Spoiler Warning: I hope it goes without saying, but guides for a brand new game include spoilers. If you haven’t played or haven’t finished Skyward Sword and don’t want to know specifics about sidequests or other parts of the game then please do not read the rest of this post.

Most of the Zelda Universe staff are just as busy playing through Skyward Sword as most of you, but I’ve managed to finish it once (it’s wonderful) and couldn’t stop myself from writing more guides.

So, today I’ve got new guides for almost all of the Gratitude Crystal sidequests. There are three missing is only one missing, but I promise they’ll be done very soon!

The boss strategies were also updated a couple of days ago. They’ve been completely rewritten and include some pictures now. We should have boss strategies for every boss in the game very soon as well!

Please remember that all of these guides are undergoing changes all the time. We’ll be adding more screenshots and more information to these guides as the weeks go on. There are plenty of other new guides in progress as well!

So, let’s get on with the guides:

Skyward Sword Guides

Boss Strategy

Items and Equipment


Remember, if you’re looking for a full walkthrough, check out Zelda Dungeon’s Skyward Sword Walkthrough!

Update: Two more sidequest pages have been published.