So remember that mailbag thing we had running and how awesome it was? Whatever happened to it? Well it doesn’t matter because today I can say that we are bringing it back, with a new organisation system designed to not only keep it up and running without fault, but also bring you the very best answers to your questions. So we’re looking a the return of a strong, weekly mailbag that’s better than ever before.

For those that are new, the Mailbag is a feature where you submit your Zelda questions to us and we answer them in video and text. The mailbag will be hosted by a wide variety of your favourite ZU staff members such as the magnificent Cody, fabulous Panique, Mailbag guru James/Lozzie and many more.

So why wait? Submit your question today and keep an eye out for the weekly Mailbag on and ZeldaUniverseTV starting next weekend.

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  • Nice! Now to think of a question…

  • ChainofTermina

    I remember I used to be all over this thing way back in the day. yeah, good times, good times…

    • cloverplayer

      that was only like 4 months ago…

      • ChainofTermina

        no, I was talking about like 2 or 3 years ago. I didn't say that was the last time the mailbag was here, just the last time I used to ask questions a lot.

  • MysteryJ12

    Fellow Zelda Fans! There is currently an epic battle for game of the year on G4TV (.com obviously) Skyward sword is losing by 48% to 52% to Skyrim! If you like Skyrim that's fine, but please my Zelda brothers and sisters, help Zelda win this title!

    Please publicise this like you did vs. The Batman game ZU.

    • Kyonko

      As well as the Uncharted 3 vs. Skyward Sword, it's only logical to continue by posting this one.

      • Trolldad

        Well it's 51% to 49% now and SS will win against Assassins Creed Revelations so don't you worry

  • Actually it was originally called Aluminum, just the British added an "i" to make it sound more traditional. So he doesn't actually need to learn how to say Aluminium.

    • MysteryJ12

      All metals discovered in the modern era (IE not Iron, Brass etc) end with -ium (Chromium, Potassium etc) But Americans decided Aluminium was too hard to say so they removed the "i".

  • cloverplayer

    …and Jason, right? Jason is as fabulous as Debbie 🙂

    • Soulless Creature

      I call Ghirahim (or whatever he is called) Debbie ever scince the idea of calling him Debbie came up, and I always will. 🙂

    • Jason Rappaport

      Yes and Jason except I wasn't totally informed about the refresh of the mailbag without me 😛 Like heck I'm gonna let them get away with doing a tag-team mailbagfest without me doing one or two!

  • alex


  • Everyone

    WE WANT JASON!!! 😛

  • mini link

    jason is a beast!!!! xP

  • mario_master

    i think the mailbag ended because it got overshadowed by the skyward sword hype. i actually have a few questions for this. but is it okay to ask spoiler based questions on the new zelda?

    • Yes, questions containing spoilers will be answered though we will of course issue a fair warning to viewers 🙂

  • Soulless Creature

    Do the Questions have to be about Zelda? 🙂
    Also will there ever be a final game in the series (I don't want the series to end I just would like to see how the legend ends, and if they do make a game last in the timeline they can always do a one before the end)

    • It doesn't have to be about Zelda per say, but it needs to be Zelda-related. So Questions about consoles or Nintendo's marketing or even how we run the site are questions I can see go answered, but it really depends on how relevant the question is and who's picking the questions each week.

      IMO, It's better to ask too much than too little 🙂

  • fVOTE


  • bradley
    Please vote for Skyward Sword. However, being the biggest Zelda fansite, I don't think ZU should post this until near the end of Round 4, or else Skyrim will go back up and it will just become a matter of chance like it is now.

  • FL767

    Zelda Mailbag brought me to this site. I love the news and read theory threads on the forum all the time, but the mailbag is by far the best. And it's coming back? Fi detects an 85% chance of the quality of life improving astronomically.