbitrarily steal mods here and there to improve their game shows a lock of creativity. Instead of making an actual API, he just decided to keep stealing mods and screw over the community, the people who actually care about the game and have enough creativity to make decent mods that add gameplay, lore, and something to do.

    It's clear this list is just a popularity contest. It's likely that they saw how many cookie-cutter LP'ers were doing Minecraft videos and decided to plop that on the #1 slot.
    Granted, it had loads of potential in Alpha and early beta. Mojang threw that all away, though.

    Skyward Sword should be higher on the list, if only to get rid of Minecraft on the top 10 altogether.

    • Makar

      You realize Mojang doesn't "steal" mods. It's a community effort that pushes the most popular mods to the top and then Mojang decides if they want to put it in the game or not. The people who actually care about the game and have creative ideas usually get recognized.

  • Guil.

    Expected to see Assassins Creed there though.

  • bradley

    Haha, Minecraft won. I will enjoy shoving that in the graphics whores' faces, although I wanted Skyward Sword to win.

  • Mike

    This is the best top ten games list I have seen this year.
    I would point out that minecraft got 1. for originality and design not necessarily cause its an overall better game.