Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma informed Nintendo Power that people should expect great things from the upcoming Zelda game  for the Wii U. Click the jump to read more!

Eiji Aonuma told Nintendo power:

Skyward Sword is a title where we took aim at all the conventions of the Zelda series. While that may have been difficult, I think that confronting those challenges resulted in something that has a great deal of value. When it comes to Wii U, we’ll obviously want to add new elements that take advantage of the capabilities of the platform. I think using that as a lens through which we once again challenge the conventions of Zelda is more important than just making another Zelda game. With that in mind, please expect big things from the Zelda series to come!

He obviously wouldn’t tell that many details, but what do you think we could expect from the new game? Let us know in the comments!

Source: My Nintendo News
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  • Goron_Elder

    I would love it to be the Majora's Mask equivalent;

    New, different, loved by many and hated by many.

    I've found TP and SS too neutral.

    • Have you visited our forums? I'm not sure how to find Twilight Princess neutral. 😀

    • Syron

      I agree, we need another MM-equivalent.

  • I'd love a game darker and more eerie than MM and TP combined. They need to freaking add Iron Knuckles and Redeads. Imagine the Iron Knuckle's armor in the 8th gen tech.

    • Peter

      Imagine creepy HD redeads crawling up behind you and screaming…

  • Kiante

    Who else gets the feeling we're going to be using that pad like a music peripheral?

    • Ivan

      Piano of time???

      • yianni


  • I can already feel my excitement for a new game reigniting itself like a phoenix rising from its ashes. This console is going to be so epic.

  • Ashmic

    i want a ganon backstory still -_-

    • Xosgni

      spoiler alert – I thought we got that in SS and Oot….

      • uhm

        We did? I take it Ashmic hasn't completed SS yet…

        • Ashmic

          i meant like emotionally, kid ganon, i watched the game ending before i even played the game so i know about THAT origin, i even drew a pic on it

          • Blinx

            You sir, ruined the greatest Zelda back story (in my honest opinion) to date. 🙁

        • somecrazyguy

          its true. actually, we have three ganon back stories now. two of them kinda connect, SS and OoT. and then there is FSA. the back story for ganon is so differnt, it's lead me to believe there are actually two ganons.

  • MDH

    "I think using that as a lens"


  • aeolus

    Thats what I thought! I hope they can do it and make it smooth. I mean we will be using Wii remote and Nunchuk for Motion+ controls no doubt, so I'm wondering how we'll be able to switch over to using the tablet…

  • Look Skyward

    I have just one question to the people at Zelda Universe, WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO A NEW CONTEST! We have already donated over 500 dollars and they only wanted 200.

  • UnholySanctuary

    ARRRGH the…touchscreen…is…melting…my…eyes!!!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I hope this new game does better than Skyward Sword for me

  • Supportedcoffe

    Continue the story were majoras mask left of.

    • Syron

      YES I KNOW they have to continue with the Hero of Time!

    • Fran

      And meanwhile, try to learn correct English.

  • Greg

    Well now that we can fully operate Link's sword they should use the pad to operate his shield.

  • Menma

    Well, since it's gonna be HD and this is a whole new system and all…

    …hopefully there will be pro/full voiceworks. Or do something like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption where all the characters talked besides Samus.

  • veeronic

    they've revisited hyrule more than any other landscape I notice… how bout they expand the map… include northern hyrule, that whole area from adventure of link… I might just draw up a revamped map of it and email it… see what they think, I mean that would be… gigantic… a huge map… and if they do it right one might be able to explore every inch of it… no out of place walls… or invisible ones for that matter, except for a completely realistic border… lava.. cliffs… mountain ranges or something of a lost woods esque barrier… hell even waterfalls or a glacier could work as one… just no out of place walls in between, just mountains and ruins that could be climbed at a certain point… we all just want that sprawling landscape they keep showing us but always distort by the final release.

  • AuronAXE

    I think talk about the Wii U Zelda needs to be held off for a long time. Nintendo needs to focus on squeezing as much profit as possible from Skyward Sword. It's what they did with every Zelda game and too much "Zelda talk" in such a short while can hurt the reputation.

  • The Cozmologist

    I hope the next game isn't as much, per-say, for younger gamers. I may only be 14, but I think a darker, freakier and scarier Zelda game would be good. I haven't played Majora's Mask before, but I guess I'm saying a new game more like that…?

    • Zach

      I would love a TP dark game also, but keep it Rated T, so Its Zelda. But Im 14 also and agree

    • Azariah Neal

      I agree. I want to see a more darker and gritty Zelda game. No disrespect to Skyward Sword. As an artist, I am a fan of impressionist art and the game itself is absolutely amazing but a Zelda with a darker tone and art style would be very nice. I would like to see a sequel to either TP or Majoras Mask.

