Destructoid has compiled a list of the top ten most difficult Zelda dungeons ever in honor of Skyward Sword’s release this week.  It’s a well-rounded list, covering dungeons from all across the series’s 25 years.  Chad Concelmo, writer of the list, stresses that he is a huge fan of the Zelda games, and loves all of the dungeons–this isn’t a hate list of the worst dungeons, but truly the ten most challenging, rigorous dungeons that Link has had to get through.  Check out the list for yourself over at Destructoid.  Can you guess which is number one?

  • Ben

    I don't know about you guys and girls but Skyview Temple almost gave me a headache today.

  • I'm honestly surprised they didn't include TP's Water Temple. That place was quite complex and frustrating at times.

    • Dan

      Is twilight princess the only zelda game you've played?

  • mario_master

    i agree with his list except for the palace of winds the sky city temple is worse to me. also waaah :'( my wrist broke… no ss for me unless play left handed

  • Master Chief

    Dang Ganondorf needs to lose weight because he looks like a morbidly obese pig. This reminds me of the book "The 3 little wolves but the big bad pig."

  • Oxling

    The Great Bay Temple? Really?

  • Gwydion

    Yeah, I personally find TP's Water Temple harder than OoT's, but then I never really thought OoT's was all that hard – or annoying, for that matter. Played through it recently for the first time in years and actually had a lot of fun with it. The Spirit Temple was awesome too, but after this list, I'm dreading it in the Master Quest!

    • prada

      I concur!

    • mario_master

      i could never find the dungeon map for that water temple in tp

    • Dan

      The spirit temple from the master quest is exactly like the writer descibed. There's one switch in particular that is so devilishly placed. Its like its playing a game of hide and seek when you don't even know you're looking for something.

  • Windfish

    Really great list! Finally someone who knows what he's talking about. K F'''ING HATE The Great Bay Temple so so much! Eagle's Tower as well, right on spot!

  • Callin

    Sweet, a decent list which doesn't automatically put the Water Temple at #1.

  • Hydra

    For the case of the Great Bay Temple and the Stone Tower Temple, I think that they're a little difficult but among the greatest Zelda dungeons and their difficulty is a good kind. The Great Palace definitely deserves the top spot. Spent countless times running terrified from those jumping bird knights, and Thunderbird… I would have been disappointed if the Great Palace hadn't been in first.

  • veeronic

    the only difficult one on this list is the great palace, but that is truly to an insane degree, I would never ever want to play through it without a map… or at least a vague knowledge of which path to take. without either that labyrinth will be your tomb unless your lucky, and even if you make it through… than there's the thunderbird to tango with… which requires the use of a spell that drains almost all of your magic to even let you hurt it, your then left with a choice… jump spell to reach it easier, or shield spell to protect yourself slightly… shadow link however… duck and slash, that's it, 1 life left and you've nothing to worry about. I'd say the same about having full health, but that IS NOT going to happen after a fight with the thunderbird.
    next to this dungeon… there is no difficulty.

  • Bob

    I expected Death Mountain from Quest 2 to take the top spot. Good call on the Ice Prison, if only for the slippery floors and the block puzzle. Great Palace was hard, but I don't think it was more difficult than some of the dungeons in LoZ Quest 2. But then again, there are some ways to get lost and those birds can be difficult to upward thrust.

  • Dan

    Im glad there were no TP or WW dungeons on this list. It would have lost some serious credibility if any were. Overall the list is pretty good. I have to question a few of their placements though. Most glaring being the stone temple at 2nd!? It was one of the more difficult dungeons from the 3D era but certainly not 2nd out of ALL zelda dungeons.

    The tone of the writer was a little disappointing. Sounded like he was reminiscing about how much he didn't like these dungeons. But why? Would there ever be a list of the easiest dungeons? The hard ones give you the greatest feeling of accomplishment when you get through them and because of your struggle they become some of the most memorable(that goes for bosses too.) I fear that this immature dislike of hard dungeons is why nintendo has been and will keep making lackluster, forgettable ones.

  • Zachattack8888

    I agree with that list quite a bit actually!! He had some good ones on there!

  • patrick

    I remember restarting my game when playing the water temple in OoT. I thought i screwed up everything somehow and I would never make it through. Imagine my rage when I got all the way back and realized I missed a hidden block at the end of the room after beating dark link.