I’m typing this at you from my bed. I’m having trouble sleeping, though I’ve been up since 7am and it’s just after 2am now. I’ve set my phone alarm to 10am – Gamestop and my local mall don’t open until noon so that’ll be more than enough time to get ready and get my copy. My feelings right now are hard to describe … It’s an odd sense of happiness mixed with solemnity. As though something is passing, as though I’m losing something tonight.

Tonight will be the last night I don’t own Skyward Sword; it’ll be the last night I look forward to it. The object of what is arguably my most sought after possession for the last four years will finally be within my grasp. I will finally be able to play it, to see what Nintendo has worked on these past five years. I’ll experience the wonders of console Zelda gaming all over again.

And it will be a virginal experience too. I’ve managed to avoid quite a lot of the spoilers so this will be probably the first Zelda I’ve played since Majora’s Mask that I had little to no idea what I’m getting into … It’s really exciting, but there is some bit of fear in me. Maybe it won’t be as good as I hope or maybe I’ll be disappointed.

I think part of me is hesitant to sleep because I’ll lose an objective, I’ll lose that note on the calendar, like a long awaited birthday, blowing out the candles and having that wish granted. I will gain a game in my collection. I’ll gain memories which will stir feelings of nostalgia from my childhood and playing A Link To The Past, of rescuing the Princess and protecting the realm from Evil.

Tomorrow, or rather today I should say, I’ll wake up like so many of you and I’ll shower and dress and head over to my game store. I’ll buy my copy of Skyward Sword, and I’ll come home and play it on my golden wiimote. I’ll share this with so many of you. I’ll share the prelude to the start up menu, enjoy the opening sequence, and begin a quest that I’ve been playing since I was three and again when I was seven and then when I was nine.

My childhood, and my adulthood will mix in a way that they never have before and I’ll make memories of giddy happiness. And the best part about this is I’m not alone … I’m sharing this experience with you and with others around the world. Together, today, we will embark on our own journey one of shared experiences, of individual perceptions, but with one shared love at the heart of it.

Have a good night and morning everyone and remember, have fun!

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  • Ivan

    Oh my god…I can´t say anything, just: Oh my god. Enjoy it man, ENJOY IT!

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    I love this post.

    My pre-ordered Special Edition has already been dispatched from Amazon UK, so I'm waiting for that.

    Have fun, everybody!

  • This article was VERY touching. It's 6:15am where I'm at and I can't get my copy until 11am. I feel the same way about this game and cannot wait to tear away the plastic off my shiny golden box and feel like I'm 12 again.

  • michael12268

    I wont be getting it until after work tomorrow =(

  • You managed to avoid spoilers? Lucky you. I was spoilered pretty badly.

    Although the game was already released two days ago in Germany (where I live), I didn't have the chance to play it because I'm tight on money 🙁

    Can't wait to finally get it.

  • Jessica

    Omg!! This is greatly written!! Everything I am feeling but wouldn’t be able to say!! It is 4:22am n my game stop doesn’t open until 10am. I am like a child n having trouble sleeping! I am so glad people understand that!
    Everyone have a great day!!

  • Siaarn

    You have such a way with words~

  • Vous avez dit tout que je suis en train de sense!

  • Averi

    just amazing sentiments. I especially love the following: "and begin a quest that I’ve been playing since I was three and again when I was seven and then when I was nine." because it rings true for me as well. I really cannot wait – just 6 hours remain for me.

  • Sahittam

    Yes, this is so … I can totally understand that, I felt pretty much the same before I got the game.

    I live in Europe and I was VERY lucky that Amazon shipped my copy two days earlier, so I've been playing it for 4 days already, and I still can't stop to be amazed that I actually have that game right now and could be playing it (theroretically; stupid math homework).

    I felt a bit worried, too, so much that I almost expected it to be a little bit bad, but so far all I've seen showed me the exact opposite! It's a wonderful game and I'm immensly enjoying it (almost spoiler-free, too) and I wish everyone who will be playing it soon very much fun with Skyward Sword!

  • The night before Christmas, haha i'm loving ya!

  • zeldass

    its 8:23 am where i am and my gamestop doesn't open until 11am. I can't wait for the game.

  • anonymous

    Calm down, it's just a game. 😛

  • SS is the best way to top off 25 years of great gaming. =]

    Hope everybody has fun with it!

  • mario_master

    i want to cry. 🙁 i chose the wrong time to break my right wrist. so now i have to play lefty while righty is in a sling and cast


    I feel the same way, bro (11/20 8:55AM).

  • From Holland

    Been playing just a few hours of the game, got it thursday. OMG!!
    BEST (en moost beautiful ) ZELDA EVER!

  • timcanpi

    I know I won’t be getting it until Christmas! This is going to be the best Christmas ever. I was so excited when I heard there was a new Legend of Zelda game coming out.

    Legend of Zelda is before my generation so I’m the only person at my school excited for it.

    All I know is that no matter what happens it will be amazing to play!

  • Sinclair

    I have to wait until Thursday (why don’t they ship to Australia at the same time?!?), and I am so keen… This has been the best build up to a game I’ve ever experienced, and I thank ZU for all the effort… You guys and Gals rock!

  • Michael

    I played for about 4 hours yesterday and really savored everything. I'm just now getting to the first temple, I THINK. I've already had some incredible moments that get added to the memory bank (such as my first time inside the Deku Tree, beating the original LOZ on my own (as a youngin), getting the hammer in AOL and many more).

    Going to the Sparring Hall, and taking the sword for the first time and going through the different practice logs was amazing. It really takes the series to the next level. Love it!