We all know how amazing Skyward Sword is, and many of you are still progressing through (I know I am), but what do we do about the bug that could prevent us from finishing the game? Nintendo has released instructions on how to avoid making this mistake, but none on how they plan on fixing it for the future. Warning this post contains spoilers!

This issue is that players may not be able to progress in the Song of the Hero quest. If the game is saved after completing that sequence of events, the game file will no longer be able to progress. Your only option at that point would be starting from an earlier save, or starting the game over. However, now this mistake can be avoided, thanks to Nintendo’s instructions.

The original sequence of events is laid out like this:

1. At the beginning of the quest, go to Lanayru Desert to retrieve the song of the Thunder Dragon.
2. In the Lanayru Mine, speak with Golo the Goron.
3. Complete the Thunder Dragon’s event, and receive his song.
4. Before heading to the forest or volcano regions, speak with Golo in the mine again.
5. At this point, the forest and volcano events will no longer occur, making it impossible to continue.

However, doing so will ruin your chances of completing the game. Instead, here are solutions:

  • Collecting the Fire and Water Dragons songs BEFORE the Thunder Dragon’s song will NOT ALLOW THIS ISSUE TO OCCUR. In addition, talking to Golo in Lanayru caves will prevent this issue.
  • If the game has been saved after completing the sequence of events, it will no longer be possible to proceed through the game on that save file. The only options at that point are to either start the game over or to use an earlier save file to continue.

There is currently no other fix to this problem, so for now alerting all players of the solution is the best way to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the ending of Skyward Sword. But always remember to save your game regularly, especially before completing the final boss battle!

Source: Nintendo
Via: Nintendo Life
  • Fierce Diety

    So is it talking to Golo after reviving the Thunder Dragon the main problem? I did the Thunder Dragon first on my first play through and had no problems…

  • Ashmic


  • Starting a new save would probably help, but I'd hate to lose all that data.

  • whorse

    I really like the picture in this post! its what drew me in herere rah rah ahh ah ahh

  • Vyse

    It would be nice if Nintendo could apply a patch, oh well.

    • Primal Link

      Im sure they are working on it, the patch will most likely come through as a wii system update. FOr now we (including me) will just have to avoid messing up…

  • Xosgni

    Good thing I did the water and fire dragons first. This would have killed me.

    Also, I'm smelling a SS 1.1 release.

  • A bit annoyed

    Although it's not really a glitch, something that really annoyed me was the "Hero Mode" option after you beat the game. Stupid me, I assumed that you would still have access to your old saved file.. Nope, 40 hours all gone. They really should have built something in to allow you to start the new quest from a different save file. I want to be able to face the ending boss whenever I want and really have no desire to play through everything again. Even though it was an AMAZING game!

    • Vaati-United

      What i usually do is copy it onto another file before the final battle, and the original file can continue on to the bonus game.

      • A bit annoyed

        Yeah, that would have been the smart thing to do. Thanks for the advice anyway!

        • LInkbro

          You still can copy it. I saved right before fighting the last boss, but did not choose hero mode for the same reason as you. I could copy my game any time and leave one so I can fight the end boss anytime and then beat the end boss in the copied version and do hero mode. I think you should be able to do this.

          • A bit annoyed

            Well, the problem is that I was tired and just selected to have Hero Mode overlap my old save file even though they warn you. I didn't really know what Hero Mode was. I guess I thought it was something extra with the quest I was already on. Like I said, suffering from lack of sleep makes me do dumb things without thinking. Just kicking myself now..

    • LunarMew

      The game DOES warn you about this before overriding your save file, you know. After that warning, the obvious thing is to make a copy of the file you finished, beat the final boss on that file and start hero mode from there. Not that big of a deal, you know. ^^

      You…you did read the text, before starting Hero Mode, did you? =(

  • cloverplayer

    Any way to avoid this glitch without spoilers? (I won't get Skyward Sword for another week or so)

    • falconfetus8


      When getting the Song of the Hero, do not set foot in Lanayru until you get the other two parts first.

      Hopefully, that was vague enough to help 😛

      • cloverplayer

        I will definitely try not too 😛

        thanks allot!

