So remember that mailbag thing we had running and how awesome it was? Whatever happened to it? Well it doesn’t matter because today I can say that we are bringing it back, with a new organisation system designed to not only keep it up and running without fault, but also bring you the very best answers to your questions. So we’re looking a the return of a strong, weekly mailbag that’s better than ever before.

For those that are new, the Mailbag is a feature where you submit your Zelda questions to us and we answer them in video and text. The mailbag will be hosted by a wide variety of your favourite ZU staff members such as the magnificent Cody, fabulous Panique, Mailbag guru James/Lozzie and many more.

So why wait? Submit your question today and keep an eye out for the weekly Mailbag on and ZeldaUniverseTV starting next weekend.

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