Nintendo is circulating an email featuring an advertisement with Robin and Zelda Williams, preceding the release of Skyward Sword. This email also includes a link to the official Skyward Sword game trailer and website, links to Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, Four Swords Adventure DSiWare, and winners to the Legend of Zelda Flipnote contest!  Take a jump in to see!

Nintendo is doing a great job with advertising and keeping Zelda fans updated, especially since the Skyward Sword release is only 2 days away! And even then, some lucky fans will be getting their hands on a copy even sooner! Stay tuned to see what Nintendo has to offer next, and leave us some comments below!

Source: Nintendo
Via: Zelda Dungeon
  • That's so cool!

  • cloverplayer

    I got this email yesterday 😀 on the website they have a countdown to release screensaver, which looks amazing!

  • Protoprop

    Skywaard sword is out. I have it. EUROPE FTW

    • Pita

      i envy you

    • Ashmic

      i already watched the ending lol

      • rookie


  • HeroofTime

    2 more day in America!!! D'x

  • krisss

    only 2 days!!!

  • mario_master

    if i am lucky maybe my local walmart can give me a early copy. the half cast on my arm should give some sympathy points. which reminds me, i need to learn how to swing left handed with right out of commision

  • Today, I’ve decided on three small (some of them unexpected) changes that are my favorites. Obviously, the swift sail is a huge improvement over the original, but I’ll talk about the sail later this week!