  • tool

    It's kinda funny, the ONLY way to do this glitch is if your a complete moron. Hear me out. The first time you meet Golo is when you get the hookshots and need to progress. Of course you will talk to him the first time you see him. He will ask if you could give a donation to the digging, and tells you to come back later. Simple enough so far. Now you heard that you can get the Hylian Sheild from the Thunder Dragon so ofc your going to do him first real quick. The way to get to him is through the tunnel where Golo was. You do all the stuff and doo doo doo doo you get the song. Now, THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON TO GO BACK AND TALK TO HIM. ANYONE with a brain would just go "AWESOME, now ima go get the other ones!" NOT "boy, i wonder wut Golo's up teeooooo┏(・o・)┛ima go check!"

    • Chris

      I experienced the glitch and just now realized that's what I did. Reason being, he was the one who told you about the Thunder Dragon in the first place and I wanted to see what his reaction was now that I had revived him and all that. I usually tend to do that with characters that have helped me out, go back and check to see if anything has changed. I don't think it's that stupid of an occurence.

    • LunarMew

      What if a player is expecting a reward from talking to him? This is during the dragon segments, Golo likes dragons… sort of makes sense.

    • zelda4ever

      The first thing i thought after getting his song was, "Will he still be alive if I turn off the timeshift stone?" (Spoiler Alert: Hes not, or atleast hes not there. The bones are gone, though)

  • KingDodongo1

    I didn't even realize you had the option to do them in a different order. I just went strait to the Water Dragon first

    • Dragoon2525

      me too, i did them in the order of the temples. (Faron woods, eldin volcano and finally Lanayru desert.) 🙂

    • Linkbro

      I realized I could do them anyway I wanted, but chose to do what most people did and do them in order.

      • Disciple of Midna

        Wait a moment… that's possible? I've only finished the Water Dragon of the three… yet when I went to the Isle of Songs afterward it gave me the song for Lanayru… does that part not matter or something? *confusled*

        • Addsy

          You don't have to go to the Isle of Songs at all whilst obtaining the parts of the Song of the Hero. When you have gotten all of the parts from each of the dragons, visit Levias and he will complete the song – the game told you this.

        • katesrepublic

          This is exactly what happened to me! I went to the volcano to try and do it next, but the dowsing wouldn't work and Fi kept telling me to go to Lanayru…

    • saint_tails_09

      I know eh, especially since you'd already met the Water dragon, and none of the others by then (forgive me if I'm wrong about that).

  • Callin

    Who else remembers TP's game-ending glitch, where saving in the cannon room would make you unable to proceed?

  • joebob247

    ya i just did the dragons in order i also didnt know u could do them in a different order

    • The darkness lord

      That was my thought as well. only people who needed a bug/treasure from the desert/volcano and those who are playing by a walkthrough will get this glitch.

      Other people shoudl think that you need to get in the order of the previous playthrough

  • mario_master

    thank you for tip. about to find song go to thunder dragon first for shield. i am one of the nuts who would talk to golo after dragon

  • Luke

    Interesting reading other people's comments about what order they did. I tried to go to the Water Dragon first, but the whole "This area is unavailable" thing threw me off and I thought you had to do it last. Once I finished the other two areas, I went to do the Water Dragon and eventually figured it out and felt mildly stupid.

    • Philare

      Thats exactly what I did! The thunder dragon was the first one i actually got the song from, then i actually did go back to Golo to rub it in his face that I met the thunder dragon and see if he would tell me how to get to the other dragons. I guess just trying to do the water dragon first saved me

    • Someone

      The same exact thing happened with me; I thought there was some meltdown that caused the statues to become unusable (I didn't see that two were available to use), so I panicked but eventually went to Lanayru Desert, remembering Golo said something about a dragon there.

  • Addsy

    Much like 'tool' posted above, I find it quite odd that this glitch has become a major problem. After acquiring the Thunder Dragon's part of the Song of the Hero, your first instinct should be to ascend back into the sky and either complete the song or find the others, and you can do so using the bird statue RIGHT THERE in the same location. I do not see a reason why anybody would find the need to go back through the cave and speak to Golo 😐

    • Chris

      Not everyone wants to just jump from part to part. I intentionally tried to split up all of the questing with as much stuff in between to make the game last longer. That includes talking to characters that have helped along the way, etc.