    • dude

      i agree,im 10 but i mean i like scary theme!

    • Emilie

      Well, remember that it get harder and harder to do so with better graphics while keeping the game teen and younger. But you should try Majora's Mask if you have a wii. However, I would not be surprised if the next were darker, since I see a patern like this:
      A link to the past: dark
      Oot: not too dark
      MM: dark
      WW: not dark at all
      TP: dark
      SS: not dark

  • momo

    I wonder is Zelda on the Wii U will still have Link's hat glitching through his shield. I think they should keep it in just cause it's been there forever xP

    • Zach

      I know right?

    • Azariah Neal

      I dont think that rendering glitch will ever go away XD

  • Ganondorf

    I would like to see a new shadow themed dungeon, one that is actually scary like Ocarina of time. all i have seen so far had shadow mixed with some other theme, but not one that is just shadow (yes i know twilight palace was shadow themed but it did not quite catch me off guard like oot did).

  • Decimo anonimo

    The only thing i want to take from skyrim into Zelda is a giant map and land to explore, the only thing i want from batman arkham city are the side quest of catwoman in the form of a Zelda side quest, the only thing i want from majoras mask is a story wich can be placed as mature, but still can be for kids around 10 (something between the lines of Digimon Tamers). Minigames and sidequest are added for default almost all the time, so dont need to ask for it… man, there is three things i want more… is that a kind of sign? or is the triforce wich needs Zelda

  • Aethelbert
  • Bingo

    Gritty reboot!

  • Jacob

    Any Zelda is fine for me.

  • Eviie

    To be perfectly honest, I would LOVE to see a Zelda game with technology in it. Not advanced technology, like…..1920-1930's technology, or maybe when they just invented the radio and it's all the rage! Think of how awesome it would be to have a Zelda game with a radio! Maybe even a record player! You could buy records and play them in Link's house(if he had one that is)!
    I KNOW technology isn't Zelda, but I mean that they could make it to where it DOES seem like Zelda, maybe make it really original. I don't want an advanced futuristic Zelda, but one with a little more technology. Like in Skyward Sword, they had little robot like things in the Lanayru mines! Little robots!! If they can have robots in a Zelda game, they can certainly have a radio, record player, or even an old fashioned, early TV! Am I the only one who's wanted to see that?

  • Ahhh! This will be a wonderful new experience, whatever they come up with! I can't wait. I am most curious to see how they decide to move with the art direction.

  • bob

    i`d like a boss with my thought like a giant Deku baba with three heads a horn on each head two tentacles coming from the ground like the other heads besides the main,blue head, yellow roots,orange lips and tongue,blue head,green stalk.this is something i`d like to see anyone got a name for it?!?!

  • steve

    i`d really like to see stuff like his and maybe,for the final boss,something called scytho,it has robes,a giant jewel for an eye.second phase,it has big muscles and a deep voice when you see him he would say “good job…FOOL YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME!…very well…if you want to see your princess again FIGHT ME TO THE DEATH! heh…heh…heh.his crystal eye will split in two and now he pulls out a giant scythe,he is now called scytheo.this may be a long message but theirs more to the story,third phase a big gash with a master sword is on his enormous muscles the size of link! now,he is scythemaniac with two hulking scythes he attacks link and say in a really deep scary voice, “YOU…MUST..DIE..ZELDA…IS..MINE!!!!!!“ once you beat him the darkness, and the monsters disapear .link and zelda are shown on a field watching the sunset and links fairy companion,nael,leaves.as he does link and Zelda wave happily goodbye. the end!

    • jakob

      i like it 🙂

      • steve

        me to i thought of it please tell me your comment

        • joy

          hope the producers see it :}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miranda

    i wanna see that scythe whatever anda new gohma version!

  • Jean D'eau

    Damn… I'm hyped for a game that hasn't been officially announced… And I haven't finished SS!

  • Things that I'd like to see, would be a huge fully searchable world, like when we first saw OOT, but even larger, with a return to the shadow world. maybe even a part of the game where you could play as ganon. I would love a darker quest, but the humor of the series is good. Maybe have something that takes place after Link II (which appears to be the latest Zelda in the timeline)

  • RPG-Fan

    I would like to see a more explorable map, with a wider area. I'd love to see a darker themed storyline and setting. None of that kiddy stuff. And I would really love to see a wider range of side quests. Quests that could get you cash, heart container pieces, items not usually found in the game but not necessarily needed either. Just basic rewards for doing the side quests.

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