A blog by the name of Moon Witch Cartridge has been celebrating Zelda for this whole month leading up to Skyward Sword, with special articles, recipes, and more.  To finish out the month, Zoheir Beig, the blog’s owner, is doing a 24-hour Skyward Sword liveblog. If you don’t know what that is, we can explain it very simply: a live documentation of someone’s thoughts as they play through or watch something.

Now, obviously this is going to have lots of spoilers, as he’s playing through the game (he thinks he might finish the whole thing) for 24 hours straight.  Skyward Sword is only out in Europe, so if you’re not on that side of the world, you might want to think about waiting until you have the game to read this (Release dates: NA Nov. 20, JP Nov. 23, AU Nov. 24).  It, however, is a good read, so if you really don’t care about spoilers, then dive in here.

Source: Moon Witch Cartridge (Thanks to Zoheir Beig for the tip!)