    • LunarMew

      Dragon legend! Golo! He likes DRAGONS! Dragon quest for songs! REWARD from character with common INTEREST!

      I am still confused why some would think that there are NOT players who would go off exploring to complete the game 100%. =/

  • Blinx360

    I thought you were supposed to go through the Faron Woods, and Eldin Volcano before Lanayru??? Welp, looks like I'm already awesome. ^_^

  • Baker1000

    Why would you even seek out the Thunder Dragon in Lanayru first? Natural instinct is to seek out the Water Dragon in Faron because you've already met her, thus you know where to find her (although it turns out to be not that simple). I did the Thunder Dragon second and had no problems.

    • I wanted the shield that Golo told me about, so I went there first. I knew that that dragon would be behind that wall he was breaking through. Not too hard to figure out.

      But everyone has different ways of playing. No problem with playing your own way.

  • TheMaverickk

    I didn't even encounter this glitch and I did the Thunder Dragon quest first. mind you I didn't go and find Golo a bunch in between this quest… since I had no reason to as far as I remember.

    Either way good on someone out there who managed to find a way to muck up their game save 😛

    I suppose this is what happen when games become too centered on in game triggered events. Meaning that certain things have to transpire or else "poof" that's it… game over.

  • Sanguiluna

    "And so the Gorons, making their new home in the Eldin Volcano, renamed it "Death Mountain" in honor of their brother Golo's legendary progress-killing skills."
    –The Book of Mudora (The Lost Chapters)

    • Chris


    • Mike Sams-Barnes

      Is that in the game? Or did you make it up?

      • Mike Sams-Barnes

        Sorry, that was a REALLY dumb question, wasn't it? =P

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  • I'm glad I saw this before I tried this. I would have hated to have to start over again.

  • Flamejoy

    I beat the game without any issues at all. This is my first time on this website, plus reading about the glitch. However… In my sequence of events, I received the parts of the song from these dragons, water, fire, thunder. Perhaps I just did things the right way by accident Haha!!

  • Haulau

    Really? Ouch, good thing I found this out now- I’m in Lanayru and I was just about to go through the dungeon. D:
    Guess I’ll just hightail it over to Eldin… *whistle*

    Good luck to everyone who suffered the glitch on getting back up to where you were…! @w@/

  • MikeBlue18

    I was on a side quest, originally trying to acquire the Crystal Ball on Death Mountain when I realized . . . all my items has been stolen!! I was thrust into an adventure where I had no items, a sobbing psychic, a lovely yet annoying robot and no idea what to do. Lucky the glitch wasn't upon that section of the game, really. *shrugs*

    Because of my slightly off-topic experience, I do think it is very possible for someone to go to the Almighty Thunder Dragon (uh, I mean, Almighty Thunder Dragon…with a cold) first. I certainly could've. Enjoyed the game, never had any glitch, and hope no one else does either!

  • Yoshi

    I am confussed is this before or after you do the 2nd lanayru(desert) temple.

  • Hydra


    This is after the second dungeon in the Lanayru province (by a fair amount). At some point you'll meet someone who tells you to talk to three other characters without any required order. It is then that you can go to Lanayru and encounter the glitch.

    Heh, MikeBlue, I also inadvertently did the Eldin one first when going for that crystal ball that I noticed the first time I went there (just like the pinwheel and party wheel). I had no idea those sections of the game were going to be event-based.

  • Myself

    I understand that this has been proven to stop all progres, but I was wondering about why I cannot go any farther in my game… I got the Water dragon's part first and then talked to Golo (for the 2nd time). I got the Thunder dragon's song part and then left out the same way I came in. I talked to Golo again and he just told me how jealous he was and jumped up and down -_-… but now after going back up to the sky and going down to Eldin, the capturing cutscene isn't starting! Did I still somehow activaite the glitch?!

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